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									                                           BABB's News
                                    Volume 31 Issue 3                                                      March 2008

                                    Brewmaster: Ross Kenrick     3287 7225           Secretary:    Lyndon Cottam    0407 589 169
                                    Treasurer:  Paul Hoepper     3343 5078           Store Keeper: Chris Ossowski   3274 4095

                                                 News Editor: Dr. Jason McDonald   0413 803 458
     PUBS German Club                           Treasurer's report for                      2008 Australian Amateur
        Gathering                                  February 2008                             Brewing Championship
Our friends from PUBS enjoyed their        Income:                         (cash)        AABC2008 is being held in
                                           Members fees:                  $174.00
time at the German Club during last                                                      conjunction with the inaugural
                                           Guests fees:                   $ 36.00
year's pub crawl so much that they've      Store:                         $163.10
                                                                                         Australian National Homebrewing
decided to forget the crawling and         Subscriptions:                 $ 60.00        Conference in Melbourne from 23-25
spend the entire event at the German       Library:                       $ 19.00        October 2008.
Club this year.
                                           Total Income:                 $ 452.10        Member of the brewing community
Once again, BABB's members have            Expenses:        (cash)  (cheques)
                                                                                         are invited to:
been invited to join in the festivities.   Snacks:          $ 24.20                           ●    express your interest in
We were well-represented at last           Rent:                      $ 70.00
                                                                                                   judging at AABC2008 by
year's event and those of us who           Bank fees:                 $ 10.00
                                           Store:           $ 37.50                                sending an email to
attended can attest to a good time
                                           QAAWBG Affiliation:        $ 12.00            
being had by all.
                                           Scoresheets:     $ 11.95
                                                                                              ●    contribute a paper or poster
The gathering will commence at             Minicomp Prizes: $ 25.00
                                                                                                   on homebrewing to the
around 3pm on Saturday, April 12th         Sub-totals:         $ 98.65    $ 92.00                  conference.
at the German Club on Vulture Street
in Woolloongabba.                          Total Expenses:               $ 190.65
                                                                                              ●    register with the website
                                           Beg. Float:                    $150.00         to go into
         March meeting                     Plus Income:                   $452.10                  the draw for a free
                                           Less Cash Expenses:            $ 98.65                  registration and to receive
The next meeting will be held this         Equals Total:                  $503.45
                                                                                                   Conference updates.
Thursday, March the 27th.                  Less Float:                    $150.00
                                           Equals Banking:                $353.45        A flyer with more details is available
The meeting will feature a talk and        Actual Banking:                $353.45        on the BABB's website.
demonstration by Adrian Levi on            Equals Variance:               $ 0.00
Keg Maintenance.                           Bank Reconciliation for February 2008
                                           Opening cashbook balance:     $1311.38
                                           Add Income:                   $ 452.10
                                           Less Expenses:                $ 190.65
                                           Closing cashbook balance:     $1572.83

                                           Bank balance @ 29/Feb/08:     $1654.83
                                           Add outstanding deposits:     $   0.00
                                           Less outstanding cheques:     $ 82.00
                                           Closing cashbook balance:     $1572.83

                                                30th Anniversary Brew
                                           John Kennedy would like to notify
                                           all members that the Belgian Strong
                                           Golden Ale he brewed for the
                                           BABB's 30th Anniversary is now
                                           ready for drinking. The beer is likely
                                           to continue to improve with further

