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									     2009-2010 Application
       Processing Update

            Michele Brown
Director of Applicant Products and Customer
           Marilyn LeBlanc
     Director of Application Processing
Today’s Topics
 The Free Application for Federal
  Student Aid
  – The College Cost Reduction and Access Act
  – Post 9/11 GI Bill
  – Additional Changes

 Processing Statistics
 FAFSA on the Web Enhancements

Today’s Topics
 FAA Access to CPS Online
 Need Analysis and New Application
 2009-10 Institutional Student
  Information Record (ISIR)
 Other Important News
 Important 2009-10 Dates

Dependency Status Criteria
CCRAA Changes             Impact to FAFSA
Effective for 2009-10      Adds question for
                            emancipated minors and
 Adds to Independent       a question for
  Student Definition        individuals under legal
   – Emancipated Minors     guardianship
   – Legal Guardianship    Both require a
                            determination from a
                            court in the student’s
                            state of legal residence

 Dependency Status Criteria
CCRAA Changes                      Impact to FAFSA
Effective for 2009-10               Question about
 Adds to Independent                orphans and
   Student Definition                dependents/ward of
    – Individuals in foster care     the court updated to
      after the age of 13            include foster care
 Changes criteria for orphans
   & dependents/wards of the
                                    Added criteria for age
                                     13 or older
   court to be considered
   independent. Must now be
   age 13 or older.

Dependency Status Criteria
CCRAA Changes
Effective for 2009-10

 Adds to Independent Student

  – Homeless Unaccompanied Youths
  – Youths at Risk of Homelessness

Dependency Status Criteria
Impact to FAFSA
 Adds questions for students that meet the homeless
  unaccompanied youth criteria established in the
  McKinney-Vento Homelessness Act and the Runaway
  and Homeless Youth Act
 Students should have a determination from a
  homeless liaison, HUD emergency shelter, runaway
  or homeless center, or transitional living program

CCRAA Changes            Impact to FAFSA
Effective for 2008-09     New question added to
 Created the Teacher      provide colleges with
  Education Assistance     information on students
  for College and Higher   that are interested in the
  Education (TEACH)        TEACH Grant

 Qualified Education Benefits
 (529 Plans)
CCRAA Changes                  Impact to FAFSA
Effective for 2009-10
 Qualified Education           Instructions for
  Benefit (529 Plan) owned       investments update
  by the student is an asset
  of the parent

 Distributions from 529
  Plans are excluded from
  other financial assistance

Federal Means Tested Benefits
CCRAA Changes             Impact to FAFSA
Effective for 2009-10
 Increases time for       Questions for
  federal means tested
  benefits to 24 months     independent student
                            and parents updated to
 Impacts SNT and auto-
  zero EFC eligibility      account for two years
  criteria                  instead of one

Dislocated Worker
CCRAA Changes             Impact to FAFSA
Effective for 2009-10      Questions for
                            independent student
                            and parents added
 Adds Dislocated
  Worker as eligibility
  criteria for SNT/Auto
  Zero EFC

Worksheets A, B and C
CCRAA Changes             Impact to FAFSA
Effective for 2009-10      Worksheet A deleted
                           Eliminates foreign
 Excludes the following
                            income exclusions and
  from Worksheet A and B    credit for federal tax on
   – Earned Income Credit   special fuels from
   – Additional Child Tax   Worksheet B
  –   Welfare payments           Worksheet questions
  –   Untaxed Social Security     will become individual
      Benefits                    data elements and
  –   Special Fuel Tax Credit     each data element will
  –   Excluded foreign income     be listed on the ISIR

 Worksheet B now
  titled “Untaxed
  Income” – Q47
  for student and
  Q95 for parent

 Worksheet C now
  titled “Additional
  Information” –
  Q46 for student
  and Q94 for

Veterans Benefits
Post 9/11 GI Bill Changes   Impact to FAFSA
Effective for 2009-10        Veterans questions
                              have been changed to
 Provides educational        determine the type of
  assistance to               veterans education
  individuals who have        benefits a student
  served on active duty       receives
  on or after 9/11/2001

Additional Changes to the FAFSA
 Dependency questions reordered to improve flow

Additional Changes to the FAFSA
 Reordered Housing
  Plan options

 Added data element for
  parents’ e-mail address

 Changed the response
  options for Selective
  Service registration

Additional Information
 Paper Format
  –Instructions – 4 pages
  –Application – 6 pages
 Pantone Colors
  –Parents: Purple Pantone 263
  –Students: Green Pantone 390C
 Federal Register posting of draft
  FAFSA on August 22, 2008

