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                                                                      Human Factors Research Group

                      NAME      SYNOPSIS
       Professor John Wilson
                 POSITION       John Wilson is Professor of Human Factors at the University of Nottingham. John
 Professor of Human Factors     is also Principal Ergonomist for knowledge and strategy at Network Rail. He was
      QUALIFICATIONS &          founder and first Director of the University's Institute for Occupational
            MEMBERSHIPS         Ergonomics, Centre for Rail Human Factors and the Virtual Reality Applications
            B.Tech Industrial   Research Team (VIRART), and co-founder of the University of Nottingham Mixed
Engineering & Management,       Reality Laboratory. Earlier appointments were at Loughborough University,
    1973; M.Sc. Ergonomics,     Birmingham University, UC Berkeley and University of New South Wales. He is a
  1983; PhD Work Design &       Chartered Psychologist and a Chartered Engineer, and Fellow of the Ergonomics
    Ergonomics; DSc Human       Society (, and of the British Psychological Society,
               Factors, 2005.   the Human Factors Society and the Institution of Engineering and Technology. He
 Chartered Engineer C.Eng.;     has been manager, principal investigator or grant holder on over 75 major grants
      Chartered Psychologist    from Research Councils, government, the European Union and public bodies, and
       CPsychol.; Registered    carried out research or consultancy for over 100 companies. For European work
      European Ergonomist,      he has acted as coordinator, technical manager, or integration manager for a
 EurEng.;Fellow Ergonomics      number of projects and as evaluator, reviewer and rapporteur for the
  Society, FErgS.; President-   Commission. He has authored over 500 publications with more than 300 in
      Elect, The Ergonomics     refereed books, journals or conferences and is Editor-in-Chief of Applied
                     Society.   Ergonomics. He was awarded the Ergonomics Society Sir Frederic Bartlett Medal
                                in 1995, the Ergonomics Society President’s Medal in 2007 and was the 2008
                                recipient of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Distinguished
                                International Colleague Award.

                                SELECTED PROFESSIONAL HISTORY

                                John researches and consults in all areas of human factors, with particular
                                interests in socio-technical systems, human-centred design, collaborative work,
                                virtual environments, participative ergonomics and rail human factors.
                                Distinguished Overseas Colleague Award, Human Factors and Ergonomics
                                Society, 2008
                                Society Lecturer Medal of the Ergonomics Society, 2008
                                President’s Medal of the Ergonomics Society (as member of NR Ergonomics
                                Team). 2007
                                Sir Frederic Bartlett Medal of the Ergonomics Society, 1995.

                                SELECTED PUBLICATIONS

                                Pickup, L., and Wilson, J. R., 2007. Mental Workload Assessment and the
                                Baysari, M.T., Caponecchia, C., McIntosh, A.S. and Wilson, J.R., 2009,
                                Classification of errors contributing to rail incidents and accidents: A comparison
                                of two human error identification techniques. Safety Science, 47, 948-957.

                                Wilson, J.R., Ryan, B, Schock, A and Pitsopoulos, J, 2009, Understanding safety
                                and production risks in rail engineering planning and protection, 52, 774-790.

                                Wilson, J.R., Vaegen-Lloyd, J-R and Caponecchia, C, 2009. Workshop-based
                                methodology to understand the risks in grain export inspection and certification.
                                Ergonomics, 52, 759-773.