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					                                             Annex II

                                        List of Participants

Ties Boerma                                          Tim Brown
MEASURE Evaluation Project                           Fellow
Carolina Population Center                           East-West Center Program on Population
CB No. 8120                                          1601 East-West Road
University Square East                               Honolulu, HI 96848
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27516                                    Tel:   1-808-944-7476
                                                         Fax:   1-808-944-7490
    Tel: 1 919-966-7482                                  Email:
    Fax:   1-919-966-2391
    Email:                       James Carmichael
                                                     UNAIDS Representative
                                                     UNAIDS Liaison Office
Eduard R. Bos                                        c/o UNICEF, TA 26C
Demographer                                          Three United Nations Plaza
Health, Nutrition and Population Team                New York, NY 10017
Human Development Network, G 3-058
The World Bank/IFC/M.I.G.A.                              Tel:   212-824-6644
1818 H Street, N. W.                                     Fax:   212-824-6493
Washington, DC 20433                                     Email:

    Tel:   202-473-3431
    Fax:   202522-3234                               Joseph Chamie
    Email:                        Director, Population Division/DESA
                                                     Two United Nations Plaza, Room 1950
                                                     New York, NY 10017
Ellen Brennan
Chief, Population Policy Section                         Tel:   212-963-3179
Population Division/DESA                                 Fax:   212-963-2147
Two UN Plaza, Room DC2-1934                              Email:
New York, NY 10017

    Tel:   212-963-3227                              James Chin
    Fax:   212-963-2147                              4578 Pine Valley Circle
    Email:                            Stockton, CA 95219-1872

                                                         Tel:   209-477-4714
                                                         Fax:   209-477-0684
Desmond Cohen                         Geoff Garnett
HIV and Development Programme         Wellcome Trust Centre Epidemiology
United Nation Development Programme    of Infectious Disease
304 East 45th St., Room FF-986        Department of Zoology
New York, NY 10017                    University of Oxford
                                      South Parks Road, Oxford, OX 1 3PS
    Tel:   212-906-6978               United Kingdom
    Fax:   212-906-6336
    Email:         Tel:   44-1865-281-227
                                          Fax:   44-1865-281-245
Nick Dodd
Chief, Technical & Policy Division
Technical Branch                      Joseph-Alfred Grinblat
UNFPA                                 Chief, Population Estimates & Projections Section
220 East, 42nd Street                 Population Division/DESA
New York, NY 10017                    Two United Nations Plaza, Room 1918
                                      New York, NY 10017
    Tel:   212-297-5221
    Fax:   212-297-4915                   Tel:   212-963-3216
    Email:                 Fax:   212-963-2147

Griffith Feeney
Population Affairs Officer            Larry Heligman
Population Division/DESA              Assistant Director
Two UN Plaza, Room 1914               Population Division/DESA
New York, NY 10017                    Two United Nations Plaza, Room 1956
                                      New York, NY 10017
    Tel:   212-963-9699
    Fax:   212-963-2147                   Tel:   212-963-3208
    Email:                  Fax:   212-963-2147

Victor Gaigbe-Togbe
Population Affairs Officer            John M. Karon
Population Division/DESA              Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (E-48)
Two United Nations Plaza, Room 1906   Centers for Disease Control
New York, NY 10017                    Atlanta, GA 30333

    Tel:   212-963-9900                   Tel:   404-639-2032 (voice)
    Fax:   212-963-2147                   Fax:   404-639-2029
    Email:            Email:
Roeland Monasch                                Josh Salomon
Evaluation & Policy Planning Division          Epidemiology and Burden of Disease
UNICEF, Room 2340                              World Health Organization (WHO)
633 Third Avenue                               20, avenue Appia
New York, NY 10017                             CH-1211 Geneva 27
    Tel:   212-824-6729
    Fax:   212-824-6460                            Tel:   4122-791-2374
    Email:                                         Fax:   4122-791-4328

Mette Ostergaard
Technical Branch                               Bernhard Schwartländer
UNFPA                                          UNAIDS
220 East 42nd Street                           Room M. 633
New York, NY 10017                             20, avenue Appia
                                               CH-12 11, Geneva 27
    Tel:   212-297-5256                        Switzerland
    Fax:   212-297-5145
    Email:                         Tel:   4122 -791-4705/4678
                                                   Fax:   4122 -791-4187
Catherine Pierce
Chief, Policy Branch, and
Deputy Director, Technical & Policy Division   Karen A. Stanecki
UNFPA                                          Chief, Health Studies Branch
220 East 42nd Street, DN-1735                  International Programs Center
New York, NY 10017                             Population Division
                                               Bureau of Census
    Tel:   212-297-5251                        Washington, DC 20233-8860
    Fax:   212-297-4915
    Email:                        Tel:   301-457-1406
                                                   Fax:   301-457-3034
                                                   Email: kstaneck@Census.GOV
Marta Roig
Associate Population Affairs Officer
Population Division                            John Stover
Two UN Plaza, DC2-1936                         The Futures Group International
New York, NY 10017                             80 Glastonbury Blvd
                                               Glastonbury, CT 06033
    Tel:   212-963-3198
    Fax:   212-963-2147                            Tel:   860-633-3501
    Email:                             Fax:   860-657-3918
Donald Sutherland                          Basia Zaba
Director , Bureau of HIV/AIDS and STDs     Centre for Population Studies
Health Canada                              London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Laboratory Centre for Disease Control      University of London
Health Protection Branch                   49-51 Bedford Square
Brooke Claxton Bldg., Level 01 Room B40    London WC1B 6DP
P. L. 0900 B1, Tunney’s Pasture            United Kingdom
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9, Canada
                                               Tel:   44-171-299-4759
    Tel:   1-613-957-1777                      Fax:   44-171-299-4637
    Fax:   1-613-946-0244                      Email:

                                           Hania Zlotnik
                                           Chief, Mortality and Migration Section
Neff Walker                                Population Division/DESA
UNAIDS, Room M. 633                        Two UN Plaza, Room 1974
20, avenue Appia                           New York, NY 10017
CH-12 11, Geneva 27
Switzerland                                    Tel:   212-963-3185
                                               Fax:   212-963-2147
    Tel:   4122 -791-4705/4678                 Email:
    Fax:   4122 -791-4187

Peter O. Way
Chief, International Programs Center
Washington Plaza II, Room312
U.S. Bureau of Census
Washington, DC 20233-8860

    Tel:   301-457-1390
    Fax:   301-457-3034