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          Passage to Tristan da Cunha
                 and Beyond
                 in co-operation with the Tristan da Cunha Association
                            and the Roland Svensson Society
                        7th December 2011 to 8th January 2012

                          For those who love the sea and long
                          voyages this is a marvellous trip and an
                           adventure. Days at sea are punctuated
                            by calls to little visited islands, a true
                            expedition cruise as we pass through
                             warm sub-tropical and tropical zones
                              to temperate and cool regions.
                                    For many the highlight of our
                                 trip will be the five day visit to
                                  Tristan da Cunha. This, the world’s
                                  most remote island, is home to a
                             hardy population of around 260. We
         will be there over the Christmas Holiday and our days
ashore will be spent celebrating with the islanders and exploring        Tristan da Cunha
their unique island.
                                                                            Prior to reaching Tristan da Cunha we will visit the
    Our course straight down the middle of the North and South           mid-Atlantic island of St Helena which, like Tristan da Cunha has
Atlantic will take us to Ascencion, situated less than 500 miles         no airport and apart from the visits of the supply ships has little
from the Equator. We will land on the important military air base        contact with the outside world. Colonised in the 17th century by
island and explore the lowland arid and lunar like landscape. By         the East India Company as an important staging post for their
contrast the highest point, Green Mountain is covered in lush            vessels, it is perhaps best known as Napoleon’s final home.
                                                                            Our onward passage will take us to the extraordinary island of
                                                                         South Georgia, one of the world’s natural wonders - ‘the Alps in
                                                                         mid-ocean’, offering remarkable concentrations of shoreline wildlife
                                                                         against a dramatic backdrop of glaciers and snow covered
                                                                         mountains. Here also is the last resting place of the great explorer
                                                                             This unusual journey will appeal to those who enjoy travelling
                                                                         off the beaten track and escaping from the world for a few weeks.
                                                                         We will see amazing sea bird life, travel with whales, set foot in
                                                                         places where few have trodden before and enjoy good company,
                                                                         some fascinating on board lectures, marvellous food and one of the
                                                                         most comfortable expedition vessels in the world.
                                                                            When we visit Tristan with the MS Island Sky, we will do so as
                                                                         the friends of Roland Svensson and, as a point of interest, the Master
                                                                         on board will be Captain Torbjörn Svensson, the son of Roland.
South Georgia

                                NOBLE CALEDONIA
                                                                                                    Santo Antao •

                                                                                                   CAPE VERDE
The Itinerary                                                                                       ISLANDS

Day 1 Praia, Sao Tiago, Cape Verde Islands. —
Arrive independently and transfer to the
MS Island Sky. Embark and sail in the early                                                                                            Equator
Day 2 Santo Antao, Cape Verde. — We spend the                                                                                          • Boatswain Island
day on this extraordinarily beautiful island. For                                                                  ASCENSION
those who wish to walk in the mountains there are marvellous trails.                                                 ISLAND
Others will enjoy a guided tour through the breathtaking landscapes                                                                  Jamestown •
through deep ravines that run down to the sea, dotted here and there with                                                                           ST HELENA
small villages. After dinner on board go ashore in Porto Novo with its
lively atmosphere and Tocatina dancing. Sail in the late evening.
                                                                                                                SOUTH ATLANTIC
Days 3 to 7 At sea. — Crossing the Equator. Relax and enjoy these days at                                           OCEAN
sea. Attend some of the lectures and spend time on deck watching for
passing wildlife.
                                                                                                                                               TRISTAN DA
                                                                                                                                              CUNHA GROUP
                                                                                                                   Nightingale Island

                                                                                           ISLANDS                   SOUTH
                                                                                                Shag Rocks
                                                                                    •Ushuaia                   •