 Application Processing Statistics
 Week 39 (As of September 29, 2008)

    Total Paper                                                                2007-2008
                       125,123                                                 2008-2009

Total Electronic

                   0              5,000,000   10,000,000          15,000,000

 Paper and PDF Submissions
 As of September 19, 2008
                                      Paper and PDF FAFSA Submissions
Submission Type                Quantity

-Printed Paper FAFSA             76,465

-Spanish Printed Paper FAFSA      3,193
                                            PDF FAFSA
Total Paper Received            79,658         42%
Submission Type                Quantity

PDF FAFSA                        55,342

Spanish PDF FAFSA                 1,153

Total PDFs Received             56,495

FAFSA Distribution Strategy
 FAFSA on the Web Worksheet
  – Available for order through FSAPubs
  – Available for download on www.fafsa.ed.gov
  – Available for download on
 Paper FAFSA
  – Available to students through FSAIC
  – Limited quantities available by special
    request to schools and delivery partners
    through FSAPubs

FAFSA on the Web Enhancements
 Students who are unable to provide
  parental data will be able to submit their
  application through FOTW by indicating
  they have a special circumstance

  – Application can be submitted for processing
    and all appropriate matches will be
  – No EFC will be calculated
  – These records will have a “special
    circumstances” flag

FAFSA on the Web Enhancements
 ACG Eligibility extended to eligible
  noncitizens for payment periods
  beginning on or after July 1, 2009
  – FOTW updated to present ACG
    question to eligible noncitizens who
    also meet other ACG eligibility criteria
  – FOTW updated for 2009-10

 FAFSA on the Web Enhancements
 Students will be able to reset their passwords
  online and through FSAIC

 Students who save their application and do
  not submit, will receive reminders
  – Students with an e-mail address –
     • Will be e-mailed after 7 days and after 14 days
  – Students without an e-mail address -
     • Will be mailed a letter after 7 days

          Today’s Topics
 FAA Access to CPS Online
 Need Analysis and New Application Edits
 2009-10 Institutional Student Information
  Record (ISIR)
 Other Important News
 Important 2009-10 Dates

 FAA Access
to CPS Online
FAA Access to CPS Online
 Beginning 2009-10, new login and
  authentication process
 Users will log on to FAA Access by
  providing –
  – User Name
  – Password
 Login change will also affect users who
  launch FAA Access through EDExpress

FAA Access to CPS Online
 Will include all new FAFSA questions
 Questions on entry screens, ISIR compare,
  and outputs will follow question order of
  paper FAFSA
 Help topics will be added for all new FAFSA
 Former worksheet data elements will -
  – Display on FAA Access initial and pre-filled
    application entry screens
  – Correction entry will display view-only total,
    with link to individual data elements
  – Display as part of the Verification Tool

FAA Access to CPS Online
 CCRAA permits FAA’s to use Dependency
  Overrides (D/O) performed by another
  school, within the same award year -
  – Student Inquiry page will continue to display
    a complete list of transactions for the student
  – If a D/O was performed –
     • A D/O indicator will appear next to transaction
     • School Code for school that performed the D/O
      will also appear

FAA Access to CPS Online
 Special Circumstances Flag will be displayed
  “1” = No parent data provided on initial FAFSA
  “2” = Parent data provided on correction
 Pop-up message added to correction entry
  – If FAA accesses a record with the Special
    Circumstances Flag set to “1” –
     • Pop-up message will display
     • Alerts FAA that record has Special Circumstances

Need Analysis Changes
 and Application Edits
Need Analysis Changes and
New Application Edits
 2009-10 CCRAA Changes -
  – Updates Income Protection Allowances
  – Increases Automatic Zero EFC income
    parameter to $30,000
  – If a member of applicant’s family received a
    federal means-tested benefit in 2007 or
    2008, and meets income thresholds, will be
    eligible for Automatic Zero EFC or Simplified
    Needs Test (SNT)

Need Analysis Changes and
New Application Edits
 2009-10 CCRAA Changes, cont’d -
  – Dislocated worker becomes an eligibility
    criteria for Simplified Needs Test (SNT) and
    Automatic Zero EFC
     • Applicant qualifies for SNT or Automatic Zero
      EFC, as appropriate, if parent of a dependent
      student, or an independent student -
         Answers “Yes” to Dislocated Worker question,
         Meets SNT and/or Auto Zero income thresholds

