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									                                   UCC BUSINESS WOMEN’S NEWSLETTER

                                       H    ac
                                                                                      Volume 3, Issue 3

                                                                                              March 2005

              D R AW 2 w i n n e r s                                                  Inside this issue:
                                                                        Draw 2 Results                         1
                       1st PLACE              2nd PLACE
                                                                        Message from Chairperson               1
TUESDAY:               Paula Jesty            Mary Thomas               Guest Day                              2
                       Kristin Turko          Wendy McLean              Spring Fling Mini Spiel                2
                       Bette Amery            Sandra McLaughlin         Curl For Heart                         2
                       Margaret Osaka         Lynda Lane                In Club Bonspiel Participants          3
                                                                        Out of Club Bonspiel Participants      3
WEDNESDAY:             Mary Ann Artkin        Hollie Nicol              Habitat for Humanity                   4
                       Annie Stone            Linda Levesque            Upcoming Events                        4
                       Jane Ruttan            Carin Hill
                       Paula Shaw             Andrea Twizell
                                                                           Closing Dinner
THURSDAY:              Marilyn Lowe           Caroll Chilton               April 18th, 2005
                       Gail Browne            Pauline Wozniak
                       Gail Kitagawa          Brenda Powrie
                       Brenda McAuley         Sue Edward

             M e s s ag e f ro m o u r c h a i r
March break madness has been upon us and curling is coming to a close. The Curl for Heart Bonspiel in February
was a great success again this year and raised over $1500 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Thank you to Erin
Burton for donating the proceeds from Shiatsu Therapy to the charity. A special thank you to Kathy Moran and her
committee for running another outstanding bonspiel.

Our ice committee ran a two-night mini-spiel in March. For all of you that did not attend, you missed a great
event. Thank you for all your hard work.

Any members who are interested in serving on next year’s executive please contact myself or any other committee
member. Remember that without your assistance, there is no curling.

Playoffs will culminate with the finals on Championship Night, Saturday April 16th. The Business Women’s Clos-
ing Dinner will be held on Monday April 18th. Just a reminder to look for sign-up sheets for our two post-curling
events—Golf Day and the Pool Party.
                                                                  Virginia Brooker, Business Women Chairperson
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               G U E S T DAY                               SPRING FLING MINI-SPIEL
On January 22nd, 45 ladies came out for guest day—         On March 2nd & 3rd, the ice committee ran a two-day
13 members and 32 guests...thanks to Louise Ferri for      fun bonspiel. The event was supported by 51 of our 96
bringing 11 of those guests. The committee formed 12       members. Sister teams were formed and the ladies took
teams and split them into two draws. While 6 teams         to the ice for the           two-day points spiel. The
took to the ice, the other 6 watched a video and social-   fun continued off            the ice with team trivia.
ized. Lunch was provided by Country Style—chili,           Points from both             curling and trivia were
sandwiches and cheesecake. The big winners of the          added together to           unveil the ultimate win-
day were the teams skipped by Kathy Moran and              ners.
Pauline Wozniak.
                                                           Congratulations to Mary Ann Artkin, Norma Evans,
Many thanks to Erin Burton and her committee for all       Sherry Coombs, Deborah Austin (Sister Team 1) and
their hard work this year...great job ladies.              Kelly Tooley, Maureen Fleming, Brenda Powrie and Deb-
                                                           orah Austin (Sister Team 2) with the first place finish.

                                      C U R L F O R H E A RT
On Saturday, February 19th, 16 teams took to the ice for the 5th Annual Curl for Heart Bonspiel, all in support of
the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It was a great day of fun and competitive curling. Over $1500 was raised for
the Foundation.

Barbara McLean from Leaside Curling Club skipped the winning team and is eligible to curl in the Melitta Sun-
shine Bonspiel on April 2nd and 3rd, 2005. A close second went to Mary Thomas’ team from the London High-
land Curling Club. The third place winner was Wendy Conn’s team from Avonlea who edged out a Unionville
team, skipped by Anne Azlen, in a thrilling draw to the button tie-breaker. In fifth place was Heather Deeprose’s
team also from the Avonlea Curling Club.

