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									                                                       Brand Tasmania ® Newsletter | December 2010 | Issue 112

Brand Champions hit the air waves                             The      24      Brand
                                                              Champions        range
The 2010-11 Brand
                                                              across sectors; their
Champions campaign
                                                              diversity exemplified
began on Southern
                                                              by such well-known
Cross   television   in
                                                              figures   as    Shirley
November following a
                                                              Stephens and Peter
public    launch     at
                                                              Althaus of Domaine A
Garagistes restaurant
                                                              Stoney and relative newcomers including Andrew
in Hobart. The Deputy Premier and Minister for
                                                              Legg of the Southern Gospel Choir and Dean Marks
Economic Development, Lara Giddings, told the
                                                              of the Wooden Boat Centre.
packed luncheon gathering: “As well as building
community confidence, the planned Brand
                                                              Craig Davies, Group General Manager – Tasmania,
Champions series will continue the process of
                                                              Darwin and Central – for Southern Cross Media,
educating Tasmanian businesses about the
                                                              said his company’s sponsorship included a three-
benefits of place-of-origin branding. It will help
                                                              for-one placement commitment, giving Brand
widen awareness of Brand Tasmania’s master
                                                              Tasmania two extra TV spots for each paid spot.
brand identity system. As a result, it’s likely that
Brand Tasmania membership will grow.”
                                                              Mr Davies said the planned campaign would
                                                              deliver outstanding value for money.
The campaign, a joint initiative of the Brand
Tasmania Council and Southern Cross Television,
                                                              The venue of the launch, Garagistes, was recently
features short TV clips on 24 outstanding
                                                              described in glowing terms by The Australian’s
Tasmanian businesses. The TV element is
                                                              Food Editor, John Lethlean. He wrote that Luke
supported by strategic radio advertising. An
                                                              Burgess’ latest and most ambitious venture in a
interview    with    Shirley    Stephens      of
                                                              converted garage was: “Exciting … very exciting”.
R Stephens Tasmanian Honey kicked off the series
on 21 November.
                                                              “Garagistes [is] a totally new and very brave kind
                                                              of restaurant for a conservative, small city. It’s
The Chairman of the Brand Tasmania Council,
                                                              part Slow, part Japanese, part natural/foraging
Michael Grainger, told the launch gathering:
                                                              (influenced by Copenhagen’s Noma) and all
“Brand Champions TV campaigns are a vital
                                                              communal. A restaurant inspired and driven by
element in the Brand Tasmania Council’s strategic
                                                              nature and a desire to reduce human interven-
plan. In the past, these campaigns have always
                                                              tion; to get away from processing and technology.
enjoyed the generous support of Southern Cross
                                                              Old and new at the same time,” the critic
Television. The TV publicity has provided much-
needed public profile for the council’s place-of-
origin marketing initiative. It has also delivered
                                                              Lethlean finished his review in the Weekend
valuable promotion for those Brand Tasmania
                                                              Australian’s magazine with these words: “I look
members being profiled.”
                                                              at my guests – locals – with unqualified envy. They
                                                              can come back tomorrow. For while Hobart and
Mr Grainger said the Brand Champions had been
                                                              Tasmania make the perfect incubator for
selected for the strength of their relationships
                                                              Burgess’ fascinating fusion of earth, sea and soul,
with Tasmania’s brand values. “Typically, they
                                                              the city – and the State – simultaneously make an
will have had a history of using Tasmania’s brand
                                                              unlikely home for a restaurant of such
values to add impact to their marketing and
                                                              uncompromising approach.”
communications activities.”
“Hobart is small and conservative. It’s also         It won its class, was the Winning Pinot Noir of
wonderful and it’s very, very fortunate to have a    Show and collected The Wine Emporium Trophy
place like Garagistes. The year’s greatest           for the Best Gold Medal. The same wine won Best
surprise.”                                           Gold Medal at the 2009 Royal Adelaide Wine Show
                                                     and another gold medal at the 2009 Sydney Royal
   Footnote: The name Garagistes refers to           Wine Show.
   an iconoclastic wine-making movement of
   individuals working outside the European          Shanahan was introduced to the 2009 pinot noir
   appellation rules. It fits the mood of an         by the Chief Winemaker of Constellation Wines,
   edgy, back-to-basics establishment in a           Paul Lapsley. Shanahan wrote: “It was hard to
   former motor garage.                              contain my excitement with this one as it is such
                                                     a complete pinot with so many characters at play.
                                                     Sappy, foresty, strawberry, dark cherry – it is all
                                                     going on, with spicy whole-bunch ferment
Tassie pinot dubbed nation’s top red                 complexity sealing the deal. It has New World
                                                     juiciness which is harnessed by a savoury and
                  Tasmania’s Bay of Fires 2009
                                                     textural delight of a back palate.”
                  pinot noir was judged the best
                  red wine in the nation at Dan
                                                     Shanahan had admitted being “blown away” by a
                  Murphy’s National Wine Show
                                                     number of earlier Tasmanian pinots. “The Stoney
                  of Australia in Canberra in
                                                     Rise Holyman Pinot Noir 2007 [and] recently the
                  November. It is the first
                                                     Stefano Lubiana Estate Pinot Noir 2008 showed
                  Tasmanian red and the first
                                                     what Australia’s pinot capital could do,” he
                  pinot noir from any State to
                                                     wrote. “We now have an inverse relation with
                  win the award.
                                                     regard to quality and price, with the former at
                                                     record highs and the pricing not only – and finally
Master winemaker Fran Austin sourced fruit for
                                                     – in a reasonable zone, but some suggesting they
the wine from a variety of clones grown on
                                                     are severely under-priced. Add my name to that
several vineyards on Tasmania’s east coast and in
the Coal and Derwent valleys. Wine merchants
are now tipping the present price of $38 a bottle
                                                     The 2009 Bay of Fires pinot makes the top 100
to rise sharply. The wine won the Riedel Trophy
                                                     wines and is awarded 95 points in Jeremy Oliver’s
for the best premium pinot at the Canberra event
                                                     2011 Wine Annual. The vintage has previously
and then collected the top prize, the TransACT
                                                     collected the Top Gold Medal at the 2010 Royal
Trophy, for the best dry red table wine on show.
                                                     Perth Wine Show and a gold medal at the 2010
                                                     Royal Queensland Wine Show. “For a glimpse of
Canberra-based wine writer and show judge, Chris
                                                     Tasmania’s winemaking future, grab a bottle of
Shanahan, had tipped the vintage for greatness
                                                     this beautiful, silk-smooth, trophy-winning pinot
