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BBC Visit


									Thursday, 29 July 2010                                                                            Term 3 Week 2

 BBC Visit                                                              IPSHA Performing Arts Festival
                                                                        Boys participating in the IPSHA (NSW) Performing Arts Festival
 I congratulate all boys involved in last week’s football and rugby     on the evening of Monday 23 August have been informed of
 visit to Brisbane Boys’ College on the way they conducted              their involvement by either Mrs Holmes a’Court or Dr Heaney.
 themselves there, on and off the field. In a recent communiqué,        As announced last week, tickets are now on sale from the venue,
 my counterpart at BBC, Mr Gary Musson, referred to our boys as         the City Recital Hall, Angel Place at or
 ‘the fine young men from Cranbrook’ and commented: ‘Your boys          by phone on 8256 2222. This year our musicians will be joined
 were wonderful ambassadors and I heard nothing but praise from         by those from St Pius X College, Macarthur Anglican School,
 our parents about the weekend.’. In what appears to be a history-      Tangara School for Girls, Central Coast Grammar School and St
 making result, both the rugby and football games were drawn.           Paul’s Grammar School. It promises to be a wonderful evening,
 Cranbrook’s tour leader, Mr Marvell, generously decided that both      commencing at 7:30pm and concluding at around 9:00pm.
 shields should remain in the care of our northern friends until they   Participating boys do not need a ticket. Please purchase your
 are next contested at Cranbrook in 12 months’ time.                    tickets soon, as last year all tickets were sold and some people were
 The BBC sporting exchange has been a biannual event for about
 35 years now, having been instigated by stalwart Cranbrook             New Staff Member
 teacher and former Deputy Head of Junior School, Richard               This week, we welcomed Mrs Jodie Campbell to the Junior School
 Glasson. The Rugby Challenge Shield now resting in the                 Staff as a K-6 Teachers Aide (Integration), replacing Mr Joel Cox
 BBC trophy cabinet is now called The Richard Glasson Rugby             who concluded his tenure at Cranbrook last Friday. I am sure you
 Challenge Shield, in honour of the Cranbrook teacher. The BBC          will join with me in warmly welcoming our newest staff member.
 tours each year are much anticipated by the boys; not only as
 sporting experiences but, importantly, as social and cultural ones.    Dangar Parking
 Cranbrook basketball and cricket teams will visit the Brisbane
                                                                        I urge parents and friends attending winter sport games on the
 school in Term 1 next year.
                                                                        Dangar Playing Fields to consider parking on Kent Road. Access
                                                                        to Dangar from Kent Road is available on Saturday mornings
                                                                        through the existing Dickins House, and a security guard is on
                                                                        hand there to guide visitors through the building. Parking on
                                                                        Kent Road can help ease congestion in Iluka Street and Manion
                                                                        Avenue, as can parking on New South Head Road or in the Lyne
                                                                        Park parking precincts.

                                                                        Language Policy Return Slips
                                                                        During the recent holiday period I mailed to you a letter and
                                                                        return slip concerning database information with respect to
                                                                        languages spoken or heard in the home by the boys. This
                                                                        information is important to the Junior School as we review our
                                                                        School Language Policy which seeks among other things to affirm
                                                                        the mother tongues of the boys and families in the School. If you
                                                                        have yet to return this slip, please send it in to the class teacher or
                                                                        Junior School Office as soon as possible, preferably on Monday.
     Football Captain, Oliver Capelli, with his                         Michael Dunn
       counterpart and the Football Shield                              Head of Junior School

                                                                                                       Thursday, 29 July 2010

Diary dates                                                                               Awards
for Junior School                                                                        White Award: 30 Brookies
                                                                                         Red Award: 50 Brookies
2010 Term Dates                   2011 Term Dates                                        Blue Award: 75 Brookies
Term 3: 20 July - 17 Sep          Term 1: 28 Jan - 8 April                               Head’s Award: 100 Brookies
Term 4: 11 Oct - 9 Dec            Term 2: 26 April - 24 June      Congratulations to the boys who received Awards this week:
                                  Term 3: 19 July - 16 Sept       White Awards: Brighton Grace, Jake Taylor, Timothy Bassett,
Term 3                            Term 4: 10 Oct - 8 Dec          Christopher Dixson, Alexander Nettleton, Maximilian
                                                                  Bereny, Thomas Lamens, Alexander Cunio, Benjamin
August 19         Junior School Open Day                          Harvey, Conor Fyfe, Jack North, Christian Saunders, Nathan
                                                                  Barta, Oliver Carroll, Charles Curran, George Livanidis,
                                                                  William McGregor, Patrick Ricardo, James Ardouin, Oliver
                                                                  Burger, Oliver Capelli, Cameron Copland, James Horn,
                                                                  Andrew Malpass, Sam Pizzey, Oliver Series, Nick Rael, Ben
                                                                  Barham, Ryan Gwyn, Emeil Aroney, Bradley Lin, GianLuca
                                                                  Fanuli, Max Haralambis, Michael Levas, Thomas Punch,
                                                                  Jared Horn, Gus Maunsell, Harry Round, Oska Purcell,
                                                                  Ricky Gonzalez, George Weston, Max Patterson, Harry
                                                                  Hughes, Taje Rastogi, Alec Green, Jasper Hudson, Sam Rich.
                                                                  Red Award: William Ferster.

