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   Intuition | mentoring | growth | awareness





             Kendall Whalley
         Intuition | mentoring | growth | awareness


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            Kendall Whalley
         Intuition | mentoring | growth | awareness


        “Our biggest asset is our people” is a statement used in many corporate presentations. It
        is often used because it is recognised as a fundamental truth - the difference between
        the successful and the mediocre business is dependent on the quality of its people!

        At the risk of continuing with the clichéd, another fundamental truth is that “People are
        only human” and as humans, we are a complex package of skills and talents, emotions
        and energy levels that change considerably according to the environment or situation
        that we are in.

        The challenge facing corporations is how to ensure:

              That motivation and enthusiasm are sustained through all life cycles of a project,
               and all quarters of the business year to ensure the success of the corporation.

              That people reach their full potential in all environments and situations.

        This is how we know that Self
        Actualisation can help you.

        Self Actualisation Consulting
        specialises in people and
        understanding the personality.
        Our unique blend of simplicity
        and hard-core psychological
        instruments has a powerful
        effect on people.

        During our Self Actualisation
        workshops, people are
        empowered through acquiring
        knowledge about personality
        and how to use it effectively. We
        teach people how to fix personality issues using exciting practical tools.

        People who participate in our Strategic Resource Development Workshop are

              To understand themselves and raise their own self-esteem and confidence

              To recognise and communicate effectively with all types of personas

              To share a learning experience that is non-humiliating and appropriate for all
               people irrespective of culture, gender, age etc.

              To radically change communication within a group or team as traditional
               boundaries are removed.
              To communicate effectively with other teams or groups

              To develop a new relationship with fellow course members as they are equipped
               to recognise the magnificence of each member of the group.

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             Kendall Whalley
         Intuition | mentoring | growth | awareness

              To use communication tools to open hidden agendas, reduce office politics and

              To acknowledge conflict situations and develop a personality based strategy to
               resolve them.

              To motivate themselves towards personal excellence, resulting in improved work

              To rediscover enthusiasm in individuals who are stressed by factors such as
               change and problem handling.

              To use their new self image to confidently release their creativity

              To feel empowered to effect change in their lives and around them.


        1.     Each delegate learns a paradigm bursting perspective on the “Self” that enables
               them to get to know themselves and their team on a deeper level.

        2.     The model enables the delegates to explore issues they have with themselves
               and each other in a constructive and positive way.

        3.     Delegates are able to explore communication styles which enhance their ability to
               communicate and to be understood.

        4.     We facilitate the delegate’s ability to claim dominion over their magnificence and
               to have an awareness shift in respect to those around them.

        5.     Delegates are able to identify personalities that are associated with effective
               crisis management and understand and positively affect those that are negative
               for crisis.

        6.     How delegates can use communication that can move beyond the spiral of anger.

        7.     Provide skills that enable an individual to deal with their own negativity and victim
               behaviour and start to break out of destructive cycles.

        8.     Each delegate will be given a personality profile that starts him or her on a
               journey towards personal growth. This unusual profile takes into account
               subconscious motivators and the whole realm of repressed self.

        9.     The personality based training which we offer, does not overtly deal with the
               individual paradigms and/or religious and cultural differences that occur within the
               group. It does, however, give each individual the forum to articulate and express
               their differences in terms of a common personality language, which will be
               applied to each individual equally. This takes away the stigmas that are usually
               grown from diversity training. Cultural labelling is therefore replaced with a
               unifying language.

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              Kendall Whalley
         Intuition | mentoring | growth | awareness

        10.    Delegates will be able to become more assertive, to have self-value and to sell
               themselves, qualities essential to growth and success.


        In the field of Personal Development and Training courses, terminology is often used
        arbitrarily – the same term may be used to describe vastly different offerings. Many
        courses appear to include elements of our Strategic Resource development workshops,
        however we have found through experience that the following points expand on some of

              Our Workshops address the top tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-

              Although our workshops are fun they are not merely recreational! Our aim is to
               enable each individual to embrace change and use it to develop and grow him or

              Our facilitators are dynamic speakers with in depth experience of personality and
               personality models.

              People are handled together, but as individuals are taught how their personalities
               are put together, used and adjusted.

              By building up a group experience that is powerful and awareness shifting we
               help develop a foundation inside each individual of focused goals, self-belief and
               a group identity.

              We introduce a powerful unique framework based upon archetypes for
               understanding and analysing personality. This framework splits the personality
               into 8 parts. Each working part of the personality is explained to the delegates.
               They are portrayed in picture form as this makes the skills transfer entertaining
               and easily understandable.

              After the course, delegates have a one-on-one 1-hour session to review their
               individual personal profile. The sessions consist of coaching towards a more
               effective use of their personality to enhance their personal and business
               achievements. The profile is a positive instrument that looks at what stresses
               them, and where each individual needs to grow to maximise their efficacy and
               their potential.


        The Strategic Resource Development Workshop will take 2 days. This is an enjoyable,
        powerful, exciting, non-humiliating intervention. The course builds an awareness and
        understanding of self and others.