BABB's News                                                 March 2008                                                   Page 1
       February Minutes                  Minutes of previous meeting:               Fermenator: Rise of the
                                         Certified as a true and correct
Meeting Opened:            8:07PM        record.                                          Machine
Chaired by: Ross Kenrick                 Moved: Ben Connery                      The club seems to have quite a
Apologies: Ernest Tamati                 Seconded: John Thorpe                   number of skilled and creative
            Scott Macqueen                       ————————                        people.    One of these is Peter
            Frank Hemeter                                                        Buchanan, who has built his own
            Rob van den Bergh            Treasurer's Report: Details as per      insulated, temperature controlled
            Michael van den Bergh        newsletter.                             conical fermenter, dubbed “The
            Laurie + Beatrice Brace                                              Fermenator”.
                                         Moved: Mark Davies
            Russell Webber
                                         Seconded: John Thorpe                   Peter has kindly supplied some
            Ken Wieden
                                                 ————————                        pictures and the following technical
            ————————                                                             data:
                                         General Business: Due to the new
Members Present: recorded by                                                     Construction:    304 stainless steel
                                         QABC judging on the 20th
treasurer. See treasurer's book.
                                         September we need to move the           Shape:           120 degree conical
            ————————                     date of the Oktoberfest function,       Capacity:        90 litres
                                         Saturday 4th of October was
Visitors:     Brad Gould                 proposed by the committee,              Temp. Control:   Mash      Master   PID
              Kevin Yates                                                                         electronic control and
                                         members agreed, none opposed.                            200mm bi-metal probe
              Johan van der Walt                                                                  thermometer
              Matt Pratt                         ————————
                                                                                 Cooling:         Custom made evaporator
            ————————                     General Business: Ross Kenrick                           matched to a Kirby
                                         has proposed a discount to members                       refrigerated condensing
New members: Geoff Tewierik              through his Craftbrewer website.                         unit
             Chris Moss                  He will pass on a discount of 10% --    Plumbing:        3/8" S/Steel kegging valve
            ————————                     5% goes to the club and 5% to the                        and 1/2" S/Steel drain
                                         purchaser. Goods may be picked up                        valve plus a 170mm man
Inward correspondence: Update                                                                     hole
                                         at monthly meetings – providing at
from PUBS German club trip               least 24 hours notice is given, or
(12/04/08), Lyall Cottam requested an    orders may be sent through the post.
indication of numbers to book seating
for dinner - approx 12 responded.        Members were asked their opinions,
                                         responded unanimously in support.
                                         Ross advised anyone wishing to
Inward correspondence: Received a        participate to register with the
thank you card from Beatrice Brace,      Craftbrewer website and email him
thanking BABB's for our support.         for the discount to take effect.
            ————————                     Please note the club store will still
Inward correspondence: “Beer and         continue to operate.
Brewer” magazine are featuring                   ————————
David Cryer from Cryer Malts as a
guest during May, any interested to      General Business: Michael
contact committee for further details.   Mowbray announced that he will be
                                         brewing this Sunday (2nd March)
            ————————                     and has welcomed anyone wishing
Inward correspondence: The               to observe/help to come along.
QAAWBG AGM minutes were                  Contact Michael for further details.
summarised, anyone interested in                 ————————
further details to contact
                                         General Business: The mini comp
                                         scoring system has changed slightly.
            ————————                     When there is a split at the table
                                         when awarding points for individual
Outward correspondence: none
                                         categories/parameters, half points
            ————————                     may only be used to break ties. Note
                                         that half points are not to be
Business arising from                    awarded indiscriminately.
correspondence: none
                                         Meeting Closed: 8:26PM