St Mary’s Church, Georgetown, Ascension Island                                                                     PENINSULA
Day 8 Ascension Island. — First inhabited in 1815 by a British Garrison,
today the island plays an important role in supplying British forces and                                                               Days 13 to 16 At sea.
scientists based in the South Atlantic. There will be an opportunity to                                                     Days 17 to 21 Tristan da Cunha.
climb to the summit of this volcanic island and circumnavigate Boatswain
                                                                                                                            — First settled in the early
Bird Island by Zodiac.
                                                                                                                            1800s, the island was
Days 9 & 10 At sea.                                                                                                         frequented by naval ships,
                                                                                                                            whalers and sealers
Days 11 & 12 St Helena. — An opportunity to stretch the legs and enjoy a
                                                                                                                            throughout the 19th century.
walk on this lush island. Explore the tiny capital of Jamestown and see the                                                 Today it is home to some 260
Courthouse, Government Buildings, Library and Wellington House. In            Fairy tern                                    hardy souls who make their
the late 17th century the island became strategically important and was       living from the sea. With our five days here there will be plenty of time to
controlled by the East India Company for over 200 years. The island is        celebrate Christmas and spend many hours ashore visiting the settlement,
perhaps best known as Napoleon’s last place of exile. He died here in         learning about the islanders and enjoying a hike with a local guide. We also
1821 after a six year exile. On our second day we will visit Longwood         hope to visit nearby uninhabited Nightingale Island, one of the most
House, Napoleon’s residence while in exile and also explore the               unique wildlife strongholds in the world and home to millions of seabirds.
surrounding countryside full of amazing views and prolific birdlife.

St Helena                                                                     Edinburgh settlement and the 1961 volcanic cone, Tristan da Cunha
                                                                              Seal, South Georgia

                                                                              Days 28 & 29 At sea. — Via Shag Rocks.

                                                                              Days 30 & 31 Falkland Islands. — The
                                                                              Falkland Islands are isolated and
                                                                              windswept, but a haven for wildlife.
                                                                              Wandering across beautiful yellow
                                                                              goarse-covered islands we meet
                                                                              gentoo, magellanic and rockhopper
                                                                              penguins. Armies of majestic king
                                                                              penguins march along the white
                                                                              sandy beaches. Higher up on the
                                                                              islands we see nesting albatrosses and
                                                                              in the surrounding waters we may        Shackleton’s grave at Grytviken

                                                                              encounter dolphins and porpoises. Places we are planning on visiting are
                                                                              West Point Island and New Island. We will be sure to visit some of the
                                                                              many sites on the islands associated with the Falklands conflict and to call
                                                                              at Port Stanley, the charming capital of the Falklands.
                                                                              Day 32 At sea.
                                                                              Day 33 Ushuaia. — Disembark this morning and travel home independently.
View from Green Mountain, Ascension Island

Days 22 to 25 At sea. — During this time we hope to circumnavigate Gough
Island with its seabird colonies.
Days 26 & 27 South Georgia. — This morning we approach South Georgia
                                                                                 Prices per person
which rises majestically out of the ocean. At Grytviken, a historic whaling      Based on double occupancy Tour Code: SCISK07121
station we will gather in the Norwegian Church which has been rebuilt by
                                                                                 DECK                             SUITE CATEGORY                  DOUBLE             SOLE
British army volunteers and then continue on to Shackleton’s grave where                                                                         OCCUPANCY        OCCUPANCY

we will drink a toast to the man that many regard as the greatest Antarctic      Magellan                         Standard (Forward)             £7795             £9895
explorer of them all.                                                            Magellan                         Standard                       £8395            £10395
                                                                                 Columbus                         Superior                       £9195            £12195
    The next day will be a great adventure as we make our way along the          Marco Polo                       Premium                        £10095              -
wild coast to land on remote beaches, alive with great numbers of fur            Marco Polo                       Corner                         £10395              -
seals, elephant seals, wandering and sooty albatrosses and macaroni and          Erikson                          Deluxe Balcony                 £11195              -
king penguins. Behind the beaches we will see some of the most                   Explorer                         Owner’s Balcony                £12195              -
breathtaking mountain scenery imaginable and you will appreciate why             Marco Polo                       Single                            -             £10095
South Georgia is regarded as the ‘Cream of Antarctica’.                          Price includes: 32 nights aboard the MS Island Sky on full board with house wine,
                                                                                 beer or soft drinks with lunch and dinner, shore excursions, expedition team,
                                                                                 gratuities to crew and whilst on shore excursions, port taxes, airport taxes.
                                                                                 Not included: Air travel, travel insurance, transfers.
                                                                                 FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS
                                                                                 Air travel is not included in the cost of the holiday. However, subject to
                                                                                 minimum numbers we do anticipate operating a special charter flight from
                                                                                 London to Cape Verde. In addition we will be able to offer air fares from
                                                                                 Ushuaia to London via Buenos Aires. For those who would like to spend
                                                                                 some time in Buenos Aires, we can also arrange a two night post-cruise hotel
                                                                                 stay. Full details available on request.
                                                                                 NB. Ports subject to change and prices are subject to alteration due to currency fluctuation
                                                                                 and oil pricing.

