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              Grooming Products

                     ‘There’s a solution for
                     every skin type’
                                                                                 glorious beer
                     The finest, safest products                                       HORT of beer
                     you can buy - Suitable for                                        money? Now
                     all animals                                                       might be the
                                                                                 time to get into

                       Delivery                                                  home brewing.
                     Australia wide    (02) 9894 4223                              The Country
                                                                                 Brewer, at
                                                                                 Bathurst, has                                                      starter kits that
                                                                                 come with your
                                                                                 first batch of beer
                                                                                 of your choice.
                                                                                   Brian Noyes, a
                                                                                 spokesman for the
                Outback Jewellery Art                                            company, says
                                                                                 each brew kit will make you         “We’re always there to give
                                                                                 the equivalent of 60              you expert advice and help
                                                                                 stubbies or 30 long necks.        you out with any problems.
                                                                                   Which all works out at            “You can also make your
                                                                                 about $10 to $15 a carton.        own wines at home, using
                                                                                   There are beginner              your own fruit, or we have a
                                                                                 packages including all            range of kits available to
                                                                                 instructions, recipes, handy      brew at home – the process
                                                                                 hints and heaps of general        is similar to making beer
                                                                                 information on making your        and gives excellent results
                “Beemery Station” Bourke 2840                                    own beer at home.                 at about $3 per bottle.
                      Ph: (02) 6874 7367                                           “Two of the most                  “Lastly, you can also make
Email: Web:                   important things with home        your own spirits and
                                                                                 brewing are to keep all your      liqueurs at home as well –
                                                                                 gear clean and sanitised and      your favourite bourbon,
                                                                                 to brew your beers at the         whisky or rum.
                                      Just Arrived                               correct temperature,” Mr            “There is a huge range of
  Farm &                      Cat Twenty Track-Type Tractor                      Noyes said.                       essences available to make
                                                                                   “These are important,           spirits and liqueurs at a
  Earthmoving                                                                    because if you don’t you’ll
                                                                                 make beers with all kinds of
                                                                                                                   very low cost – in fact
                                                                                                                   working out at around $9 a
                                                                                 off flavours.                     bottle.”
  Models                                                                           “With a little effort you can
                                                                                 make home brews similar in
                                                                                                                   ■ Email
                                                                                 quality to any beer from          contact (02) 6332 1422 or
                                                                                 around the world.”                (0417) 084 044.
               Nanna’s Toy Barn
               Stockists of:                                                      Experience one of the best outdoor,
        • Fordson             • Claas                                              camping and leisure shops in NSW
        • Fergie              • Hurlimann
        • Fendt               • Zetor                                                N ow ava i l
        • Deutz               • Landini                                                 online!
        • Valmet              • Renault
        • Guldner             many more
         Plus Caterpillar, Komatsu models and
         Mamod Steam Engines

   Fordson          Phone for a price list
 Power Major

    (1958)                        Cnr Wandy Park
                                 Road/Princes Hwy
                                 Wandandian NSW
                                 Ph: (02) 4443 6060                                         46 Erskine Street, DUBBO NSW 2830

                                                                                                   Phone: (02) 6882 0233
                                 Mob: 0427 436 264                                          Email:

52                                                            Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008
Fence in that                                                             For all your horse needs
                                                                          • Stock Saddles from $249
                                                                          • Oilskin Coats $79 • Summer Combos $49

garden charm
                                                                          • Mongrel Work Boots • Bridles • Halters

                                                                          • RM Williams & Wrangler Stockists
                                                                            Call for a catalogue
                                                                           Ellis’ Saddlery
      HERE may be fairies at     driveways improved by
      the bottom of your         attaching Woven Wire to                   1800 808 769
      garden – and if there      either plastic or metal pipe
are, even they will benefit      frames, creating a framework
from the security and charm      for climbing roses, which can

of a Woven Wire Fence.           be combined with clear fairy
  Whether the garden is          lights for a magical evening
Victorian, Edwardian,            setting.
Californian bungalow, brick        “Woven Wire has a

veneer, weatherboard, a          galvanised inner core, which
country property,                does not rust, and a baked
surrounding a charming           on coating that adheres to
cottage or a delightful rustic   the wire.
retreat, you can enjoy the         “The coating has UV
benefits of such a feature.      stabilisers to minimise
  A Woven                                          fading and it    THE BIRD
Wire                                               does not
Fence can                                          crack or        DETERRENT

