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May07 v4


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									                                       PEWG NEWSLETTER

                                        In The Round May 2007
                      May Meeting                                                       Inside This Issue
                                                                                  Last Month’s Meeting                       2
    Date:              17 May 2007
                                                                                  Details of this Month’s Meeting            2
    Venue              Nico’s Workshop
                                                                                  Next Month’s Meeting                       2
    Time               18:30 for 19:00
                                                                                  PEWG 2007 Program                          3

                                                                                  Guild Notices                              3
       Birthdays - Greetings
                                                                                  From the Editor                            3
    Richard Knipe         22-May
                                                                                  The 2007 Committee Members                 3
    John Dowie            28-May
                                                                                  Possible New Competition Rules             4
    Erik Jorgensen        19-Jun
    Jez Rowe              19-Jun                                                  Items of Interest                          4

                                                                                  TipTop Competition                         4

                                                                                  Guild Info & Demo Show                     5
                                                                                  Work by Nikos Stragas of Crete             5

                                                                                  Your Space to fill                         5

                                                                                  Our Sponsors                               6

From the Chairman’s Desk
Well the first meeting has come and gone and so many things went wrong that we can only look forward to an improvement in the
What did turn out well was the use of the TV and camera for Duncan’s demonstration and the showing of a video on offset turning a
goblet. Also I sent out the newsletter by email and it must have been blocked by the ISP since no one received it. Brian subsequently
resent it after the meeting and that went through without any problems, so we are learning.
If anyone cannot receive the newsletter because he has a problem with his email please let us know and we will put you on snail mail
with the others who don’t have email
For the next meeting where we are teaming up to make a milking stool, please bring your own turning tools and a cordless screwdriver
and drill bits and glue to help us finish the projects. Also bring a design of the decoration you want to put on it. We will supply the
We hope that attendance will improve as you will all receive this news letter in good time and a reminder by email as well
Drew von Bratt

               Competition Dates                                          Articles to be handed in on
     Face Plate Turning                                           Thursday evening              21 June
     Spindle Turning                                              Thursday evening              16 August
     Lidded Box & Inside-out Turning                              Thursday evening              15 November

              19 APRIL 2007

Duncan Stewart, a local artist who had spent time training in
France, gave us a presentation on enhancing wood turning. He
started by sketching the importance of wood in our lives over the
ages and how wood is embedded in our daily lives.                          Celtic Milking Stool
We should always be on the lookout for ideas and be conscious of           A low three-legged stool with a half round seat, used to sit on
nature and the world around. This will inspire us in our work.             while milking a cow.

                                                  Brian Wells

Whenever he walks along the beach, he is always collecting the
flotsam and jetsam that are thrown up by the sea and taking it
home. He will look at the items from many angles trying to see
what he can make of it.
He showed us an example of wooden plank about 1.2m long by 20
cm wide which he had collected. While at a friends house he was
attracted to three vases that were on display. This inspired him to
paint three vases on the plank. The result can be seen standing on         A replica of a Celtic milking stool based on the "Lund" Viking
the lathe in the photograph of Duncan taken during his                     milking stool which dates from the 11th century.
presentation.                                                              Source:http://www.angelfire.com/wy/svenskildbiter/Viking/
He also displayed a piece of plywood on which he had used acrylic
craft paint. He indicated that he would finish it off with a coat of
clear varnish. The plywood can be seen in the foreground of the
Brian Wells
                                                                                                                  Making a milking stool
                                                                                                                  the hard way.
                                                                                                                  Making a Milking
               THIS MONTH’S MEETING                                                                               Stool by John Boakes
                      17 MAY                                                                                      Dalesman Publishing
 The May meeting will take the form of teams of 3 or 4 members                                                    2001
 turning the parts of a milking stool. The teams will be provided
 with the wood and be required to turn the top and three legs and
 then assemble the stool. The finished stools will be donated to
 Nico Swart has kindly agreed that we may use his lathes but
 members are required to bring their own chisels, drill bits               NEXT MONTH’S MEETING TO BE HELD ON
 cordless drill, screws for holding the wood to the faceplate,                         21 JUNE 2007
 measuring instruments and protective gear.                                André Schonken will be demonstrating how to turn lace bobbins
 You may want to decorate your stool with symbols such as                  and Colleen Morey will also be present and demonstrate how she
 African or Celtic or a combination thereof or some other                  uses lace bobbins to make lace. Colleen is one of a group of local
 symbols. Here are two web sites you may want to look at.                  ladies who meet on a Saturday morning and keep lace making
 African symbols may be found at the following website.                    alive in Port Elizabeth. It will be fascinating to see how lace is
 http://www.calltoactionquilt.org/africansymbols.html                      made and the role the lace bobbins play. Colleen will bring a few
 Celtic symbols may be found at the following website.                     examples of lace bobbins.
 http://www.celticlady.com/celt-syms/basic.html                            This proved to be very popular evening two years ago. Wives are
                                                                           specially invited to attend and enjoy the evening with the members
                                                                           of the Guild.

