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        A Rock Creek Elementary School Publication
Volume 9 , Issue 5                                                                         JANUARY 2011

   Building Your Child’s Self Esteem                    Parents and teachers function like a mirror to a
                                                        child by letting him or her know what they are
As we welcome in the New Year, we traditionally         really like. Parents are proud and have confidence
establish some goals or resolutions which we hope       in and like their child are strengthening their
to keep beyond the first or second month of the         child’s ego and helping them to develop self
year (or second week of the year for some of us).       acceptance and inner harmony. As parents and
Because we are parents and want the best for our        teachers we can:
children, one of our New Year’s Resolutions                 • Love and accept our children as they are
might be that we want to help our children be                    from the day they were born.
happy and successful. Sometimes, though, as                 • Respect individual differences and
parents, we wonder in what ways we can be most                   appreciate       each     child’s      unique
effective in helping our children be successful and              characteristics.
achieve their potential.                                    • Show affection frequently – physically by
                                                                 cuddling a baby or young child and by
True wisdom is the ability to learn from other                   hugging an older child or even by just
people’s experiences.           Therefore, child                 patting them on the back. Show affection
psychologist, Dr. Charles Schaefer, asked this                   verbally through our choice of words and
question of 50 parents who had successfully                      tone of voice.
reared children: “Based upon your personal                  • Really listen when a child talks to us.
experience, what is the best advice you could give               Listening attentively gives insight into
new parents about raising children?” The most                    how he / she feels, builds rapport and
frequent parental advice offered was:                            acceptance and give a child a sense of
   1. Love abundantly                                       • Help your children see themselves
   2. Discipline constructively                                  accurately so they can appreciate their
   3. Be clear, consistent and authoritative                     strengths or accept their limitations.
   4. Punish in private                                     • Set realistic expectations so a child can
   5. Be flexible, reasonable and understanding                  feel adequate in keeping up. Inferiority
   6. Discourage continued dependency                            results from out-of-bounds goals set by
   7. Spend time together                                        perfectionist parents and teachers.
   8. Develop mutual respect                                • Praise more than criticize. Appreciate the
   9. Really listen                                              good points of your children more often
   10. Tend to personal and marital needs                        than nagging at their faults. But be wary

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        of over-praising; a child also needs to         along with the entire 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes
        know he or she is not perfect.                  here at Rock Creek adopted disadvantaged
   •    Set limits so our children know for sure        students from a school in another district and
        what gets our approval and disapproval.         made sure each and every student in the entire
        The worst feeling for a child is the            school received their very own book for
        inconsistent lack of control or disinterest     Christmas. The classes donated around 1200
        of parents and teachers.                        books for the children this year. I am so proud of
   •    Treat your child with respect and               the caring students here at Rock Creek
        consideration. Children really do learn         Elementary.
        what they live.
                                                        Way to go! Keep up all the hard work!
How can we as teachers and parents build a
child’s self esteem? Enjoy them and value their                   Mrs. Suarez’s Fifth Grade Class
uniqueness. Celebrate their achievements and let
them know you love and appreciate them.                 Poem From Room 26

                                                        Teaching is fun when Mrs. Suarez is there,
           CLASSROOM NEWS                               We are writing dress-ups and using punctuation
       Mrs. Mathias’s Fourth Grade Class
                                                        With Mrs. Morgan numbers are great,
The first trimester is gone and we are already half     We are doing geometry…angles dominate!
way through the second. It is amazing how
quickly the time goes!                                  Mrs. Gillespie makes history fun,
                                                        Historical conflicts are number one.
We started the year putting on a Bully-proofing
assembly with the other 4th grade classes. The          All in all, fifth grade is the best;
students stressed the importance of getting along       Learning this year is a fun fest!!
with others and treating others how they would
like to be treated. It was fun for all to work          By: Ilona, Lizzie, Mia, Ryan, and Sydney
together and present something to the whole
school.                                                       Miss Hellen’s AM Kindergarten Class
These fourth graders are finally used to being          The weeks leading up to our Winter break were
intermediate students. They are reading to learn,       filled with several memorable activities. We
not learning to read. They are also working hard        celebrated Hanukkah and played with dreidels.
and have done narrative, and summary writing,           We learned about Kwanzaa and the candle that
double-digit multiplication, long division, and         celebrates light called a “Kinara.” Finally, we
geometry. California History is becoming more           built our first homes…out of graham crackers,
exciting and they have studied rocks and minerals       frosting, and an enormous variety of sweets. The
in science as well. They will be preparing for an       gingerbread houses are always really spectacular.
upcoming February field trip to the Vic Fazio           The Hippo Class has some talented architects!
Nature Center by taking a look at life science.         Lastly, we hosted a “Parent’s Night out”
                                                        Fundraiser.      This event gave parent the
During the holiday season, the class has been           opportunity to have a night out and leave their
quite generous. For a caring project the class          kids with Kindergarten teachers here at school. It

