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									Police Crime Alert

                                                                                                 Police Crime Alert
                                                                                                         Community Services Section
                                                                                                                   CHARLES T. CRAFT
                                                                                                                          Chief of Police
                                                                                                 500 West Big Beaver Rd. Troy, Michigan 48084 (248) 680-7224

                              Crime Alert for period ending January 18, 2008                                                                Events & Programs
                                                                                                                                 Please click or go to the below link
   Altercations/Disorderly Conduct:                                                                                                 for community events for the
                                                                                                                                 coming January 18th – 25th Week!
   Assist Other Department/Law Enforcement:

                                                                          Auto/Vehicle Thefts:
   Rochester and E. Big Beaver, 1/2-1/11                                                                                         UPCOMING EVENTS FOR THE CITY
   ’99 Plymouth Breeze stolen from apartment complex lot.                                                                             OF TROY IN JANUARY

   Suburban Olds, 1810 W. Maple, 1/910-1/11, 1900-1630 hrs.
   ’07 Cadillac STS in for service stolen from lot. OnStar located the vehicle in Southfield. Southfield                     January 19: Get Your Game On, Library, 2 -
   PD responded and found it parked and locked, unoccupied in an apartment complex. It was                                   5 pm. Come and play DDR, Mario Super Cart
   recovered. It had some minor scratches and damage to the bumper.                                                          and Guitar Hero. Registration required. FREE.

   Parrot Cove Lot, 33475 Dequindre, 1/13-1/14, 1500-0600 hrs.                                                               January 19: Mom-2-Mom Sale, Troy
   ’05 Chevy C4500 food service van stolen from lot.                                                                         Community Center, 10 am - 1 pm. Parents in
                                                                                                                             the community will have one-stop shopping to
                                                                                                                             find and purchase great deals on what they
   Vermont, 1/16, 1900-2225 hrs.
                                                                                                                             need to fill their child's closets and toy boxes.
   Jeep Liberty stolen from driveway.                                                                                        No registration required. $1 entry fee, cash
                                                                                                                             only; no strollers before 11 am.
                                                                         Breaking and Entries:

file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (1 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

                                                                                                      January 19: Mother/Son Pool Party, Troy
   Whing Hing Phat, 2918 E. Long Lake, 1/9-1/10, 2100-0800 hrs.                                       Community Center Indoor Pool, 6 - 8 pm.
   Entry door glass smashed out and cash stolen from register drawer. The door to a nail salon in the Mothers and sons can enjoy games, tubes, a
   same plaza was found pried, however it appears no entry was gained.                                picture to remember the night, and a goody
                                                                                                      bag. Moms with more than one son are
                                                                                                      welcome to bring them all! All ages welcome.
                                         Crash Investigations:
                                                                                                      Registration required. $10 for mother and
                                                                                                      son, $5 for each additional son.
   Somerset Collection, 2750 W. Big Beaver, 12/30, 1415 hrs.
   A 44-year-old female from Detroit came to the station to report that while in the parking structure,   January 19: Museum Tour and
   the vehicle in front of her began to back up and ended up striking the front of her car. Complainant   Candledipping, Troy Museum, 1 - 3 pm.
   stated the other driver proceeded to park and walk away. Complainant stated when she                   Have a great time learning about our
   approached the female driver and pointed out she just struck her vehicle, the female acknowledged      community’s heritage during an interpreter-
   striking her car, but refused to exchange information. The female told the complainant that if she     led tour of the museum. Interesting facts and
   would have backed out of her way, she wouldn’t have been struck. She also advised the                  an optional hands-on opportunity to dip
   complainant that this was why Michigan had no fault insurance. The complainant provided the            beeswax candles will make your experience
   officer with the subject’s license plate. When the officer contacted the 47-year-old female from       memorable. Registration required. FREE
   Rochester Hills, she acknowledged striking the complainant’s vehicle. The officer explained she        tour; candledipping is $3.
   was required to exchange her information with the other vehicle’s driver or report the crash to
                                                                                                          January 20: Troy Train Show, Athens High
   police. The subject advised the officer she thought it was the complainant’s responsibility to back
                                                                                                          School, 10 am - 3 pm. Attend one of
   up when she observed her reverse lights come on. She stated she “didn’t provide her information        Michigan’s most highly anticipated train
   to the complainant because the complainant was yelling at her.” She told the officer she “didn’t       shows. There will be 350 vendors selling
   feel it was necessary to contact the police department either.” She was advised that she needed to     railroad-themed merchandise, operating
   come to the station to complete the report. She stated she “would,” however never showed up.           layouts, rides on Little Obie, door prizes, a
   She failed to respond to a written notice, as well. A citation was forwarded to her for “Failure to    youth activity corner, and more. No
   Stop and Identify” herself at the scene of the property damage crash.                                  registration required. $3 per person;
                                                                                                          children under 12 FREE.
   N/B I-75 at the Rochester Road exit/overpass, 1/12, 0244 hrs.
   Officers responded to an injury crash where investigation revealed a ’97 Mercury Sable that was        January 20: Art of Italy - Titian and
   northbound on I-75 lost control, veered right from the left median across all northbound lanes, left   Tintoretto, Library, 3:30 pm. Enjoy Italian Art
                                                                                                          and Architecture with Michael Farrell. Titian
   the roadway onto the grassy area near the exit ramp, went over the overpass, landed on Rochester
                                                                                                          and Tintoretto will be examined as influences
   Road below where it crashed into the concrete divider and came to a stop. The vehicle sustained
                                                                                                          of the Italian Renaissance. No registration
   heavy front end damage, all four tires were blown and the two front seat airbags deployed. The         required. FREE.
   lone occupant – a 39-year-old female driver from Bloomfield Hills had to be extricated from the
   vehicle by the Troy Fire Department. She was transported to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital with           January 21: MLK Day 2008: A Celebration of
   what appear to be non-life threatening injuries. She smelled strongly of alcohol and admitted          Freedom, Athens High School, 8:30 am.
   “drinking.” Approximately 35 feet of guardrail was damaged and brought down onto Rochester             Each year in Troy, the memory of Dr. Martin
   Road from the freeway area above by the Sable. The driver was advised she was under arrest for         Luther King, Jr. is honored through art
   drunk driving by officers who proceeded to the hospital. She consented to a blood test, although a     displays, essays and amazing speakers.
   search warrant had been obtained for her blood as well. She was released to the care of medical        Mark your calendar and plan to honor the
   personnel at the hospital pending toxicology results.                                                  memory of one of the greatest men in
                                                                                                          America’s history. No registration required.
   Troy Sports Center, 1819 E. Big Beaver, 12/22, 2103 hrs.
   Officers responded to a report of a gray Cadillac CTS being driven recklessly in the parking lot.
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (2 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