                                                                                M IT CARD
                                                                 JUNIOR SCHOOL ing ER who received
                                                                                   boys   low
                                                               Congratulations to the folthis week:
                                                               Merit Cards in Assembly
                                                                                                                     ritis, Harry
                                                                                           Jack McCaffery, Alexi Ge
                                                               Year 3: Tommy Derham, Keith, Hugh Halley, Joseph Haynes,
                                                               Tate, Oliver Carroll, Will
                                                               Anders Steglick.
                                                                                                                     nge, Isaac
                                                                                          an Davis, Angus Fitzhardi
                                                               Year 4: Peter Skettos, Ry xander Levendis, Justin Herro, Hamish
                                                               Antico, Luca Donald, Ale
 Errata                                                                                                              an, James
                                                                                           k Curran, Teddie Hootm
                                                                Year 5: Ben Leckie, PatricPurcell, Harry Round, Jack Barta, Sam
 Please note that Angus Watts (Yr 3) should have been           Ulm, Harry Plater, Oska hard Chalik.
 included in the Head’s List for Effort last week and           Capelli, Wim Roney, Ric
 Will Baden was listed as Year 5 when he is in Year 6.                                       ian Susing, Ben Little.
                                                                 Year 6: Daniel Maskin, Jul

   for TERM 3
   Sun 15 Aug 10.00am        Choir at All Saints’,Woollahra     Boys who celebrated their birthdays this
   Mon 23 Aug                IPSHA Festival, Angel Place        week:
   Thu 2 Sept                Music Count Us In                  Ryan Nemec, Maxwell Epstein, George Livanidis,
   Sept 8-10                 Music Camp                         Billy McGrath, Jack Shanahan, Maxwell Reed,
   Tue 14 Sept               Junior School Concert              Matthew Lewin, Daniel Walters, Julian Revell-

Term 3 Week 2

  Cranbrook vs Brisbane Boys’ College                                               Save the Date!
         (BBC) 24 – 26 July                                                                Celia Lashlie
Last Saturday 28 Junior School boys flew to Brisbane for                                      Author of
their annual Rugby and Football match against BBC. This
arrangement, originally instigated by former JS Deputy Mr               He’ll be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men
Richard Glasson, has been operating for over 35 years. As                           is coming to Cranbrook School
usual, the boys experienced the friendship, camaraderie and                          Wednesday, 25 August 2010
fun that have been a hallmark of these exchanges. Activities
included watching the Wallabies defeat the Springboks at                                7.00pm in Carter Hall
Suncorp Stadium on Saturday night, team barbecues, catching           Please join us to hear Celia Lashlie speak about one of our
yabbies in the creek, visiting the Australian Zoo on the                          favourite subjects: Adolescent Boys!
Sunshine Coast and of course the matches themselves. This                       All parents and mentors are welcome.
year Rugby drew 20-20 and Football drew 1-1- the first time                                Ticket price $20
we have had a double draw!
                                                                                Booking details will follow next week.
The boys were excellent ambassadors for Cranbrook, with
numerous BBC parents commenting on their manners and                Any enquiries in the meantime, please contact Susie Manfred,
behaviour. Even the airline cabin crew commented on their                   
manners during the flight home. Well done boys.                   This parent information evening has been made possible with the
                                                                  support of Cranbrook School and The Cranbrook School Parents’

                                                                       AN OPPORTUNITY TO FIND OUT
                                                                        MORE ABOUT BOARDING AT
                                                                  You are cordially invited to attend the Cranbrook Boarder
                                                                  Community Day on Saturday July 31.
                                                                  The day is an informal event aimed at introducing potential new
                                                                  Boarder families to the current Boarding Community.
                                                                  Following the social events of the afternoon and evening, boys
                                                                  in Year 6 and above are invited to spend the night in one of the
                                                                  Boarding Houses, to experience life as a Boarder.
        Logan Philip securing lineout possession
                                                                  For further information, and to receive the formal invitation,
                                                                  please contact Mr Anthony

