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                      352 Ballarat Road
                      BRAYBROOK 3019
                      Phone: 9312 2900
                                                                                                                                Term 3, 2008 Issue no. 5
                                                Acting Principal’s Report                                                   YeAR 9
  Important Dates                               Welcome to term 3!                                                       CelebRAtiOn
    to Remember                                 I hope that the new reports were well received and that the               bReAkfAst
                                                information they revealed about your student’s progress was
  MONDAY 18TH AUGUST                            valuable. I would urge you to consider the identified ‘Areas for
                                                Improvement’ and if required contact the Year Level Coordinator
                                                for advice. We are evaluating the reports at present and would
EXPRESSION OF INTEREST DUE DATE                 welcome your feedback. Our recent Year 12 external mid
                                                year examination results were really pleasing. I would like to
 WEDNESDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER                       congratulate all students and staff involved and remind students
         PARENT / TEACHER                       that persistence, pride and performance do make a difference.
                                                Over the term break we had a significant upgrade to our ICT
        10.00am - 12.00noon
                                                equipment which has been very well received by all. This
          1.00pm - 3.00pm                       equipment facilitates student involvement in their learning
                                                                                                                     We were invited on Tuesday 22nd July
          4.00pm - 7.00pm                                                                                            to a Celebration Breakfast. It was to
                                                and enables staff to use ICT as an integral part of lessons. In
                                                                                                                     congratulate the students who have
  FRIDAY 19th SEPTEMBER                         addition, the state government provided an unexpected grant
                                                                                                                     done exceptionally well in semester
                                                of $21,000 for more computer equipment. I can assure you that
       LAST DAY OF TERM 3                                                                                            one. The breakfast consisted of a
                                                this money has been well spent to provide more equipment for
                                                                                                                     variety of appetisers, including mini
   MONDAY 6TH OCTOBER                           teacher/student use to reach the improvement targets identified
                                                                                                                     doughnuts, croissants, apple juice
                                                in our Annual Implementation Plan. I would like to thank Ms
                                                                                                                     and many other delicious, nutritious
                                                Bailey and Mr Laming for the many hours of work invested
       FIRST DAY OF TERM 4                                                                                           foods. We thank the Middle School
                                                in delivering this outcome for our students. Equally exciting
                                                                                                                     Team for the breakfast. It has given
 THURSDAY 23rd OCTOBER                          is the ongoing ICT teacher professional learning provided by
                                                                                                                     us more energy for semester two and
                                                Ms Habgood and Mr Dong. They are currently completing the
                                                                                                                     something to aim for.
      YEAR 12 GRADUATION                        Intel in-service training they started with teachers at the end of
                                                2008.                                                                Binh Vo and Christopher Luong 9B
           YEAR 7, 2009                         You will be given more details later this year about some very             YeAR 10
                                                important work being undertaken by people at the college. The
                                                Staff has recently endorsed a proposal to increase the amount
             EVENING                            of Homegroup time for students in 2009 from 15 minutes                    bReAkfAst
       College Music Centre                     per week to 30 minutes per week. It is strongly believed that
           7.00 - 8.30pm                        if we invest time in working with our students in areas such
                                                       as personal learning we will achieve overall, better
                                                       outcomes. A second initiative will focus specifically
                                                       on literacy development. Mr Shute, Ms Marich and Mr
                                                       McMahon are currently undertaking research around
                                                       models used in a range of schools and will put a proposal
                                                       to the college Curriculum Committee later this term. We
                                                       will keep you posted.