   Shortly thereafter it was reported to have crashed into the back wall of one of the stores in the       January 21: Drummunity, Library, 2 pm.
   plaza directly to the east and then fled the scene. An unoccupied car matching the description was      Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday
   found parked in the west lot with right front damage and a flat right front tire. The plate came back   with a community of joyful drumming. Tickets
   to a 46-year-old male from Rochester Hills. Officers began asking inside the sports arena and a 16-     available beginning Jan. 4. Ages 3+
   year-old male with the same last name was pointed out by several people in attendance at a high         welcome. Registration required. FREE.
   school hockey game. The youth admitted crashing the car, claiming he “dropped his cell phone
                                                                                                           January 23: Money Talk - Tax Planning,
   and lost control.” He stated he “didn’t call police or stop at the scene of the crash because he was
                                                                                                           Library, 7 - 8:45 pm. Talk financials with Rick
   scared and wanted to call his dad first.” His dad proceeded to walk up and directed his son to stop     Bloom of Bloom Asset Management, Inc. The
   speaking with the officers. Several young females came forward and told the officers that as “they      firm is ranked 14th on Crain's Detroit
   were crossing the lot to enter the arena, the youth driving the Cadillac was speeding and they had      Business 2006 list of Largest Money
   to jump out of his way to avoid being struck.” They estimated the speed at 40 mph. They stated          Managers. Registration required. FREE.
   they “heard the sound of a crash just after he sped by them and went out of sight behind the
   building.” Another witness reported the Cadillac came very close to the girls as it sped by. He         January 25: Technology Club, Library, 4:15 -
   stated as “it went around the corner he heard the crash and called 911.” The investigating officer      5:15 pm. Explore educational fun on the
   was eventually able to review video tape from the lot and observed the girls scrambling out of its      Internet. Ages 9+ welcome. No registration
   path as the Cadillac drove through the lot where they were crossing. It went out of view just before    required. FREE.
   the crash. Juvenile charges for “Reckless Driving,” “Failing to Stop and ID at a Property Damage
   Crash,” and “Driving without a License in Possession” were initiated against the driver.                January 25: Winter Bus Trip: An Elegant Day
                                                                                                           in Detroit, Troy Museum, 11 am - 5:15 pm.
                                                                                                           Enjoy a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts and
                                                    Credit, Check, Identity Theft, and other Fraud:
                                                                                                           The Whitney restaurant! Trip includes a
                                                                                                           luncheon and a docent-led tour of the DIA,
   Starbucks, 1470 W. Maple, 1/9, 0415-1030 hrs.                                                           followed by time to browse the “Best of the
   Counterfeit $20.00 bill found in drive-through cash register when it was being counted.                 Best” and “Julie Mehretu” exhibits and gift
                                                                                                           shop. Registration required. $65 per person.
   Complainant discovered someone changed the billing address on his account and a $2250.00
   computer/notebook was fraudulently purchased and shipped to a location in Rockford, MI.
   A 70-year-old female complainant contacted by a bank representative following-up on a $14,500.00 _______________________________
   loan application wherein she was listed as a guarantor. The loan was originated by a 33-year-old
   male from Detroit. Complainant confirmed the application was fraudulent and advised several
   similar unsuccessful attempts have been made using her personal information by the same subject
   in the past. She does not know the subject and is unaware how her personal information was