BABB's News                                         March 2008                                                          Page 2
  Eight Healthy Reasons to                                                           Adults over age 65 who drank one to
                                                                                     six alcoholic beverages over the
         Drink Beer                                                                  course of the week turned out to have
                                                                                     a lower risk of dementia than non-
Alison van Dusen,, 17/03/2008
                                                                                     drinkers    or   heavier    drinkers,
Looking for a good excuse to tip back                                                according to a 2003 study published
a beer?                                                                              in the Journal of the American
                                                                                     Medical Association. Likewise, a
You don't have to wait for St.
                                                                                     2006 report that appeared in an
Patrick's Day. That's because a
                                                                                     American Heart Association journal
decade's worth of health research
                                                                                     showed that a drink or two a day
shows that regular, moderate beer
                                                                                     might be linked to better cognitive
intake -- one to two 12 ounce glasses
                                                                                     function in women.
per day for men and one for women --
can be good for you, especially if                                                   Of course, beer isn't good for
you're facing some of the most                                                       everyone. Other studies have shown
common diseases related to aging.                                                    that consuming two or more glasses
                                                                                     of alcohol a day may increase a
Experts say wine tends to get most of
                                                                                     woman's risk of breast cancer, and
the attention when it comes to the
                                            Alcohol,     including     beer,    in   few medical experts will suggest that
health benefits of alcohol primarily
                                            moderation raises high-density           a non-drinker take up the habit just
because of the French paradox, a
                                            lipoprotein or HDL, known as good        for the health benefits, when exercise
reference to the relatively low rate of
                                            cholesterol, says Dr. R. Curtis          and a good diet can produce similar
heart disease in France in spite of a
                                            Ellison, chief of the section of         benefits.
diet high in saturated fat.
                                            preventive        medicine        and    And Bamforth says he's not so sure
But a number of studies are showing         epidemiology and professor of            that the growing selection of organic
that moderate consumption of                medicine and public health at the        beers, those that don't contain sulfites,
alcohol, including beer, can have           Boston University School of              chemical preservatives and are made
similar     heart    healthy     effects,   Medicine. It also appears to have a      with mostly, if not all, organic
including making men 30 to 35% less         favorable effect on the lining of        ingredients, or beers flavored with
likely to have a heart attack than those    blood vessels, making them less          antioxidant-laden super-fruits will
who abstain.                                likely to form a clot or for a clot to   have much of a health impact. It's the
"Wine is still on moral high ground,"       rupture and plug an artery, and may      alcohol content, as well as vitamins
says Charlie Bamforth, chair and            help protect against Type 2              and minerals, in beer that has proved
professor of the department of food         diabetes.                                to make a difference.
science and technology at the               "People should realize that a little     More     important,    he      doesn't
University of California, Davis, "but       bit of alcohol on a regular basis        recommend that people think of beer
beer deserves just the same                 decreases the risks of aging," says      as medicine. Beer is something to
acclamation."                               Ellison,    who    specializes    in     enjoy, he says. Just don't feel guilty
Interest in the health effects of beer      researching, among other things, the     about indulging.
has been growing over the past eight        relationship between moderate
                                            alcohol consumption and chronic          "In moderation," Bamforth says, "it's
to ten years in tandem with a rise in
                                            diseases.                                part of a wholesome diet."
the popularity of craft beers--usually
defined as products of brewers who          And earlier this month researchers
make fewer than 2 million barrels a         at the National Institutes of Health
year, says Nancy Tringali Piho, a           released a study showing that
spokeswoman for the National Beer           frequent drinking in moderation
Wholesalers Association.                    may protect men from death due to
Unlike many mass-produced beers,            cardiovascular disease. Men who
craft beers tend to be brewed with a        reported drinking 120 to 365 days a
focus on flavour, appearance and            year     had     a     20%     lower
aroma. Their appeal has attracted an        cardiovascular death rate than those
upscale audience that's curious about       who drank one to 36 days a year.
the beverage and how it compares            Overdoing it, however, can have the
with wine health-wise.                      opposite effect. Men who knocked
                                            back five or more drinks when they
The news is good, particularly for          did indulge had a 30% greater risk
baby boomers, many of whom are              for death via heart disease.
dealing with obesity and high blood
pressure, a major risk factor for heart     Beer may also give your brain a
disease and stroke.                         boost.

BABB's News                                             March 2008                                                    Page 3
   Green Beer, Green Hats                                                   Yeast Bank
      and....a day off?, 16 March 2008.

