Job Description – Director_ Communications and Media Relations by dfsdf224s


									POSTION:                   Director, Communications and Media Relations

REPORTS TO:                President and Chief Executive Officer

DIRECT REPORTS:            Coordinator, Media and Communications (Full Time)
                           Online Content Manager (Full Time)
                           Intern, Media and Communications (Seasonal)
                           Publishing Company (External)
                           Media Volunteer Committee (Seasonal)
                           Webcast On-Air / Camera Personnel (Volunteer)

Primary Responsibilities
      1.   Media Relations
      2.   Public Relations
      3.   Internet Content Manager (English)
      4.   Internal Communications
      5.   Corporate Communication
      6.   Communications Planning and Budgeting
      7.   Communications Team Management
      8.   Tennis Canada Web Cast Properties

      1)     Media Relations
                In collaboration with Director, Marketing and Communications in
                   Montreal (reporting to Rogers Cup Montreal Tournament Director),
                   provide and initiate local, national and international media with
                   information and interest relating to Tennis Canada athletes,
                   programs, facilities, professional events and sponsors.
                Strategize and execute non-sports media strategy for publicity
                   (including Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business and Technology).
                Plan and compose Rogers Cup Toronto and organizational media
                Manage media centre operations during Rogers Cup Toronto.
                Manage annual production of Rogers Cup Toronto media guide.
                Plan and coordinate national media teleconferences to promote
                   Rogers Cup Toronto.
                Plan media relations activities to support Tennis Canada and
                   Rogers Cup Toronto sponsorship and ticket sales programs.
                Develop and maintain national media relations database with staff.
                Plan and host all Toronto-based media conferences.
                Work with the ATP World Tour, WTA Tour and TPL in executing
                   global media relations programs in Canada.


      2)     Public Relations
                Lead a bold approach to garnering more consumer interest for
                   tennis in Canada through web traffic, new and traditional media, as
                   well as successfully leveraging Rogers Cup broadcasts.
                Coordinate and leverage sponsor-related promotions with Sales
                Develop and execute pre-Rogers Cup Toronto media conferences
                   to promote event.
                Work with Tennis Development to promote Canadian athletes,
                   Tennis Canada events, programs, international competitions.
                Manage official Rogers Cup Toronto souvenir magazine project.
                Manage daily newsletter during Rogers Cup Toronto.
                Master of Ceremonies for events as required.
                A spokesperson for Tennis Canada.

      3)     Internet Editor (English Language)
                 Lead website growth so reaches its full
                   potential as interactive home for Canadian tennis fans and players.
                   Develop annual plan in concert with other internal stakeholders and
                   monitor/assess traffic.
                 Strategize and execute editorial content plan for Rogers Cup
                   Toronto Web site.
                 Manage Online Content Manager as editor for English language
                   content on Rogers Cup Toronto and Federation Web sites.
                 Assist Director, Marketing, in delivering content for sponsors,
                   promotions, contests and other activities.
                 Provide assistance and direction to members of the Web Services

      4)     Corporate Communications
                Provide media, public relations and crisis management support as
                Provide media coaching support for Rogers Cup Toronto
                  Tournament Director, select staff and athletes as required.
                Provide Corporate Communications services to the President’s
                  Office and Board of Directors as required.
                Manage production of Tennis Canada annual report.
                Create scripts, speaking points and responses for Tennis Canada
                  personnel (ie. Davis Cup dinner, etc.).
                Collaborate with iSport to ensure organizational and facility
                  promotion for Black Creek Music Festival (to be launched 2011).


      5)     Communications Planning and Budgeting
                Strategize and develop with Director, Marketing an annual
                 integrated marketing communications plan for Rogers Cup Toronto
                Plan Media Communications budget for Rogers Cup Toronto.
                Plan Federation website budget.
                Plan Communications Support Services budget for Tennis Canada.
                Monitor and manage relative budget costs on a year-round basis.

      6)     Communications Team Management
                Manage all Toronto communications staff.
                Manage outside consultants include souvenir magazine, media
                 guide, daily draw sheet, development report, annual report and
                 other publications (ie. LTAD) as required.
                Work with and support Montreal Communications team as required.
                Consultant as required in media relations activities executed with
                 Tennis Development.

      7)     Web casts
                Align with Director, National Events and Director, IT Services to
                  create and implement Web cast annual plan.
                Manage all non-technical components of Tennis Canada Web casts
                  including Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Tevlin Challenger, Birmingham
                  Wheelchair Nationals and University Championships.
                Manage Topspin Radio including the hiring and training of students
                  from College of Sports Media, assist in show content, sports
                  information and interview requests.

      8)     Organizational Leadership
                 Serve on Rogers Cup Toronto Front of House Committee.
                 Member of Rogers Cup Toronto Crisis Management Committee
                 Ex-officio member of Tennis Development Team Leadership group.

      9)       Canadian Tennis Hall of Fame
                 Ensure virtual Hall of Fame is current on Federation website.
                 Oversee mobile Hall of Fame program (in development).


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