be a                                               peel.”
highlight,                                           Woven         SPECIALISTS
while                                              Wire Pty Ltd
letting                                            has been
sunshine                                           supplying                     TO VIEW OUR COMPLETE RANGE:
through                                            fences and         
and a free                                         garden                        TO ORDER A FREE CATALOGUE:
airflow.                                           borders to              Ph: (02) 6493 6044  Fax: (02) 6493 6862
  This is much healthier for     Australian garden lovers                   email:
plants than being planted up     since 1991.
against a solid fence or wall,     Fences and garden borders
which can often lead to          erected then showed the
problems. says John Gartley,     wire coating still in

                                                                   Catch This
owner of the Seaford,            perfect condition, Mr
Victoria, company.               Gartley said.
  “There are few fence styles      Woven Wire Pty Ltd also
better than Woven Wire to        offers made-to-order,
complement any home and          beautifully crafted and
garden at a reasonable           powder-coated gates.
cost,” he says.
  “Attractive rose arbors or
                                 ■ Visit
                                 au or contact (03) 9786 1187
                                                                    If You’re Into Fishing
arched walkways can be           or email johnnola@wovenwire
created and ordinary                                Make Sure You Get
                                                                   Australia’s Best Prices
                                                                     On All Tackle Go To

                                                                         Receive Our Fabulous
                                                                   Or To Receive Our Fabulous
                                                                        Weekly Specials
                                                                   Send Your Email Address To:

                                   Phone Amanda NOW on:


Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008                                                                53
In Brief
Beat the fly menace
THE Efekto flytrap is
designed to overcome one
of the greatest nuisances
we have in Australia.
  This ingenious product
uses a natural organic bait
that, when placed in the
trap, attracts flies by the
hundreds. Once in the
trap, flies cannot escape.
  Safe and hygienic,
government tests have
proved the Efekto fly trap
eradicates flies quickly
and efficiently, according
to a company spokesman.
  “See for yourself and be
                               Everything Outback
amazed at the number of              UNCURRY’S Country        Country”, “Outback Gum”         as kits or charts and all the
flies the trap catches,” the         Threads is “everything   and “The Windmill’ capture      kits include DMC stranded
spokesman said.                      Australian”, says        the rich, striking colours of   cottons, quality aida fabric
  “It is ideal for outdoors    business owner Fiona Jude.     a unique and rustic             and full instructions to
in suburban homes, near          Beautiful cross stitch       landscape.                      complete the designs –
the barbecue and outdoor       designs are part of a range      The “Old Bedford Truck”,      charts have all the
entertaining areas.            designed “to capture the       rusting in the paddock,         necessary instructions,” Ms
  “It is also ideal for        true colours and spirit of     “Frogs in Boots” and            Jude says.
stables, cattle pens,          the Outback”.                  “Kookaburra Line-Up” are as       She also has created
dairies, and poultry pens.       Many of the scenes           iconic as the “Settler’s        simple, bright and colourful
  “Do yourself and             depicted are created from      Cottage”.                       designs, suitable for younger
Australia a favour and         photographs and childhood        Also in the range is a        stitchers and beginners, to
forget the great Australian    memories of many holidays      collection of Australian        introduce them to the
salute.”                       spent on family farms in the   birds and wildflowers and       addictive craft of cross stitch.
■ Email Premma@iinet.          Central West of NSW.           scenes depicted by great        ■ Visit or contact                Scenes like “The             Australian artists.    or
(08) 9881 4291.                Woolshed”, “Sunburnt             “The designs are available    contact (02) 6555 7270.


