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HANDS–ON SERIES _field guides to ecosystems_ Price No. Cost


									 HANDS–ON SERIES                                   Price   No.   Cost   EE AND OBE RESO URCES                                          TEACHERS’ GUIDES                                       Price        No   Cost
(field guides to ecosystems)
                                                                        A Year of Special Days 2010                       16.50        □ Soil is Life! □ Water is Life! □ Forest Fun          22.00
Stream and Pond Life                               16.50                                                                               □ The Greenhouse Effect □ Arbor Day (tick box)         each
                                                                        Eco-Schools Toolkit                               60.00        Creative Encounters (hands-on activities)              16.50
Soil and Compost Life                              16.50
                                                                        Enviro Clubs Action Pack                          22.00        Creative Encounters of the Nocturnal Kind              16.50
Grassland Life                                     16.50
                                                                        Environment and Methods (EE Trends)               13.50        Making Meaning – trail tips                            16.50
Common Household Life                              16.50
                                                                        Methods, Activities and Theories for EE Centres   22.00        Puzzling Climate Change: A start-up pack of            50.00
A Forest Community                                 16.50                                                                               pictures
                                                                        Env., Dev., and EE (EEPI)                         16.50                                                               22.00
Life Around a Waterhole                            16.50                                                                               Learning to Grow, Umthathi □1 □2 □3
                                                                        Developing Curriculum Frameworks                  30.00
East Coast Rocky Shores                            16.50                                                                               Taxonomy and Classification… the backbone to
                                                                        Enabling EE: Guidelines for EE Policy and                                                                             16.50
                                                                                                                          27.50        biodiversity knowledge
East Coast Estuaries and Mangroves                 16.50                Strategy Processes in the SADC countries                       Action Magazine (Learner & Teacher pack)               25.00 for
                                                                        Supporting Adult Learning and Tutoring                         includes Growing Up; Living Deserts; Soil; A           set of 10
East Coast Reefs                                   16.50                                                                  30.00
                                                                        (Source Book 2)                                                Clean and Beautiful Environment; and Animals           magazines
                                                                        Course Materials Development for Adult                         in Action + Deserts poster                             and poster
East Coast Dune Plants                             13.50                                                                  30.00
                                                                        Learning (Source Book 3)                                       Ideas for energy projects: promoting a                 33.00
East Coast Sandy Shores                            16.50                Development, Adaptation & Use of Learning                      sustainable lifestyle
                                                                        Support Materials (Source Book 4)                              Energy for keeps (How to do a project on
Vlei and Marsh Wetlands                            16.50                                                                                                                                      33.00
                                                                        Course evaluation in adult education                           renewable energy for the senior primary grades)
Schoolyard Life                                    16.50                programmes (Source Book 5)                                     Hadeda Island Curriculum Pack for Foundation           125.00
                                                                        Env. and Active Learning in OBE (NEEP)            16.50        & Intermediate Phase learners
Fynbos Life                                        16.50                                                                               Fat plants & thin plants: A learning resource
                                                                        Positioning southern African EE in a changing                  booklet for the succulent Klein Karoo (please          16.50
BEGINNERS GUIDES                                                                                                          27.50
                                                                        context                                                        tick) □ English □ Afrikaans
Common Freshwater Fishes of Natal                  16.50                EE, ethics & action: a workbook to get started    30.00        People, biodiversity patterns & ecological
                                                                                                                                       processes: A learning resource booklet for the         16.50
Some Common Spiders                                13.50
                                                                        Enabling EE Processes in Teacher Education        27.50        succulent Klein Karoo □ English □ Afrikaans
Highveld Spiders                                   16.50                                                                               Waste Education in Schools: A resource pack            42.00 per
                                                                                                                                       containing units of work for active e arning through
Common Marine Fish                                 16.50                Env. learning in the foundation phase             30.00        OBE □ Foundation □ Intermediate □ Senior               pack
Dragonflies and Damselflies                        13.50                                                                               Waste Resource Pack                                    22.00
                                                                        Lesson planning for a healthy env. (NEEP)         30.00
Some Common Trees of the Okavango                  13.50                                                                               Support materials for rural health & sanitation        60.00
                                                                        Stories of Change 1: Action research case
Trees of the Umgeni Valley                         16.50                                                                  30.00        The Organic Classroom: foundation phase
                                                                        studies (NEEP)                                                                                                        25.00
                                                                                                                                       teacher resource material
Some Common Waterbirds                             13.50                Stories of Change 2: most significant change      13.50        “ Wild about Birds” Pack                               80.00
                                                                        experiences (NEEP)
Common Butterflies                                 16.50
                                                                                                                                       Science on Sea Grades 7-12. Educator’s
                                                                        Cluster-based approaches to prof. dev. (NEEP)     16.50                                                               27.50
Seaweeds (Algae)                                   13.50                                                                               resource for physical and natural sciences
Ferns of Ferncliffe: a rambler’s guide             16.50                Learners, learning and teacher-learner                         The Treasure Chest: an educator’s guide                33.00
                                                                        relationships (NEEP)
Flowers of the KZN midlands grasslands             16.50                                                                               Underwater Reefs: Educator’s Guide                     33.00
                                                                        Learning & teaching support materials & their     16.50        Nutrition in schools: a teacher’s guide                22.00
Owls                                               16.50                use (NEEP)
                                                                        Guidelines for developing environmental           22.00        Water lesson plans (A4 photocopie s): Grades □R        27.50 (R10
Common Orchids (KZN Drakensberg)                   16.50                                                                               □1 □2 □3 □4 □5 □6 □7 □8 □9 □10 □11 □12                 extra for
                                                                        learning & teaching support materials (NEEP)                                                                          each add.
