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                   Optically Designated Attack Munitions (ODAM) Program

1. DI-MGMT-80368         Status Report                                           08 Jun 87
(Sequence A001)                                                                  Cat 1

Para. 10.3 Content. Refer to Documentation Requirements for instructions on content.

2. DI-FNCL-80331         Funds and Man-Hour                                      27 Feb 87
(Sequence A002)          Expenditure Report                                      Cat 1

Delete Requirements under paragraphs 10.2 and 10.3 of this DI which require detailed
breakdown of tasks and work units. Summary information in contractor generated format is
adequate to fulfill this requirement.

A program Critical Path Chart with appropriate comments is required.

3. DI-MISC-80711A        Scientific and Technical                                21 Jan 00
(Sequence A003)          Quarterly Technical Report                              Cat 1

4. DI-MISC-80711A        Scientific and Technical                                21 Jan 00
(Sequence A004)          Final Technical Report                                  Cat 1

5. DI-MGMT-81468         Contract Funds Status Report                            19 Oct 95
(Sequence A005)                                                                  Cat 1

NOTE: DI-MGMT-81468 (CFSR) is required only for contracts with a value above $1.2
million, but not more than $6 million, and a contract duration over 12 months.

6. DI-SESS-812002B       Developmental Design Drawings and Associated Lists 14 Dec 01
(Sequence A006)          Level II Drawings and Schematics

Level II design drawings suitable for complete understanding and evaluation of the
Guidance/Fuze shall be delivered. The drawings shall be sufficiently detailed in both mechanical
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and electrical functions so as to provide a complete understanding of the form, fit and function of
the Guidance/Fuze package to those versed in the art.

7. DI-SDMP-81493A         Program-Unique Specification                             01 Aug 03
(Sequence A007)           Operation and Maintenance Document

NOTE: These instructions provide government personnel necessary operating, diagnostic, and
handling information in sufficient detail to be utilized by personnel trained in the use of the
60mm mortar.

Para. 1. Format. Contractor format is acceptable.

Para. 2.1 Content. Content shall be sufficient for military personnel trained in the use of the
60mm mortar to fully understand the function and operation of the units. Content shall include
the following:

       2.1.11 Complete operation instructions including safety hazards
       2.1.12 Theory of operation
       2.1.13 Handling requirements for safe operation and storage
       2.1.14 Illustrations, diagrams, and schematics necessary to show interconnections
              between the unit and associated equipment and assembly and installation of the
       2.1.15 Operating ranges and designator requirements
       2.1.16 Designator deployment and handling instructions

8. DI-SESS-81000B         Product Drawings and Associated lists                14 Dec 04
(Sequence B001)           Technical Data Package & Level III Detailed Drawings

NOTE: This Data Item Description (DID) contains the format and content preparation
instructions for Product Drawings and Associated Lists resulting from the work task described in
3.6.3 MIL-DTL-31000B. This DID is applicable to acquisitions of military systems, equipment,
and components. It is intended for acquiring drawings and Associated Lists at the end of the
Engineering and Manufacturing Development Phase and during subsequent phases of the DoD
material life cycle.