54                                                       Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008
Beechworth                                                     Urban bird battles
                                                               PEST-Away Australia                  grape growers, grain

experience                                                     supplies Bird Proofing and
                                                               Bird Scare products,
                                                               renowned for their
                                                               effectiveness in dispersing
                                                                                                    farmers, fruit and berry
                                                                                                    farmers, olive farmers and
                                                                                                      “Particularly valuable

      HE people at             eucalypt flavours of Pure       flying pests.                        background information was
      Beechworth Honey         “Iron Bark”, “Red Gum” and        Bird Proofing products             gathered at rural field days
      have always been         “Yellow Box” and speciality     include rural or urban               and wine industry
fascinated by honey, and       products such as                netting and bird                           exhibitions throughout
invite anybody interested in   Beechworth “Delicate            spikes and Bird                                eastern Australia,
how honey is made to take      Honey”, “Fruity Honey”,         Scare the “Scarey                                and from State
their free honey tour and      “Bold Honey” and “Yummy         Man” automatic                                    departments of
see their live bee display.    Honey”.                         scarecrow and                                      agriculture.
  On “The Beechworth             A brand new premium           a life-like                                          “In recent
Honey Experience” visitors     range of products includes      “Prowler Owl”.                                     years, however,
are shown how honey is         red stringy bark,                 “We are now                                      the focus is
produced, the story of         peppermint, apple blossom,      expanding into                                     changing, with
Beechworth Honey, and the      honey and honeycomb,            organising the                                     just as much
diverse uses for honey.        creamy honey, ginger and fig.   installation of                                   demand
  Beechworth Honey,              Two popular products are      bird proofing                                   generated from
located in Beechworth, in      the honey and dried fruits      products for special                          the urban and
north-east Victoria, is        and honey and nuts, often       projects,” company                       industrial sectors.”
Australia’s largest            served with a selection of      spokesman, Trevor                      Trevor and Kumi
independently owned            Australian cheeses.             McAndrew, said.                      McAndrew have experience
specialist honey packaging       A range of premium health       “Back in 1999, a need was          in broadacre farming,
company.                       and beauty products are         identified for a diversified         aviation and international
  Beechworth Honey             available as well as premium    approach to minimising               bird management
products have a distinctive,   honey products including        problems caused by pest              techniques and their
natural Australian flavour     the sparkling honey nectar      birds.                               company uses consultants
and consistency.               drinks.                           “Before deciding on a              in the agriculture, aviation
  The Pure Beechworth          ■ Visit                         product range, we travelled          and construction industries.
Honey Classic range is        to many regions of rural             ■ Visit
packaged into 10 different     au or contact                   Australia and discussed    
sizes and includes classic     (03) 5728 1432.                 pest-bird problems with              or contact (02) 6493 6044.

Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008                                                                            55
                 Stop Dry Itchy Skin
                                Luxury Soap Bars
                                                                                          Easy buying
                                                                                          for bush fans

                            Gourmet Fun Soap Pie slices
                                                                                                 HE online REMO              service that
             Ph: 07 4693 3300                                                                    General Store began
                                                                                                 life in 1988 on a
                                                                                                                             makes a
                                                                                          prominent street corner in         for people
                                                                                          Darlinghurst, and a visit          who would
                                                                                          there became an essential          otherwise be
            HOBBYTEX                                                                      part of any trip to Sydney
                                                                                          for many readers of The
                                                                                                                             denied easy
                                                                                                                             access to the
                                                                                                                                   best on
     •       Ball-Point Paints                                                              These days, says                          offer within
                                                                                          store founder,                                metropolitan
     •       New Kids Paint Pens                                                          Remo Giuffré,                                  centres,” he said.
     •       Famous Grab Bags                                                             REMO is                                           “At REMO
                                                                                          housed in a                                      we’re proud to
     •       Classic Tablecloths                                                          small                                            provide them
                                                                                          warehouse,                                       with quality
     •       Specials                                                                     serving a tiny                                  merchandise
     •       On-line Catalogue                                                            but loyal                                      and access to a
                                                                                          network of                                    broad selection of
                                                             customers                                   thoughtful gifts.”
              Phone: (02) 9986 3411                                                       sprinkled throughout                      As a
              1800 263 963 (outside Sydney)                                                               Australia and,     Christmas
                                                                                                            indeed, the      promotion
              Email:                                                                    rest of the     REMO is
                                                                                                            world.           offering

            HOBBYTEX                                                                                         In this
                                                                                                           serving rural
                                                                                                                             to readers
                                                                                                           communities       of The Land.
                                                                                                           throughout        ■ Visit www.REMOGeneral
                                                                                                         Australia is a or contact
 CEDAR CABINS & BARNS                                                                     core priority.                     (02) 9699 6266.
                                                                                            In fact, Mr Giuffré said,
                                                                                          research showed just about
                                                                                          the fastest growing
                                                                                          customer group were people
                                                                                          living in rural or remote
                                                                                            “That’s exciting I think. It’s
                                                                                          nice to be able to offer a
     Miners Cottage                         Country Cottage