                                                                                                                                       (tick 2 boxes) + an environmental magazine on
Equip. for Measuring Weather Conditions            16.50                                                                  16.50        WATER                                                  pack)
                                                                        Developing prof. dev. portfolios (NEEP)
                                                                                                                                       Handprint Resource Books: Action Towards
Guidebook to Lesotho’s Fauna: Amphibians           16.50                Partnerships to support env. learning (NEEP)      16.50        Sustainability □ Creative Garden Design □ The
                                                                                                                                       Buzz on Honeybee Economics □ Recycling,
Guidebook to Lesotho’s Fauna: Reptiles             16.50                Teacher Education Workbook for Environment                     Waste Reductio n and Creative Re-Use □ Have
                                                                                                                          □ Book R25
                                                                        & Sustainability Education (Eureta Rosenberg      □ CD R30     you Sequestrated your Carbon? □ Worming                20.00 per
Guidebook to Lesotho’s Fauna: Fish                 13.50
                                                                        for C.A.P.E.)                                     □ Book &     Waste □ The Secret of a Spring □ Did you Grow          book
An Introduction to the larger mammals of Namibia   16.50                                                                  CD R45       your Greens? □ The Secret of the Disappearin g
                                                                                                                                       River □ Reusing Shower and Bath Water □
Marine Reptile Life of southern Africa             13.50                Monograph (NEEP)                                  30.00        Clearin g Invasive Weeds □ Growing Mother-tree
                                                                                                                                       Seedlings □ Rooibos: a Biodiversity Economy at
                                                                                                                                       Risk (tick box/es)
ACTION S ERIES                                               INDIGENO US KNO WLEDGE                                              EDUCAT ION FO R SUST AINABLE
28 Alien Plant Invaders in KZN                       16.50   IK EEASA Monograph 3 (1999) – papers,                          DEVELOPMENT (ESD) – SADC PUBLICATIO NS
                                                             articles and stories from southern Africa                    History and Context of ESD in Southern Africa:
Eradicating Invading Alien Plants (KZN)              16.50   IK Handbooks: 1. IK systems in EE within            25.00    Supporting participation in the UN Decade of
                                                             communities in southern Africa                                                                                 30.00
Management & Control of Invasive Alien plants        16.50                                                                Education for Sustainable Development (
                                                             2. Schools within the community                     25.00    Report 1)
Hack Attack Pack                                     8.00                                                                 Partnerships, Networking & ESD in Southern
                                                             Soil conservation thru’ IK practices in Swaziland   13.50    Africa: Supporting participation in the UN
Grasslands: a threatened life-support system         16.50                                                                                                                  30.00
                                                             Tales of Indigenous Trees of Zimbabwe               13.50    Decade of Education for Sustainable
Riverine Vegetation in Natal                         16.50                                                                Development (Report 2)
Health Gardening                                     16.50   Collection of IK perspectives – Tanzania            13.50    ESD Practice in Southern Africa: Supporting
                                                             Trees, Goats & Spirits; Grain Storage; Beer,                 participation in the UN Decade of Education for   30.00
Growing iNcema                                       16.50                                                       13.50
                                                             Ants & Ancestors: Sweet Water – 4 stories                    Sustainable Development (Report 3)
Knowing and Growing Muthi Plants                     16.50                                                                Policy Support for ESD in Southern Africa:
                                                             OTHER RESO URCES                                             Supporting participation in the UN Decade of
Greening the KZN Midlands                            20.00                                                                                                                  30.00
                                                             Enviro Fact Sheets: Set of 60                       44.00    Education for Sustainable Development
Greening the KZN Coast                                                                                                    (Report 4)
□ English □ Zulu (tick box)                          20.00
                                                             The SA School guide for prod. a SOE Report          13.50
Greening SA Schools: Teacher support pack                                                                                 ZULU-ENGLISH field guides