                                                       Ms Panousieris has been given permission to investigate       Croissants, muffins, doughnuts, carrot
                                                       the installation of CCTV in certain areas of the college.     cake, poppy seed cake…Mmmm!!! On
                                                       A number of parents have advised that this is common          the 23rd of July forty two intelligent,
                                                       practice in many schools now and adds to students’            hardworking students in Year 10 were
                                                       sense of well being. It is planned to install the cameras     invited to join in a delicious breakfast,
                                                       in some corridors and near the drink vending machines         which acknowledged their hard, consistent
                                                       but not in classrooms. It should be noted that this process   work throughout semester one.
                                                       is overseen by the Department of Education. If you            Although it was early for some (8.00am),
                                                       have any queries please ring Ms Panousieris for further       the irresistible food won them over. Slowly
                                                       information.                                                  and half asleep, they walked through the
                                                       Finally – our new phone system. We have introduced            Ms Liokos outdid herself once again and
 OMG! Are you serious?                                 a voice mail option for our community for a number            prepared an array of tasty treats and a
                                                       of reasons including alleviating the work load of our         colourful arrangement.
 Our students have produced an anthology of                                                                          It was good to see old faces that continue
                                                       receptionists, ensuring that teachers/coordinators receive
 writing and illustrations reflecting on experiences                                                                 to shine, as well as newcomers to
                                                       your messages in a timely fashion and to save you time
 of living, learning and growing up in Melbourne’s                                                                   the school, who have already shown
                                                       waiting. However, we welcome the personal contact
 West. The book, OMG! Are you serious? will be                                                                       their commitment to their schoolwork.
                                                       that a conversation affords and if you need to speak to
 launched by Alice Pung, author of Unpolished                                                                        Coordinators and teachers, including
                                                       someone please follow the prompts. (We do live in the
 Gem, at the Festival Club, ACMI Function Space,                                                                     Ms Moloney attended to congratulate
                                                       21st century – warts and all!)
 Federation Square, 10 - 11am August 29, and at                                                                      students with their efforts and attitude to
 Braybrook College library, 1.45pm on the same                                                                       study. Can’t wait till the next breakfast!
                                                       Thank you
                                                       Geraldine Moloney                                             Ismeme Thiveos
 Copies will be available from the school.
step to the future
       youth forum                                    the entertaining and inspirational stories
                                                      told without pretence by the speakers
                                                      captivated everyone’s attention.
                                                      Tim McCallum, Michael McQueen,
                                                      Bernadette Black, Armondo Hurley and
                                                      Eric Bailey were the five speakers of the
                                                      day - each delivering their presentation
                                                      with different zest, utilising their talents
                                                      to engage students and deliver their
                                                      message. They offered life experiences
                                                      in dealing with teen pregnancy, racism,
                                                      growing up and living with disabilities.
                                                      The speeches were honest and touched
                                                      students, offering inspiration and a fresh
On Tuesday 29th July, 1,500 students from             perspective that may have otherwise
Melbourne’s regional and metropolitan areas           been overlooked.
descended upon the Melbourne Convention               The witty flamboyance of Armondo Hurley
Centre to attend the Step to the Future Youth         and Eric Bailey were of particular delight
Forum. Among those lucky enough to attend             to students, with their messages of
was the entire Year 11 student body from              encouragement and leadership the most
Braybrook College. Although the day began             well received of the day. It was a great
with little enthusiasm from many students,            opportunity for students to share in the
                                                      amazing stories of ordinary people who
                                                      have conquered adversity, motivating us
                                                      to strive for something higher.
                                                      Overall, the Forum was a success with
                                                      many students communicating their
                                                      thorough enjoyment of the day with their
                                                      teachers and peers. It is our sincere hope
                                                      that next year’s students will enjoy the
                                                      unique experience of Step to the Future
                                                      as much as we did.

                                                      Nerida Muller

  eARtHWAtCH eXPeDitiOn
  During the first week of the school holidays, I, along with nine other students from across
  Australia participated, in an Earthwatch expedition, based in the dense rainforest of
                                                                                                     keys Please
  Paluma, Nth Queensland. Earthwatch is an international environmental organisation
  that engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education.

  Departing from Melbourne airport, with six other members of the team, we arrived
  in Townsville, Queensland, where we were met by our research team, Principal
  investigator, Steve Williams, and six Ph. D students all specializing in Biology, along
  with the three Queensland participants.