                                                                                                                             Specialising in
                                                                                                                        • Scrapbooking
            We e k e n d e r                 C o u n t r y R e t re a t                                                • Patchwork &
                                                                                                                        Quilting Supplies
                                                                                                                      • Beads & Jewellery
                                                                                           (02) 6362 3860               Findings
                                                                                                                      • Card Making
                                                                                                                       • Needlework
    Family Getaway                               Kewell Barn                                                            • Haberdashery

Displays at factory 38 Amax Ave, Girraween NSW
Phone (02) 9636 1444 Fax: (02) 9636 1011
For Free Colour Catalogue
                                                                                                       119-121 Moulder St, Orange 2800
TL1641539             Est 1976              BL46567c                                                                                               TL1668012

56                                                                         Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008
Sydney’s best

                                                                                                                           The easy way to learn...
                                                                                            ■ Dog Training ■ Welding ■ Butchering ■ Shearing

kept secret                                                                       Distributors
                                                                                                  ■ Horse Shoeing ■ And More
                                                                                                                 Adele Video Productions Tel: (03) 5368 1376
                                                                                                                                          FOR A FREE CATALOGUE

      ETER’S of Kensington        thousands of products are                                                           
      occupies a big, bright,     waiting your attention.”                   48 Atkinson St, PO Box 120, Ballan Vic 3342             Email:
      pink building in                      If you’re new to
Sydney’s leafy                                  shopping on the
eastern                                            Internet, Peter’s
suburbs.                                            makes it easy.
   Inside, says                                     Just grab your
a company                                         credit card and
spokesman,                                      your shopping
you’ll find all                               list and have a look
sorts of surprises:                        around! And if you
“Beautiful dinnerware,                 get stuck, help is only a
amazing cookware, fantastic       phone call away.
innovations for your                Peter’s delivers anywhere
kitchen, and a huge range of      in Australia – and, for
gifts – it’s three storeys of     products worth $20 or more,
complete bliss for anyone         your purchases can be
who loves to shop.”               beautifully gift wrapped free.
  “Whatever you                       Peter’s even sends out a
need, you’ll find it                     weekly email
online at Peter’s.                         newsletter, so you
We stock all the                           can keep up with all
brands you know,                        the latest arrivals and
at prices you’re                               amazing deals.
going to love –                                Sign up, and you

brands like                                   won’t miss a thing.
Scanpan, Royal                                  “If you’re after a
Doulton, Kosta                               truly amazing
Boda, Villeroy                              shopping experience
and Boch,                                 online, discover what
Alessi, Riedel,                            Sydneysiders have
KitchenAid … and                           known for over
that’s just to name a                    30 years now – there’s
few. Give your table a new        only one Peter’s of
look. Find something              Kensington,” the spokesman
beautiful for your home.          said.
Discover the perfect gift for     ■ Visit Peter’s of Kensington
someone special. They’ve          at www.petersofkensington.
got pens, perfumes, platters, or contact
pots and pans – literally         (02) 9662 1099.

  ecobabe:       Pure and natural products for baby, family
  and household delivered to your door. Just what Mother
  Nature intended for our precious babes.
  • products to support a natural pregnancy, labour and beyond
  • baby-care products made from 100% natural
    and organic ingredients

  • high quality eco-disposable nappies
  • modern cloth nappies
  • organic and non-toxic clothing, shoes
    and bedding for your baby and toddler.

 online: phone:            02 9331 2081                                                                                            TL1668522

Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008                                                                                                           57
WATERLESS TOILETS Country kids’ clobber                           KIDS’ clothing company,
                                                                  Bush Bandicoots, sells a
             . . .             • SAVE YOUR WATER                  range of tough and
Sav e water                                                       protective clothing for
                                                                  outdoor children.
 with st                       • CONSERVE YOUR                      It includes waterproof,
                                                                  wind resistant, lightweight,
                                 ENVIRONMENT                      handmade brown oilskin
                                                                  coats, overalls and hats with
                                                                  choice of country cotton
                               • RECYCLE YOUR                     lining fabrics.
                                                                    The company also had kids’
                                 WASTE                            sherpa-lined brown oilskin
                                                                  vests, Australian western-
                                                                  style pewter buckle belts and
                                                                  kids’ lightweight canvas
                                                                  swags in a range of colours, a
Clivus Multrum™                                                   spokesperson said.
                                                                    All items are handmade
 > Save 1/3 household water                                       with care in rural Australia
                                                                  using high quality materials.
 > No chemicals or odours                                           Phone Leah for a mail
                                                                  order brochure.
 > True composting process                                        ■ Contact (02) 4841 0188.
 > Residential & commercial

