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					                                 Warnica Public School
                         Administrative Team – Mr. Glenn Conduit, Principal
                                  & Mr. Ian Strath, Vice-Principal
                       Office Team: Mrs. Deb Walker & Mrs. Amanda Morgan

                                             Newsletter #2
                                              October 27, 2010
                                   “Believe in the Power of You and I”

            PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                                            INSTRUCTIONAL DAY

                            We have had an exciting          8:55           Assembly Bell
                                                             9:00           Instructional Bell
                            and eventful first two           9:00-9:50      O Canada/Announcements/Period 1 (55
                            months of the school year.                      mins.)
                            Our students have been           9:50-10:40     Period 2 (45 mins.)
                            successfully involved in         10:40-11:00    Nutritional Break #1 (20 mins.)
                                                             11:00-11:25    Fitness Break #1 (25 mins.)
                            many events including;
                                                             11:25-12.15    Period 3 (50 mins.)
                            cross-country, at both the       12:15-1:05     Period 4 (50 mins.)
zone and area levels, flag football at the zone and          1:05-1:25      Nutritional Break #2 (20 mins.)
area levels, and currently our Intermediate Girls            1:25-1:50      Fitness Break #2 (25 mins.)
Basketball, Junior Girls and Junior & Intermediate           1:50-2:40      Period 5 (50 mins.)
                                                             2:40-3:30      Period 6 (50 mins.)
Boys Volleyball teams are busy preparing for their           3:30           Dismissal Bell
upcoming tournaments.
Over 50 Warnica students from Grades 3 through 8
                                                                            BREAKFAST CLUB
competed in the Caribou Math Contest with several
placing in the top 10% across Canada! Way to go
                                                                                   We are in desperate need of
                                                                                   Breakfast Club Volunteers.
Our Drum Group and Choirs have begun and we are
                                                                                   This club runs from 8:30 to
looking forward to seeing (and hearing) them
                                                                                   9:00 daily in room 121. We
                                                                                   offer yogurt, toast, juice, milk
We have elected a new Student Council for the 2010
                                                                                   and fruit for children who
– 2011 school year, and congratulations to Emmett
                                                             have missed breakfast at home or would like some
Bisbee and Jake Yates who were elected as co-
Our Kindergarten students have made a visit to Pine
Farm to visit the orchard and the all of our primary               TERRY FOX 30TH ANNIVERSARY
students went to hear the Sharon and Bram concert.                         SCHOOL RUN
Our Junior and Intermediate students will be
attending two performances, „A Small Act‟ and „I             On Thursday, September 30, Warnica staff and
Bought a Rainforest‟ at the Barrie Film Festival on          students ran several laps on a short course around
Thursday, October 28th                                       the schoolyard perimeter. We enjoyed the
Thank-you to our dedicated staff who by giving               opportunity to reflect on Terry‟s amazing life and
generously of their time have provided these                 legacy. His cross Canada "Marathon of Hope" was cut
opportunities for our students.                              short in September 30 years ago. What an example
A reminder that as winter approaches to ensure that          of courage. Students contributed toonies to his
children are dressed for the weather.                        legacy fund for cancer research. In total we raised

over $900 in support of cancer research. Thank-you        living is the practice of health enhancing behaviours,
Mrs. Northcote & Mrs. Williams for organizing this        or put simply, living in healthy ways. It implies the
event.                                                    physical, mental and spiritual capacity to make
                                                          healthy choices.
            THE GOOD FOOD BOX
                                                          Healthy Choice – Be Active!
                        Warnica is again this year
                        offering a once a month Good      What are the benefits of physical activity for
                        Food Box programme from the       children and youth?
                        Barrie Community Health
                        Centre. Once a month families     Physical activity is essential for healthy growth and
                        are invited to submit an order    development. Regular physical activity in childhood
for either a small or large box of fresh fruit and        develops cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility
vegetables. When possible, the produce is locally         and bone density. For example, 35 to 40 per cent of a
grown and produced. A small is $10 and large is $15.      person's total bone mass is laid down in four years of
The value at the grocery store would be $5-10 more        adolescence.
than these prices. Forms are available in the office      Physical activity helps maintain a healthy body weight
and they need to be paid in cash please. You also need    and also has beneficial effects on adiposity in
to bring grocery bags and personally pick up the          overweight and obese youth, and on several
orders. Thank you.                                        components associated with mental health (self-
                                                          concept, anxiety and depression). Physical activity
The schedule until December is:                           helps reduce a number of risk factors for diseases
                                                          such as coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes
Order Deadline                       Pick-up Dates        by setting positive habits early on in childhood and
Tues Nov. 9                          Tues Nov 16          adolescence.
Tues Dec 14                           Tues Dec 21         Young people who are physically active are less likely
                                                          to use tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs.
Any questions please call Ms. Clark at Warnica (705)
722-3000                                                  How much activity do children need?