The campaign for the Candian
province of British Columbia to have         The following yeast strains are currently available in the club's yeast bank:
a St. Patrick's Day statutory holiday
was brewing Sunday at Vancouver's                 •    Belgian Ale Blend                •    Hefeweizen IV
fifth annual St. Patrick's Day parade.            •    Belgian Wit                      •    Irish Ale
                                                  •    California Ale                   •    London Ale
Newfoundland is a province that goes              •    Düsseldorf Alt                   •    Burton Ale
further than just wearing green                   •    Edinburgh Ale                    •    Super High Gravity
clothes and drinking green beer on                •    English Ale                      •    San Francisco Lager
March 17th -- there, it's a full day off.         •    German Lager                     •    Hefeweizen Ale

"It's been about three or four years         Orders can be placed by email to for
now that they've been trying to get          collection at the following club meeting. The same address can also be
everybody to vote that the 17th of           used to arrange donations of new strains to the yeast bank.
March should be a public holiday,"           Up-to-date information can be found on the club website.
said Matt Hawes, the manager of
Doolin's Pub downtown. "I'm all in
favour."                                                                             University Biological Sciences, also
                                               Idaho microbrewery to
The idea made many people green                                                      makes beer in his garage. Jim
with envy at the St. Patrick's Day
                                              offer beer at 1933 prices              Lowden, a reactor operator at Idaho
festivities, lining Granville Street,                                                National Laboratory, assists.
                                            The Oregonian, 17 March 2008.
Smythe Street and Howe Street as a                                                   Last week, the amount of beer they
parade wound its way through                POCATELLO, IDAHO -- The only
                                                                                     have brewed reached 400 gallons,
downtown.                                   microbrewery in this Idaho town
                                                                                     including the most recent 20 gallons
                                            plans to sell beer at 1933 prices.
"I think Vancouver's got a lot of                                                    of stout and India Pale Ale.
catching up to do," said one                It's only for a day, April 7, and it
                                                                                     "Most of the time we make a party
festivalgoer to CTV News.                   marks      what     craft   brewers
                                                                                     out of it," said Swenson. "When I'm
                                            throughout the county call "Brew
The true story of St. Patrick's day isn't                                            too lazy to brew, he'll call me and
                                            Year's Eve."
all green beer and four-leaf clovers.                                                harass me, or I'll call him."
Born to a wealthy British family in         It was on that day in 1933 that
                                                                                     They use the open-air fermentation
the 4th century, St. Patrick was            President Franklin D. Roosevelt
                                                                                     method, allowing the fermentation to
kidnapped by pirates at the age of 16       persuaded Congress to amend the
                                                                                     take place the first few days in kegs
and sold into slavery in Ireland.           Volstead Act, which prohibited the
                                                                                     with the tops cut off.
                                            manufacture, sale and transportation
He escaped to France, studied under         of alcoholic beverages.                  "All the great breweries do it,"
St. Germain and then returned to                                                     Swenson told the Idaho State Journal.
Ireland where he began converting           Portneuf Valley Brewing plans to
many people to Christianity.                mark the date by selling a 9 ounce       Home brewing, Lowden said, results
                                            glass of Ligertown Lager for 10          in a special product. "I always equate
St. Patrick used the three-leaf clover      cents, compared with the usual cost      home-brewing to if you go to
to explain the difficult concept of how     of about $2.                             Grandma's house and she's got a loaf
the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit could                                               of bread, and you flip it over and put
coexist as one entity. That's why the       Another milestone for brewers was
                                                                                     butter on it," he said. "That always
shamrock is a symbol for the day,           reached in 1979 when President
                                                                                     tastes so much better than if you go
although it has since morphed into a        Jimmy Carter signed a bill repealing
                                                                                     down to the store and just buy a
four-leaf clover.                           the federal ban on home brewing. A
                                                                                     generic loaf of white bread."
                                            Pocatello business called the
Other elements have come to be              Grapevine sells equipment to home
included in St. Patrick's Day as well --    brewers.
including leprechauns, parades, and
"kiss me, I'm Irish" shirts.                "This is good brewing weather,"
                                            said manager Jeff Smith. "You've
"It's an excuse to party and get            got steady temperatures in your
dressed up and be silly and celebrate       basement, and the furnace doesn't
good times, good people, and good           kick off."
life," another person at the festival
told CTV News.                              Michael Swenson, besides being a
                                            microbiologist   and     research
                                            associate   with   Idaho    State

