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					                                           BRAIN GYM RESOURCES
Brain Gym Teachers Edition                               $48              Teaching the Male Brain                                 $60
The essential book for all parents and teachers                           How Boys Think, Feel and Learn in School
by Paul & Gail Dennison                                                   By Abigail Norfleet James

               It covers in detail all the 26 Brain Gym                                      This practical guide to teaching boys combines
               movements including instructions on how to do                                 classic and cutting-edge research to show you
               each movement, what it activates the brain for,                               why males learn differently and more,
               targeted academic skills, how to vary the                                     importantly how you can differentiate teaching
               movement to keep it fresh and exciting, teaching                              strategies to help them succeed in the
               tips to help students perform each Brain Gym                                  classroom.
               properly and how the movement relates to the
               behaviour and posture of the student. The
               second part gives the sets of Brain Gym needed
               to switch on for effective thinking, reading,              Boys & Girls Learn Differently:                         $30
               spelling, maths, writing, listening, speaking and
               sport.                                                     A Guide for Teachers and Parents
                                                                          by Michael Gurian
The Brain That Changes Itself                             $39                               The Essential Book For All Parents And
By Norman Doidge, M.D.                                                                      Teachers And Brain Gym Consultants
                                                                                            This book informs you on how boys and girls
                                                                                            brain’s are hard wired differently and how this
                The author gives the research on how the brain,                             profoundly affects the way they think, function
                far from being fixed, has remarkable powers of                              and learn. These brain based books closely
                changing its own structure This book explains                               follow the Brain Gym philosophy and are of vital
                the research on why and how brain exercises,                                importance in working with students of today. It
                like Brain Gym, really do work.                                             is very Brain Gym friendly. This book is suitable
                                                                                            for all levels and ages including pre-school,
                                                                                            primary, secondary and tertiary.

                                                                          Boys & Girls Learn Differently:                        $35
Baby Gym                                                 $38              An Action Guide for Teachers
Brain and Body Gym for Babies                                             by Michael Gurian
by Melodie de Jager                                                                         An Important And Easy To Use Guide
               Show parents and caregivers how to make every                                This book presents learning techniques that
               precious moment with your baby really count.                                 teachers can use to create an environment and
               The first two years are full of opportunities for                            enriched curriculum that takes into account the
               movement and play for optimal development of                                 needs of the developing child’s brain and allows
               baby’s brain and body, senses, reflexes, social                              both boys and girls to gain maximum learning
               and language skills. This book will enable you to                            opportunities.This book is suitable for all levels
               make the most of those vital early life                                      and ages including pre-school, primary,
               experiences through brain and body gym.                                      secondary and tertiary. A must for every teacher
                                                                                            and Brain Gym consultant.

Brain Building Nutrition                                  $37
By Michael A Schmidt                                                      The Minds of Boys:                                      $45
                This book will give you the info you need to              Saving our sons from falling behind in school and life
                know that you and your children are getting the           By Michael Gurian
                right fats in your diet. Our Brains are 60% fat
                and Dr Schmidt reveals the extraordinary ways                               This book presents a whole new way of dealing
                in which certain fats are crucial for building and                          with boys schooling including the latest research
                maintaining your brain in a healthy state. Fats                             and application of neuro-biological research on
                and oils have the power to change who we are                                how boy’s brains actually work and how they can
                by affecting our moods, behaviour, learning,                                learn very well if they are taught to work with
                memory and virtually every aspect of our brain                              their unique natural gifts. Anyone who cares
                function.                                                                   about the future of our boys must read this book.