before the awards. He wrote: “Fran Austin’s been
                                                     before the price heads north,” advises Shanahan.
tweaking this wine for about a decade, and in
that time we’ve seen it evolve from a nice drop
                                                     An international judging panel at the Wrest Point
to jaw-dropping good. It joins a growing number
                                                     Royal Hobart Wine Show earlier in the month was
of distinguished wines destined to make Tassie
                                                     not nearly as impressed. They awarded the trophy
Australia’s pinot capital.”
                                                     for the show’s best pinot to the 2009 St Clair
                                                     Pinot Noir from Marlborough, New Zealand.
Austin joined Bay of Fires as a young winemaker
                                                     “Adding insult to injury, a pinot made in the
in 2002 and set about building a first-class wine-
                                                     Hunter Valley from Tasmanian fruit – the 2009
making team capable of turning out world-class
                                                     Pooles Rock Tasmanian Pinot Noir – beat all the
vintages. She was judged Australia’s Young
                                                     home-grown efforts to take out the trophy for the
Winemaker of the Year at the 2005 Qantas/
                                                     best Tasmanian wine,” our Food & Wine Writer,
Gourmet Traveller Awards.
                                                     Graeme Phillips, reported.
Austin’s pinots are proven award winners. The
                                                     The show involved 2,459 wines from 239
2008 vintage was a trophy-winner at the 2009
                                                     Australasian vineyards, including 229 Tasmanian
Royal Queensland Wine Show.
                                                     wines and 71 from New Zealand.
The 2008 Grey Sands, Ghost Rock and Barring-          Young Tasmanian electronic duo The Scientists of
wood Park Mill Block pinots won gold medals.          Modern Music will play their first hometown gig in
Silver medals for the variety went to the 2009        nearly 12 months as part of the opening-night
Tamar Ridge Kayena Vineyard, Tamar Ridge              festivities. The Scientists – Simon McIntosh and
Kayena Vineyard Reserve, 2008 Meadowbank              Cal Young – will unveil a new live show and tracks
Henry James, Nocton Park, Stefano Lubiana             from their forthcoming second album to be
Estate and 2005 Native Point.                         recorded in London with electro-glitch trio, The
Bay of Fires had to settle for a bronze, along with
nearly 40 other local pinots. These were: 2009        Richie, the Violent Femmes bassist and a Hobart
Bruny Island Premier Wines, Abel’s Tempest,           resident of several years, said: “People are pretty
Kelvedon Estate, Winstead Lot 16, Iron Pot Bay        ecstatic about what’s happening here in
River Block, Stefano Lubiana Primavera,               Tasmania. We do have the element of surprise,
Cellarmasters     Riversdale    Estate   Tasmania,    because people might not think that things like
Puddleduck, Morningside, Bass Fine Wine Strait,       Mona Foma would be happening in Tasmania.”
Brook Eden, Iron Pot Bay Valley Block, Home Hill,
Pooley Coal River, Goaty Hill, Milton; 2008 Coal      Richie will serve up an eclectic exposition of
Valley Vineyard Old Block, Heemskerk Derwent          contemporary visual art and explosive music from
Valley, Native Point, Home Hill Reserve, Derwent      14 to 23 January. “We have been determined
Estate, Wildside, Frogmore Creek Reserve, Bruny       from the outset to create a festival that
Island Reserve, Elmslie, Cape Bernier, Moorilla       transcends boundaries and defies logic. Truly
Muse, Bream Creek Reserve, Little Feat, The           melding art and music in a sensory exploration
Stable Door, Bream Creek, Milton, Brook Eden, 42      that becomes at once disorienting and
South, Coal Valley Vineyard; 2007 Pooley Butchers     comforting.” Mr Ritchie said.
Hill, Elmslie, 2006 Yaxley Estate.
                                                      It’s true; he did say that!
As Phillips wrote in The Mercury: “That’s show
business!”                                            The 2011 line-up boasts avant-garde composer
                                                      Phillip Glass, along with cellist Wendy Sutter,
                                                      Nick Cave and Co’s raucous Grinderman, post-
                                                      punk pioneers Wire, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion,
Warm up for Mona with a bit of Foma                   Health, Amanda Palmer and The Break. There will
Hobart’s     Mona     Foma                            be a strong lineup of performance artists,
festival of music and the                             including Neil Gaiman, with Fourplay, and Eddie
arts will dominate the                                Campbell.
Hobart     waterfront   for
10 days in January 2011,                              Music industry insiders are suggesting the 2011
setting the scene for                                 festival looks set to be the strongest yet.
the long-awaited opening                              Ticketed and un-ticketed events will be staged
of its parent – the Museum                            around Hobart, but the entire festival is a mere
of Old and New Art (MONA),                            prelude.
waiting for its moment
deep in the ancient banks of the Derwent River at     “This year’s MOFO is a drum roll to the opening of
Moorilla Estate.                                      the Museum of Old and New Art,” according to
                                                      the festival web site. “A noisy drum roll. With art
                                                      and food and things. The idea is that we want you
Festival Curator, Brian Ritchie, travelled to
                                                      to try things you wouldn’t normally, especially if
Sydney to launch another frontier-pushing
                                                      you had to pay for them. Open your mind etc etc
program for the third festival. The transformed
Princes Wharf 1 – or PW1 in text-age language –
will be the place to be, with performers like
                                                      There’s no doubt MONA will be a hard act to
Grandmaster Flash, Decoder Ring, Cat Hope, Edge
                                                      precede. Mined into the riverbank at Moorilla
of Colour, Drive West Today, Helmethead and
                                                      Estate, 15 minutes from Hobart’s CBD, the three-
more than 30 local acts. There will be visual art
                                                      storey, Nonda Katsalidis-designed, subterranean
installations, a 1980s giant video wall and a
                                                      structure will be the largest private art museum
choice of bars.
                                                      in Australia.
Curated by Mark Fraser, MONA can be accessed          “I want to do MONA properly. I want to be able to
via car or a 40-minute catamaran service              finance exhibitions and hopefully keep the
operating from Hobart’s waterfront for $15.           entrance cost to zero and it looks like the costs of
                                                      running that will be around $8 million a year. I
MONA’s opening on 22 January will enable art          want to make sure I can cover that first.”
lovers to view the extraordinary private art
collection of its founder David Walsh, valued at      TasPorts Chief Executive, Paul Weedon, said
an estimated $100 million. And it will be free.       there would need to be a rethink before any
                                                      further announcement on the wharf shed’s
Highlights will be a rarely seen 45-metre set of      future.
paintings by Sidney Nolan and art from the YBAs
(Young British Artists) Jake and Dinos Chapman,       A full Mona Foma program is available at
Mat Collishaw, Jenny Saville, Mark Quinn and
Damien Hirst. MONA will also feature works from
leading-edge European artists including Wim
Delvoye, Jannis Kounellis, Anselm Kiefer and
Julius Popp. American modernists including Jean-      LNG to power ‘cleanest’ fast ferry
Michel Basquiat, Gregory Barsamain, Stephen J.                                Incat has secured a
Shanabrook and Jenny Holzer, will also feature.                               contract to build the
                                                                              world’s first high-speed
“The opening of MONA will hold great cultural                                 passenger ship powered
significance for Tasmania.” the retiring CEO of                               by        environmentally
Tourism Tasmania, Felicia Mariani, said. “It will                             friendly liquified natural
elevate Hobart as an arts and cultural destination                            gas (LNG). The 99-metre
on par with some of the world’s best museums,                                 vessel, with capacity for
and bring to greater prominence the already                                   more       than      1,000
strong arts scene on the island. Its art and                                  passengers and 153 cars,
cultural offerings will be the greatest Tasmania                              is being built at Incat’s
has seen to date, and we anticipate that it will      Prince of Wales Bay shipyard for delivery in 2012.
draw both international and interstate arts           Incat’s website said the ship was being built for
enthusiasts to our shores, cementing our              “a customer who has for now requested the
reputation as a destination that has world-class      commercial arrangements and route remain under
offerings and world-class experiences.”               wraps.”