                    PEWG 2007 PROGRAM                                                         GUILD NOTICES

Date          Day                      Activities                                     2007 ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS
                                                                         Subscriptions were due as from 1 March 2007 and should have
17 May        Thursday evening         Team Turning of a Milking         been paid by 1 April 2007.
                                       Stool                             Town Members - R220.00
26 May        Saturday morning         Guild Info & Demo Show            Country Members - R132.00.
              09:00 - 12:00            at Strand Hardware
21 Jun        Thursday evening         Lace Bobbin Turning               Members are reminded that they should bring along their
                                                                         refreshments as the fridge is no longer stocked.
5 Jul         Thursday afternoon       Strand Hardware Road Show
              12:00 -18:00
19 Jul        Thursday evening         Turning Threads                                     THE GUILD’S VIDEOS
                                                                         The Guild had a number of videos which members could take out
21 Jul        Saturday morning         Basic Turning Workshop            on loan. However, we have lost track of the whereabouts of these
                                                                         videos and therefore ask members to please check if they still
16 Aug        Thursday evening         Barley Twist & Inside-out         have them in their possession. If so, please return them to any
                                       Turning                           member of the committee. It would be great to have them
20 Sep        Thursday evening         Two Members Turning a             available for new members to use. Your co-operation will be
                                       Bowl                              gratefully appreciated.

18 Oct        Thursday evening         Turning Pens and Bangles
20 Oct        Saturday morning         Advanced Turning
                                       Workshop                                            FROM THE EDITOR
                                                                         I trust that the Newsletter is fulfilling your wood turning needs
15 Nov        Thursday evening          Using a Skew and Off-            and that the information is of interest to you.
                                       Centre Turning                    As you will see, the Committee has prepared a program for 2007
Dec           Still to be announced    Christmas Party                   which covers a variety of subjects. Please let the Committee
                                       Bring & Braai                     know if there is anything else you would like to see in the
                                                                         program. Your comments will be considered helpful.
17 Jan        Thursday evening         Miniature Turning & Show          As the editor I would love to have your assistance in preparing
                                       Us your Turning Jigs              items for inclusion in the Newsletter. It would be of great help if
                                                                         you would be prepared to write a report on a Guild meeting of
21 Feb        Thursday evening         AGM                               about 200 words or 15 lines. If each member made one
20 Mar        Thursday evening         Turning a Sugar Scoop             contribution per year, that would be fantastic and more than our
                                                                         Newsletter could handle.
Subject to confirmation                                                  If you have any further suggestions, please contact me.
                                                                         Brian.Wells@telkomsa.net 041 379 1307

                                            MEMBERS OF THE 2007 COMMITTEE
              Position                         Name                      Telephone No.                         E-mail Address

Chair                                 Drew von Bratt               (H) 041 365 2328                drewvb@xsinet.co.za

Vice Chair                            Ed Emmett                    (H) 041 365 2437                emmo@mweb.co.za

Secretary                             Mike Kritzinger              (H) 041 466 1477                No e-mail

Treasurer                             Rowan Swinnerton             (H) 041 466 6821                rowan@samil.co.za

Newsletter Editor                     Brian Wells                  (H) 041 379 1307                Brian.Wells@telkomsa.net

Additional Member                     Nico Groenewald              (H) 041 583 2771                nico.groenewald@nmmu.ac.za