Mind Moves                                                $38             Kinesiology For Kids                                    $15
Removing the Barriers to Learning
                                                                          A Workshop for Parents & Children
By Melodie de Jager
                                                                          By Toni Gralton
                      This easy to read book is a must-read for
                                                                                                The manual from Touch For Health. Each
                      teachers, therapists and those doing Brain
                                                                                                technique/topic has diagrams and photos
                      Gym. It discusses important issues, such as
                                                                                                and is divided into sections on 'what the
                      retained primitive reflexes, that prevent a
                                                                                                technique does', 'how you do it' and a
                      child from learning to their full potential, and
                                                                                                section for parents on muscle testing or
                      activities to switch on the 'flow of information'
                                                                                                further explanations.
                      in the brain.         Also discusses brain
                      dominance profiles.
Brain Gym For Business                                   $45             Movement Based Learning                                  $65
Instant Brain Boosters for On-the-job Success                            Building from the Inside Out-A Foundation for Learning For
By Paul and Gail Dennison and J.V. Teplitz PhD                           Children of All Abilities
                                                                         by Cecilia Koester
                      Brain Gym exercises designed for business
                      people and business circumstances. This                                 This excellent book offers an in-depth look at
                      book offers simple Brain Gym activities                                 some basic developmental movement
                      designed to minimize stress in the work                                 patterns with emphasis on how to use a
                      environment. It will enable you to coordinate                           movement based learning program,
                      your brain functions with your movement                                 including Brain Gym, with children of all
                      skills, allowing you to do your job better, with                        abilities The book contains a wealth of new
                      more ease and enjoyment.                                                ideas and techniques, many based on Brain
                                                                                              Gym and the Brain Gym 101 course.

Making The Brain Body Connection                         $45                 Essential Reading - One of the best Brain Gym books available!

A Playful Guide to Releasing Mental, Physical & Emotional                Perceptive Vision                                        $15
Blocks to Success
                                                                         By Toni Gralton
By Sharon Promislow
                                                                                              Ways improve and maintain vision from a
                      This is a fantastic book blending leading                               Kinesiology perspective.
                      brain research with simple techniques from
                      Brain Gym. Set out in clearly identifiable
                      sections with copious illustrations for
                      children and adults alike, 'Making the Brain/
                      Body Connection' is a marvellous book for
                      children, parents, teachers and Kinesiology
                      personnel. Very easy to read & follow.

Is The Left Brain Always Right?                          $50             Start Smart                                              $45
A Guide to Whole Brain Development                                       Building Brain Power in the Early Years
By Clare Cherry                                                          By Pam Schiller

                       Is the Left Brain Always Right?                                        Start Smart offer simple, straightforward
                       demonstrates the need for educational                                  ways though games and activities, to boost
                       programs for that develop the whole child.                             brain power with active exploration, sensory
                       Covers simple activities to integrate the                              exploration, laughter, music and more. All
                       early reflexes, develop the postural skills,                           the chapters describe how and why the brain
                       and accessing the midline. Also discusses                              develops and explain how you can use the
                       brain dominance profiles.                                              activities to give your children the best
                                                                                              foundation for future learning. Includes
                                                                                              chapters on cross-lateral movement (cross
                                                                                              crawl), water, laughter, music, colour,
                                                                                              multiple intelligences and more.

The Essential Difference                                 $30
Men, Women & the Extreme Male Brain                                      Healthy Pets - A Kinesiology Approach                    $15
By Simon Baron-Cohen                                                     By Greg & Toni Gralton

                                                                                              The manual from the kinesiology mini-
                       This book reveals why male and female                                  workshop called Healthy Pets. It includes
                       minds are different, the groundbreaking                                muscle testing, comparative physical
                       theory that autism is a form of the extreme                            anatomy, nutrition, emotions, vibrational
                       male brain, and a test to do on yourself to                            remedies and acupressure.
                       find out what kind of brain you have.

                                                                         Reflexes, Learning & Behaviour                           $55
Overcoming Senior Moments                                $30
                                                                         By Sally Goddard
By Toni Gralton
                                                                                              This book covers the importance of the
                      Overcoming senior moments tells us what                                 primitive and postural reflexes in the
                      we need to do to keep our brain working                                 developing child's ability to learn and cope.
                      properly and guard against diseases such as                             With many diagrams and illustrations it
                      Alzheimer's. Written in precise and clear                               details chapter by chapter the all the
                      language the authors have presented us                                  primitive and postural reflexes, brain
                      with the essentials without having to wade                              development, the senses including balance,
                      through pages of unnecessary stories and                                plus reflex testing and remedial steps
                      text.                                                                   available to the teacher and therapist.