Walsh, meanwhile, has suggested publicly for the      Incat’s founder and Chairman, Robert Clifford,
first time that his pockets may have bottoms. He      said: “This is a significant step forward as the use
has withdrawn from a plan to redevelop                of natural gas powered ships must replace ships
Macquarie Wharf No. 1 Shed in Hobart’s port           with less environmentally friendly engines. This
area, saying he cannot afford it. He said he was      first LNG-powered fast ship is expected to set the
disappointed to withdraw his tender for the           scene for the future.”
property, blaming the unexpectedly high costs of
building and running MONA. “The facts are that at     Incat and Revolution Design engineers are working
the moment I do not have the money,” the              with technical personnel from GE in Europe and
gambling tycoon said.                                 the United States on the project. Their goal is to
                                                      make Hull 069 the fastest, environmentally
Walsh had proposed to redevelop the dilapidated       cleanest, most efficient high-speed Ro-Ro ferry in
cargo shed, turning it into a departure point for     the world.
MONA where visitors could enjoy contemporary
art exhibitions and performances, restaurants and     It will feature the first installation of LNG-
bars linked electronically to similar venues around   powered dual-fuel engines in an Incat ferry and
the world.                                            will be the first vessel built under the inter-
                                                      national safety code for high-speed craft to be
“The original building costs for MONA were            powered by gas turbines using LNG as the primary
estimated at $50 million; the actual amount is        fuel, with marine distillate for standby and
now $75 million.” Mr Walsh said.                      ancillary use.
In each catamaran hull, a GE Energy LM2500 gas        “In today’s challenging financial environment
turbine will drive a Wartsila LJX 1720 waterjet, a    Tasmanian companies like Incat, and many others
departure from the use of two engines and two         in the manufacturing sector, continue to
jets per hull in recently constructed diesel-         demonstrate their capability to successfully trade
powered Incat vessels                                 in the global marketplace.”

The GE Energy LM2500 gas turbines are to be           Ms Giddings said many innovative technologies,
modified to meet class requirements, so that          such as inflatable evacuation systems and fire-
either LNG or marine distillate can be burned.        protection systems, had been developed in
The LM2500 is derived from the CF6 family of          Tasmania on the back of the vision and
wide-body aircraft engines. It powers many            commitment of the Clifford family, who have
industrial and electrical generation applications     been building world-class high-speed craft in
around the world, using a variety of gaseous and      Tasmania since the 1980s. She said the skills and
liquid fuels.                                         innovation of large and small businesses in
                                                      Tasmania’s maritime industry were recognised
Fleets of destroyer class warships, as well as        globally.
commercial ferries and cruise ships are using the
LM2500. While these applications have utilised        The Department of Economic Development,
other fuels, GE has now modified the fuel-            Tourism and the Arts will lead a delegation of
delivery system to accommodate LNG. This will         Tasmanian maritime companies to the Inter-
allow lower emissions and operating costs for         national Workboat trade show in New Orleans this
commercial fast ferries.                              month.