BABB's News                                              March 2008                                                  Page 4
      Boffins may develop                                        Beer Can Furniture
      cancer-fighting beer                 In August 1936, Science and Mechanics magazine ran a little feature (with
The West Australian, 14 January 2008.      photo supplied by Pabst!) of this handsome beer-can table made from 420
                                           soldered-together cans, created by Bernard Dier of Chicago.
Researchers in Germany say that a
cancer-fighting substance found in         Of course, in 1936 beer cans were made from tin-plated steel, which could
hops could be enhanced to brew a           be soldered fairly easily. Today's aluminium cans are not as strong or as
special anti-cancer beer.                  easily welded.
The discovery could lead to healthier
beers and food supplements.
One day when you hold up a glass
and say, "To your health," you would
actually be toasting a triumph of the
brewer's art over disease.
The preliminary studies indicate
xanthohumol, found in hops, inhibits
a family of enzymes that can trigger
the cancer process, as well as help the
body detoxify carcinogens, according
to the science newswire Ivanhoe.
"It's very healthy. I think the
ingredients in the beer are very
good," says Dr Werner Back, a
brewing technology expert at the
Technical University of Munich.
Xanthohumol contains more powerful
antioxidants than vitamin E and some
studies indicate it helps reduce
oxidation of bad cholesterol, the
                                          But don't toast your health too soon.       Mini-comp #1 Results
newswire reported.
                                          The German researchers warn that it
"Xanthohumol has been shown to be         would take 60 regular beers to equal    The first mini-comp of 2008, for
a very active substance against           the amount of xanthohumol               Bitters and Pale Ales, received a total
cancer," says Dr Markus Herrmann,         researchers are able to brew in this    of 22 entries. The top five placing
also of Munich. "It comes in small        one beer.                               entries are shown in the table below.
sticky beads, which you find within
                                          That's why scientists are now           The next mini-comp, for Brown Ale,
the hops."
                                          working on ways to give all beers       Dark Ale and Porter, will be held at
Hops have always been known to            higher levels of Xanthohumol, and       the April meeting.
possess medicinal properties and are      even find ways to add it to other
used in herbal medicines as a muscle      foods, like chocolate.                   Place          Name             Pts
relaxant. Other compounds found in                                                   1     Bill Gofton              23
                                          And they say, just like chocolate -
hops are potent phytoestrogens.
                                          the darker the beer, the better it is      2     M. van den Bergh         22
Scientists say these compounds could
                                          for you.
ultimately    help    prevent   post-                                                3     Harry Roberts            19
menopausal       hot   flashes   and
osteoporosis.                                                                        3     Chad Smith               19
Xanthohumol shuts down enzymes                                                       3     Jye Smith                19
called cytochromes P-4; they can
activate the cancer process. It also
helps the body detoxify carcinogens,
stopping tumour growth at an early
Preliminary studies at Oregon State
University show that xanthohumol
can kill breast, colon, ovarian, and
prostate cancers, the newswire