   Complainant reported she was scheduled to receive a company credit card at work. She did not
   pick it up at the company’s Human Resources Department on the delivery date as she was out of
   town on business. When she returned, she discovered $5004.63 worth of fraudulent charges                The Troy Community Coalition is
   against the card at retail outlets in Troy, other cities as well as on line. Apparently someone              a non-profit organization
   obtained the card while she was gone. The billing address had been changed to a location in Oak             dedicated to improving the
   Park.                                                                                                   quality of life for all who live or
                                                                                                              work in Troy, by promoting a
   Complainant reported receiving a call from a cash advance service trying to confirm an on-line           lifestyle free from the abuse of
   cash loan request under her name. Complainant confirmed it was fraudulent.                                       alcohol and drugs.

file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (3 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

   Complainant reported receiving a call from her cell phone company confirming an on-line change in Please feel free to contact any staff
   her billing address made using her name and last four digits of her social security number. She   member for additional information or
   confirmed the attempt was fraudulent.                                                               contact our office at (248) 823-
   A 78-year-old female from Troy reported receiving a call from a male who identified himself as
   representing a medical group that was supplying senior citizens with a medical card that would pay        Troy Community Coalition 4420
   80% of the person’s medical bills. He wanted to verify her name, address, and bank account                 Livernois Rd. Troy, MI 48098
   information. The bank account information was not provided without any losses to complainant.
                                                                                                           We urge you to join us for one of
                                                                   Domestics/Family Troubles:              our many exciting upcoming
                                                                                                           community events.
   Troy Officers responded to five incidents involving family troubles/domestic disputes where             Community Standards for Alcohol
   investigations revealed no assaults or other crimes occurred, therefore no formal enforcement           Use
   action was taken.

   One report involving a PPO violation was made.


   Female driver stopped after being in a plaza where the businesses were closed and she was found
   in possession of partially smoked blunt containing marijuana. She was cited and released for
   “Possession of Marijuana.”

   Male driver of a car stopped for traffic violations was found in possession of marijuana for which he
   was arrested.

   A 17-year-old male cited and released for possession of a small amount of marijuana. The
   marijuana was recovered from his car which was involved in a property damage traffic crash.

   Drunk/Intoxicated Driving Incidents of Interest:


                                            Home Invasions:
   Eckford, 1/11, 1700-2030 hrs.
   Screen door to sunroom/screened in rear porch area pried open and the glass broken out of rear
   entry doors leading from porch into the house to afford entry. Upstairs rooms rummaged and an
                                                                                                 Our Goal: #4 Clear Community Policies and
   Xbox video game system, Sony Playstation video game system, two laptop computers and several  Norms
   pieces of jewelry stolen.                                                                     Our Standards: All community members who use
                                                                                                 alcohol follow low risk guidelines in keeping with
   Randall, 1/11, 1645-2211 hrs.                                                                 the
   Complainants arrived home and observed pedestrian door leading from attached garage into home policies and norms established in Troy.
   standing open and their desk top computer lying on the floor in front of the open pedestrian door.      Our Community Pledge
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (4 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