Mr Clifford said interest in cleaner vessels was
growing around the world as the International
Maritime Organisation prepares to impose tighter      Uncertain times as Giddings makes
restrictions on shipping pollution from 2015. “The    history
emissions that come from LNG contain much less
carbon dioxide,” he said. “We’re already talking      Tasmania      moved       into
to two or three other customers who want similar      uncharted fiscal waters on
solutions.”                                           December 6 with the retire-
                                                      ment of the Treasurer,
LNG fuel tanks will be installed in compartments      Michael Aird, a veteran of 25
above the ship’s double-bottom marine distillate      years    of    Parliamentary
tanks. The change-over between the two fuels          service. Mr Aird’s departure
will be automatically controlled and seamless.        was announced 52 days after
                                                      the retirement of Don
The LNG ferry contract and the strategic and          Challen, the longest-serving
technical redirection it involves are sorely needed   Secretary in the history of Tasmania’s Department
by Incat. The pace-setting shipbuilder is still       of Treasury and Finance. The new Treasurer, Lara
looking for buyers for a 112m and an 85m vessel       Giddings, will face a difficult initiation with
that are under construction. In July, Incat           Federal stimulus funding petering out and
announced it was putting some of its skilled work-    national GST revenue declining by $50 million a
ers out for hire by other companies in an effort to   year. Several of the State’s economic indicators
keep its workforce intact during the lean period.     are easing after its unexpectedly robust response
Mr Clifford said about 40 Incat workers were now      to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).
seconded to other Tasmanian projects.
                                                      Deputy Premier, Attorney-General and Minister
The Deputy Premier and Minister for Economic          for Justice and the Arts, Ms Giddings is the
Development, Lara Giddings, visited the shipyard      Government’s Jill of all Trades. She is the State’s
to congratulate Incat on winning the LNG ferry        first female Treasurer and is working with Martin
contract. “This is great news for Incat and will      Wallace, a former Senior Economic and Financial
instil some confidence back into Tasmania’s ship-     Policy Adviser to the Treasurer, who has been
construction and repair industry after a difficult    sitting in the leather chair, once filled by
time due to the global financial crisis.” she said.   Mr Challen, since October.
Announcing his retirement in November, Mr Aird        The value of retail trade decreased by 0.3 per
told the ABC that the job he had occupied since       cent in September, to $432.4 million – 2.45 per
2006 had been particularly demanding during the       cent below the previous year’s peak.
GFC. “Just day-to-day politics, it’s a 24/7 job and
I think I would like to pursue other parts of my      The number of houses sold in Tasmania fell 11.7
life that I have probably neglected in the past,”     per cent in the September quarter – down 23.2
he said.                                              per cent in 12 months. Median house prices
                                                      remained steady at $310,000 during the quarter,
The Premier, David Bartlett, said: “Michael Aird      but were up 7.6 per cent over the year.
has brought a rich vein of experience and wisdom
to the Labor Government, over many years and          Economist Saul Eslake said Tasmania was being
decades. Seeing him announce his retirement is a      left behind as the rest of the country recovered.
sad day for me personally, because I’ve very          “It is lacking big projects to provide growth to the
much enjoyed working with him to strengthen and       economy,” he said. “These things go in cycles so
diversify Tasmania’s economy. However, this is        it will pick up again ... Tassie has survived this
also an opportunity for continued renewal in the      downturn better than other recessions.”
Labor Party; and the Government.”
                                                      Mr Aird told the media: “The withdrawal of
Mr Aird was first elected to Parliament as a Lower    stimulus funding has been further exacerbated by
House member for Franklin in 1979. He lost his        the negative impact the high Australia dollar is
seat in 1986, but returned in 1989 to serve as a      having on Tasmania’s manufacturing and tourism
Minister in the short-lived Labor-Green ‘accord’      sectors. Due to the combination of these factors,
government. Mr Aird resigned from the House of        some sectors are finding it harder to recover from
Assembly in 1995 and successfully contested the       the global downturn.”
Upper House seat of Derwent. He was re-elected
to Derwent three times and was Leader of the          Mr Aird pointed out that data on building activity
Government in the Legislative Council from 1998       and commercial lending had been positive. “The
until he replaced David Crean as Treasurer in         trend value of building work in Tasmania
2006.                                                 increased by 6.6 per cent to $409 million in the
                                                      three months to June 2010,” he said. “This is a
Mr Aird will be remembered as the Treasurer who       full percentage point higher than the national
guided Tasmania successfully through the worst of     growth figure over the same period.”
the GFC. However, the fragility of the subsequent
recovery has been highlighted recently by data on     The value of lending in Tasmania in August was
economic growth, investment, exports, retail          13.8 per cent higher than at the same time in
trade and real estate.                                2009 – compared to a national decline of 1.4 per
Tasmania’s Gross State Product grew by only 0.4
per cent in 2009-10, compared with 2.3 per cent       Recent labour data has also indicated a welcome
nationally. Total public sector investment grew by    degree of economic resilience. Trend unemploy-
28 per cent during the year, but this was offset by   ment fell to 5.4 per cent in October, a 0.2 per
a 26.7 per cent decline in private business invest-   cent improvement in a month. Nationally, the
ment. The Government hopes to resuscitate             unemployment figure rose marginally to 5.4 per
business confidence by reviewing State taxes and      cent. Despite upheaval in the forestry sector,
publishing a renewed economic development             Tasmania’s total employment was steady at
strategy.                                             237,300. About 4,900 jobs have been created in
                                                      the past 12 months, but the ratio of part-time
In export trade in 2009-10, solid growth in non-      positions has increased and statistics have not yet
ferrous metal exports was offset by an 18.4 per       returned to pre-GFC levels.
cent decline in wood product sales. Exports are
still to reach pre-GFC levels and are being           In response to the $50 million-a-year drop in
hampered by the strength of the Australian            projected GST revenue, the Tasmanian Chamber
dollar.                                               of Commerce and Industry wants a razor taken to
                                                      the public service.
The chamber’s Chief Executive, Robert Wallace,      Wooden boats set for serious growth
said in November that it was now unlikely the
Government would be able to bring its Budget                                   Hobart is ready to
back into surplus in two years, as promised.                                   stage    its    biggest
“Unless we take major action now to not just trim                              Australian     Wooden
and tweak but radically and systematically                                     Boat Festival from
change the public service, our credit rating will                              11–14 February. Tall
drop and that will impinge on everyone who                                     ships       Enterprize,
borrows in Tasmania,” he said.                                                 James Craig, Lady
                                                                               Nelson,     Windeward
Ms Giddings’ appointment to the Treasury hot                                   Bound, One and All
seat was the most important aspect of a Cabinet                                and Young Endeavour
reshuffle announced by Mr Bartlett on               will be among the 620-plus vessels on view at the
11 November. The new responsibilities, which        9th biennial festival.
became effective with Mr Aird’s retirement on
6 December, are:                                    Assisted by My State Financial sponsorship and a
                                                    State Government grant, festival organizers have
David Bartlett                                      decided to do away with entry fees and expect
Premier, Minister for Innovation, Science and       attendance to top 80,000 over the four days.
Technology                                          Visitor numbers have been growing every two
Lara Giddings                                       years from 25,000 at the first festival in 1994 to
Deputy Premier, Attorney-General, Treasurer,        40,000 for the 2009 event.
Justice, the Arts
                                                    Apart from the majestic tall ships, highlights of
Bryan Green                                         the 2010 event will include appearances by round
Primary Industries and Water, Energy and            -the-world sailing prodigy, Jessica Watson, and
Resources, Local Government, Planning, Racing,      internationally acclaimed Australian small boat
Veterans’ Affairs                                   designer, Iain Oughtred.
Nick McKim
Corrections, Consumer Protection, Climate           There will be a replica 500-year-old Hachoro
Change, Sustainable Transport, Alternative          fishing boat from Hobart’s sister city Yaizu in
Energy, Aboriginal Affairs                          Japan;      specially-commissioned      traditional
                                                    Indonesian vessels with live craftsmanship
David O’Byrne
                                                    demonstrations by the boat builders; and
Infrastructure, Economic Development,
                                                    Australia’s biggest-even exhibition of scrimshaw,
Workplace Relations
                                                    the folk art of the whaling age.
Brian Wightman
Environment, Parks and Heritage, Sport and          There will be nautical skill and boat-handling
Recreation, Hospitality                             demonstrations. Village-like settings will show-
Michelle O’Byrne                                    case indigenous boat-building techniques from
Health, Tourism, Leader of Government Business      Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and New
                                                    Caledonia. The festival’s popular trade exhibition
Lin Thorp                                           will be located in the revamped Princes Wharf
Education and Skills, Children, Police and          No. 1 building.
Emergency Management
Cassy O’Connor                                      Sullivan’s Cove will again be transformed into a
Human Services, Community Development               sea of flags, masts and beautiful wooden boats of
                                                    all shapes and sizes. There will be live musical
Doug Parkinson
                                                    performances and lashings of Tasmania’s
Leader of the Government in the Legislative
                                                    signature fresh seafood. Organizers are confident
                                                    the Food Piazza – offering patrons the best of
                                                    Tasmanian food and beverages – will be bigger
                                                    and better than ever.
All food and beverage outlets were fully                “We’re taking Tasmanians back to its original
subscribed four months before opening day.              concept. Tasmania has changed an awful lot in 22
                                                        years and so has our food and beverage industry.
The 2011 festival will have an expanded foot-           These days, Tasmania is the Gourmet State. We
print, stretching from the Henry Jones Art Hotel        want to look at the original premise of the Taste,
in Hunter Street around to the trade exhibition at      which was to show off the quality things we
Princes Wharf No. 1, which adjoins Salamanca            produce and the amazing things we do with what
Place.                                                  we produce.”