The success of the Bonspiel can be attributed to a great team of volunteers and dedicated sponsors. We were very
fortunate to have Linda Levesque and Virginia Brooker on hand to congratulate the winners. They even stayed
on to help in the clean up! We extend our thanks to Erin Burton of PUSH Shiatsu Therapy who provided shiatsu
treatments throughout the day and generously donated $300 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Thanks to all our sponsors for their generosity and support. Linda J. Levesque of Dundee Securities Corporation,
Nancy Smith of Marcom Computer Services, Virginia Brooker of Northwest Commercial Travellers’ Association
(NWCTA), Dennis Heffron of Housewares Distribution, Nucon Wittman, Rouge Valley Health System, Sparkle
International Marketing Inc., Starbucks Coffee, The Village Grocer and Wine Kitz.

We would also like to acknowledge all Club members who donated prizes to the raffle table; Julie Bowles, Vir-
ginia Brooker, Gail Browne, Caroll Chilton, Kathy Greig, Ruth Gemmell, Marlene Heffron, Paula Jesty, Gail Kita-
gawa, Elaine Laking, Brenda Powrie, Mary Thomas, Heather Reid, Angela Singleton, Ginny Slike and Pauline

The Bonspiel would not have been possible without the hard work and efforts of the Organizing Committee. I
would particularly like to thank Heather Reid for her leadership; Gail Browne for her guidance and multi-tasking
abilities; Patti Shevlin for her steadfast ‘drawmastering’; Sue Edward for her hidden barrage of culinary talents;
Deb Austin for IT support (she was the only one who knew how to use the camera); and Brenda Cousineau,
Norma Evans and Sherry Coombs for their interior design and decorating talents.

Kathy Moran, 2005 Curl for Heart Chair.
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                    I N - C LU B B O N S P I E L PA RT I C I PA N T S
LIFE’S A DISCO MIXED BONSPIEL (February 11th & 12th): Joan Allen                   (3rd Place), Gayle Coleman,
Sherry Coombs, Joanne Drystek, Louise Ferri (Crowned Disco Queen),                 Marilyn Fleming (1st Place),
Andrea Halbert, Paula Jesty (4th Place), Jill King, Gail Kitagawa (5th             Place), Jackie Lawton, Marilyn
Lowe, Karen Mooney, Jane Policelli, Judy Roberston, Patti Shevlin (3rd             Place), Kelly Tooley, Tina Vin-
cent (1st Place)

         CURL FOR HEART (February 19th): Joan Allen, Virginia Brooker, Gail Browne, Caroll Chilton, Gayle Cole-
         man, Marilyn Fleming, Jill King, Heather Reid, Judy Robertson, Tina Vincent, Pauline Wozniak

SKINS MIXED BONSPIEL (March 8th—12th): Joan Allen, Gayle Coleman (C Event Finalist), Joanne Drystek (D
Event Finalist), Louise Ferri (C Event Winner), Marilyn Fleming, Andrea Halbert (B Event Winner); Sara Harvey (A
Event Finalist), Gail Kitagawa, Jackie Lawton, Marilyn Lowe (B Event Winner), Wendy McLean, Karen Mooney,
Deb Nicol, Jane Policelli, Judy Robertson (B Event Finalist), Nancy Smith, Kelly Tooley, Tina Vincent (C Event Final-

              O U T- O F - C LU B B O N S P I E L PA RT I C I PA N T S
BUSINESS WOMEN’S BEST WESTERN ZONE CHALLENGE (January 8th): Kelly Tooley, Andrea Halbert, Tina Vin-
cent and Gail Kitagawa (”A” Side Finalists)

ORILLIA BUSINESS WOMEN’S BONSPIEL (January 15th): Mary Ann Turko, Mary Ann Artkin, Annie
Stone and Debbie Hargrave tested their skills on the ice and their luck at Rama