                                            Rock Creek News   2
was a great success!      Thank you to all who          perspectives and angles, and in different art
participated.                                           mediums. Students will compare the various
                                                        houses in the portfolio and create their own house
As we welcome in the new year, we will begin            inspired by one of the artists they studied.
studying state and national symbols.          The
American Flag, Bald Eagle, and the Statue of            First Grade – People at Play. When artists
Liberty will be just a few of the symbols we will       depict people playing, they focus on movement by
learn about. In math we will be beginning to learn      showing the figures bending at the knees, elbows,
about geometry and equal parts. The Hippos will         waists and also tilting their heads. Students will
learn to recognize and name both “plane” shapes         learn different ways to express movement and
and “solid” figures (cone, cube and sphere). And        then create their own figure in motion.
in science, we will discuss how “matter”, such as
water, changes form. Culminating that unit is a         Second Grade – Winter and Summer. Students
trip to Roseville Skatetown, where we learn more        will see how the different seasons are portrayed by
about how water can become ice and snow. One            various artists. They will learn how an artist
hundred Kindergarteners on ice skates, quite a          conveys the feeling of the season through color
sight to see!                                           and texture. Students will then make their own
                                                        winter or summer season using colored tissue
Kindergarten is truly a special place. We wish          paper.
you all a very Happy New Year!
                                                        Third Grade – Food. Artists often include food
    STUDENT COUNCIL NEWS                                in their artwork, either as part of a still life or as
                                                        part of some activity related to growing,
                                                        harvesting, buying, selling, preparing, serving,
Student Council would like to take the opportunity      eating, or displaying food. Students will have the
to thank you for your generosity towards all of our     opportunity to create their own still life of
fundraisers. Keep those read-a-thon pledges             different food items.
coming. Dandy Candy sales was a huge success,
too. Hope you have a great New Year.                    Fourth Grade – Texture and Pattern. In this
                                                        fun portfolio, students observe how artists create
                                                        texture in their artwork to add visual interest and
               ART ATTACK                               to enrich the surface of their objects. Students
                                                        will study the various textures created by the
Art Attack: Portfolio A                                 artists and then recreate some of those textures on
                                                        their own.
From mid-January to mid-February, we will have
two portfolios on campus. In the first one, the         Fifth Grade – American History. Many artists
students will be learning how artists portray           have depicted scenes from the history of our
houses, bridges, beaches, food, people at play,         country. Students will examine paintings from
textures and patterns, American history and the art     different periods in America and learn how people
of the Italian Renaissance. See the descriptions        dressed, how they traveled, how they grew their
below to find out what your child’s class will be       food, and also learn about significant events in
doing in portfolio A.                                   America’s history.

Kindergarten - Houses. Artists present houses           Sixth Grade – Italian Renaissance: The Italian
in different styles and sizes, from different           Renaissance was a period of rebirth; a time when

                                            Rock Creek News   3
many new achievements in the art world were                  Fourth Grade – Celebrations and Parades.
developed. Renaissance artists carefully observed            Many artists enjoy depicting special celebrations,
and drew the world around them. Students will                such as weddings, parades and parties. Students
learn about the Old Great Masters of this                    will examine the various ways artists depict these
important and influential period in art history.             events and then create their own celebration scene.