“The Australian Wooden Boat Festival is a               Sounds like party time, doesn’t it?
significant event that has contributed greatly to
Tasmania’s tourism,” Tourism Tasmania’s retiring        More information:
CEO, Felicia Mariani, said. “Over the years, it has
drawn travellers from interstate and overseas
with its extensive program of festival activities,
and played an important role in preserving and
promoting our rich maritime heritage to the             Fragrant card case is work of art
world.”                                                 When        Tetsuya
                                                        Wakuda          first
The annual Sydney Hobart yacht race always adds         handled a Huon
to Hobart’s nautical ambiance during the holiday        pine business card
season. Only two maxis (100-foot entries) are           case produced by
among this year’s fleet of 99: four-time line           Table Cape crafts-
honours winner Wild Oats XI and Investec Loyal.         man Mark Bishop,
Lahana and Wild Thing are fractionally smaller, at      he could scarcely
98 feet.                                                believe the accuracy of the woodworking that had
                                                        left only the finest seam between the cleverly
Entries for the annual race starting on Boxing Day      curved case and its lid. Tetsuya, who is having a
have been received from all Australian States, as       substantially Huon pine pleasure boat built at the
well as Britain, the United States, France and          Wooden Boat Centre at Franklin, sniffed the box,
Italy. A third of the fleet will be contesting the      inhaled and closed his eyes, smiling with
race for the first time, so some crew will need to      pleasure. He extracted a card, confirmed that it
be directed to traditional recovery stations at the     carried the same characteristic heady scent as
Shipwright’s Arms and Custom House hotels.              the case itself; and beamed.
The    Taste     of    Tasmania,     beginning    on    “Craft like this is really art,” he said later.
28 December in the upgraded Princes Wharf No 1          “Mark Bishop is a genius. Also, he’s very good
shed, will also play its tradition role in entertain-   company.”
ing the sailors – and just about everybody else in
town.                                                   Tetsuya is a discerning and generous patron of
                                                        design in Tasmania and is familiar with Bishop’s
According to the Taste’s new Food and Beverage          work. He recruited the master craftsman to
Co-ordinator, Paul Cullen, the revamped shed            undertake many of the more demanding aspects
looks terrific and the festival has reached the         of the interior fitout for his wooden boat.
most exciting time in its history. The former
Executive Chef at the Grand Chancellor Hotel’s          The exquisite card cases, made from a variety of
award-winning Meehan’s restaurant, Mr Cullen            specialty timbers, are early outcomes from a new
said he was proud to be part of the 22nd Taste,         phase in Mark Bishop’s life. “It’s been a busy 18
which will offer a bigger variety of experiences        months since the closing of the Stanley Artworks
than ever before. “It’s the biggest food and            retail outlet,” he said. “I have been restructuring
beverage event in Tasmania,” he said. “If you           my operation back to being those of just a
have anything to do with Tasmanian food, it’s the       designer/maker, and I have to tell you it’s been a
big one!”                                               move for the better, getting back to what I really
                                                        enjoy doing.”
“The Taste is in a transitional phase, which is
tremendously exciting.” Mr Cullen said.
                                                     Victory close in Tasman Island cat war
                                                     The battle to rid
                                                     Tasman Island of
                                                     feral cats and save
                                                     the lives of as many
                                                     as 50,000 sea birds a
                                                     year isn’t officially
                                                     over, but it’s looking
                                                     very positive.
“I have recently invested in new equipment – a
CNC router – to enable me to move from limited       Cats have been seriously disturbing the natural
one-off work to considerable manufacturing           ecology of the spectacular, steep-sided island
capacity. It’s been a great challenge learning       near the tip of the Tasman Peninsula since a 70-
how to program the machine and adapt it to           year era of manned lighthouses began there in
making my designs.”                                  1906. But Eradication Project Manager, Luke
                                                     Gadd, of the Parks & Wildlife Service reported in
Bishop believes automation is a logical way to       November that it had been six months since the
transform a craft studio into a more viable          last sign was found of a feral cat on the
business. “It’s a way to move forward profitably,    increasingly popular eco-cruise destination. “The
as people with appropriate skills are almost         place feels different now,” he said. “You used to
impossible to find to expand a traditional craft     see bird carcasses scattered everywhere. Now the
operation.”                                          birds are all alive. It’s great.”

Recruits are easier to find for work in a            “We’re not yet claiming success in eradication,
mechanized studio and Bishop hopes to create six     but our confidence rises with every passing month
new jobs in Stanley over the next two years.         with no sign of a cat,” Mr Gadd said. “If no signs
                                                     of cats are detected during the next six months,
The little wooden card cases were launched in        we will claim success.”
October at the Design Centre of Tasmania in
Launceston as part of a small-product design         A plan for the eradication-and-restoration project
competition.                                         was finalised by New Zealand specialists Landcare
                                                     Research in February 2009. The New Zealanders
CNC technology will enable Bishop to produce the     had been involved with several world-leading
cases in relative volume. “Apart from the small      projects involving pest eradication to prepare
tourist market for timber trinkets, I hope to        islands as havens for threatened bird species,
achieve success with this product in the corporate   such as kakapo and black robins.
market,” he said. “They look great with a
company logo laser-engraved on the lid. Every        Baiting only began after more than a year of
Brand Tasmania member company should have            preparation, trials of various baits and the intense
them!”                                               monitoring of cat and bird populations on the
Mark Bishop’s aromatic card cases will make
impressive corporate or personal Christmas gifts.    “The island’s population of feral cats was
Brand Tasmania will be offering the iconically       estimated to be about 50, but on an island of only
Tasmanian cases as quiz prizes in 2011.              120ha, this was an extremely high density,” Mr
                                                     Gadd said.
   Footnote: The business card cases won one
   of three major categories – Chain of Cus-         While some of the attributes of the island made it
   tody – and a $3,000 prize at the Tasmanian        a good location to undertake such a project, it
   Design Awards in November. The cases are          was not a task to be under-estimated, with
   now available from the Design Centre Shop         difficult access from the sea and steep, wind-
   in Launceston for $39.95. Overall winner of       swept terrain much better suited to the cats than
   the 2010 Tasmanian Design Award was Silk          their human pursuers.
   Dew Drop by jeweller Linda van Niekerk.
                                                     Most bird carcasses were found with only the
                                                     head or breast meat consumed. Fairy prions,
                                                     graceful blue-grey seabirds, were particularly
                                                     easy prey while nesting among the precipitous
                                                     island’s steep boulder fields.

