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What you need to know
The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (Ontario Regulation 429/07) came into force on January 1, 2008. If you                 If you are a designated public sector
are a provider of goods or services, and have one or more employees in Ontario, yo will be required to comply with the                  organization or other provider with 20
                                                                                                                                        or more employees, you must:
  • If you are a public sector organization designated in the standard, you must com
                                                                                   mply by January 1, 2010.
  • If you are a private business, non-profit organization, or any other service provi
                                                                                    ider with at least one employee in                  1. Document in writing all your policies,
    Ontario, you must comply by January 1, 2012.                                                                                           practices and procedures for providing
                                                                                                                                           accessible customer service and meet
                                                                                                                                           other document requirements set out in
                                                                                         ssible customer service to people with
The regulation outlines some things you must do in order to ensure you are providing acces                                                 the standard.
various kinds of disabilities. The following is a summary of requirements:
                                                                                                                                        2. Notify customers that documents
1. Establish policies, practices and         5. Train staff, volunteers, contractors       8. Permit people with disabilities who          required under the customer service
   procedures on providing goods or             and any other people who interact             use a support person to bring that           standard are available upon request.
   services to people with disabilities.        with the public or other third parties        person with them while accessing
                                                on your behalf on a number of                 goods or services in premises open        3. When giving documents required
2. Set a policy on allowing people to           topics as outlined in the customer            to the public or third parties.              under the customer service standard to
   use their own personal assistive             service standard.                                                                          a person with a disability, provide the
   devices to access your goods and                                                        9. Where admission fees are charged,            information in a format that takes into
   use your services and about any           6. Train staff, volunteers, contractors          provide notice ahead of time on              account the person’s disability.
   other measures your organization             and any other people who are                  what admission, if any, would be
   offers (assistive devices, services, or      involved in developing your policies,         charged for a support person of a
   methods) to enable them to access            practices and procedures on the               person with a disability.
   your goods and use your services.            provision of goods or services on a                                                     Some small steps you can take
                                                number of topics as outlined in the        10. Provide notice when facilities or
                                                                                                                                        immediately to improve accessibility
3. Use reasonable efforts to ensure             customer service standard.                     services that people with disabilities
   that your policies, practices and                                                                                                    include:
                                                                                               rely on to access or use your goods
   procedures are consistent with the        7. Allow people with disabilities to be           or services are temporarily disrupted.   • treating all customers with dignity and
   core principles of independence,             accompanied by their guide dog                                                            respect
   dignity, integration and equality of         or service animal in those areas of        11. Establish a process for people
   opportunity.                                 the premises you own or operate                to provide feedback on how you           • asking ‘How may I help you?’
                                                that are open to the public, unless            provide goods or services to people
4. Communicate with a person with a             the animal is excluded by another              with disabilities and how you will
   disability in a manner that takes into       law. If a service animal is excluded           respond to any feedback and take
   account his or her disability.               by law, use other measures to                  action on any complaints. Make the
                                                provide services to the person with a          information about your feedback
                                                disability.                                    process readily available to the

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