                                                     48.50   State of the Environment in SA for schools          16.50                                                      Price   No.        Cost
                                                                                                                          (short supplements)
(Indigenous Gardening)
How To Series: 8 instruction sheets for practical            Climate Change Magazine for 6-14 year olds          18.00
projects, e.g. trench gardens                        16.50                                                                Grassland life/Utshani; Stream and Pond/ Impilo
                                                             Sustainable Development for Durban                  16.50                                                      20.00
                                                                                                                          yasemanzini; Soil and Compost/ Umhlabathi
Sustainable Urban Greening Strategies                20.00   Household Environmental Management                  16.50    nomquba; Forest/Umphakati wezitshalo zehlati
How to set up and run a community nursery            20.00   Interactive Drama for Env. Educators                16.50    TOTAL
The Greening booklet all about trees                 20.00   Bridging the Gap – a handbook with ideas and        16.50
                                                             activities for environmental interpretation
The Landcare Permaculture booklet                    20.00
                                                                                                                          All prices are inclusive of postage (ex cept outside South Africa) Please
                                                             A Quiet Time – creative solitaire writing           16.50    send this order PLUS payment (cheque or postal order) t o:
Introduction to veldcare (Series no. 1)                                                                                   WESSA Share-Net                               Tel: (033) 330 3931 ex t 124
                                                     27.50   Remnants – poems by J. Roff & T. Wright             16.50
□ English □ Zulu (tick box)
                                                             A Sense of Wonderful – poems by J. Roff             16.50
                                                                                                                          PO Box 394                                    Fax (033) 330 4576
WATER QUALITY RESO URCES                                                                                                  Howick 3290   or
                                                             A tale of our tree world                            16.50
Mini- SASS sheets (set of 5)                         10.00                                                                Name …………………………………………………………………….
                                                             Eco-Puzzles: Set of 5 ecosystems                    16.50
SWAP Starter Kit                                     22.00
                                                             The AIDS Healers                                    18.00    Address ………………………………………………………………….
Water supply services in KwaZulu-Natal: an           16.50
overview of legislation                                      Dictionary of Popularly Traded Plants in SA         18.00
Water Quality monitoring in southern Africa          16.50                                                                Tel ……………………………………Fax .…………………………......
                                                             E-Info CD (Enviro Facts & Hands-On booklets)        55.00
Wetlands and People                                  16.50   E-Info Box                                          265.00   Order Number (if applicable) ……………………………………………
How Wet is a Wetland?                                16.50   WOW Poster                                          10.00
                                                                                                                          (N.B. Organisations that will pay on invoice MUST supply an order
                                                             EcoFootprint Game (board game of 13                          A cheque/postal order for R ………………….. is enclosed.
Peatlands of South Africa                            16.50                                                       22.00
                                                             questions presenting lifestyle choices)
Wetlands Pack                                        55.00   African Ecological Footprint Challenge              132.00   For dir ect deposits – our bank details ar e as follows:
                                                             Eco Office Kit                                      85.00    First National Bank, Howick Branch, Branch No: 220725
ENVIRO-PICTURE BUILDING GAMES/PUZZLES                                                                                     Account No: 62077754911
                                                             SA’s Threatened Invertebrates                       16.50
Games □ Farm □ Urban Jungle                                                                                               Account Name: WESSA: Share-Net
□ Mountains, Catchments and People                   62.00   Eating for the Earth: A selection of vegetarian              Ref: Your invoice number
□ Reserves & Neighbours (Tick box)                           recipes                                                      (please fax the deposit slip to us with your contact details & or der )
Karoo Life (different facets of life in the Karoo)   75.00   Action Bingo                                        22.00
Puzzles □ Urban Jungle □ Reserves &                                                                                       Please note: Resources will only be sent on confir mation of
Neighbours □ Catchment & Coast □ Farm                                                                                     payment.
Red Board (pocket chart)                             62.00

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