                                                     Although things are now looking good for the
                                                     island’s beleaguered seabirds, project teams are
                                                     continuing to visit for two to five days each
                                                     month, searching for cats, their prints, scats or
                                                     bird kills in locations known to have been
                                                     favoured by the feral carnivores. Spotlighting is
                                                     undertaken and 15 infrared motion-sensor
A team landed at the base of the island’s            cameras provide 24-hour surveillance at key
forbidding 210-metre cliffs in May 2010. A bait      locations.
branded Curiosity® that had been developed
collaboratively over 10 years by the CSIRO and       The eradication program was made possible by
West Australian and Victorian scientists was used    Tasmanian eco-tourism pioneer Rob Pennicott of
in the project. “Cutting-edge science has been       Bruny Island and Tasman Island cruises.
used to specifically and humanely target feral       Mr Pennicott is a co-founder, along with Wildcare
cats to minimise impacts on wildlife species,” a     Inc, of the Tasmanian Coast Conservation Fund
Victorian scientist, Michael Johnston, said.         which initially provided $65,000 towards the
Developed in consultation with animal welfare        $100,000 cost of the project. In May, the fund
groups, the bait affects the oxygen-carrying         donated a further $35,000.
capacity of a cat’s blood. The animal becomes
sleepy, then lapses into unconsciousness and does    Volunteers have assisted in many of the project’s
not wake up.                                         activities, including the monitoring of bird
                                                     populations before, during and after the
The bait was distributed by employees of the         eradication effort.
Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of
Primary    Industries,    Parks,    Water   and      Lying off the spectacular south-east tip of the
Environment’s Wildlife Management and Fox            Tasman Peninsula, where cliffs soar 300 metres
Eradication branches. The Victorian Department       from the wild seas, Tasman Island is a significant
of Sustainability and Environment was also           landmark for mariners as they round the penin-
involved.                                            sula and head into Storm Bay and the River Der-
                                                     went. It is an eagerly awaited milestone for con-
The baiting phase, which included aerial baiting,    testants in the annual Sydney-Hobart yacht race.
was followed by weeks of intensive activity aimed
at putting maximum pressure on surviving feral       The island’s lighthouse was manned for 70 years
cats, including trapping, hunting, spot-lighting     by lighthouse keepers and their families. They
and monitoring by remote cameras. Government         brought with them cats, dogs, goats, sheep,
wildlife biologist, Dr Sue Robinson, visited the     chickens, dairy cows, messenger pigeons and at
island twice with her trained cat-detecting dogs,    least one pet kangaroo. The cats were the only
Clay the terrier and Shark the Labrador. The dogs    feral species to flourish after the light was
combed the island for many days but were only        automated in 1976 and humanity departed.
able to find one dead cat.
                                                     The island’s seal population and other wildlife are
About 50 cats had been removed in the operation.     now key attractions of eco-cruises from Port Ar-
                                                     thur and Eaglehawk Neck. Whale sightings have
It was estimated they had been killing as many as    increased sharply in nearby waters in recent
50,000 sea birds, mainly fairy prions, each year –   years.
nearly three birds for each cat each day. The
Tasman Island strain of cat is relatively small in   “November is the peak time for whale watching
build, but like other cats they are “surplus         and this year has been absolutely fantastic,” the
killers”; habitually taking more birds than they     skipper of MV Attitude, Craig Parsey, told The
needed for survival.                                 Mercury.
“We saw 44 in the last two weeks and hope to             The exhibition is a joint showing with
have spotted well over 100 humpback whales               Rebecca Coote, whose steel-and-glass
before December.” Government biologist Kris              sculptures are the result of a period of
Carlyon said official records showed 80 southern         residence at lighthouses around Tasmania,
right whales and 45 humpback whales had been             including Bruny Island and Low Head.
sighted in Tasmanian waters since May. A
southern right whale gave birth in the River
Derwent in August: probably the first such event
there since 1820. “The whales are using
Tasmania’s sheltered waters for rest and
recreation as they head down into the Southern
Ocean and Antarctica to feed,” Mr Carlyon said.

The Tasmanian Greens are campaigning to have          The 2010 winners were:
the State’s coastal waters declared a whale
sanctuary.                                            Major Tourist Attractions
                                                      Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Meanwhile, Government wildlife biologist Mark
Holdsworth, who has been an enthusiastic              Tourist Attractions
participant in the Tasman Island project, is          Bruny Island Cruises
looking forward to seeing first-hand the recovery
of bird populations. “There’s going to be an          Festivals and Events
immediate stabilization,” he said. “Then it’ll just   Festivale
be a matter of one or two breeding seasons
before you will see a dramatic increase. It’s going   Ecotourism
to be very impressive to see that.”                   Bruny Island Cruises

                                                      Heritage and Cultural Tourism
                                                      Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre
Pennicott scores a treble
                    Rob Pennicott’s ecocruise         Specialised Tourism Services
                    operations won three of the       The Wilderness Gallery
                    top gongs at the Tasmanian
                    Tourism Awards at Wrest           Visitor Information and Services
                    Point in November. Bruny          Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre
                    Island Cruises won the tourist
                    attraction and eco-tourism        Meetings and Business Tourism
                    categories, while Pennicott       Wrest Point Convention Centre
                    Wilderness Journeys, which
                    encompasses     both    Bruny     Tour and/or Transport Operators
Island Cruises and Tasman Island Cruises, was         Experience Tasmania Tours and Charters
awarded Tasmania’s 2010 Qantas Award for
Excellence in Sustainable Tourism.                    Adventure Tourism
                                                      The Maria Island Walk
Bruny Island Cruises has now won the tourist
attraction category four times. More than 20          Tourism Marketing
individuals and businesses trod the footlights at     Pure Tasmania
the awards.
                                                      Tourism Education and Training
   Footnote: Rob      Pennicott’s    partner,         Rosny College Vocational Education and
   Michaye Boulter, is a gifted painter and           Training Tourism Program
   will be exhibiting her latest Bruny island
   seascapes at the Handmark Gallery in               Tourism Restaurants and Catering Services
   Salamanca Place until 3 February.                  Cable Station Restaurant and Accommodation
Tourism and Caravan Parks                           Her Tasmanian link was restored when she was
BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park                         engaged to help to blend wines at Heemskerk.
                                                    Following successes at the Hobart Wine Show in
Hosted Accommodation                                2006 and 2007, Ms Pooley was handed responsibil-
Clydesdale Manor                                    ity for the entire Heemskerk portfolio. She is
                                                    based in Adelaide, but appreciates the role
Unique Accommodation                                Tasmania’s cool-climate grapes play in the
The Henry Jones Art Hotel                           production of top-notch varietal table wines.

Standard Accommodation                              Naked Run Wines, with whites and reds out of the
Bruny Island Explorers Cottages                     Clare and Barossa valleys, was named Sommeliers
                                                    Choice at the awards announced in Sydney. Donna
Deluxe Accommodation                                Hartwig of Kingston Estate Wines in South
The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel                   Australia received the Members Choice award.