   Upon entering home, they observed a pane of glass from the front door broken out. It appears entry   5. We will expect our community leaders and
   was made from there. A battery charger, several pieces of jewelry and a laptop computer were         community members to model low risk drinking
   stolen. A resident on the same street reported hearing the door to her home open around 2145 hrs     themselves and support effective services, policies
   that night. She stated she assumed it was her husband returning home from his walk, however he       and practices that promote a healthy lifestyle and
   did not return for another 10 minutes. It does not appear anyone entered the home and no items       reduce the negative consequences of alcohol use.
                                                                                                        6. We will expect our community leaders and all
   found missing.
                                                                                                        our members to set clear standards and policies on
   Longfellow, 1/11, 1800-2000 hrs.                                                                     alcohol use in Troy.
   Bathroom window screen and a dining room window broken out. No entry made with nothing
   missing. A suspicious red pick-up truck was observed in the area during the time of the attempted

   Key West, 1/16, 1020 hrs.
   Complainant heard loud knocking at the front door of her residence. She did not answer and
   shortly thereafter heard the sound of glass breaking. She dialed 911. A male subject opened the          The Troy Police Department
   door of the room she was in and immediately fled from the house. He was described as a W/M, in          offers the following free talks/
   his early 30’s, brown shaggy medium length hair, (hair came below his chin but above his                           seminars:
   shoulders), wearing a gray knit hat possibly with a red stripe, black puffy jacket and jeans. A
   section of glass on the side door to the residence was found broken which gave access to the         * Work place safety
   locks that the suspect reached in and unlocked to afford access. No items were stolen.               * Alcohol abuse and prevention
                                                                                                        * Safety with Strangers
   Chalgrove, 1/17, 1700-1900 hrs.                                                                      * Home Security Audit
   Entry into home gained via a rear door that may have been inadvertently left unlocked. No sign of    * Personal Security
   forced entry – rear door found standing open. Most rooms ransacked with drawers opened, beds         * Got Caught (Shoplifting talk for
   shifted and closets entered. A 50” Panasonic plasma TV, desk top computer, miscellaneous             teens)
   jewelry, camera and silver candlesticks were stolen. Officers found footprints on a table used to    * Choose Wisely (Right choices
   stand on to remove the TV consistent with prints in the snow in the driveway. They lead to vehicle   for teens)
   tracks, also in the drive. It appears two people would have been required to remove the TV.          * Home alone (home personal
                                                                                                        safety for teens and children)
                                                                                   Larcenies:           * Drug and drug paraphernalia
                                                                                                        talk for adults and also teens
   Pacific Sunware, Oakland Mall, 412 W. 14 Mile, 1/13, 1745-1800 hrs.                                  * Identity Theft
   $720.00 missing from till at closing. Manager suspects register was opened with a key.               * Internet Safety for adults and
                                                                                                        also teens
   Lifetime Fitness, 4700 Investment, 1/13, 1755-1815 hrs.                                              * Harassing and Bullying
   Complainant stated he left his locker key on his towel while he swam. When he got out of the pool    Prevention for children
   he noticed the key gone. When he checked his locker he discovered his gym bag, wallet, keys and      * Retail Fraud Prevention
   iPhone stolen.                                                                                       * In addition, if you or your
                                                                                                        organization has a program/
   Lifetime Fitness, 4700 Investment, 1/15, 1900-2030 hrs.                                              discussion idea or need that a
   Locker broken into and wallet stolen from men’s locker room. Complainant’s credit card was later     police officer can deliver please
   used to make a fraudulent purchase at a location in Sterling Hgts.                                   call!

file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (5 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

   John R, 12/29-1/9                                                                                        For more information or to
   Complainant stated a partially used bottle of Vicodin was stolen from the medicine cabinet in his     schedule an officer to present a
   apartment.                                                                                                  program please call:
                                                                                                           (248) 524-3464 or e-mail the
   Belzair, 1/16-1/17, 2100-1045 hrs.                                                                             crime alert at:
   Garage entered via unlocked pedestrian door and a leaf blower and case of beer stolen. A Dodge
   Grand Caravan parked in the drive was entered (unlocked) and gone through with nothing taken. A           TroyPDCrimeAlert@troymi.gov
   neighbor advised that she observed a leaf blower and numerous bottles of wine/pop in front of her
   house that was picked up by a W/M driving a brownish gray car.

   Troy Community Center, 3179 Livernois, 1/17, 2000-2020 hrs.
   Wallet, cell phone and iPod stolen from unlocked locker in men’s locker room. Wallet with contents
   intact found discarded on the floor of the locker room.

