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Summary Example for La Bamba:

     Have you ever been afraid to do something but you did
it anyway? I just read a story called La Bamba by Gary Soto
that was about a boy who wanted to be noticed, so he
volunteered to be in the student talent show, even though it
scared him. His name was Manuel and the story takes place
at his school.
     Manuel volunteered to be in the talent show because he
“yearned for the limelight” and he “wanted to impress the
girls.” He decided to perform a lip sync to “La Bamba.” He
was very nervous about it.
     When he went to rehearsals the record player broke
and he also dropped the record: little did he know that it had
scratched in the fall. At the talent show Manuel watched the
other acts and was so nervous he was “shivering with fear.”
     The time came for his performance and it all started off
okay until the scratch in the record made it skip. The same
words went over and over again. He sang them over and
over again until Mr. Roybal took the record off. Manuel had
to bow and get off the stage. He thought it was a disaster
     When it was all over Manuel realized that the crowd
really did love him. He got many pats on the back and
everyone was paying attention to him. He decided that he
was glad it was over and that next year he would probably
not volunteer again.

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