New Tourism Development
Saffire Freycinet
                                                    Architects in Canberra trifecta
Excellence in Sustainable Tourism                   Tasmanians won three of 12 categories at the
Pennicott Wilderness Journeys                       annual Australian Institute of Architects’ awards
                                                    in Canberra in October. James Jones, working at
Outstanding Contribution by an Individual           the time of his winning project for Hobart’s HBV
Ian Johnstone                                       Architects, took the Robin Boyd Award, the
                                                    nation’s most coveted residential housing award.
People’s Choice
Elm Wood Classic B&B                                The Supreme Court Building in Hobart, designed
                                                    by a Department of Public Works team led by
Minister’s Young Achiever Award                     Peter Partridge, won the National 25 Year Award
Rowena Nicholls                                     for Enduring Architecture. The judges called the
                                                    building “an exemplary, enduring piece of public
Minister’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to    architecture that makes a poised, urban
Tourism                                             contribution to the city of Hobart … here is a
Ian Waller                                          reminder that investment in public architecture
                                                    has a lasting effect on the city.”
Hall of Fame Awards
Festivale, Bruny Island Cruises, Tasmanian          Maria Gigney Architects of Battery Point won the
Travel and Information Centre, Wrest Point          National Award for Small Project Architecture for
Convention Centre, BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park      its Strangio House project in Hobart. The
                                                    designers were commended for their innovation,
                                                    and the sustainability of the conversion of a
                                                    170-year-old stone barn into a compact
Anna is top young winemaker                         contemporary residence.
Anna Pooley of Heemskerk Wines is Australia’s
Young Winemaker of the Year for 2010. The
potentially career-shaping gong was awarded for
chardonnay, traminer and pinot noir vintages        Mariani moves to national stage
produced for the Heemskerk label.                   Tourism Tasmania Chief Executive Officer and
                                                    Brand Tasmania Council member, Felicia Mariani,
The winemaking daughter of Elizabeth and John       has been appointed Managing Director of the
Pooley of Pooley Wines grew up in the Coal River    Australian Tourism Export Council. She will take
Valley on the farm where her parents operate        up her role next month as head of the national
their vineyard. After graduating, from UTAS with    industry body representing Australia’s $26 billion
a degree in Agricultural Science, Ms Pooley         tourism export sector.
started at Wolf Blass and built up her experience
working in Australia and on European vintages.
The Minister for Tourism, Michelle O’Byrne, said:     The Chairman of the Forest Industries Association
“Ms Mariani has been a passionate tourism             of Tasmania, Dr Julian Amos, said the closure
advocate and leader during her five years at the      would create extraordinary difficulties for
helm of Tourism Tasmania. She has overseen the        sawmills needing a woodchip mill to drive
successful rollout of the State Government’s $16      harvesting and for residue processing. Meanwhile,
million Tourism Promotion Plan and made               the Federal Government has announced a $22.4
fundamental changes to the way the organisation       million assistance package for the industry, most
works. She put Tasmania ahead of the pack in          of it to help native forest harvesting and haulage
digital marketing, embraced tourism industry          contractors to leave the sector. The State
partnerships and destination management and           Government has rejected a call by Gunns for
helped our island attract over one million visitors   compensation for its withdrawal from native
[in a year] for the first time. Our loss is ATEC’s    forest operations.
gain, but I’m confident Tasmania will continue to
benefit from Ms Mariani’s drive and passion in her
new export-focused role.”
                                                      $706k for UTAS devil research
Tourism Tasmania is expected to announce
                                                      UTAS scientist Menna Jones (Zoology) has been
Ms Mariani’s replacement this month.
                                                      awarded $706,524 by the Australian Research
                                                      Council to investigate whether Tasmanian devils
                                                      will be able to adapt quickly enough to survive
                                                      the Deadly Facial Tumour Disease and avoid
Tetsuya doco collects silver award                    extinction. The project is one of six Future
A 52-minute documentary on Tetsuya Wakuda             Fellowships with a total value of more than $4
filmed and produced by Brand Tasmania’s               million awarded to Tasmanians. Timothy Brodribb
Executive Director, Robert Heazlewood, has won        (Plant Science) was awarded $812,513 over five
a Silver Award in the Documentary, Cinema and         years for research looking at past, present and
TV category of the annual Vic/Tas Australian          future survival limits for plants in Australia.
Cinematographers Society awards. It was one of        Barbara Holland (Mathematics and Physics) was
nine Tasmanian award winners at the Melbourne         awarded $532,376 to interpret biological
event in December.                                    sequence information. Ingrid van der Mei (Menzies
                                                      Research Institute) received $570,552 for work on
Tetsuya’s Pursuit of Excellence tells the extra-
                                                      multiple sclerosis, while David McGuinness
ordinary story of Tetsuya’s development from an
                                                      (Chemistry) won $807,002 for research into
inexperienced kitchen learner to a super-chef,
                                                      upgrading gas-to-liquid products for use as fuels
famed and respected around the world. It had its
                                                      and chemicals. Joselito Quirino (Chemistry) won
world premier on SBS1 in June and was re-run in
                                                      $664,332 to investigate sample preparation
prime time in November following good ratings
                                                      technologies for analytical chemistry.
and     enthusiastic       feed-back       from
viewers. Heazlewood, with his video-camera, and
Huon Valley-based freelance writer Mal Maloney
travelled far and wide to interview some of
Tetsuya’s colleagues and friends at the very top      China slams door on Tassie crays
of the culinary food chain. SBS is marketing the      China announced without warning in late
documentary around the world.                         November that it would no longer accept rock
                                                      lobster   imports    from     Australia,    putting
                                                      Tasmania’s export industry in jeopardy. Ninety
                                                      per cent of Tasmania’s $60 million annual catch is
Gunns cuts jobs in woodchip retreat                   sold to China, most of it passing through Hong
Gunns Ltd warned in November that it would be         Kong. The Chief Executive Officer of the
closing down three of its northern wood-chipping      Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermen’s Association,
operations and reducing its workforce by up to        Rodney Treloggen, said 50 boats had been
150 positions. The Hampshire mill will close in       stranded at sea unable to unload their live catch.
late December, followed by the Bell Bay mill in
April and the Burnie mill in mid-2011.
“They can’t unload as the processors are full ...      “I feel absolutely overjoyed and privileged to be
some have been told to stop fishing and stay in        given this fantastic opportunity to study at one of
port ... Prices have dropped [from around $40 a        the world’s leading universities,” Ms Murray told
kilo to $24] but a lot of buyers aren’t taking fish    the media after a presentation at Government
at any price, there is just no market for it.” China   House. The first member of her family to attend
is continuing to import lobsters from New Zealand      university, Ms Murray plans to study for a Masters
and South Africa.                                      degree in neuroscience, investigating the
                                                       recovery of function after brain damage.

Alexendra makes sparkly short list
Lake Barrington Vineyard’s Alexendra (2006) has        Sea freight for export cherries
been ranked among the top five sparkling wines in      Tasmania’s fast-growing cherry industry is
Australasia by Winestate Magazine. Lake                preparing for its first commercial sea freight
Barrington Vineyard Manager, Phil Dolan, said the      exports to East Asian markets, including Taiwan,
Alexendra had been laid down for four years on         Japan and the Republic of Korea. Dugald Close of
lees, which gave time for the wine’s yeast and         the Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research
residues to mellow. “It’s quite an expensive           said cherry volumes were growing so fast that
process to have it for four years, as well as the      exporting had become imperative. Many growers
actual wine production itself,” he said. “Some         are looking at cool-chain management of sea
people criticise Tasmanian wines as being              freight for their best quality fruit. “We’ve gone
expensive, but I always say we just don’t sell         from a couple of hundred tonnes in the mid ’90s
cheap wines.” Meanwhile, Clover Hill winery’s          to 3,600 tonnes this year and a forecast of 6,000
2006 Clover Hill Blanc de Blancs has won the title     tonnes in 2013,” Mr Close said. “A lot more fruit
of Australia’s Best Sparking Wine at the Maryville     coming on, so we’ll be looking at moving from air
Sparkling Wine Festival in Victoria.                   freight to a mix of air and sea freight.”

Broadband JV scrapped                                  Wooden pipeline wins award
The Australian Government has withdrawn from a         A 2.2km woodstave pipeline carrying water to the
proposed National Broadband Network joint              Upper Lake Margaret Power Station has won a
venture in Tasmania and will now proceed with          national Civil Contractors’ Federation Earth
the rollout without equity partners. The Common-       Award. The leaking 96-year-old pipeline was
wealth will contract services from Aurora Energy.      replaced by the Hazel Brothers Group for Hydro
A Commonwealth spokeswoman said: “Work is              Tasmania as part of a $14.7 million project to
progressing well on the rollout of the NBN in          reactivate the heritage-listed power station.
Tasmania. NBN Co continues to connect homes            Hydro Tasmania Specialist Project Manager, David
and businesses in the Stage 1 communities of           Brown, said the project in 2009 had blended
Smithton, Scottsdale and Midway Point, while           modern and old-style construction techniques and
design and planning work is well underway in the       incorporated elements of the original works
Stage 2 regions. Consultation with local councils      dating from 1914. The completed works have
is already underway and construction is expected       enabled the heritage-listed Lake Margaret Power
to begin next year.”                                   Station to resume generating renewable energy.