                                                                        Larcenies from Autos:

   Beattie, 1/9-1/10, 2030-1120 hrs.
   Pickup entered via rear sliding window and an iPod and duffle bag stolen. The complainant
   checked the neighborhood and located the contents of his backpack under some bushes. Other
   items recovered from under the same bushes included a CD case, set of keys and an owner’s
   manual that turned out to have been stolen from a vehicle on Boros street. (Incident on Boros        ___________________________________
   listed below.) Other items recovered were an Atlantic black plastic CD case with 19 CD’s, a purple
   soft sided Audio CD case with 12 CD’s, a Nivea Q10 spa kit, a pair of Bushnell binoculars in a black
   case and a pair of GBX athletic shoes in a black cloth Hush Puppies bag. Owner(s) are unknown as
   of this writing.

   Boros, 1/10, 0200-1030 hrs.
   Unlocked Lincoln Navigator and Pontiac Sunbird parked in drive entered and two key rings, a dollar
   bill, and the owner’s manual stolen from the Navigator; two cell phones stolen from the Sunbird.

   Abington, 1/9-1/10, 2300-0615 hrs.
   Unlocked Trailblazer parked in drive entered and two credit cards and loose change stolen. Locked
   pickup in same drive had window partially down which afforded entry and an XM radio was stolen.

   Achatz Pie Company, 1063 E. Long Lake, 1/10, 1330-1530 hrs.                                          Whether you need
   Middle side window on passenger side smashed out of a Toyota RAV parked in lot with a purse          a rose,
   stolen that had been lying on floor.                                                                 a hose,
   Office Building Lot, 2328 Livernois, 1/11, 1000-1045 hrs.                                            or someone to clean your carpets,
                                                                                                        the Troy Chamber of Commerce probably has
   Rear passenger side window smashed out of a Chevy Trailblazer parked in lot and a purse that was     a member to help you! Visit the Business
   on the front passenger side floor was stolen.                                                        Directory anytime at: www.troychamber.com

   Phoenix Press, 1775 Bellingham, 1/4-1/11
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (6 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

   Catalytic converter stolen from Chevy van parked in lot.                                               Click here to view the Troy Chamber's new
                                                                                                          eNewsletter geared toward residents. Included
   Cumberland, 1/13-1/14, 2300-0700 hrs.                                                                  you will find everything from discount offers
                                                                                                          on pizzas to gym memberships and upcoming
   Unlocked vehicle parked in drive entered and garage door opener used to open garage. Car parked        events presented by Troy Chamber member
   inside gone through, but nothing taken. However, 12 cans of pop and a dozen beers were stolen          businesses. To sign-up to receive it
   from the refrigerator located inside the garage.                                                       automatically on a bi-monthly basis, please e-
                                                                                                          mail: deb@troychamber.com or call
   Coachman, 1/15-1/16, 2100-0426 hrs.                                                                    248.641.1606.
   Hyundai Elantra parked in apartment complex lot found with doors and trunk open and the stereo
   system which included subwoofers and an amplifier stolen. Complainant was not sure if he locked                theteam@troychamber.com
   it and no sign of forced entry.

   Kerby’s, 2891 Crooks, 1/14, 1200-2200 hrs.
   Unlocked ’93 Mercury Sable parked in lot entered and clothing and CD’s stolen.

   Somerset, 1/18, 0055 hrs.
   Complainant observed four males that were in the process of removing the lug nuts from the right
   side wheels of her Land Rover that was parked in the lot of an apartment complex where she was
   visiting a friend. They were scared off and she last observed them flee the area in an older Pontiac
   transport van, dark in color, possibly maroon. One suspect had long brown hair. Nothing was

   Vermont, 1/16, 1800-2200 hrs.
   Vehicle parked in drive entered and a duffle bag stolen which contained a TAS PT111semi                   “Choose Troy ,” a Troy Chamber-
   automatic handgun. There was no sign of forced entry into the vehicle.                                 sponsored program, encourages
                                                                                                           residents to think about doing
                                                              Malicious Destruction of Property:
   Starr, 1/12-1/13, 2030-1330 hrs.
                                                                                                            in Troy by choosing products
   “CBGk Boss” spray painted on side of complainant’s garage.                                                and/or services provided by
                                                                                                           Chamber member businesses.
   Abbington, 1/14, 0430-0450 hrs.
   ’71 Land Rover had rear window shattered by a rock. Garage door and siding dented by two other

