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									                                                  Brownsville Independent School District
                                                            Policy & Records Management
                                              5 Blvd of Champions ▪ Brownsville, Texas 78520 ▪ 956-698-0230 ▪ Fax: 956-574-6459
    Brett Springston
Superintendent of Schools

The following is a checklist for elementary PRC’s (PreK-5th Grade).

          504/Dyslexia Form
          Birth certificate
          Code of Conduct (current year only)
          Dual residence form (new)
          Economical survey
          Ethnicity Form (latest)
          GT folder (if applicable)
          Guardianship/legal documents
          Home Language Survey
          Intra-district transfer form (new)
          Log of Access
          Parent/Guardian identification card
          PRC (combined)
          PRC Checklist
          Proof of residence
          Registration packet (latest)
          Social Security card
          Special Programs folder including any Bilingual forms
          Student Compact
          Test Card with labels
          Withdrawal form (latest)
          Any additional forms deemed necessary can be included.


► Immunization records are kept by the campus nurse - not in PRC.
► Do Not staple forms and/or use “clasps” on PRC folder.
► All pictures must be glued onto the PRC.

Brownsville Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, religion, color or national origin in its educational programs,
activities or employment as required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.      Revised 6/8/10

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