                                                                              A perfect companion to Claire Hocking's reflex courses!
Brain Games For Babies                                   $45             The Learning Gym                                        $28
Simple Games to Promote Early Brain Development                          Fun to do Activities for Success at School
By Jackie Silverberg                                                     By Erich Ballinger

                       125 Brain Games for Babies is a fun filled                             This bright colourful book provides you with
                       collection of ways to develop the brain                                an introduction to the exciting Brain Gym
                       capacity of babies. Included are everyday                              program. With plenty of cartoons it provides
                       opportunities to nurture brain development in                          vivid descriptions of the importance of Brain
                       the critical period from birth to 12 months.                           Gym. It offers a wonderful introduction to
                       Each game has information on the latest                                Brain Gym, providing brief and simplified
                       brain research, and a discussion of how the                            explanations of left/right brain activation and
                       activity promotes brain power.                                         learning, along with a short description of the
                                                                                              Brain Gym program. Eleven Brain Gym
                                                                                              movements are included with playful
Brain Games For Toddlers And Twos                        $45                                  descriptions of how to do each movement, a
                                                                                              more in-depth note on "when & why' and
Simple Games to Promote Early Brain Development
                                                                                              clear illustrations of those activities.
By Jackie Silverberg

                       125 Brain Games for Toddlers and Twos is a
                       fun filled collection of ways to develop the      The Laughing Classroom                                  $45
                       brain capacity for your child's future. It is     Everyone’s Guide to Teaching with Humour and Play
                       packed with everyday opportunities to             By Diana Loomans and Karen Kolberg
                       nurture brain development in the critical
                       period from birth to 12 - 36 months. Each                              This book contains over one hundred easy
                       game has information on the latest brain                               and fun ways to release natural humour and
                       research, and a discussion of how the                                  play in the classroom.
                       activity promotes brain power.
                                                                                              Very Popular Book!

Switch on Your Brain                                      $35
A Guide to Better Reading, Concentration & Coordination
by Alan Parker & Margaret Stuart

                This popular Australian book contains practical
                aspects of Educational Kinesiology which has             The Dominance Factor                                    $45
                helped many people change their lives,                   How Knowing Your Dominant Eye, Ear, Brain, Hand & Foot
                especially anyone with learning challenges.              Can Improve Your Learning
                Covers the Edu-K assessment and corrections
                for many areas including improving reading,              By Erich Ballinger
                writing, spelling, memory and concentration,                                   Neurophysiologist and author of 'Smart
                hand-eye coordination, suspected food or                                       Moves', Carla Hannaford explores an area
                chemical sensitivities, letter reversal, classic                               that has long intrigued scientists and
                dyslexia, difficulty copying, taking dictation, poor                           educators: the linkages between the side
                special perception, and expressing orally, etc.                                of the body we favour for seeing, hearing,
                This book is suitable for all pre-school, primary,                             touching and moving and the way we think,
                secondary and tertiary teaching.                                               learn, work , play and relate to others. Your
                Enhance you Educational Kinesiology work.                                      Dominance profile is actually a key factor
                                                                                               in shaping the way you think and act.
Brain Gym Activity Cards                                $45                                    Knowing your profile will help you and your
                                                                                               children to learn in the way that suits you
                         Excellent Resource for Classroom                                      best. The book provides a simple method
                         This set of nine colourful laminated A4                               for determining dominance profiles -
                         cards is an easy reference guide to the                               expanded to 32 different profiles
                         most relevant Brain Gym to improve
                         spelling, maths, writing, comprehension,
                         listening, focus, speaking, thinking,
                                                                         Why Won’t My Child Listen?                              $30
                         memory and more.
                                                                         By Myra Grisdale & Janet Carter with Michael Morton-Evans