                                                          Canada's Physical Activity Guides for Children and
                  ZEHRS TAPES
                                                          Youth recommend that young Canadians build up their
                                                          activity levels every month until they are doing at
Please continue to drop your Zehrs Tapes off to the
                                                          least 90 minutes of activity each day.
office or to your child‟s teacher. The school just
received a cheque for $263.06 through the “Save-a-
                                                          The following tips will help you assist your children to
Tape” program. Thanks once again to Marg Benn who
                                                          achieve this goal:
tallies all the tapes on Warnica‟s behalf.
                                                               Use Health Canada's interactive physical
                                                                 activity magazines to educate your children
                 HEALTHY LIVING                                  and/or teenagers on the importance of daily
                                                                 physical activity as a vital part of staying
                      What is Healthy Living?
                                                                 healthy. (Free copies are available by calling 1-
                                                                 888-334-9769 or visiting
                      At a population level, healthy
                      living refers to the practices of
                                                               Provide them with regular opportunities to
                      population groups that are
                                                                 learn new skills and have fun with activities
                      consistent with supporting,
                                                                 like swimming, soccer, baseball, martial arts,
                      improving, maintaining and/or
                                                                 hiking, dancing, gymnastics, skiing, basketball,
enhancing health. As it applies to individuals, healthy
                                                                 skating, cycling, and tennis
    Encourage them to ride their bikes or walk to         EXTENDED FRENCH INFORMATION
    Balance the day with play -- physical activities   Dear Parents of Extended French Intermediate students,
     that are informal and unstructured --              There have been many questions surrounding the possible
     particularly for children and youth who tend       closure of Barrie Central Collegiate. As this is the high
     to shy away from competition                       school that Warnica Extended French graduates usually
    Offer a wide choice of activities beyond           attend, many have expressed a desire to keep up to date
                                                        with the decision making process.
     organized sports, for example, washing the
                                                        The Board website contains pertinent information
     car, walking the dog, planting a garden, playing
                                                        regarding this process. It states:
     tag, building a snowman, tobogganing,              The Simcoe County District School Board is undertaking a
     vacuuming the carpet, shoveling the driveway,      Pupil Accommodation Review to address enrolment,
     or sweeping the garage                             programming, and facility condition challenges.
    Be a positive role model by being active           All accommodation review areas face particular
     yourself                                           challenges regarding enrolment (either too few or too many
    Be a physically active family. Plan activities     students), the ability to deliver programming (splitting
     like hiking, cycling, walking, in-line or ice      grades or scheduling classes), and the condition of school
     skating                                            buildings (the need for repairs).
                                                        This review process enables the public to make informed
    Praise their choices of physical activities.
                                                        recommendations to the Board through volunteer
     Building their confidence is critical to success
                                                        Accommodation Review Committees (ARCs) whose
    Limit the "non-active" time your child or          membership includes parents/guardians, teachers,
     teenager spends sitting in front of the            principals, municipal, and business representatives.
     television, playing video games, or surfing the    Pupil Accommodation Reviews are conducted in accordance
     Internet                                           with Board policy 2313, Pupil Accommodation Review Policy,
    Explain to family caregivers that you expect       and the Ministry of Education Pupil Accommodation Review
     physical activity to be an important part of       Guidelines. The Ministry of Education has also produced a
     their daily routine and suggest some fun           guide to the administrative review of the accommodation
     activities that you know your kids enjoy
    Be an "active living" family -- one that
                                                        ARC 2010:02 consists of Barrie Central Collegiate
     subscribes to a way of life in which physical      Institute, Barrie North Collegiate Institute, Bear Creek
     activity is valued and integrated into daily       Secondary School, Eastview Secondary School,
     living                                             and Innisdale Secondary School.