Need Analysis Changes and
Application Edits
 Worksheet A data elements eliminated from
  Need Analysis and Application Edits
  – No longer part of Total Income calculation
  – Edits deleted for Worksheet A comparison to
    SSI and TANF questions
  – Removed Worksheet A total from double-
    reporting and cross-year income comparison

New Comment Codes
 New comment code (284) added if
  Dependency Override performed by a
  school for a student
 New comment code (295) added if Special
  Circumstances Flag is set for dependent
  student submitting FAFSA without
  parental data
 New comment code (296) added if Special
  Circumstances Flag was initially set, but
  then parental data was provided on a

   Institutional Student
Information Record (ISIR)
Institutional Student
Information Record (ISIR)
 2009-10 ISIR record layout posted to IFAP
 ISIR includes data elements for all new
  FAFSA questions, including –
  – Response to TEACH question
  – Former Worksheet questions and totals
 ISIR follows order of questions on the
  2009-10 paper FAFSA
 Includes new Special Circumstances Flag
  for dependent students who did not
  provide parental data on FAFSA on the

Institutional Student
Information Record (ISIR)
 2009-10 ISIRs in flat-file format
 Date fields incremented
 No changes to message classes

Institutional Student
Information Record (ISIR)
 TEACH Grant information added to
  NSLDS History Information on ISIR
 Data similar to Pell, ACG and SMART
  Grant data
  – Up to 3 detail disbursement records
  – Aggregate amounts disbursed for –
    • Grants
    • Grants converted to loans
  – New postscreening transaction when TEACH
    Grant is converted to an unsubsidized loan
  – Overpayment flag with comments generated

Other Important News

Return of Title IV Funds on the Web
 Two recent releases of Return of Title IV
  Funds (R2T4) on the Web
  – July 27 release for CCRAA Updates
  – New CCRAA-compliant credit hour and clock-
    hour R2T4 worksheets
  – Added new Post-Withdrawal disbursement
    worksheet for students who have a
    withdrawal date on or after July 1, 2008
  – TEACH Grant added to R2T4 and Post-
    Withdrawal worksheets
  – Post-Withdrawal Disbursement Status page
    and report re-designed to separate grant and
    loan calculations

Return of Title IV Funds on the Web
 September 23 Release – non-CCRAA
  – Updated the award year cycles from 2010
    to 2020
    • Institutional Charges
    • School Calendar Profile
  – New Repayment Arrangement type added
    for loans

G-845 Form and Manual Secondary
 When citizenship match is conducted with DHS
  – 15-digit confirmation number returned on ISIR
  – Under “Match Flags” in “FAA Information” section
 When doing manual Secondary Confirmation
  – School must submit Form G-845
  – School must include DHS Verification Number on
    Form G-845
  – DHS will return any G-845’s that do not include
    Verification Number
 See Electronic Announcement dated August 1,
  2008 for further details

IRS Income Verification
 Possible limited income verification
  match with IRS
 From FAFSA on the Web, students and
  parents provide consent to IRS to
  disclose taxpayer information to Federal
  Student Aid
 If IRS approves taxpayer consent,
  Federal Student Aid could re-disclose
  taxpayer information to schools and
 Stay tuned for more details…

Other Apps-Related Sessions
 C-01: A Tour of Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4)
  on the Web (hands-on)
  Day 3, 11:00 a.m.
 C-10: Test Drive the ISIR Analysis Tool and
  Improve Verification (hands-on)
  Day 3, 3:15 p.m.
 C-15: EDExpress Update
  Day 3, 11:00 a.m.
 C-16: CPS Process, Data Matches and Processing
  Day 3, 3:15 p.m.

Contact Information
 Michele Brown:
   - michele.brown@ed.gov
   - 202-377-3203
 Marilyn LeBlanc:
   - marilyn.leblanc@ed.gov
   - 202-377-3205

Important 2009-10 Dates
Important 2009-10 Dates
 2009-2010 EDExpress Packaging Technical
 Summary of Changes for the Application
  Processing System
 Student Web Application Products Process
 CPS Test System User Guide
 EDE Technical Reference

Important 2009-10 Dates
   School Electronic Process Guide
   ISIR Guide
   SAR Comment Codes and Text
   EFC Calculation Guide

Important 2009-10 Dates
1/1: 2009-10 FAA Access to CPS Online
     begins processing
1/1: 2009-10 FAFSA on the Web
1/2: Central Processing System available
1/2: 2009-10 EDExpress Release 1.0
1/2: Application Processing System
     Specifications for Software Developers,


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