BABB's News                                          March 2008                                                  Page 5
Do You Have the Patience to                Look for a cork or the phrase               Aussie brewery produces
                                           "bottle conditioned." If it's cork-
     Age Your Beers?                       finished, chances are the bottle is an            'green' beer
                                           ager. I'll just say "cork" usually
Maggie Dutton, Seattle Weekly, 23/01/08.                                  , 5 March 2008.
                                           means "craft beer" usually means
It's official: I now have more bottles     "not-so-sterile filtering," meaning      Feeling green after drinking alcohol
of beer in my cellar than I do wine. It    the brewer left some good yeasty         has taken on a new meaning in
all started when I found a forgotten       bits in the bottle. Just like fine       Australia with a brewer launching a
case of Anderson Valley Brewing            champagne, these little bits will        beer that it says helps fight global
Company's winter seasonal ale buried       continue to change the beer's            warming.
under my Rhône reds. The beer dated        flavour     over     time.    Bottle-
                                                                                    All the greenhouse gases produced
back at least two years, and I couldn't    conditioned beers are beers meant
                                                                                    through the life of a Cascade Green,
even remember buying it. When I            to finish developing in the bottle
                                                                                    from the picking of the hops to the
popped one open, I was hit with a          and absolutely have the required
                                                                                    empty bottle landing in the recycling
tawny port aroma that smelled like         yeasty bits to make for wonderful
                                                                                    bin, have been offset, the company
figs on fire, along with a scent of        aging.
graham crackers so pure, my inner 5-
                                           Avoid pasteurized beers. Lagers and
year-old gasped. I had liked the beer,                                              This is done by purchasing certified
                                           pilsners are the root of our freshness
but never this much.                                                                carbon offsets from the government-
                                           obsession because once bottled,
                                                                                    accredited Hobart Landfill Flare
I knew in theory that some beers           they have gone as far as they'll go
                                                                                    Facility, which captures and recycles
could age well, but let's just say I       tastewise, except downhill. Not that
                                                                                    gases, in Tasmania, where the
never had the patience to practice.        there's anything wrong with
                                                                                    Fosters-owned Cascade brewery is
Bee in bonnet, I went out and bought       pasteurized beers—they're just a
multiple bottles of my favourite rich      different kind of animal. In general,
ales to stow and check for similar         darker, richer beers have the best       Cascade Green's marketing manager
results.                                   odds of aging.                           Ben Summons said all of the carbon
                                                                                    offset costs of the new beer will be
What I found was that aging beer           Age beer just like wine, only not as
                                                                                    absorbed by the company and will not
takes the edge off carbonation and         long. As with wine, keep beer at a
                                                                                    be passed on to consumers.
hops, rounds out sharp corners, and        constant, cool temperature. A dry
deepens flavours. For the majority of      Northwestern basement is still the       The beer, which is also low
beer, however, fresher is better. That's   world's best free wine cellar. A wine    carbohydrate and is classified as a
why the giant breweries tout concepts      might age as gracefully—and for as       "premium" beer, will sell for $17.99
like "born-on dating". Dating the time     long—as Sean Connery, but beer?          for a six-pack of 330ml bottles.
of bottling appeals to our shrink-         Not so much. As little as six to eight
wrapped culture, obsessed with             months can bring an entire new           "Innovation plays a very important
maintaining      the   freshness     of    world of aroma and flavour to a          role for growth within the premium
everything. But as with cheese,            craft brew, while many great wines       beer market," said Summons.
champagne, or anything fermented           suited for aging take at least five      "Cascade Green is a great example of
with yeast, beer is alive. Foodstuffs      years to come around. Only a few         innovation that taps into consumer
that are alive can evolve, but the cool    rare beers, such as very high-           trends but also from a Cascade
thing about aging beer is that some of     alcohol strong ales or barley wines,     perspective it's a natural evolution for
these bad boys need less than a year       will age well past five years.           us."
to grow into something special.
                                           Incidentally, that case of Anderson              Drinking Wisdom
To go about picking beer for aging,        Valley only cost half as much as
follow these simple guidelines:            one bottle of my Châteauneuf du          "Beer is proof that God loves us and
                                           Pape. At those prices, any man can       wants us to be happy." -- Benjamin
There's no time like winter. Many
                                           afford a cellar of majesty, if he        Franklin.
domestic breweries put out winter
                                           sticks to humble beer.
seasonals, and these ales rely heavily                                              "Not all chemicals are bad. Without
on malt and usually possess a light                                                 chemicals such as hydrogen and
sweetness. Sugar helps beer age, since                                              oxygen, for example, there would be
it feeds the yeasts that cause the                                                  no way to make water, a vital
yummy changes, and malt contributes                                                 ingredient in beer." -- Dave Barry.
the most to the rich, sumptuous tones
of a well-aged beer. Winter beers also                                              "24 hours in a day... 24 beers in a
carry extra alcohol, another factor                                                 case... coincidence?" -- Stephen
that boosts and expands a beer's                                                    Wright.
profile when it ages. If you're looking
for age-worthy beers, shoot for more
than 7 percent alcohol by volume.

BABB's News                                            March 2008                                                   Page 6

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