Source                                                  Please be advised that no decision has been made, as of          yet, regarding Barrie Central Collegiate. The ARC
eng.php                                                 committee will be meeting regularly to discuss and assess
                                                        the situation. They will then make recommendations to the
Mrs. Jones                                              Simcoe County District School Board. In March, a vote will
                                                        take place and a decision will be made.
                                                        If you would like to receive information regarding the ARC
                       PETS                             meetings and public discussions, please consult the board
                                                        website at
                     This is a reminding to
                     parents/community members to                           VOLUNTEERS
                     please clean up after their pets
                     if they bring them onto school
                     property at any time of the
                                                                                    Please call the office if you
                                                                                    are able to help with the
Many thanks.
                                                                                    following programs which
                                                                                    are desperately seeking

    volunteers in order to operate: BREAKFAST CLUB                       YARD SUPERVISION
    PROGRAM, MILK AND POPCORN. Ideally if you
    are able to volunteer for one block of time a week      Please be aware that yard supervision begins at 8:45
    you could offer your assistance in several different    am when teachers go on duty. Please do not drop
    areas.                                                  your children off prior to 8:45 am. Similarly there is
                                                            NO yard supervision after 3:30 pm. Students must
                 LOST AND FOUND                             be picked up promptly at 3:30 pm.

                                                                            BUS REMINDERS

                                                                                 All four bus runs (#103, 115,
                                                                                 137 & 138) are scheduled again
    Please remember to check the lost and found for                              this year. The times remain the
    your child‟s missing items. Any left over clothing                           same: morning pick-up and
    will be donated. We make every effort to “reunite”                           afternoon departure. Buses
    missing clothing with its owner if the clothing has a                        leave Warnica at 3:40 pm. It is
    name written in it so please remember to label all      always wise to be at the bus stop a few minutes early
    clothing.                                               in the morning and again after school if you are
                                                            meeting your child at the bus stop.
                                                              RESPECTING DROP OFF AND PICK UP
The Safe Arrival Program is in place in elementary                        ZONES
schools to ensure that children arrive safely at
school each day. Please be advised that on days when        Please respect the “no stopping zone” at the front of
buses are cancelled due to inclement weather, calls         the school on Warnica Road. The pylons at the front
will not be made to families whose children ride            of the driveways are there to protect our students
school bus transportation. Families of those children       by preventing cars from entering the bus loading and
who walk to school are asked to report their child's        unloading zones. There should be no cars in the
absence to the school if they will not be in                driveway or parking lot during the morning arrival and
attendance. An effort will be made to call families of      afternoon dismissal of bus and walking students. The
walking or driven students who are not present, but         City of Barrie By-Law Department diligently enforces
on some days, given the number of absent students,          these rules. The circular driveway at the annex is an
this may be not possible. An answering machine is           excellent pick-up drop-off zone!
available to take your calls 24 hrs a day at (705)
722-3000.                                                          MEDICATION FOR STUDENTS

         Simcoe County District School Board                               Parents/guardians, at some point in
          website: The “weather                            the year, may request school
          zone” for Warnica Public School is CENTRAL.                       personnel to administer medication to
                                                                            a student. Please arrange to have your
     Radio stations B101 (101.1 FM-Barrie) and CHAY        doctor complete the required forms that are
      (93.1 FM-Barrie) will announce bus cancellations      available from the school office. School personnel
      daily between 7:00 am – 7:45 am. The “weather         are NOT permitted to administer any medication
      zone” for Warnica Public School is CENTRAL.           until the required forms are completed in compliance
                                                            with school board policy.

                   SAFE ARRIVAL                             the health unit requesting dates for immunization
                                                            record is not complete, you may receive a notice from
 It is our school policy to contact parents/guardians       the health unit requesting dates for immunization or
 of students who are marked absent without an               proof of a valid exemption. You will also be advised
 explanation. Parents/guardians are encouraged to           that your child may be suspended from school if the
 leave a message on the answering machine (722-             health unit does not receive this information. Please
 3000) between the hours of 4:00 pm to 8:00 am to           check to make sure that your child‟s immunization
 inform us in advance of their child‟s absence or           information is up-to-date and that the health unit has
 lateness.                                                  record of it. If you have any question or concerns,
                                                            please call Your Health Connection at (705) 721-7520
                      Safe Arrival                          or 1-877-721-7520. *** New this year – Parents
                                                            can now report their child‟s immunizations to the
                                                            health unit online at:

                                                                             MILK PROGRAM
                    (705) 722-3000
                                                                             Warnica Parents in Action are in need
                                                                             of a milk volunteer for approximately
PLEASE SIGN IN & PICK UP A VISITOR                                           20 minutes a day or on any day of the
                                                                             week Monday to Friday to help run
                                                                             the milk program. If you are able to
                                                            help out, please call 722-3000.
For the safety of all of our students we are
reminding all parents/guardians that they need to
sign in at theoffice and pick-up a visitor name tag             STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE
when entering the school. If you need to pick-up your
child during the school day, this should be done through
                                                            A Student Accident Insurance Application and a
the office. With the exception of assigned parent
volunteers, and scheduled meetings, in the interest of      Waiver of Student Insurance were sent home.
student safety, parents should not proceed beyond the       Student Accident insurance is not just for school. It
office. Students should be dropped off in the mornings      covers students at school, at the rink, on the soccer
and met at the end of the day in the playground and not     field and at home. Reliable Life Insurance Company
in the school. All our teachers would be glad to speak to
                                                            will continue to be the carrier for this year.
you over the phone or arrange an appointment.
Lunches, messages and forgotten items etc. may be left      Although district school boards cannot by legislation
at the main office and will be made available to students   provide student accident insurance, they can make it
at the next break.                                          available and promote it. This insurance is highly
                                                            beneficial as it provides inexpensive and extensive
      YOUR CHILD’S IMMUNIZATION                             coverage for students shielding families from
                RECORD!                                     financial hardships that can occur as a result of an
                                                            unexpected injury.
The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is required
by law to keep complete immunization records on             It is Board Policy that participation in extra
every school aged child in Simcoe County and the            curricular athletics or out-of-province or out-of-
                                                            country field trips now requires either the
District of Muskoka. Unfortunately the health unit
                                                            purchase of this insurance or a signed waiver
does not receive immunization information directly          (APPENDIX A) advising that the family has other
from doctor‟s office; it is the parent’s                    coverage or declines to this coverage. The Waiver
responsibility to give all immunization information         of Student Insurance Form (Appendix A) must be
to the health unit. If your child‟s immunization            returned by all students to the school by October
record is not complete, you may receive a notice from       29 ,2010.

To purchase insurance, complete the enrolment                          DATES TO REMEMBER
form and return it directly to Reliable Life
Insurance in the self-addressed envelope provided.             Friday, October 29th – Black & Orange Day and
It is very important to consider these insurance                Dance
options. Injuries can result in substantial expenses           November 1st to 5th – Student/Parent/Teacher
that are not covered by provincial or employer                  Interviews
group insurance plans. As a parent or guardian you             Friday, November 5 – Picture Retake Day
become responsible for these expenses.                         Friday, November 12th – Our New Interim
                                                                Progress Reports Go Home
           SCHOOL COUNCIL NEWS                                 Monday, November 22 – Elementary Professional
                                                                Activity Day
Our School Council Executive Members for the 2010-             Wednesday, November 24th – Kreative Urban
2011 school year are: Chair – Laura Harvey,                     Tribe presents „Mute‟ – Grades 4-8 in our gym
Treasurer – Norm Barette-Kelly, Co Secretaries –               Friday, December 3 – Gr. 7 Meningitis & Gr. 8
Andrea Hryciw and Catherine Lindegard. Our next                 HPV (Dose 2)
meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, November             Monday, December 20 to Friday, December 31
11th. All parents with students attending Warnica are           – Christmas Break
welcome. If you have any questions about school
council please give Mr. Conduit or Mr. Strath a call at
722- 3000.

     Equity and Inclusive Education Policy and

The Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) is
committed to an equitable education system that
upholds and reflects the principles of fair and inclusive
education. You may view the SCDSB's Equity and
Inclusive Education policies and procedures at (under the "Board Highlights" menu
tab). These procedures include a Religious
Accommodation Guideline which outlines individuals'
rights and responsibilities and emphasizes the board's
commitment to providing an environment that is inclusive
and free of barriers based on creed or religion. Please
contact your principal if you do not have access to the
Internet and wish to obtain copies of this policy and


                              Grade 8 Extended French
                                 Information Night
                              THURSDAY, NOVEMBER
                                      4, 2010

                                    Giuliana Potvin
                               Barrie Central Collegiate
                                  Languages Chair
                                705 726 1846 ext. 400


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