        By building up a group experience that is powerful and awareness shifting we will have
        the effect of providing a foundation inside each individual of focused goals; like win-win,
        self expression, self motivation, owning your magnificence, self belief and a group
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            Kendall Whalley
         Intuition | mentoring | growth | awareness

        An agenda is listed below. Case Studies can be customised to meet the specific needs
        of your organisation.

        Day One:

              Welcome, Introduction to feedback loops

              Learning the archetypes

              Interpreting individual profiles

              Feedback loop

              Assimilation and stalking exercise

              Stalking – video

              Briefing on Case study

        Day Two:

              Team presentations of case study material

              Feedback loop

              Conflict exploration and resolution

              Archetypal communication – becoming receptive and communicating with the

              Chair exercise & Hidden me exercise

              Exploration of confidence

              Magnificence Exercise

              Feedback loop & Wrap up

              Course completed

        Tea breaks, dinner on the first evening and lunch on the second day will be
        scheduled in the agenda.

        Follow up

        Upon returning to work, each delegate has the opportunity to have a one on one
        session with the facilitator. These sessions will be about personal coaching towards a
        more effective use of their personality to enhance their personal and business
        achievement. Additional individual coaching sessions can be arranged, these are
        chargeable at our standard hourly rate.

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            Kendall Whalley
         Intuition | mentoring | growth | awareness


        Bookings will be subject to dates that are most suited to your requirements thus causing
        the least disruption to business

  5     COSTS


        Our fee for the Strategic Resource Development Workshops is charged on a per person
        basis. Our standard fee is R3240 per delegate. This fee includes the one-hour one-on-
        one individual profile review session held with each delegate after the workshop.

        All prices quoted:

               Exclude VAT

               Exclude travel time (or accommodation) and expenses should the venue for
                workshops or follow-up sessions be outside a 25km radius of Sandton.

               Are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of quotation.

        Our payment terms are:

               A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm booking

               The balance is payable on the first day of the workshop.


        We recommend that the workshops be held at your choice of venue at an off-site facility.
        Our clients usually arrange a residential venue, as the dinner session is an informal yet
        valuable component of the workshop.

        All expenses associated with the venue, venue coordination and catering, and related
        expenses for facilitators are for your account.


        Many corporations and their employees have benefited enormously from our workshops
        and we would be delighted to add your organisation to our list of satisfied customers.
        Should you wish to contact any of our clients we will be happy to supply you with details,
        however, as a simple courtesy to them, we do not print their details in this document.

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            Kendall Whalley
         Intuition | mentoring | growth | awareness

        The following unedited quotes give an indication of how delegates have responded to
        the workshops:

               “My experience was very overwhelming. Did not know what to expect but
               after the course was completed I felt like a changed person. Everybody that
               works around me I see in a different way. I learnt a lot about my colleagues why
               they sometimes act the way they do. I just understand them better. Another
               brilliant experience is I have learnt a couple of things about myself that I did not
               know - like the way I handle problems and challenges in my life. I feel a lot
               more positive in the way I do my work. I definitely give this course a thumbs up
               and give my company thanks for the opportunity.” Jacques Nel

               This has been the most positive action that the company has taken. Getting to
               know who you are and those around you was phenomenal. This will assist us to
               work better on our own and with others, know our limits and build around this.
               Being able to identify another people’s personalities better will have an impact
               on all the people that you meet, customers, colleagues, friends and family.
               Being this confident will give you the courage and motivation to overcome any
               hurdle that might come in your way. We have all learned to speak your mind
               and not just your "heart" Thank you!!!!!!!! The Strongest, most motivated,
               Emotional, sincere Technical Support group this company has ever seen.”
               Johann Barnard

               ” Ek was BAIE skepties oor die naweek en het vir baie gese dat dit 'n groot
               tydmors en geldmors is! HOHA! Ek was so ver verkeerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ek het 'n deel
               van elkeen gesien wat my laat besef dat elkeen 'n persoon op sy eie is en
               elkeen 'n mens is wat baie verskillend aanmekaar gesit en gevormeer is!!!!!!! Ek
               kan met 'n nuwe oog na elkeen kyk en meer agterkom wie en wat elke persoon
               is, nie meer die persoon net baadjie trakteer nie!!!!! Die dinge wat daar genoem
               was deur almal het my laat kyk van uit 'n ander oogpunt! Dit het my meer laat
               besef hoe baie seer daar werklik in Indigo rondloop. Dit lyk vir my dat daar baie
               meer is wat masker dra! Almal probeer die dinge van die verlede wegsteek en
               sit 'n baie groot front voor!!! Ek sal nog meer saam met die span deur sulke
               sessies wil gaan, om nog meer met elkeen te deel om beter te verstaan! Ek het
               baie meer respek vir jou gekry!!!!!!!!!! Onthou net JY is GREAT!!!!!!!!! Ek,
               persoonlik het dit wat ek van jou kant af gesien en beleef het, 'n groot
               ontsagbare waarde toegevoeg!! Van my kant af wil ek vir jou baie dankie
               se!!!!!!!” Frans Rosslee

               “ Kendall’s training and support of my staff took a huge weight off my shoulders
               and freed me up to be more strategic. His effect on my people was to turn
               them into a cohesive group and he helped to iron out diversity orientated
               wrinkles”. Birgit White

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