Courage occurs when you face your fears.
Your heart heavily thuds against the bars of your rib cage.
The warm blood oozing around your body feels like it has dried
to a trickle.
                                                                  Across the story bridge (Book Week Theme 2010)
But still you go on.                                              Upcoming events and competitions:
You march to the beat of your own drum.                           Performance Poetry House competition starts next week and
You ignore the goose bumps that etch into your skin.              continues until Week 5. Grade finals will be held in Weeks 6 and 7
You ignore the cries of the shadows’ warnings.                    (dates tbc).
Your heart fills with bravery and your blood gushes easily.
                                                                  Science Week and Book Week Speaker - Ruben Meerman: The
You smile to yourself.                                            Surfing Scientist (Friday 13th August).
The fear beating against your skull leaves you.                   Stories on Screen Club movie showing (Week 6).
Bravery and courage echo silently in your legs, forcing them to   The Great Book Swap - National Literacy and Numeracy Week /
keep walking.                                                     Indigenous Literacy Day (Week 7).
Bravery echoes in your mind, telling you to go and ignore the     Woollahra Library Book Week writing and illustration
nagging shadow in the back corner of your skull.                  competitions - entry forms available from our Library.
                                                                  Kids Own Australian Literature Awards (KOALA) - make sure you
Hamish Fairlie - 22 July 2010                                     vote to support your favourite books and authors.

                                                     Weekly newsletter of Cranbrook Junior School email
                                                     5 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, NSW          website:
                                                     Phone: 9327 6864                             Portal:

Sports fixtures Sports results
Saturday 31 July 2010                                                Saturday 24 July 2010
Rugby                                                                Rugby
Team          Opponent          Venue              Time              Team                      Opponent                        Result

12A           Riverview         SIC 5              11:00am           12A                      Shore               lost         0 - 14
12B           Riverview         SIC 5              10:15am           12B                      Shore               lost         0 - 32
11A           Riverview         SIC 5              9:30am            11A                      Shore               lost         0-7
11B           Riverview         SIC 5              8:45am            11B                      Shore               lost         0-5
11C           Riverview         SIC 5              8:00am            11C                      Shore               won          30 - 0
10A           Knox              Dangar             9:30am            10A                      Newington W         won          56 - 0
10B           Knox              Dangar             8:45am            10B                      Newington W         won          64 - 0
10C           Knox              Dangar             8:00am            10C                      Newington W         won          51 - 10
9A            BYE                                                    9A                       Knox                won          20 - 15
9B            BYE                                                    9B                       Knox                won          25 - 15
9C            BYE                                                    9C                       Knox                won          20 - 15

Football                                                             Football
Team          Opponent          Venue              Time              12A                      St Pius             lost         1-3
12A            Knox             Dangar             9:15am            12B                      St Pius             lost         0-1
12B            Knox             Dangar             8:30am            12C                      St Pius             lost         0-2
12C            Knox             Dangar             7:45am            11A                      Redlands            lost         0-3
11A            Riverview        SIC 2B             9:30am            11B                      Tudor House         lost         0-1
11B            Riverview        SIC 2B             8:45am            11C                      BYE
11C            Riverview        SIC 2B             8:00am            10A                      Grammar I           no result recorded
10A            St Aloysius      Anderson      CANCELLED              10B                      Grammar I           no result recorded
10B            Newington L      Koola Park         8:00am            10C                      Grammar I           no result recorded
10C            St Aloysius      Anderson      CANCELLED              9A                       Mosman              no result recorded
9A             St Aloysius      Willoughby 2 CANCELLED               9B                       Redlands            no result recorded
9B             St Aloysius      Willoughby 2 CANCELLED               9C                       Mosman              no result recorded
9C             Internal         Little Hordern     8:00am
NB: Boys should arrive at venues at least 20 minutes prior to
the advertised starting time.
                                                                    Interschool chess
Venues                                                              Round 10 Fixtures
Dangar: Iluka Street, Rose Bay                                      Friday 30 July 2010
Little Hordern: New South Head Road, Belleveue Hill                 Teams                                           Venue
Riverview: Riverview St, off Tambourine Bay Rd, Lane Cove           Cranbrook Champs A v Scots A                    P’poned ‘til 6 Aug
Anderson: Kurraba Rd, Neutral Bay                                   Cranbrook Inter B                               Finished
Koola Park: Koola Ave, East Killara                                 Cranbrook Inter E v Rose Bay A                  Cranbrook
Willoughby: Warrane Rd, Willoughby                                  Cranbrook Juniors C                             Finished
                                                                    Cranbrook Juniors D                             Finished
Wet Weather Arrangements
Please ring 9327 9577 after 7:00am Saturday                         Round 9 Results
                                                                    Friday 23 July 2010
                                                                    Teams                                           Result

 Lost property                                                      Cranbrook Champs A
                                                                    Cranbrook Inter B v Cranbrook Inter E
                                                                                                                    Won 3-1
 Outside Mr Adam’s office:
                                                                    Cranbrook Inter E v Cranbrook Inter B           Lost 1-3
 Sports bag (no name)
 Rugby headgear and mouthguard (no name)                            Cranbrook Juniors C v Moriah Infants B          Won 3-1
                                                                    Cranbrook Juniors D v Moriah Infants A          Lost 1-3


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