Rhodes Scholar to study brain trauma                   Food guide reflects good times
Elizabeth Murray, who graduated with first-class       The fifth edition of A Guide to Tasting Tasmania
honours in Psychology at UTAS last year, is            by Brand Tasmania’s Food & Wine Writer, Graeme
Tasmania’s 2011 Rhodes Scholar and will study at       Phillips was launched in November in an
Oxford University.                                     encouraging food environment.
“The State has come a long way since the book        Chinese buy water business
was first released in 2000,” Phillips said. “We
have never had such a bustling food industry.        Yanlong Shanghai International Trade Company
There are many new restaurants and cafes, with a     has bought Tasmanian bottled water business Dew
greater variety of styles. You can get a good        South. The new owners are promising to expand
coffee right around the State now … The east         production, spend up to $5 million on a new
coast was a culinary desert. Now there are four or   bottling plant and employ more locals at the Yolla
five restaurants with a couple of hats each.”        operation in north-west Tasmania. The business
                                                     has been exporting water under its 40 Degrees
                                                     Latitude label for the past decade. Former owner
                                                     Kathy Dudley said the Dew South family company
                                                     had retained ownership over the operation’s
$560k for mega fire study
                                                     water resource.
Scientists from UTAS have secured a $560,000
Australian Research Council grant for a study of
ancient plants and lake sediments they hope will
increase understanding of mega fires, like the one   Tassal nets a lot of respect
that devastated parts of Victoria in 2009. UTAS’
                                                     Tassal has been recognised in a national survey
Professor of Forest Ecology, David Bowman, said
                                                     published in Business Review Weekly as the most
the project should shed some light on whether
                                                     respected industry leader in the agriculture,
mega fires are caused by climatic conditions
                                                     forestry and fishing sector in Australia.
alone, or are affected by human activity. The
                                                     Participants across 20 industries were asked by
work will tap into a global project which is
                                                     the Hay Group to nominate organisations they
tracking bushfire activity around the Southern
                                                     respected in all industries and to rate them using
Hemisphere over the past 10,000 years.
                                                     five criteria. Tasmanian salmon producer Tassal,
                                                     which is listed on the ASX and employs 697
                                                     people, was the participants’ choice.
Hydro begins Tungatinah upgrade
Hydro Tasmania has begun a $60 million moderni-
sation of the Tungatinah power station, replacing    Agricultural award for Brandsema
turbines and control systems on three of the
station’s five generators. The project, which also   Tomato grower Marcus Brandsema of Turners
involves the refurbishment of many other             Beach has won the 2010 TQA Australia Global
components, will occupy 25 employees for nearly      Insights Award for his innovative approach to
three years. The project follows similar upgrades    greenhouse production. The award was assessed
to power stations at Trevallyn, Gordon and           on excellence in environmental assurance; quality
Poatina. The Tungatinah station, on the Nive         assurance; and food safety. Mr Brandsema will
River, was constructed in the early 1950s and        use his $10,000 prize to travel overseas to
accounts for about 6 per cent of Hydro               investigate the use of bio-mass gasification to
Tasmania’s generation.                               replace natural gas in greenhouse heating.

Stormy shows its wares in Europe                     Artist achieves 58-minute sellout
Stormy Australia displayed a new international       Hobart artist Nathan Taylor, 30, has had a dream
safety standard range of lifejackets and vests at    introduction to the Sydney art world, with his
the world’s largest Marine Equipment Trade Show      debut exhibition selling out in 58 minutes. Gallery
in Amsterdam in November. The company                owner Michael Reid said he had never
manufactures and exports wind and waterproof         experienced an opening like it. Taylor, a graduate
vests, jackets and yokes incorporating a CO2         from Hobart’s Centre for the Arts, paints land-
inflation system designed for boating, sailing,      scapes in a “hyper-realistic” style. The sale of a
commercial and recreational fishing, rescue and      year’s work – 10 paintings at $12,500 each – has
maritime services and water sports. It has export    created an opportunity for him to paint full time.
markets in the United States, New Zealand, Asia
and Germany.
Gunns hands back Entally Estate                        Maritime College expands to WA
Gunns Ltd has ended its five-year lease of historic    The Australian Maritime College is establishing a
Entally Estate at Hadspen and the property is          West Australian unit to offer computer-controlled
again being managed by the Government’s Parks          training to maritime students in mooring ships at
and Reserves team. A vineyard established during       inaccessible ports, off beaches and at oil rigs. A
Gunns’ tenancy will now be managed by an               similar unit has been successful in Launceston,
employment training organisation, Youth Futures.       but demand in Perth for training for the booming
Built in 1819 by Thomas Reibey, Entally Estate         North-West Shelf hydrocarbon industry has
includes Australia’s oldest conservatory. Parks        prompted the interstate initiative.
and Reserves Manager, Donna Stanley, said the
property was being maintained with the help of
volunteers, using donations from visitors and
income from events.                                    Jetstar adds Gold Coast flights
                                                       Jetstar will introduce direct flights between the
                                                       Gold Coast and Hobart, commencing on December
                                                       22. The tourism and hospitality industry, retailers
New iron ore mine projected                            and other businesses will benefit from an extra
West Australian company Shree Minerals reports         128,000 seats at peak holiday time. Jetstar has
finding a 1.2 million tonne deposit of hematite,       now increased its capacity into Hobart by 40 per
an easy-to-extract form of iron ore, at Nelson         cent.
Bay, near Arthur River in north-west Tasmania.
The company’s Chair, Sanjay Loyalka, said a mine
employing up to 70 people could be in production       V8 Supercars until 2013
next year. Mr Loyalka said the hematite project        The Tasmanian Government has invested $1.7
would help fund the more complex and costly            million to ensure V8 Supercar races will be staged
process of mining Nelson Bay’s main iron ore           at Symmons Plains for the next three years. This
body, which is magnetite of the type mined at          year’s three-day event attracted more than 1,000
Savage River.                                          crew members and around 3,000 interstate fans
                                                       and they spent an estimated $3.5 million locally.
                                                       More than 55,000 Tasmanians attended the 2009
Periwinkle research urged
Funding is being sought for research into
Tasmania’s periwinkle resource because of
concerns by divers that numbers have not
recovered after the species was intensively fished
two decades ago. Fishing authorities are trying to
ascertain if a recent catch decline is related to
changed seabed conditions or the fact that many
divers are concentrating on sea urchins instead.

  For further information contact :

  Robert Heazlewood                                     Mike Jenkinson
  Executive Director, Brand Tasmania Council Inc.       Communications Consultant, Brand Tasmania Editor
  Telephone 03 6229 5719 Ι Mobile 0419 564 745          Email

  Snail Mail to PO Box 957 Sandy Bay, Tasmania, 7006

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