   Winter, 1/16, 1221 hrs.
   Officers on patrol observed a 16-year-old male in the process of swinging a baseball bat and
   smashing the tail light out of an occupied ’08 Mercury Mariner stopped in the street. Investigation
   revealed he was walking with two male friends when the vehicle occupied by several juveniles                   Click here for more information
   drove up. Apparently words were exchanged when the driver of the car stopped to question one of
   the three males about why he was saying “mean things’ about his sister. (His sister was one of the
   occupants of the vehicle.) Apparently the youth used to be the boyfriend of the driver’s sister.
   During the exchange one of the three subjects ran into his garage and came out with the bat and
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (7 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

   started swinging at the car. (He was not the ex-boyfriend.) As officers approached, another of the
   three that had been walking together threw an object into a nearby open garage. That turned out to
                                                                                                                Crime Prevention Tips
   be a baggie of marijuana. The 16-year-old male from Troy who threw it was arrested along with his
   companion that damaged the car. The others were released at the scene. Juvenile petitions were             Larcenies from Autos / Car Theft
   initiated against the two arrestees and they were turned over to their parents at the station.
                                                                                                           Things that can be done to combat auto
   Bank of America, 305 W. Big Beaver, 1/15, 0800-1330 hrs.                                                theft and larcenies from autos include:
   Jeep Liberty parked in lot had rear window smashed out with nothing stolen.
                                                                                                             Ø Installing a car alarm.
   Minors and Alcohol:
                                                                                                             Ø Using steering-wheel locking
   Neighbor Troubles:                                                                                        applications like the club etc.

                                                                           Peace Officer/Civil:              Ø Applications of a hidden kill switch to
                                                                                                             the ignition system.
   Complainant reported he bid $375.00 for and was awarded what was represented as a new carpet
   cleaner by the seller on Ebay in early October. When the unit eventually arrived, it didn’t work, was     Ø Park in a well lit well traveled area if
   missing parts and appeared used. Apparently the complainant repaired the item for an additional           possible.
   cost of $159.00.
                                                                                                             Ø Always maintain security of vehicle
                                                              Phone Calls/Harassment/Threats:                keys.

   One harassment report taken.                                                                              Ø Do not leave anything of value in your
                                                                                                             vehicle in plain view.
                                                                                 Retail Fraud:
                                                                                                             Ø Always lock your vehicle doors.
   Target, 1301 Coolidge, 1/10, 1058 hrs.
   LPO (Loss Prevention Officer) reported an employee received a call from a male asking to check            Ø Never leave a vehicle unattended
   the SKU number on a receipt. The number was for a $17.56 book entitled, “The Biggest Looser.”             while running.
   Shortly thereafter a male subject entered the book area and asked for a copy of the same book.
   The employee thought the voice sounded like the same subject that called earlier. The employee            Ø There is a trend of things being stolen
   reported the incident to LPO’s who watched the subject place the book in an empty shopping bag            from vehicles in the parking lots of
   that he pulled out of his pocket. He approached customer service, presented a receipt, and                fitness centers and fun centers. While
   obtained cash refund. Suspect exited the store before LPO’s were able to detain him. Suspect was          going to these places, be extra careful to
   a male, 5’-6,” 155, wearing a black jacket, black hat, black shoes and white scarf.                       remove all items of value and secure
                                                                                                             your vehicle.
   Target, 1301 Coolidge, 1/15, 1140 hrs.
   LPO recognized suspect from incident listed above back in the store and began watching as he             Home Invasion / B&E
   approached a cashier and asked her to look up what two items were from SKU numbers he had on
   an envelope. The cashier advised they were for a toy dart game and a toy phone. The suspect     Always secure your doors and windows.
   proceeded to the Toy Department where he located the two items and then placed them in an empty
   shopping bag he removed from his jacket pocket. He went to customer service where he presented    Ø Garages and door walls are targets
   the bag with the dart game and phone along with a receipt listing the same SKU numbers and
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (8 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