     POSSIBLE NEW COMPETITION RULES                                        Notes
The Committee has discussed our present Competition rules in the           1.   All pieces entered into categories A to N must clearly
light of comments it has received. We would like members to study               demonstrate the use of hand turning skills with the lathe
and consider the rules given below and give us their comments in                playing a major role in the making process, contain at least
order for the us to gauge the opinion of members before any firm                80% wood, or wood products, and be turned free hand on
proposal is made to change the rules. Please send your comments                 a woodturning lathe. Functional materials to complete the
in writing to any member of the Committee.                                      exhibit are acceptable, i.e., clock mechanisms, pepper
                                                                                mills, electrical switch, tapestries etc.
Categories and Definitions
                                                                           2.   Each member will be limited to two pieces in any one
A. Item with a natural edge
                                                                                category. They may enter in as many categories as they
B.   Bowls up to 200mm, the opening must be greater than 50%
     of max dia and the overall height must be less than max dia.
                                                                           3.   An exhibitor who wins a first place in any category as a
C. Bowl over 200mm as above.
                                                                                novice will in future competitions be eligible only in the
D. Platter A plate exceeding 300mm diameter with its height not
                                                                                open section.
     more than 1/10th the max dia.
                                                                           4.   Eligible exhibits are those exhibits that have not been
E. Miniature item/set must fit inside 50mm cube.
                                                                                entered into any other competition at any time, and that
F.   Spindle turned item, the majority of components must be
                                                                                have been made since the last Guild competition.
     turned with the grain running parallel with the axis of the
                                                                           5.   Embellishments (painting carving etc) to finish the exhibit
     lathe and its length must be greater than its maximum dia.
                                                                                must be completed by the entrant
G. Novelty Item.
                                                                           6.   Members who have in the past won first prize in any
H. Matched/Identical pair must be identical in design, size &
                                                                                competition at any location, or who produce work
                                                                                specifically for sale to the public are to enter their work in
I.   Turned item including other materials.
                                                                                the open section.
J.   Vase Height must be more than the max dia.
                                                                           Source: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~pwguild/
K. Lidded container.
L. Clock.
M. Laminated/built up.
N. Hollow form must be hollowed through an opening, which is                                ITEMS OF INTEREST
     less than 1/5th of the max dia. If a piece has been joined, the       STRAND HARDWARE’S WOODWORKERS ROAD
     largest join will be considered to be the opening through             SHOW -5 July 2007

     which the piece has been hollowed.                                    Strand Hardware is holding a Road Show at their premises
                                                                           303 Govan Mbeki Ave, Port Elizabeth.on 5 July 2007 from
O. Artistic or Sculptural.                                                 12:00 to 18:00. It will be an opportunity to see the finest wood
P.   Ornamental Material not confined to wood.                             working equipment on tour with new models from the makers
                                                                           of JET, the well known range of Trend Routing equipment
Q. Turned item including a mechanical device, pens, etc.                   and also Frameco picture framing equipment. Felix Müller
R.   Miscellaneous Items that do not fit any other single category         from Austria and our local talent Andre Esterhuyse will be
                                                                           there and you will be able to chat to them about your
     (will not be judged if the piece meets the criteria of another        woodworking and how to obtain outstanding results.
     category). Pieces with a mixture of other category criteria,          The Road Show will also be visiting Boksburg, Randburg,
                                                                           Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town.
     will be accepted as miscellaneous, as will pieces turned using
     other than free hand turning, (includes the previous category
                                                                                           TIP TOP COMPETITION
     Q, models including turned parts)
                                                                           Starting next month, an ongoing competition for turning a
S.   Turned item using other materials. This category is for pieces        successful Tip Top. A bowl blank, donated by Nico Swart,
     turned using less than 80% wood.                                      will go to anyone who ever gets it right. Details next


Strand Hardware has invited the Guild to join them for their Hardware Show on Saturday 26 May from 09:00 to 12:00.
The Show will take place at their premises in 303 Govin Mbeki Avenue, North End.
At the Show we will be able to inform visitors about the Guild’s activities and also demonstrate wood turning.
All members are invited to come along and assist us in attracting new members.
If you are willing and available to do so, please inform one of the Committee members ASAP of your intention to assist.

                                                            Work by NIKOS SIRAGAS
                                                            Artistic Woodturner and
                                                            In Rethymno, Crete, Greece
                                                            Source: http://www.siragas.gr/

                         This space has been specially reserved for YOU.
               Members would love to read YOUR CONTRIBUTION in this space in the
                                    June copy of In The Round.
                       We would love you to share your knowledge with us.

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