                                                                  Big choices
   models available             Ecolet™

 The proven alternative Australia wide for 30 years
 For FREE 15 PAGE INFO BOOKLET Ph 1300 138 182
         or visit     TL1614699          of top tackle
                                                                            O TACKLE is
                                                                            Australia’s largest
                                                                            mail order fishing
                                                                  tackle company backed by
                                                                  Australia’s largest tackle
                                                                    Fishing Tackle Australia
                                                                  was 100 per cent Australian
                                                                  owned and had been in
                                                                  business for over 20 years,
                                                                  operated by the same
                                                                  family, a spokesperson said.
                                                                    The staff at Fishing Tackle
                                                                  Australia were all experts in    Slider, Ecogear and more.”
                                                                  their fields and only too          For those into game
                                                                                                   fishing, there was a
Phantom Comics                                                    happy to assist with any
                                                                  fishing, camping or boating
                                                                                                   dedicated game section with
                                                                                                   everything from hundreds of
  Comics for kids of all ages                                       “If you’re after reels, we     trolling lures and jigs right
                                                                  have thousands – Daiwa,          through to outriggers and
Comics and Graphic Novels and                                     Shimano, Shakespeare,            tag poles.
    Magazines from USA                                            Pflueger, Penn, Jarvis
                                                                  Walker, Van Staal, Abu
                                                                                                     “Whether you’re a hardcore
                                                                                                   boater, skier or just enjoy a
     • Manga (English versions of Japanese comics)                Garcia, Alvey, Okuma, Sure       lazy day on the water, the
     • Statues and Toys from USA and Japan                        Catch, Omoto, Acurate, Blue      boating section has anything

                                                                  Heaven, Banax, Sea Martin        you need, including safety
     • T-Shirts & Posters                                                                          gear, fuel and oil accessories,
                                                                  ... the list goes on,” the
     • New stock every week!                                      spokesperson said.               deck hardware, trailer parts,
                                                                    “Do you need a rod to go       all your boating needs,” the
Mastercard, Visa and Direct Bank deposits welcome.                with your reel? We have          spokesperson said

 Impact Comics
                                                                  about 10,000 on hand. If           “Don’t forget the camping
                                                                  collecting lures is your         outdoors section with
                                                                  thing, have a browse             everything from tents to
                                                                  through the selection, there     stoves and outdoor clothing.”
               (02) 6248 7335                                     is over a million.                 A free fishing DVD is
                                   “Don’t forget soft plastics    available – just email your
                                                                  either, Squidgies, Powerbait,    postal address to
       16 Garema Place, Canberra ACT 2601                                                
                                                                  Gulp, Atomic, River to Sea,

58                                                    Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008
Safe smells                                                                    Summer protection
                                                                               WITH summer heat comes
                                                                               the need for extra protection
                                                                                                                          “We now have flat
                                                                                                                        sheepskin teddies which

amid toxins
                                                                               for children from the fierce             come in two colours, mocha
                                                                               Australian sun.                          and honey.
                                                                                 Barcoo Brats specialises in              “Our little ‘Barcoo Bums’
                                                                               marketing individually                   and ‘Long Bums’ are all
                                                                               designed, long-sleeved                   available in a range of