   obtained a $19.06 cash refund. As the LPO attempted to detain the suspect he tried to flee,                for thieves.
   however he gave up when he observed responding uniformed Troy officers approaching that had
   been summoned to the scene by the LPO when she first observed the suspect back in the store.               Ø Always ensure your garage door and
   The 49-year-old male suspect from Detroit was arrested. Additional Target store receipts were              pedestrian doors are secured.
   recovered from his pockets. The recent call list on the suspect’s cell phone showed calls to the
   Target stores in Westland and Madison Hgts.                                                                Ø Do not leave garage door remote
                                                                                                              controls in cars not parked in the garage.
   American Eagle, Oakland Mall, 452 W. 14 Mile, 1/11, 1900-1915 hrs.
   Upon opening the store on the morning of 1/12, complainant noticed several display tables and wall         Ø Use 1 ½’’ dowel rod in the track of all
   shelves located near the front entrance were extremely low on product. They were filled the                sliding glass windows and doors to help
   previous day. An inventory determined 226 articles of clothing consisting of men’s and women’s t-          prevent them from opening.
   shirts, tank tops, and polo shirts with a total value of $5737.00 were missing with no record of being
   sold. Follow-up investigation revealed four suspects were observed who appeared to be working              Ø It has been proven time and time
   together at about 1900 hrs. on 1/11. Two females entered the store first and appeared to be the            again that the proper use and
   ones distracting employees. They are described as white or Hispanic, one with long dark hair,              application of physical security will stop
   wearing jeans, white jacket and carrying a purse; the other heavy set, long dark hair, wearing dark        a would-be burglar.
   colored pants and a coat. Shortly thereafter, the other two suspects entered carrying bags that
   appeared to be empty. Shortly after that, those two were seen exiting the store and the bags               Ø Burglary alarms are only as reliable
   appeared full. They both exited the mall via the 14 Mile entrance. They made several trips into the        as the person setting them. If you have
   store, each time exiting with full shopping bags. The last two suspects are described as a white or        an alarm, make sure that every resident
   Hispanic male wearing a white baseball hat, light colored hooded sweatshirt, and jeans; and a white        or employee knows how to activate and
   or Hispanic female with long dark hair, wearing jeans, dark colored sleeveless coat with a light           deactivate it, as well as the security code.
   colored long sleeve shirt.

   Victoria’s Secret, Oakland Mall, 412 W. 14 Mile, 1/12, 1900-1945 hrs.
   24 bottles of “Super Model” perfume and 13 bottles of “Heavenly perfume” with a total value of
   $2664 stolen from a wall shelf display near the front entrance.
   Target, 1301 Coolidge, 1/14, 1453 hrs.
   LPO’s recognized two of three male suspects from two prior retail frauds in their store where MP3
   players and video games were stolen; however the LPO’s were unable to detain the suspects
   before they made their escape. On today’s date, the LPO’s observed the two suspects load three
   flat screen TV’s from the Electronics Department into their cart. They pushed the cart through the
   store and eventually out of the store without paying for the TV’s. One was observed making a cell
   phone call just before they exited. Once in the lot, they loaded the TV’s into an awaiting red ’97
   Dodge Caravan driven by the third male suspect from the prior thefts. The van left the lot. LPO’s
   provided its description to Troy Dispatch. A plain clothes Troy officer located it east bound on 14
   Mile near Main Street in Clawson. Troy and Clawson marked units arrived and stopped it. The
   three stolen TV’s with a total value of $800.00 were recovered. Arrested were a 35-year-old male
   from Warren, 45-year-old male from Utica, and a 22-year-old male from Eastpointe who was the
   driver.                                                                                                  Whether you need
                                                                                                            a rose,
   Robberies:                                                                                               a hose,
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (9 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

                                                                         Suspicious Incidents:              or someone to clean your carpets,
                                                                                                            the Troy Chamber of Commerce probably has
   Big Beaver and Rochester, 1/17, 0056 hrs.                                                                a member to help you! Visit the Business
                                                                                                            Directory anytime at: www.troychamber.com
   Officers stopped a gray Toyota Camry after it turned out of a parking lot and proceeded west in the
   eastbound traffic lanes of Big Beaver which is a divided highway in that area. The 44-year-old male
                                                                                                            Click here to view the Troy Chamber's new
   driver from Pittsburg stated he was “lost and got confused.” His license was suspended and he
                                                                                                            eNewsletter geared toward residents. Included
   was arrested. Officers located numerous pieces of fraudulent identification, social security cards,      you will find everything from discount offers
   driver’s licenses, what appear to be fraudulent checks, and numerous gift cards suspected of being       on pizzas to gym memberships and upcoming
   counterfeit inside his vehicle. The identifications included school ID’s, police and district attorney   events presented by Troy Chamber member
   ID’s, and driver licenses, among others. They list/contain different names, but many contain the         businesses. To sign-up to receive it
                                                                                                            automatically on a bi-monthly basis, please e-
   suspect’s photograph. Some of the counterfeit checks corresponded to the names on the various
                                                                                                            mail: deb@troychamber.com or call
   pieces of identification recovered. A laptop computer and printer recovered inside the car were          248.641.1606.
   also taken for further investigation which is continuing.
   Wisconsin, 1/9 and 1/14
   Complainant reported that on 1/9 his 87-year-old father was approached by a subject after picking
   up his prescriptions at a pharmacy at 12 Mile and Ryan who asked for a ride to a location at 10 1/2
   Mile and Van Dyke. The male subject represented his car broke down. Complaint’s father gave him
   a ride/dropped him off. On 1/14 complainant’s father arrived home to find the subject sitting at his
   kitchen table using the telephone. Apparently the complainant’s elderly mother let him in. The
   subject asked for another ride to 10 1/2 and Van Dyke, which the complainant’s father provided.
   Nothing was taken. A newer black Impala driven by a w/f with black hair was observed in the area
   at the time. A male was originally seen in the passenger seat which may have been the subject.
   The male subject is described as a W/M, approximately 40, 6’, white and gray curly hair.

