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									                     Supporting the Compassionate Heart

                              More about this retreat

This retreat is an intrapersonal exploration of the journey to The Heart of Compassion;
the premises that growing awareness provides for greater capacity to be really present
  to others. It suggests that the more “I” can stand out of the way, the better “my”
                                   caregiving will be.

                                    The Contents

     A holistic model of personal growth
        • A model where body-mind and spirit matter
        • The journey of growing awareness
        • The gift of stillness in the caregiver’s world of busyness

     Our stories; our reactions to change
       • Learning from our own experiences
       • Considering appropriate change management models in order to reframe our
           experiences and change future perceptions…a different way of “being
           there” for others

     Taking care of others by taking care of the body-mind
       • Considering my own physical needs
           o What is ‘enough”?
           o Considering support structures
           o About pacing myself
           o The story of giving and receiving
           o The act of balancing family life and work
       • Growing emotional stamina
           o Dealing with all the suffering
           o Facing my self: am I good enough?
           o Handling fear, guilt, anger, rejection
       • Building mental capacity
           o Shame and blame
           o Letting go of memories and nightmares
           o The practice of dropping it all
                                 Learning outcomes
                          By attending this retreat you will
• Learn that True Compassion is effortless and beyond anything you had every imagined
 • Discover that taking care of your own Heart is the greatest Gift of Compassion to
   • See more clearly how much of your so-called good deeds are causing your own
                              suffering and that of others
  • Realize that you have a choice of living and working from a locus of busyness or
                           stillness, ignorance or awareness
       • Know how to live with less anxiety, guilt and other emotional agendas

                                   About the facilitator

   The retreat is facilitated by Elna Trautmann, a registered Industrial Psychologist, who is
challenged in her own life and work to consider the deeper meaning of “compassion”, being there
 for “other” and the true nature of selflessness. She is indebted to her Spiritual Teacher, Pat
                                   Hattingh, for this journey.

                                  What others have said

  “I've benefited enormously from the time you and I spent together; it has given me
   much to think about and it validated a lot of what I suspected. I feel another step
                         closer to really fitting into my skin.”
                                    - G.T. HR Manager
“H… lyk my het vrede gemaak met die lewe en glimlag van oor tot oor. Dit lyk of niks haar
  meer pla nie… Ek sien 'n verskil aan die klagtes wat aansienlik minder is. Die lewe druk
 nie meer so swaar soos voorheen nie. Dit lyk asof die personeel meer perspektief gekry
                                  - P.duP. School Principal

   “…a big thank you for opening my eyes and to be able to re-evaluate my life. I found
  myself running around in circles on a daily basis. I am now able to close the circles and
 plan my day without feeling that I am going nowhere.... My family life has improved and
   my husband is more relaxed as well. There are days that I feel like doing absolutely
  nothing and then the guilt starts to haunt me – should I feel guilty? I think not. I am
 trying to have “me time” as well… Will let you know how I progress – never thought that
the retreat could be life changing for me – although it is at slow pace – progress towards
                                    something positive.”
                               - C.F. Volunteer Organisation

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