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2010 – 2011 School Year

Group Visit and
Program Information
For Schools, Preschools, Licensed Childcare Homes and Centres,
and Nonprofit Organizations
General Information
The Children’s Discovery Museum on the Saskatchewan is a hands-on, interactive
centre committed to serving the needs of children by providing exhibits and
programming that stimulate curiosity and motivate learning. Our museum
facilitates exploration as we believe that it is through self-guided discovery that
children enhance their learning processes.

  Exploration           $70 for up to 20 children, $4 for each additional child.
  Visit                 Free play in the Museum and a craft to take home.

  Discovery             $80 for up to 20 children, $4 for each additional child.
                        Free play in the Museum, a craft to take home and one of
  Visit                 our 20-60 minute Discovery Programs. All children must
                        be three or older. Please book an Exploration Visit if you
                        have younger children in your group.

Visits are two hours and must be booked in advance. Available times are
Mondays and Tuesdays, morning or afternoon.

Chaperons are free and we require a minimum of 1 adult for every 5 children.
Please note that there is no food or drink allowed in the Museum. Hungry children
are welcome to have a snack on the bench outside the Museum. The maximum
number of children per visit is 40 for an Exploration Visit, and 32 for a Discovery

Cancellation policy: Because these programs are in high demand, it is important
for the Children's Discovery Museum to receive early notice if a group needs to
cancel. Organizations that book a program and do not show up, or that cancel or
postpone a booking with less than a week’s notice, will be expected to pay the fee
for the booking.
Discovery Programs
As part of a Discovery Visit, you may choose from one of the following programs,
which complement the Saskatchewan Education Curriculum.

Larger classes will be divided into two groups as our programs are best given to
12-16 students. Free play is an important part of the visit, and we will do our best
to ensure that children have a lot of time to explore the exhibits on their own.

Programs are designed for preschool, kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2, and
are tailored to the level of the group. Please note that these programs are not
suitable for children under the age of three.

Our Discovery programs are also available in French!

Muddy Paws Animal Clinic
                             Children will visit the Muddy Paws Animal Clinic and
                             discover what happens at a veterinary clinic. We will
                             classify pets as mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and
                             amphibians, discuss the various characteristics of each,
                             as well as pet care – habitat, food requirements, and
                             exercise. Children will participate in relevant group
                             activities, complete an art activity or craft, and listen to
                             a story if time permits.

The Wings of an Eagle

                             Camp out at the North Woods and discover the eagle
                             and other birds that live in northern Saskatchewan.
                             We'll discuss the habitat, the characteristics of the
                             birds we find as well as their food sources and
                             seasonal habits. Children will enjoy imitating the call of
                             many of these birds. The session will culminate with a
                             bird craft that children can take home.
Colours of the Rainbow
                  Come join us as we experiment with the three primary
                  colours. The children will discover what happens when
                  different colours of light are mixed. They will then see
                  how coloured water mixes. The children will then be
                  given the three primary colours of paint to mix and
                  discover on their own how to make the secondary
                  colours. Warning: this program can be messy! Students
                  should bring paint shirts.

The Amazing Animals of Northern Saskatchewan

                  Join us around the campfire and learn about the
                  magnificent animals that live in northern Saskatchewan.
                  We will find and identify the many animals in the camp
                  site, study their footprints and compare them with our
                  own. Children will learn what makes these animals so
                  amazing! The session will culminate with an art activity
                  and a story if time permits.

Dare to Discover Theatre

                  The children will enjoy some drama games to warm
                  up, and then choose a character and act out a story on
                  stage. Each child will have the opportunity to further
                  explore his or her creativity by decorating a mask or
                  hat, and dramatizing the character that evolves. Come
                  alive, and dare to discover drama! Lots of costumes
                  are available.

     Learn through play at the
   Children’s Discovery Museum.