       ROMA Queen, a                 essential oils at great prices,           shirts for girls and boys                colours and sized from 00 to
       Sydney-based online           including Honeysuckle,                    from age one to 12.                      one.”
       shopping portal,              Frangipani, Jasmine and                     “The shirts come in a                    Barcoo Brats products
specialises in promoting             Gardenia, together with a                 wonderful array of colours,              were all Australian made for
natural aromatic products            wide selection of                         some with frills or piping on            local conditions, he said.
from all over the globe.             accessories, handmade oils                colours and cuffs, or just               ■ Visit www.thebarcoo
  Company owner, Alison              boxes, natural perfumes,                  the ‘classic’ shirt,” a         or contact
Croft, says consumers have           carrier oils and diffusers.               company spokesperson                     (07) 4693 3651 or email
long been aware of the                 There was also a range of               said.                          
possible toxic effects of            “Pure Aroma” candles made
synthetic chemicals in               from natural soy and palm
cosmetics, skincare and              wax available in tealights,
household cleaning                   melts, pillar and jar candles
products, yet most still did         in natural scents such as
not realise many scented             Passionfruit and White Tea.
oils, candles, incense and             “Also available is a range                                                                                            TL1665443
beauty products contain              of imported bath and spa                   FOR ALL YOUR CARD MAKING SUPPLIES                    Send a stamped self addressed DL
synthetic petro-chemical             products – luscious bath                   • Punches • Stickers • Exotic Papers • Card Packs     envelope for a free brochure to:-
based “fragrances”, many of          milks and shower creams                    • 3D Paper Tole • Stamps • Embellishments             PO BOX 211, SOUTHTOWN
                                                                                • Twinkling H2Os • Moon Shadow Mist                             QLD 4350
which can cause headaches,           using all natural ingredients              • Envelope Makers • Score Boards                         PHONE 07 4638 3709
or at best contain “safe”            as well as natural soaps
amounts of carcinogenic              made with goat milk, honey               
compounds and other                  and essential oils,” Ms Croft
dangerous chemicals.                 said.
  “We are constantly                   “As well, natural skincare                 Knives Make Great Gifts
bombarded with these                 products and an incense                      Made in Germany, USA, Japan & China
cheap and possibly                   selection cover everything                   Models: Identifying Smith & Wesson
dangerous toxins, when our           from popular Nag Champa                      Country Music etc ... from $39.00
planet is chockfull of the           sticks and cones to                          Plus $10 P/H
most amazing natural                 Japanese koh, resins and
ingredients and scents,” Ms          herbs, imported burners
Croft said.                          and accessories, gift and
  “Aroma Queen’s aim is to           starter packs, and hand-
bring these natural aromatic         made Himalayan stick
products together for you to         incense.”
enjoy.”                              ■ Visit                                        HUNTER VALLEY IMPORTS
  The online shop stocked a or                       PO Box 107, Cessnock NSW 2325
comprehensive range of               contact (02) 9789 5951 or                      Email:
aromatherapy products and            email                                          Contact for Information and Prices
rare and exotic pure                               Trade Enquiries Welcome                                           TL1671239

  The Fly trap that’s GUARANTEED to work!                                                                                                          EN
              EFEKTO one of the Exterminator
 The made in Australia to overcomeFly greatest nuisances we have in the country.
 Designed and
                                                                                                                                                    FR ON
                                                                                                                                                      IEN ME
                                                                                                                                                         DL NTA
                                                                                                                                                           Y!! LL
 This ingenious product uses no poisons or toxins, but a natural organic bait that when placed in the trap,                                                   ! Y
 attracts flies by the hundreds. Once in the trap, flies cannot escape. They simply die. Safe and hygienic.
 Government tests have proved that the EFEKTO fly trap eradicates flies quickly and efficiently.
 See for yourself and be amazed at the number of flies the trap catches. Ideal for outdoors in all suburban
 homes, near the barbecue and outdoor eating and entertaining areas. Ideal for rural stations, i.e. stables,
 cattle pens, dairies, poultry pens, food preparation areas and near the homestead door.
 Do yourself and Australia a favour. Help rid the environment in your area of the fly menace and forget
 the great Australian salute.

               “Completely Safe for Children and Pets.”
 Available at                                                            and all good Hardware Stores
   AVOND AGENCIES PO BOX 202 DIANELLA WA 6059 WESTERN AUSTRALIA               *If you ever have difficulty obtaining the Efekto Fly Trap, we would
   PHONE 08 9881 4291   FAX: 0 8 9881 4295   Email:                                like to hear from you.                   THELAND0908

Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008                                                                                                                 59
Ruffnuts expands
SINCE releasing its first seat
covers 12 years ago Ruffnuts
                                                                      Baby styles
                                                                             HERE is no easier way
has filled a gap in the                                                      to shop for stylish
market for heavy-duty                                                        clothes for your little
comfortable seat covers.                                              one than with Baby’s Got
  Ruffnuts has become                                                 Style.
renowned for manufacturing                                              As a magazine stylist,
custom seat covers not only                                           Daniela Minns struggled to
for companies like                                                    find interesting things for
DaimlerChrysler and John                                              bubs and kids to include in
Deere but also for many           closable protective pouch to        her magazine features.
mines, contractors,               prevent loss and damage.”             Tougher still was finding
tradesmen and government            The QuikAid cover comes           products readers could buy
departments.                      complete with a kit, which is       no matter where they lived.
  Now Ruffnuts, with its          more comprehensive than               “I discovered through
expertise in embroidery, has      required by occupational            extensive research both
expanded to supply a full         health and safety standards.        here in Australia and
range of work, safety and           It also comes with decals         overseas that the great
sporting wear, said Ruffnuts      for the cab door to clearly         ranges and cool stuff did          fast; next day for most
marketing director, Karla         inform workers of the first         exist – but that I had to          regional centres. We go to a
Dunlop.                           aid kit’s location.                 spend hours wading                 lot of trouble to provide an
  Ruffnuts also has the             “This innovative product          through the boring stuff to        excellent shopping
patented “QuikAid” seat           will help employers from            find them,” she said.              experience,” Ms Minns said.
cover.                            mines to councils meet                The struggles weren’t in           “Being online makes
  “This seat cover allows all     workplace safety                    vain. Baby’s Got Style online      customer service even more
the tough features of a           guidelines,” Ms Dunlop said.        boutique was born in               important. If you change
Ruffnuts seat cover to be           Ruffnuts covers are               October 2004 and since then        your mind about a purchase
combined with the practical       machine washable and                it has grown to include more       we’re happy to exchange or
value of an easily accessible     drycleanable, do not sweat,         than 90 unique labels, and         refund – if you’re not happy
first aid kit,” Ms Dunlop said.   come with a 12-month                sizes newborn to 8.                you’re not coming back!”
  “The first aid kit is easily    guarantee, and foam backed            “Same day shipping and           ■ Visit
accessible and is stored on       to prevent wear on seats            Express Post means       
the rear of the seat in a         ■ Contact (1800) 455 433.           customers receive orders           or contact (1300) 468 789.

      For many years Kerrie Swain has repeated a simple health        unique blend of
   message. To have a healthy, happy body, there are two essential    herbs & fibre.
   things we must do. Firstly, we must remove all stored up toxic        Kerrie said in
   waste from the whole body system.                                  the first week she
      Then pour in high grade concentrated nutrition to enable the    knew she was
   body to "heal itself". With some basic natural products this can   going to be OK.
   be achieved.                                                       And shortly after she was off all medication.
      Personally, Kerrie suffered for 18 years with Chronic Fatigue      "She was shocked at the cleansing which went on for three
   Syndrome, was on heart medication, had high blood pressure,        months, passing slimy green ropey rubbish. As the rubbish left
   was on HRT and suffered with chronic pain due to being             my body so did the pain and the other symptoms."
   diagnosed with the hips of a 78 year old at age 49!! She              She said her CFS was a result of the stored toxic matter, farm
   suffered from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, had a     chemicals, toxic aerial sprays.
   toxic colon, stomach bloat and poor digestion and poor                Kerrie said the green barley juice concentrate cleared her
   concentration, fatigue, poor skin, weight problems, poor           blood, repaired her body and continues to give her terrific
   memory, headaches, etc. Things just kept getting worse. But 11     energy and health.
                                                      years     ago      "The juice of barley has given me my life back and helped me
                                                      everything      to detoxify my body of toxic chemicals and heavy metals,
                                                      changed         including organo-phosphates.
                                                      when      she      People report marvellous relief from all

                                                      found     the   manner of illnesses when they clean out the
                                                      dried green     rubbish and pour in high grade nutrition.
                                                      juice      of      Call Grant and Kerrie Swain

                                                      barley and a    1300 880 737.

60                                                              Mail Order and Internet Catalogue September 2008
Summer gear Style for curves                                                 WHERE are all the gorgeous       that matter, like plenty of

that protects
                                                                             party clothes and formal         room in the sleeves, waist
                                                                             wear for healthy curvy girls?    and hips,” she said.
                                                                               This is a question that has      “The clothing is elegant,
                                                                             been asked too many times        trendy, flattering and
                                                                             in Australia.                    comfortable to wear.