  We were stationed in Paluma, where for the next week, our study and research took
  place. We investigated the changing conditions of the rainforests due to global warming
  and the effects on native species. Investigations varied from, waking up before dawn
  to survey the different types of birds, setting up and recording different insect traps,
  leaf litter and significant changes to the habitat of many endangered insects, plant
  and animal species. After dark, each night, we would walk through the rainforest to
  spot many mammals, which were rarely seen during the day. Many of these mammals
                                   were possums and bandicoots.                                      On Wednesday 30th July, parents and Year 10
                                                                                                     students from Braybrook College, joined in a
                                    Finally it was time to head back home, after a week of           presentation by Vic Roads designed to make the
                                    non-stop adventure, learning, laughter and fun. This             learner driving experience safe, beneficial and
                                    expedition was a great learning experience which I               pleasant (as much as is possible!). New laws for
                                    enjoyed and had a wonderful time. I made many new                learner drivers were explained and parents and
                                    friends and learnt many skills involved in researching           teenagers were encouraged to work together to
                                    the dangers of global warming. I have even been                  understand each other’s concerns. It proved to be
                                    able to incorporate the data I collected in one of               a very informative session. Many of the students
                                    my work requirements for Year 11 Biology. I would                and parents left feeling positive and confident
                                    like to thank Victoria Electricity and Gaye Hamilton             about this new learner driver experience.
                                    who made this opportunity available to me. It is an
                                    experience that I will not forget.                               Ms Brereton and Ms Liokos

                                    Greg Thiveos
What an exciting term for us in Maths.
We have staged our annual Australian Mathematics Competition and 161 students participated across all
year levels. Congratulations to all those who entered and are now eagerly awaiting the results which will
come out in September.
                                                       A few weeks ago a determined group of Year 9
                                                       students went to Wesley College to participate
                                                       in the statewide Maths Games Day. We scored
                                                       18th and 39th position out of almost 60 teams.
                                                       Well done to all students who had a great time
                                                       and enjoyed the challenge!
                                                       The day after that saw a group of year 8
                                                       students go to Penleigh and Essendon
                                                       Grammar School to participate in the Year 8
                                                       Games Day. Our students gained 60th position
                                                       out of 120 teams and had a fantastic time.
                                                       Congratulations to all students who participated
                                                       in these great competitions.

                                                       Ms Bacak                                                Year 9 Representatives
        Year 8 Representatives
                                                       Maths Coordinator

  On the 23rd of July, 8 students were chosen to participate
  in the Year 8 Maths games day. The event was held at
  Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) in
  East Keilor. The games were simple, yet fun and mind
  challenging. We played 3 different games, did puzzles
  and answered a WHOLE lot of questions.

   In the end we did our best and enjoyed the educational
  contest. Some of the highlights of the day were meeting
  new people, getting free lunch, having a live band for                                       YEAR 9 MATHS GAMES DAY
  entertainment and all the cool prizes that were won.
  Some where near the end of the day, there was a
  competition to see who could sing the best, and who
  ever won got a free ipod shuffle. It was funny to see,
  but they gave it their best try. We thank Ms Bacak for
  supervising and being our teacher for the day, Mr Booth
  for driving us to the event, Ms Hristoforidis for photos
  and Mr Rogers for letting us know we were chosen
  to take part in the fun. BIG thanks to everyone who
  supported the teams! J

  Cyrus, Tina, My-Linh, Danny, Cuong, Cindy, Jenny and
                                                                     2008 Maths competition

    YeAR 10 COURse
                                                      TERM 3, 2008
                                                       WEEK 3 - 6          “Introduction to the VCE” lesson to each Year 10 class.
  The VCE and Managed Individual Path-
  ways staff have provide an extensive VCE             WEEK 4              VCE handbook distributed to Year 10 students.
  counselling and subject selection process            WEEK 5              Year 11 and 12 Information evening for students and parents.
  for Year 10 students.                                                    Counselling of ESL classes re: 3 Year VCE. (Including a letter sent home)
                                                                           Elective faculty workshops for Year 10 students are held.
  However, if you or your child requires ad-           WEEK 5 - 7          Homegroup session will contain information / course counselling activities.
  ditional support please contact either Ms
  Liokos or Mr Rogers                                  WEEK 6 - 10         Individual student counselling and course selection.
          YeAR 7, 2009
                                                                   ADVAnCeD YeAR 7 ClAss 2009
                                                                                     A select entry program which enriches the
            WinneRs                                                                learning of students with high academic ability.