                                                                                              This new Australian book has been written
Learning to Learn                                        $45                                  by a Brain Gym Instructor and other experts
by Christine Ward & Jan Daley                                                                 in early childhood development and
Strategies for Accelerated Learning and Boosting Performance                                  psychology. The key to raising happy,
                                                                                              confident children with healthy self esteem is
                       This book contains exciting new knowledge                              understanding how their minds work from
                       about learning and contains dozens of brain                            birth onwards.      This book explains the
                       friendly way to improve learning including                             workings of the brain and using the
                       showing where Brain Gym fits into the whole                            principles of Brain Gym, shows you how you
                       realm of whole brain learning and brain                                can encourage them to grow into happy, well
                       friendly learning techniques. You can help                             adjusted teenagers, along with advice on
                       your students be the best they can be at                               how to improve communication, nurture their
                       learning in school and life by using this book.                        spirit and build self esteem. This book has
                       This book is suitable for all pre-school,                              excellent information on how Brain Gym
                       primary, secondary and tertiary teaching.                              supports ‘whole brain learning’.
Smart Moves (2nd Edition)                            $45             Hands On                                                $65
Why Learning is Not All in Your Head                                 How to use Brain Gym in the Classroom
by Carla Hannaford                                                   by Isabel Cohen and Marcelle Goldsmith
                     Neurophysiologist and Brain Gym educator,                      Written by teachers for teachers, this book gives
                     Carla Hannaford, tells us why we must move                     a classroom teacher practical, visual step-by-step
                     - and shows us how to move to fully activate                   ideas on how to implement Brain Gym for:
                     our learning potential. Her remarkable                         readiness for learning, reading enhancement,
                     insights will be of great and immediate value                  some unique ways to learn spelling, switching on
                     to all learners & educators. Contains the                      to letters and writing, maths and numbers and
                     best information on the science behind Brain                   more. This book contains a large number of
                     Gym and related movements.                                     photos of children demonstrating the Brain Gym
                                                                                    movements making them clear and instructive
                     A bestseller that has been translated into 9
                                                                                    and inspirational.
                                                                                    Suitable for the pre-school and primary classrooms.
                                                                                    A must for every teacher.

Brain Builders                                        $45            The Well Balanced Child                                  $45
A Lifelong Guide to Sharper Thinking, Better memory and              Movement and Early Learning
an Age-Proof Mind                                                    By Sally Goddard
By Richard Leviton
                                                                                         Deprived of the crucial opportunities for
                     Brain Builders! is the powerful new guide to                        exercising the body & senses which prime
                     maximizing your brain’s awesome potential.                          the brain for learning in the early years, the
                     Over 100 Brain Builders secrets, workouts,                          many modern children are, literally, unfit to
                     including Brain Gym, and anatomies make it                          learn. The Well Balanced Child is a
                     easy to develop and maintain razor-sharp                            passionate manifesto for a whole body
                     mental powers to enjoy for years to come.                           approach to learning, including Brain Gym,
                     Brain Builders offers simple, effective                             which integrates the brain, senses,
                     techniques - most of which you can do                               movement & play.
                     anytime, any place - that will boost your
                     brain power and age-proof your mental
                                                                     The Children’s Songbook & CD                            $48
                                                                     The original Brain Gym Songbook and CD
                                                                     by Brendan O’Hara

Blame My Brain                                       $25                             Delightful songs to aid children with their Brain
The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed                                                   Gym movements. Includes CD with
by Nicola Morgan                                                                     accompanying book of words and music. The
                                                                                     book also contains drawings and descriptions of
                Learn about the different, fascinating and                           the activities accompanying the songs plus 10
                important things that happen to the brain in the                     pages of theory relevant to integration.
                teenage years. New scientific research points to
                real biological reasons why teenagers are the
                way they are-the mood swings, the sleeping
                habits, the wild risk taking, and the difference
                between girl’s and boy’s brains. Also gives          Wombat & His Mates Songbook & CD                        $48
                helpful hints to teenagers, parents and teachers     by Brendan O’Hara
                in helping to cope with all those teenage brain
                changes and stages.
                                                                                     More songs, music and exercises to improve all
   Highly Recommended for Parents and Teachers of Teenage                            areas of learning.
                  Children and Students.