Stay tuned for our last portfolio of the year.               Fifth Grade – Scenes of the City. Artists depict
                                                             city life in various ways by creating unrealistic
Art Attack: Portfolio B                                      scenes, very realistic scenes or by a combination
                                                             of both. The docent will discuss how artists create
For our second portfolio, please check below to              the images of a city and the effect it has on the
find out what your student will be learning about.           viewer. Students will have the chance to create
                                                             their own city scene.
Kindergarten – Animals. Artists have portrayed
animals in their artwork since the very beginning            Sixth Grade – Artists use Perspective.
of art history. All different kinds of animals are           Portraying perspective in art refers to the illusion
depicted, including animals in the zoo, pets, farm           of deep space on a 2-dimensional plane. Students
animals, and animals in the wild. Students will              will examine the techniques artists use to create
look at the various ways that artists create animals         space by looking at overlapping, the use of linear
and then choose their own animal for their art               and aerial perspective, and the use of lighting to
project.                                                     create depth on a flat surface. They will create a
                                                             sense of depth in their own artwork by using the
First Grade – People at Work. Artists depict                 different perspective techniques they will study.
people performing different kinds of jobs, as well
as working in different environments. They show
people outside and inside and show various body                              LIBRARY NEWS
movements related to their work. Students will
make their own drawing of people working.                    The library is a hub of activity here at Rock
                                                             Creek! We check out an average of 300 books a
Second Grade – Bridges and Seashores. When                   day and have at least that many books to shelve
artists create pictures about the seashore they              each day. We are always looking for volunteers to
produce different types of images, which may                 help with shelving, AR identifying and assisting
include a rocky coastline, a turbulent ocean or              the children. If you are interested, please contact
people playing in the sand. Pictures of bridges              Susan Silva or Carolyn Byers in the library.
may show what is on the bridge, what is below it
and what is on either side of it. Students will have         We recently purchased a number of books with
the opportunity to create a bridge scene or an               our Book Fair profits. We were able to add new
image of the seashore.                                       titles to our very popular “Warrior” series, as well
                                                             as bring in some new series books such as the
Third Grade – Paintings of Children. Artists                 Mysterious Benedict Society, the Septimus Heap
often create portraits of children. Students will            series, the Suddenly Supernatural series and many
explore the various ways artists paint children and          more!! Come check them out.
the reasons they make the portraits. They will
have the opportunity to create their own portrait of         If you are interested in making a donation to the
a child.                                                     library in honor of a special event, such as your
                                                             child’s birthday, we would love it! We ask that it

                                                 Rock Creek News   4
be a hard back book that is age appropriate for         Breen 632-1155, Cobblestone 632-0140, Parker
elementary school. We will process the book and         Whitney 624-2491, Rock Creek 788-4282,
place a nameplate on the front cover with your          Rocklin 624-3311, Rukhala 632-6560, Sierra 788-
child’s name and special event listed. We will          7141, Sunset Ranch 624-2048, Twin Oaks 624-
present the book to your child during their library     4101 or Valley View 435-4844.
time, place their name on our donation wall and
thank them in the monthly newsletter.
                                                        Rock Creek Elementary School will conduct
                                                        registration for Foundations beginning Friday,
THIS MEETING IS FOR PARENTS ONLY!                       February 18, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. and for
                                                        kindergarten on February 10, 2011. To register
Rock Creek Elementary School will hold a                for kindergarten the following guidelines must be
Kindergarten Parent Information Night on                met:
Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. in the         • Children must be 5 years old by December 2,
Multi. Registration will begin on Friday, February          2011 per Education Code 48000.
10, 2011. Packets will be available that evening at     • Parent must provide certification of birth (birth
the meeting.                                                certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, or
                                                            properly notarized affidavit of birth
Foundations Information Night will be held on               registration from the State Department of
Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 5:30 p.m. in the             Public Health).
Library. Registration for Foundations will begin        • California law requires that each child entering
on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. and will          school for the first time present evidence of
close on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.              being fully immunized against Diphtheria,
The lottery drawing for the Foundations class will          Pertussis, and Tetanus (DPT), Polio, Hepatitis
take place in the school office on Thursday,                B, Mumps, Measles, Rubella (MMR), and
March 10, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. Packets will be                 Chicken Pox (Varicella). No child will be
available that evening. Parents are welcome to              permitted to attend school in the Rocklin
attend the lottery drawing.                                 Unified      School     District     unless     a
                                                            documented, up-to-date immunization
Parents will find out about the kindergarten                record of required immunizations is
registration timeline and procedures.       An              submitted to the school.
overview on how our kindergarten program will           • Parents are required to provide proof of
successfully start your child’s educational                 residence (e.g., current utility bill, escrow
experience will be presented. Please join us to             papers, rent receipt).
find out about the high quality kindergarten            • The Rocklin Unified School District also
program awaiting your child.                                recommends that each entering student have a
                                                            physical and dental examination, as correction
We look forward to seeing you.                              of physical and dental problems play a crucial
                                                            part in a child’s successful school experience.
For more information on kindergarten registration
for the 2010-11 school year, call your
neighborhood school: Antelope Creek 632-1095,

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