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                              MAG-TOUCH MONITORING SYSTEM PRODUCTS

Mag-Touch Overview and Operation

                                                                       Mag-Touch is a completely self-contained portable electronic
                                                                       data collection unit, which revolutionizes the data collection
                                                                       for security guard monitoring and materials or object
                                                                       tracking. The Mag-Touch System use checkpoints that are

designed for indoor and outdoor use, impervious to magnetic fields and
cannot be duplicated in any way.

                                  It’s rugged, splash proof housing,
                                  manufactured from stainless steel and
                                  hermetically sealed makes it ideally
                                  suited for any environment, whether
                                  corrosive or otherwise hazardous. The
                                  Mag-Touch is shockproof and has been
certified for use in hazardous areas “explosion protected Ex ib I T4

Date-and time-stamped transactions
are stored in state-of-art electronic
circuitry, which can be uploaded onto
an industry- standard PC or via the
transporter unit for evaluation and
reporting purposes. Reports are
stored on the PC and can be viewed
at any time from any date required.
                                        Features and benefits are the following:

            Electronic recording for industrial and residential properties
            No limitation to amount of ID points or sites
            Minimum training of personnel required!
            Thousands of clock transactions before uploading – 4096 transactions
            After downloading of data on PC, new or special reports can be obtain from any date or time
            ID Buttons can always be re-installed and re-edited on software at any time
            Locally developed, manufactured and supported
            Robust and indestructible
            Lightweight and portable
            Long-life battery operation (No need to recharge or replacing of battery)
            12 Months Guarantee

Mag-Touch Starter Kit

                                          The Mag-Touch Monitoring System consists of a starter kit and thereafter
                                          any of the components can be purchase individually. Once a starter kit has been
                                          obtained, additional software is not required as the software included in starter kit can
                                          be used on any other PC at various sites and therefore only additional components
                                          such as unit(s), upload station(s) and ID Buttons
                                          (Patrol points) need to be purchased.

Other optional Mag-Touch products:

Mag-Touch Transporter Overview and Operation

Mag-Touch Transporter unit acts as a link between your PC (off-site) and your
Mag-Touch baton (on-site) storing all patrol information and transferring data from
the baton to the PC without having to bring the baton to the PC and therefore
savings in cost and productivity. Up to 28000 clockings (transactions) can be stored
in a transporter unit.
Recommended use whereby either no PC exists on-site or client refuses the use of
a PC on-site.
Mag-Touch Users

The Mag-Touch Monitoring System used by various security and individual companies such as to mention a few:

Group4Securicor -South Africa (National)
Group4Securicor -Africa (Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria, Iritrea, Ivory Coast, Lesotho)
Chubb Security
Fidelity Springbok Patrols
SPE Security
Peaceforce Izikhwepha Security
Omega Risk Solutions
A Mark Holdings
Stallion Security
Edge Security
De Beer Security
Futuris Guarding Systems
Risk Management Services
BBP Security
Buffalo Security
Bettle Security

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