       HE idea to create Kids        “ECOtanks are beautiful                   Kivalin is a plus size           “Many of the designs come
       Outdoor Gear was            solid 304 stainless steel,                Australian fashion label that    from years of customer
       born after the owner,       high food grade drink                     caters to the modern woman.      feedback.
Linda Davison, had difficulty      bottles.”                                   It’s a family owned and run      “Part of the success of the
finding a cool                       She said these modern and               business made up of three        company is the impeccable
long-sleeved                                    attractive looking           generations of seamstresses      service offered to every
summer shirt to                                 drink bottles                and designers.                   buyer and with a 100 per
buy for her young                               offered one of the             Kivalin has been selling       cent money back guarantee,
son.                                            most hygienic                online since 2001 and is now     the customer trust factor
  This prompted                                 surfaces available.          one of the most successful       makes this company hum
her to create a                                   “Stainless steel           online clothing websites in      with success.”
small range of                                  is easy to clean             Australia, according to a        ■ View the Kivalin
summer clothing                                 and its unique               spokeswoman.                     Summer 2008 collection
for young                                       surface has no                 “Sizes and measurements        and purchase direct
children which                                  pores or cracks to           are accurate and                 from the website at
offered greater                                 harbour dirt,                incorporate all the details
skin coverage, to                               grime or bacteria,
help protect                                    so your bottle
against sun
damage (due to be released
                                                stays completely
                                   clean and safe for years,”                 PARCHMENT
on Kids Outdoor Gear in
summer 2008).
  “After searching numerous
                                   Mrs Davison said.
                                     “ECOtankas are ultra light
                                   and durable, they are not
                                                                                 Mail Order, Phone Order, Internet Order.
retailers for a long-sleeved       lined with any material and
summer shirt, as well as           they do not break down or                                  TG craft Australia

hats and UV protective             leach in any way.                                    P. O. Box 151 BULLEEN VIC 3105
swimwear, I came to the              “They are completely safe                           email:
conclusion that shopping           and non-toxic. Fluids can be                          website:
for                                                       changed                              phone 03 9852 3446
outdoor                                                   from a
kids                                                      juice or
would be                                                  sports
much                                                      drink
simpler                                                   back to
if everything was available        water, and there is no
in one place,” Mrs Davison         tainting or after-taste.          
said.                                “Drinks from an ECOtanka
  “I decided to establish a        always taste beautifully                   The Perfume Playground

shop which did just that.          clean and fresh, and the                   home of Designer Fragrances
Kids Outdoor Gear provides         stainless holds them cooler
a selection of quality             for longer periods of time.                at affordable prices.
products to equip kids for         All lids fit to all bottles and
all elements of the great          are interchangeable.”                         • Chanel                                       Chanel Allure
outdoors, including our            ■ Visit www.kidsoutdoorgear.                  • Prada                                        for Her
most popular seller, the  or contact linda@                      • Hugo Boss
                                                                                 • Giorgio Armani
                                                                                   and many more
      Ploughmans Hill Olives, Wattle View, Parkes NSW 2870
            Phone (02) 6866 1260 Fax: (02) 6866 1281                          As well as great designer frangrances
                                                                              check out our line of designer beauty
 Product List:
 ❃ Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                     Orders can be placed                           Giorgio Armani
 ❃ Oil Pourers                                                                online via our fantastic                        Acqua Di Gio
 ❃ Olive Oil Hand Cream                                                       website which is updated
 ❃ Olive Oil Body lotion                                                      daily with new items,

 ❃ Olive Oil Soap                                                             photos, prices and new
 ❃ Olive Oil Lip Balm
 ❃ Olive Oil Shampoo
                                                                              arrivals or for bulk order                      Hugo Boss
 ❃ Olive Oil Conditioning ❃   Olive Oil Dog Shampoo                           purchasers email your                           Elements Aqua
   Treatment              ❃   Neutral Dubbin                                  orders to:
 ❃ Olive Oil Massage Oil ❃    Black Olives
                          ❃   Green Olives
 ❃ Leather Dressing                                                  
 ❃ Liquid Hand/Body Wash
                                                                               Ph: Diane 0402 422 787, Adam 0433 254 782, Luisa 0414 657 663

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