Congratulations to all our scholarship winners!                                      Is your child of ‘above average’ academic
Braybrook College has awarded ten scholarships for                                       ability and starting Year 7 in 2009?
Grade 6 students entering Year 7 in 2009. These
                                                                                   Would you like the opportunity for your child to
scholarships are sponsored by the school council and
                                                                                    be selected for an advanced Year 7 class?
the recipients receive a cheque for $500 to go towards
school expenses.                                                                     Contact Ms G. Gafar - Program
The successful students have demonstrated that they                                   Coordinator on 9312 2900
are ‘good citizens’ who have been positive role models
for others. They were selected from a large number               YOUR GUiDe tO tHe sCHOOl
of applicants from 13 primary schools, based on their
written application, references, school reports and
                                                             DentAl seRViCe At WesteRn ReGiOn
teachers’ comments. Students had the opportunity                      HeAltH CentRe
to apply for four types of scholarships – Academic
Achievement, Music/Performing Arts, Sport and              WHO CAN USE THE SCHOOL DENTAL SERVICE (SDS)?
Leadership.                                                • All children from birth to grade six
We would like to thank all applicants for their efforts    • Children in Years 7 to 12 who have or whose parents have a valid pensioner con-
and we look forward to their contributions to Braybrook    cession or health care card
in 2009.
                                                           HOW OFTEN CAN I USE THE SDS?
          NAME              SCHOLARSHIP TYPE               Once enrolled, your child will receive a notice of offer every 12 or 24 months, accord-
      Thao Nguyen                  Academic                ing to their identified oral health risk status.
   Vivian Linh Vi Pho              Academic
                                                           WHAT DOES IT COST?
      Andrew Tran                  Academic                •The service is FREE for children who have or whose parents have a valid pensioner
      Matthew Van                  Academic                concession or health care card
                                                           •Eligible non-card holders pay a fee of $27.50 per child (maximum of $110 per family)
       Steven Firth                Leadership              per course of care which includes a checkup and all general treatment
  Krystyn Raymundo                 Leadership
                                                           HOW TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR YOUR CHILD?
        Tammy Le                      Music
                                                           Contact Western Region Health Centre Dental Clinic on telephone 8398 4100
    Peter Tu’ulakitau                 Music                8:30am-4:30pm, Monday - Friday
      Natasha Djulic                  Sport
         An Tran                      Sport                                  PARent teACHeR inteRVieWs
                                                                               It is important that every parent makes an effort to attend Parent /
                                                                               Teacher interviews, scheduled for Wednesday, 10th September 2008.
 neW COlleGe blAZeR                                                            It is recommended that your children accompany you so that they can
                                                                               be included in the conversations. If you have any concerns prior to
                                                                               this interview, please contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator.

The School Council has recently                           Please note that these Interim reports are not posted home and they are designed as the
approved the addition of an optional                      basis of a dialogue for developing improvement strategies for the remainder of the year.

blazer as part of our Year 7-12 school
                                                                       tRAVellinG tO AnD fROM sCHOOl
uniform. The blazer is maroon in
colour, fully lined and costs $165.00.                                    It is important for parents to reinforce road safety with students. A number
                                                                          of drivers have alerted us to the fact that students do not always ride
A fitting and full payment is required
                                                                          appropriately or wait until the traffic lights indicate that it is safe to cross
at time of placing an order.                                              the road.

See Ms Bailey or Ms Panousieris, if
                                                          • Students are reminded that they must use the overpass when crossing Ballarat Road
interested.                                               • Students who ride bikes to school must wear a helmet and use the overpass and or the
                                                          traffic lights to cross Ballarat Road.

                           UnifORM COMbinAtiOns ReMinDeR
                WARM / COLD WEATHER UNIFORM COMBINATIONS                                                                               Terms     Term
          THE FOLLOWINg COMBINATIONS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED                                                                        1, 2 & 4     3
  1      • School Dress                       • Woollen Jumper/Windcheater        • White socks           • Black shoes
                                                                                                                                        a        r
  2      • Pants           • Polo Shirt       • Woollen Jumper/Windcheater        • Socks                 • Black shoes
                                                                                                                                        a        a
  3      • Skirt           • Polo Shirt       • Woollen Jumper/Windcheater        • Tights                • Black shoes
                                                                                                                                        r        a
  4      • Skirt           • Polo Shirt       • Woollen Jumper/Windcheater        • White socks           • Black shoes
                                                                                                                                        a        a
  5      • Shorts          • Polo Shirt       • Woollen Jumper/Windcheater        • White socks           • Black shoes
                                                                                                                                        a        a