Glen Agliotti pleads guilty

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 Victoria & Griffiths   DATE: 05 DECEMBER 2007
  Mxenge Building
   123 Westlake
     Avenue             Glen Agliotti pleaded guilty to dealing in drugs. He appeared today before
   Weavind Park
                        the Alberton Regional Court sitting in Germiston. As part of the plea and
      Pretoria          sentence agreement entered into with the State and sanctioned by the
                        court, he has been sentenced as follows:
    P/Bag X752
       0001                 •   Ten year imprisonment, suspended for five years on condition that
    South Africa
                                he is not found guilty of the same offence during the suspension                period;

                            •   R300 000 fine or five year imprisonment and

                            •   R200 000 to be paid into Criminal Assets Recovery Account

                        A further condition is that he is expected to testify frankly and honestly in
                        the matter: S v Paparas and others. This conviction follows
                        investigations that were carried out by the Scorpions where a huge
                        consignment of drugs (Hashish) in excess of two tons and street value of
                        more than R200 million were seized in July 2006 in Alberton. Eight people
                        (Agliotti inclusive) were arrested.

                                Justice in our society, so that people can live in freedom and security

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Cooperation from Agliotti in respect of this case has placed the State on
an even firmer footing in so far as investigations are concerned.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is satisfied with this sentence
as he received the highest penalty a Regional Court can impose.

Enquiries: Tlali Tlali 082 3333 880

           Guided by the Constitution, we in the National Prosecuting Authority
            ensure justice for the victims of crime by prosecuting without fear
         f av our or prejudic e and by work ing wi th our partners and the public t o
                                   solve and prevent crime
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