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					                               Senior Nationals/Donahoe Cup
                                     April 14-18th, 2011
      I am pleased to invite you to the 2011 Senior Nationals. For this year, we will combine it with
Donahoe Cup, Sacred Heart’s debate tournament.

        As a result of concerns about cost, we have this year separated the registration and
accommodation arrangements. The Lord Nelson Hotel, located about a 3 minute walk away from the
school, will again offer rooms for $125 per night (single or double) and $145 per night (triple or quad).
Their number is 800-565-2020; please deal directly with them if you wish a room there, but mention
you are with the Sacred Heart Debating event to get the reduced rate. However, you are welcome to
make whatever arrangements you wish about accommodation.

       In addition to making arrangements for your accommodation, you must register to attend the
tournament (whether as a debater or an adult). To register, please go to the link for coaches or for
debaters on the webpage form of this invitation (found at and at

       A schedule is included. We suggest you travel on Thursday the 14th, and Monday the 18th,
although the debating will conclude by 3pm on Sunday if you wish to return Sunday evening. Those
observing passover should have no difficulty reaching home prior to its start.

       As this is the thirteenth year for the Nationals, and the sixth year for the Donahoe Cup we
hope to have teams from every province. Please register no later than Friday April 1st. This will
ensure the draw, and the event, proceeds efficiently. Spots not taken by April 1st will be offered to
others on the waiting list. Please email me directly if you wish to place teams on the waiting list.

      Each province is invited to send 9 teams. Once we have heard from all provinces, we will
make available the extra spots to those who wish them. We will cap registrations at 105 teams.

       The tournament will feature a prepared resolution (to be announced, which will be debated
once as proposition and once as opposition) and four impromptu rounds, followed by quarters, semis
and finals. The style is the Canadian National style, described on the CSDF website.

       Tournament information will be posted on our school website, under the link for debating,
“Nationals/Donahoe Cup”. The address is I look forward to meeting you in April. My
contact information follows.
                                               Yours very truly,

                                                    Brian Casey
                                                    Debate Coach

     Email:          (902) 460-3468 (days)     (902 423-8457 (evenings)
                  This is the 13th year for the Senior High Nationals – an event started in
                  Nova Scotia by Harold Kyte at Sydney Academy. We are very pleased to
 BACKGROUND       hold it in conjunction with Sacred Heart’s own tournament, the Donahoe
                  Cup (now in its 6th year). The team that wins the Nationals will also win
                  the Donahoe Cup.
                  Both members of each team must attend the same school. Each provincial
                  debate program is permitted to choose and send up to nine teams. The
    TEAMS         tournament is capped at 90 teams in total.             Any spots for which
                  registrations are not complete by April 1st will be offered to other teams
                  deemed suitable by the tournament host.
                  The event will be held in Canadian Nationals Style: http://www.csdf-
                  Rules of Debate, a sample ballot, and other information is available from
                  the same location.
                  The Prepared Resolution will be announced March 4th, 2011. All other
                  resolutions will be Impromptu. Teams will be given 30 minutes to prepare
                  for each impromptu round. Topics will be on substantive and broad based
                  issues. No electronic devices will be allowed and all debaters will be
                  expected to prepare without assistance from anyone other than their
                  specific team member.
                  Friday, April 15 to Sunday, April 17th, 2011 (Thursday April 14th and
     DATE         Monday April 18th should be considered travel days, although those who
                  wish to do so may leave by 4pm Sunday).
                  The Chief Adjudicator for this event will be Josh Judah.
   JUDGING        Our goal is to have 1 highly qualified in each room with the possibility of a
                  second less-experienced judge to shadow.
                  Delegations are responsible for their own transportation to and from
                  Halifax AND to and from the airport.
                  The Lord Nelson Hotel is located at 1515 South Park Street Halifax, Nova
                  Scotia B3J 2L2 Toll Free: 1-800-565-2020. A special rate of has been
                  obtained: $125 per night (single or double); $145 per night (triple or
                  quad); please mention Sacred Heart School to obtain the rate. It is up to
                  each debater or team coach to book and pay for their own accommodation
                  by contacting the hotel directly. Rooms are available on a first come basis.
                  $250 registration per debater/coach. The bulk of these fees cover the cost
                  of meals and transportation during the tournament. NONE OF THE
 TO PARTICIPATE   (If you stay Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at the Lord Nelson, at
                  quad occupancy, your total cost should be about $125 for accommodation
                  and $250 for registration).
 REGISTRATION     Registration forms must be completed electronically and are available by
   DEATAILS       email or at or .
                  $250 per person payable to Sacred Heart School, must be sent to Sacred
                  Heart School of Halifax, 5820 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia,
   PAYMENT        B3H 1X8 to be received no later than April 1, 2011. Spots not paid for by
                  April 1st will be offered to waitlisted debaters.