                                                                           Traffic Altercations:

   John R and Big Beaver, 1/14, 2130 hrs.
   A 31-year-old male complainant from Macomb Township reported that while he and his wife were            “Choose Troy ,” a Troy Chamber-
   driving N/B on John R S/O Big Beaver the driver of a green Jetta with a partial plate of “BF” cut    sponsored program, encourages
   them off twice. The Jetta eventually pulled up next to complainant’s car and the driver threw a two   residents to think about doing
   liter bottle of pop at complainant. At a red signal at the intersection of Big Beaver and John R the                  business
   Jetta ended up behind the complainant. The driver of the Jetta described as a W/M, approximately       in Troy by choosing products
   24-years-old, got out and approached the driver’s side window of complainant’s car, began cursing       and/or services provided by
   at him, punched the window several times and kicked the car. As complainant rolled down his           Chamber member businesses.
   window, the subject reportedly punched him in the face. The suspect proceeded to get
   into his car and drove off N/B on John R at a high rate of speed, passing other vehicles by using
   the center left turn lane.


   Weapons Offenses:
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (10 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

                                                                                                                 Click here for more information
   Welfare Checks:

   Special Events Information:

                                                                    Miscellaneous Information:

   Case Updates:
   *We had four cafeteria/deli’s broken into at four different office buildings the weekend of December
   28th as outlined below. Investigators have been able to obtain photos and a short video of two what
   are being characterized as suspicious persons inside one of the office buildings the morning of 12-
   29-07. They were observed in a rear loading area where they are captured on tape looking at and
   pointing at a camera. They proceed to cover their faces and put up their hoods. At that point, they
   enter the back hallway where the door that was compromised in the burglary that occurred in that
   building is located. They were momentarily out of camera view, but after a short time they exit that
   hallway and immediately leave the building. A still image of these subjects is attached. The short
   video is also available. Their presence and actions in the immediate vicinity of the attacked
   doorway, as well as their unexplained presence in the building during the time frame the burglary
   occurred has investigators looking for assistance in identifying them so they can be interviewed.

   Gateway Catering, 101 W. Big Beaver, 12/29, 1045 hrs.
   Delivery door leading into cafeteria from rear hallway pried and cash stolen from register.
   Business located inside office building.

   Wilshire North Café, 12/28-12/30, 1630-1330 hrs.
                                                                                                          TROY RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES:
   Complainant reported back door kicked in and broken off the frame with nothing missing. Café
   located inside office building.
                                                                                                          Do you want to receive future Troy
   Metro Deli, 2075 W. Big Beaver, 12/29, 0900 hrs.                                                          Police Crime Alert Emails?
   Complainants discovered the ceiling tiles broken out behind and in front of a door that leads into
   the café from a small hallway. The cash register was pried open and cash stolen. An individual             Email your name, address, contact
   working in the suite just below reported hearing a banging sound from the deli around 0900 hrs.        telephone number, and email address to:

   Tina’s Marketplace, 100 E. Big Beaver, 12/28-1/2, 1630-0730 hrs.                                         TroyPDCrimeAlert@troymi.gov
   Rear entry door pried open and safe inside office pried open. Small amount of rolled change stolen
   from safe. Café located inside office building.                                                    Archives of crime alert can be found at
                                                                                                                   our website:
                                              Arrest Summary:
   In addition to those outlined above, the following arrests were also made during the period:
                                                                                                                     CrimeAlert Archive
   Drunk Driving: 6
   Retail Fraud: 1
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (11 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM
Police Crime Alert

   Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana and Rx Medications: 2
   Michigan Operator’s License Never Acquired: 2
   Drove While License Suspended: 6
   Warrants: 6
   Retail Fraud: 8
   Drunk Driving: 1
   Disorderly Conduct: 1

file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2008%20Crime%20Alerts/1-18-08.htm (12 of 12)1/18/2008 10:35:56 AM

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