Know Your Brain                                       $25
Feel It—Test It—Stretch It
By Nicole Morgan                                                                                                             $42
                                                                      Bean Bag Ditties        including 2 Beanbags
                     This easy to read book gives fun, fascinating   by Brendan O’Hara
                     and informative information on your amazing
                     brain. Includes brain quizzes, Brain training                   The Beanbag Ditties help to improve co-
                     exercises and brain boosters and brain food                     ordination and learning in a simple and fun way.
                     for exam time.                                                  The Beanbag Ditties are melodies and tunes that
                                                                                     are sung whilst performing the Beanbag Games
                                                                                     and Activities, which are explained and
                                                                                     illustrated inside the front cover. Includes some
                                                                                     Brain Gym movements. Suitable for all ages.
Brain Gym CD by Tessarose                              $35             Brain Gym Activities for Children         Large      $50
The essential CD for Brain Gym                                         Laminated                                 Medium     $45
                      This CD has six different versions of music                         This beautiful, full-colour large wall chart
                      and song that will encourage people to do                           shows the 26 Brain Gym activities, with
                      the PACE movements of Brain Gym. Each                               photos of young people demonstrating
                      version has its own musical style. Children                         each movement. Great for the classroom,
                      love the ‘Rapp’ Version (drums-track 5)                             home, and learning centres. Students will
                      This cd is suitable for all levels and ages                         identify with the chart’s bright, eager
                      including pre-school, primary, secondary                            learners and will enjoy getting ready to
                      and tertiary. Essential for your Brain Gym                          learn by doing these simple, safe, and
                      class!                                                              effective activities every day.

Get Ready for School DVD                              $35              Brain Gym Activities for Teens            Large      $50
                                                                       & Adults           Laminated              Medium     $45
               This excellent New Zealand DVD presents an
               overview of the important stages of physical                               This beautiful, large full-colour wall chart of
               development that a child needs to have passed                              the 26 Brain Gym activities, with photos of
               through in order to cope with the educational                              teenagers demonstrating each movement,
               tasks required in the classroom. Includes a                                is great for the classroom, home,
               demonstration of a range of physical ativities,                            workplace. Students will identify with the
               including Brain Gym, that can be used by                                   chart's bright, eager learners and will enjoy
               educators and parents to help move children                                getting ready to learn by doing these
               towards becoming physically and develop-                                   simple, safe, and effective activities every
               mentally ready for formal learning. This DVD                               day.
               clearly shows the importance of successfully
               integrating the primitive and postural reflexes.
               Approx 60 mins.
                                                                       PACE Poster For Children                             $45
It’s a Girl Thing                                      $30
                                                                                          This colourful PACE poster clearly shows
by Michael Nagel                                                                          each of the four PACE activities. It's great
                                                                                          for classrooms, children's bedrooms, and
                    This book looks at the differences that exist                         the offices of Brain Gym Consultants,
                    between boys and girls, how the female brain                          where it can serve as a cheerful reminder
                    differs from the male brain, and how all of this                      to get into PACE each day.
                    can impact on behaviour, learning and overall
                    growth and development. It focuses on three
                    particular areas – emotions, relationships and

                                                                       PACE Poster For Teens & Adults                       $45
Two Sides to One Brain Poster                          $25
                                                                                          This colourful pace poster is for teenagers
This poster will inspire students to make the most of both sides                          and adults that clearly shows each of the
of their brain. The clear visual representation explains the                              four PACE activities. It's great for home or
importance of and difference between both sides of the brain.                             office use and for both teen and adult
                                                                                          classrooms, where it can serve as a
                                                                                          friendly reminder to get into PACE each
Move It! Posters                                       $25 each
by Alistair Smith                         Set of 13 $250

Based on Brain Gym, these posters are a stimulating way to
accelerate learning with lots of variety and movement. The             Alphabet Eights Chart                                $35
poster set includes Readers, Relaxers, Writers, Trackers,              Laminated
Stretchers, Lateralisers, Counters, Little, Linkers, Large,                                 A colourful chart of the Brain Gym
Energisers, Coordinates, and Summary.                                                       activity ’Alphabet 8’s’. Your students will
                                                                                            soon be writing and reading with ease
                                                                                            and confidence.
Your Amazing Brain Poster                             $40
Suitable fo all levels and ages
                    This wonderful new poster has been designed
                    to give teachers, educators, parents & others,
                    colourful and easy reference to interesting
                                                                             For more information / order forms contact
                    facts and functions of our amazing brain. An                          Claire Hocking
                    excellent addition to any classroom or
                    workplace. Fully laminated. 60 x 85 cms
                                                                                      WHOLE BRAIN LEARNING
                    Very student and teacher friendly.                             Ph: 03 5282 5985 Mob: 0419 569 071
                    Excellent & Highly Recommended.
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