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                                           Success in Oregon

     Oregon Coast

Caring for Our
Coastal Habitats
                                           Western snowy plover habitat on the southern Oregon Coast. Photo by Kathleen
                                           Castelein/Oregon National Heritage Information Center.

The Coastal Program in Oregon              Oregon’s Scenic Coast                         Coastal Program Goals
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s       The Oregon Coast region consists of           The Oregon Coastal Program is
Coastal Program is a non-regulatory        320 miles of sandy and rocky shoreline        working to restore tidal wetlands
program that relies on partnership         and contains a wealth of habitats: sand       which have declined by more than 40
building to protect and restore            dunes, rock islands and headlands,            percent in fourteen of seventeen
wetland, riparian, and upland coastal      estuaries, streams, riparian wetlands,        coastal estuaries. These wetlands
habitats. Since its establishment in       wooded uplands, and remnant old               provide valuable habitat for waterfowl,
2002, the Coastal Program in Oregon        growth forests comprised of Sitka             shorebirds, raptors, small mammals,
has collaborated with Federal, State,      spruce and Western hemlock. These             amphibians, and anadromous fish.
tribal, and private partners to            habitats habor federally threatened
improve fish habitat, control invasive     and endangered species including the          One of the most valuable services of the
species, conduct habitat assessments,      western snowy plover, coho salmon,            Oregon Coastal Program is the ability to
and provide technical assistance. In       northern spotted owl, marbled                 provide resources and biological
addition, a variety of outreach and        murrelet, Oregon silverspot butterfly,        expertise to watershed councils in
education programs are being               and western lily, and support some of         Oregon’s coastal communities. The
implemented to increase awareness          the most important seabird nesting            councils were established by Oregon
and promote stewardship of                 colonies in the United States. Coastal        through legislation to focus on
Oregon’s coastal habitats.                 rocks and sand spits provide breeding         watershed restoration.
                                           and haul-out sites for seals and sea lions.
                                                                                         Another important role is to participate
                                           There are a variety of land ownerships        and assist the Washington/Oregon
                                           along the coast. These include                Snowy Plover Working Group. This
                                           federally-owned lands such as the             interagency group coordinates
                                           Oregon Coast National Wildlife                monitoring and recovery initiatives for
                                           Refuge’s tidal estuaries, the Bureau of       the western snowy plover and includes
                                           Land Management’s New River Area              Federal, State, and local agencies from
                                           of Critical Environmental Concern,            Oregon and Washington.
                                           and the United States Forest Service’s
                                           Oregon Dunes National Recreation              The Oregon Coastal Program is
Coho salmon in an Oregon coastal stream.   Area; state-owned lands such as the           working to control invasive species,
Photo by David Pitkin/USFWS.               Oregon Parks and Recreation                   such as European beachgrass. This
                                           Department’s Bandon State Natural             grass was first introduced in the
                                           Area; and private lands.                      early 1900’s for dune stablilization.
                                                                                             Snowy plover media package.
                                                                                             The Oregon Coastal Program is
                                                                                             working with the Bureau of Land
                                                                                             Management, Forest Service, and
                                                                                             the Oregon Natural Heritage
                                                                                             Information Center to produce a
                                                                                             snowy plover media package. The
                                                                                             media package includes short video
                                                                                             clips and a compact disc with images
                                                                                             of plovers, habitat, threats,
                                                                                             management and monitoring methods.

                                                                                             The Coastal Program initiated a pilot
                                                                                             project with the Lincoln County
                                                                                             School District to facilitate
                                                                                             environmental education
                                                                                             opportunities for students on the
                                                                                             central Oregon Coast. Coastal
                                                                                             Program funding will pay for
                                                                                             transportation costs associated with
                                                                                             field trips to coastal wetland habitats.
Habitat restoration site at the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Central Oregon Coast.
Photo by David Pitkin/USFWS.

It outcompetes native vegetation and          Development of techniques for
encroaches on habitat of the western          restoring coastal grasslands.
snowy plover.                                 The Oregon Coastal Program is
                                              implementing on-the-ground
The Oregon Coastal Program strives            experiments to determine the best
to educate the public on the                  techniques for restoring coastal
importance of restoring and                   grasslands for the threatened Oregon
protecting our natural resources.             silverspot butterfly. The Nature
Educational initiatives are underway          Conservancy, Clatsop County Soil
to provide resources to school districts      and Water Conservation District, the
and information to the public on              North Coast Lands Conservancy,
natural resource stewardship.                 and the Army National Guard’s
                                              Camp Rilea are project cooperators.
Project Examples
Estuarine Wetland Restoration.                Prioritization of watersheds.
The Oregon Coastal Program, in                The Oregon Coastal Program is
partnership with Ducks Unlimited,             cooperating with Siuslaw, Nehalem,
the Siletz Indian Tribe, and the              Umpqua and Smith River Watershed
                                                                                             Oregon silverspot butterflies mating. Photo
Oregon Department of Fish and                 Councils, Pacific Coast Joint                  by Richard Szlemp/USFWS.
Wildlife, is working to restore 100           Venture, and local communities to
acres of estuarine wetland at Siletz          identify and prioritize sites in the
Bay National Wildlife Refuge. This            Siuslaw, Nehalem, and Umpqua                   For more information contact
project is one of the largest estuarine       River estuaries for tidal wetland              U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

wetland restoration projects on the           restoration using GIS analysis and             The Oregon Coastal Program

Oregon Coast.                                 field investigations.                          Fred Seavey

                                                                                             2127 SE Marine Science Drive

Western Snowy Plover Habitat                                                                 Newport, OR 97365-5258

Restoration.                                                                                 541/867-4558

In cooperation with the Oregon                                                               541/867-4551 FAX

National Guard and the Forest
Service, the Coastal Program will                                                            http://www.fws.gov/cep/cepcode.html

restore 270 acres on the central Oregon
Coast by mechanically removing                                                               U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

European beach grass and creating                                                            800/344 Wild

open sand habitat for the plover.                                                            http://www.fws.gov

The Forest Service will maintain and
manage the site and the National                                                             January 2004
                                              Western snowy plover. Photo by David
Guard will use the project as a               Pitkin/USFWS.
training exercise.

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