                                                                                                      This cruise visits out of the way destinations. You will be
                                                                                                      accompanied by an expedition team and many
                                                                                                      landings ashore will be made by Zodiac landing craft.
                                                                                                      This cruise will appeal to the more adventurous and
                                                                                                      those who enjoy the natural world.

King penguins, South Georgia
                                                                                                                Explorer Deck
                                                                                                                   Erikson Deck
                                                                                                                      Marco Polo Deck
                                                                                                                        Columbus Deck
                                                                                                                           Magellan Deck

                                                                 Explorer Deck

                                                                                           603      601

MS Island Sky
                                                                                                              Sun Deck
                                                                                                              & Jacuzzi
                                                                                  Centre   604      602

Our much loved MS Island Sky underwent a                         Erikson Deck
significant multi-million pound refurbishment                            Outdoor
in May 2010 to make her one of the finest                                Café                                 511 509 507 505
small ships in the world. With a maximum                                                                                                            Bridge

passenger capacity of only 116, a vessel of her                                                              512 510 508 506
size is capable of carrying many more but
instead the MS Island Sky has the benefit of                      Marco Polo Deck
unusually large suites, luxuriously appointed
                                                                                                                          427 425 423 421                419 417 415
public areas and spacious outside decks.                                                                            429

                                                                                                  The Club

Your Suite                                                                                                          430   428 426 424 422 420 418 416 414
   Onboard there are 57 exceptionally spacious
and well designed suites arranged over five                       Columbus Deck
decks. All feature a sitting room area, large
wardrobe, dressing table with large mirror and                                                                      347 345 343 341 339         335 333 331 329

stool and excellent storage. There is a mini-                                  Lounge           Reception

fridge, flat screen television with inbuilt DVD                                                                      348 346 344 342 340 338 336 334 332 330
players which can also play CDs and a
telephone in each suite. Bottled water, towelling                Magellan Deck
dressing gowns and slippers are also provided                                                                                 261 259 257 255

for your comfort. All suites have an outside
view and some have balconies. The en suite
bathrooms have a marble topped vanity unit                                  Restaurant
                                                                                                                          262 260 258 256 254 252 250
with sink and walk in shower. Other facilities
include a safe, hairdryer and individually                                              Standard Suites (Forward)           Premium Suites                   Single Suites
controlled air-conditioning and heating.                                                Standard Suites                     Deluxe Balcony Suites            Corner Suites

Your Space                                                                              Superior Suites                     Owners Balcony Suites

   The spacious and finely decorated public
rooms include a large lounge where daily
briefings and talks will be provided, a
well-stocked library with computers for
internet access and an elegant bar where a
pianist plays periodically throughout the day.
The bar also features a 24-hour tea and coffee
station. Outside there is a rear sun deck where
meals are served in warm weather under shade,
a bar and comfortable deck furniture for sun
bathing or relaxing with a book. On the top
deck there is a Jacuzzi and further observation
and sun deck.
Your Dining                                           Magellan deck - standard suite                                            Restaurant
   With only one sitting and a maximum of
just over 100 passengers, the galley is able to
provide delicious meals, the chef obtaining
local produce where possible. In the main
restaurant, breakfast is served buffet-style, with
certain items cooked to order, and lunch and
dinner are à la carte. When weather permits,
breakfast and a buffet-style lunch are also
served on deck.
A Unique Atmosphere
   On board there is a high ratio of crew to
                                                      The Club                                                                  The Library
passengers and the crew are mainly Filipino and
Eastern European. Our Scandinavian captains
are experienced mariners and if, like them and
us, you prefer a peaceful life at sea, you will find                                             Call 020-7752 0000
the MS Island Sky the perfect ship. We promise                     Reservations: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Brochures: 24 hours a day/7 days a week
there will be no organized entertainment or any
of the usual big ship experiences. The
atmosphere on board is more akin to a private
                                                                           NOBLE CALEDONIA
yacht or country hotel. A little music in the
lounge or bar after dinner, guest speakers and
                                                                                           2 CHESTER CLOSE, BELGRAVIA, LONDON SW1X 7BE
informative port briefings from your cruise                                             Fax: 020 7245 0388
director will add to your experience.
                                                                        The air holidays and flights in this brochure are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority
Printed in England - June 2010   Job No TE 07814                                 Our current booking conditions apply to all reservations (available on request)

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