LONDON HIGHLAND BUSINESS WOMEN’S BONSPIEL (January 29th): Mary Thomas, Angela Singleton, Julie
Bowles and Heather Reid (5th Overall); Jill King, Joan Allen and Elaine Laking (with Anne Azlen)

TORONTO CRICKET MIXED BONSPIEL (January 29th): Marilyn Lowe and Doreen Small

THE ROYALS (January 29th): Kelly Tooley, Andrea Halbert and Gail Kitagawa                (with Heather McCormick)
won the two-game points spiel and a spot at the upcoming Melitta Sunshine                Spiel

HALIBURTON MIXED BONSPIEL (February 4th—6th): Kelly Tooley and Andrea Halbert (“A” Semi-Finalists); Lynn
Brown and Jane Policelli; Kim Brown (“A” Event Winner)

MONTEBELLO (February 19th-21st): Paula Jesty, Gail Kitagawa (“B” Event Winners)

MIXED ENERGIZER (February 16th—20th): Kelly Tooley and Andrea Halbert (“A” Quarter-Finalists); Marilyn
Lowe and Doreen Small

COLDWATER KINGSBOROUGH CUP MIXED BONSPIEL (February 26th): Paula Jesty and Andrea Halbert
(2nd Place)

ALLISTON BUSINESS WOMEN’S BONSPIEL (March 5th): Joan Allen, Joanne Drystek

NEWMARKET MIXED BONSPIEL (March 5th): Marilyn Lowe and Doreen Small (1st Overall)

WHITBY “BANANAS IN PAJAMAS” BUSINESS WOMEN’S BONSPIEL (March 5th): Kristin and Lindsay Turko; Kelly
Tooley, Andrea Halbert and Jane Policelli (with Heather McCormick)

SHILLELAGH (March 18th-19th):                 Seven teams represented UCC and included, Joan Allen; Joanne Drys-
tek; Eloise Fisher (6th Overall);             Andrea Halbert and Kelly Tooley (3rd Overall); Kristin Turko
PAGE 4                                                                                          HACK & YACK

                             H A B I TAT F O R H U M A N I T Y

                                                   Help Support Habitat for Humanity Toronto!

                                                   Donations of aluminum cans help raise money to build afford-
                                                   able housing. It takes the aluminum from just 3.9 million pop
                                                   cans to build a home for a deserving family.

                                                   There is a collection box beside the garbage can in the dining
                                                   room. If you are interested in volunteering or donating mate-
                                                   rials, please visit www.torontohabitat.on.ca.

                                                   Thank you for your support—Patti Shevlin

           U C C AU C T I O N                                              P L AY- O F F S

The annual UCC live / silent auction is scheduled for      The play-offs are scheduled to begin the week of April
Saturday April 2nd. This is always a fun-filled evening    11th. The quarter finals will take place on Tuesday
so be sure to mark it on your calendars and support        April 12th, and semi-finals on Wednesday April 13th.
your curling club. Donations to the auction are wel-       Championship Day is scheduled for Saturday April
come—a donations list is posted on the general board       16th. Look out for the points standings on the Busi-
in the lounge.                                             ness Women’s Bulletin Board...and who will be quali-
                                                           fying for the play-offs.

      Bu s i n e s s wo m e n ’ s
                                                                     NEW EXECUTIVE
       C LO S I N G D I N N E R

The annual Business Women’s Closing dinner is              A number of positions will be opening up for next
scheduled for Monday April 18th. This year’s dinner        year, and the current committee will be looking to re-
is being organized by your Social Committee, Joyce         cruit some willing participants. New members are
McKay and Marlene Heffron. Please look out for the         elected at the closing dinner/semi-annual AGM.
sign up sheet to be posted on the bulletin board in the    Please keep this in mind and consider joining our
women’s change room.                                       committee...we are a member run club.

                            U C C AG M / R E G I S T R AT I O N
The UCC Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in June. Please look out for the date and plan to attend the
AGM as we are a member run club and your voice is important.

Registration forms will be sent out mid-June and are due back by the end of August. Registering early helps to en-
sure your night preference. New members are always welcome, so encourage friends and family to join UCC.


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