Saddleback College Summary Strategic Plan for 2007-2010 by Sfusaro


									                 Saddleback College
                 Summary Strategic Plan
                 for 2007-2010
Mission                                              Strategic Directions
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬                                   ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
To provide access to learning opportunities that           To select career technical programs for
promote student success; to foster intellectual            viability, enhancement and development.
growth, individual expression, and character               To promote and enhance Health
development; and to support a dynamic and                  Sciences programs.
diverse environment of innovation and                      To increase overall Saddleback College
collegiality.                                              FTES growth.
                                                           To enhance Distance Education
Vision                                                     offerings.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬                                         To increase and sustain professional
Saddleback College will focus on a high rate of            development for faculty and staff.
transfer; life-long learning; enhancing students’          To increase and sustain efficient use of
basic skills; and career technical education as            technology campus wide.
necessitated by the changing economic,                     To provide and maintain state of the art
demographic and workforces characteristic of               facilities.
South Orange County.                                       To enhance basic skills.
                                                           To increase our transfer-ready rate.
Our Values
Saddleback College embraces:

        Quality education.
        Academic freedom and the open
        exchange of ideas.
        Student access and success.
        Innovation and creativity.
        Collaboration, collegiality, and teamwork.
        Integrity and respect.
        Equity and diversity.
        Commitment to the College’s mission.

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬                                   Student Success:
                                                        Improve retention of students in the
Enrollment Management:                                  Nursing Program.
       The Enrollment Management Committee              Increase Saddleback College Student
       (EMC) will facilitate achievement of the         Athletes by 50 FTES.
       goal of 7,943 semester FTES by 2010.             Increase overall FTES growth through
       The EMC will encourage the College               additional tutoring assistance offered to
       academic divisions to work more closely          Saddleback students.
       with faculty and administration from its         Increase overall Saddleback College
       feeder high school districts to increase         growth of Hispanic/Latino students.
       the number of students who are eligible          Implement outreach strategies in
       to enter Saddleback College as                   conjunction with marketing goals and
       freshman with eligibility for college level      strategies that will target key groups to
       Math and English by 10% by the end of            increase enrollment.
       2010.                                            Increase student retention/completion of
       The EMC will establish a process to              online classes.
       review external data reports, the 5-year         Intake and support faculty & staff training
       Master Plan, and Program Review data             in standards of campus and classroom
       to make recommendations for program              behavior of students and the public.
       establishment, expansion, and                    Support retention and persistence of all
       discontinuance, and tie the                      students through increased referral to
       recommendations to the budget                    Student Services & sensitivity to all
       development process.                             students, particularly disabled and under
       Increase the amount of support and               represented.
       training given to instructors of distance        The voluntary Campus Community
       education classes.                               Emergency Response Team (C-CERT)
       Increase student enrollment and                  will be equipped with items essential to
       retention in distance education classes at       the teams’ ability to assist in the event of
       Saddleback College.                              campus emergencies or disasters by
       Enhance and Support Existing Transfer            evacuating buildings, maintaining order
       Program.                                         at assigned evacuation locations.
                                                        Develop and implement outreach
Campus Environment:                                     programs that improve student, faculty
     Establish standard operating procedures            and staff awareness of the signs of
     for major facilities improvements and              mental health distress and resources for
     renovations.                                       help both on and off campus.
     Accelerate completion of scheduled                 Increase student retention and
     maintenance projects and formalize                 persistence.
     emergency repair procedures.                       Utilize My Academic Plan (MAP) to
     Improve campus signage.                            increase ease & ability of students and
     Utilize the five-year Master Plan as a             Counselors developing educational
     resource to guide campus construction              plans.
     and expansion.                                     Increase student awareness and use of
     Secure staffing and materials to improve           Student Services through online
     cleanliness, safety and maintenance of             orientation.
     facilities and grounds.
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    Improve knowledge of class performance               Enhance transfer services to achieve
    through the Early Alert system.                      transfer rates.
    Provide efficient systems to Student                 Expand the number of transfer “ready”
    Service professionals to best serve                  students.
    students.                                            Hire a full-time Matriculation Coordinator.
    Implementation of SARS appointment                   Reduce the number of students on
    scheduling tracking system to provide                academic or progress probation.
    accountability.                                      Student retention and success through
    Integrate BOG fee waiver application as              Applied Psychology class.
    a part of CCCApply.                                  Expand hours of service in Enrollment
    Library Remodel to increase the ability of           Services to students (particularly
    Instructional Faculty, Counselors & Staff            evenings & key times) and via increased
    to serve students and provide adequate               telephone reception.
    workspace to accommodate all                         Administration and use of Student
    employees.                                           Survey results to improve services to
    To meet ADA accessibility requirements               students.
    in DSPS & EOPS offices.                              Insure that articulation agreements are
    Transfer Center/Articulation Office/                 up to date and enhanced continually.
    EOPS Faculty Coordinator/CalWORKS:                   Full time Administrative Assistant for
    Increase the ability of administration,              Assistant Dean, Counseling and Special
    Counselors & Staff to serve students and             Programs.
    accommodate all employees.                           Enhance Fiscal and Veterans Services to
    To increase the ability of Matriculation             all current and future students.
    faculty & staff to better serve students.
    Admissions & Records: to increase the        Institutional Effectiveness:
    ability of staff to serve current and                 To increase faculty, staff and
    potential students and accommodate all                administrative involvement in the
    employees.                                            development and utilization of outcomes
    Student Services Center lobby: to                     assessment through increased
    increase and improve services and                     communication of expectations.
    information provided to students.                     To increase visibility for SLO
    Remodel and create adequate space for                 assessment, AUO assessment, and
    a “one stop” Fiscal Office.                           Program/Administrative Unit Review on
    To house the Outreach Department.                     campus.
    Increase student retention and                        To provide regular institutional
    persistence in Pre-Algebra & Beginning                effectiveness training to instructional
    Algebra.                                              programs and administrative/student
    Developmental English.                                support units.
    Enhance Basic Skills through increased                To ensure that information garnered
    support of ESL program.                               through the institutional effectiveness
    Enhance Basic Skills through Focus on                 process is used to facilitate college-wide
    Reading.                                              planning and resource allocation.
    “Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student
    Success in California Community
    Enhance math and English basic skills
    with increased tutoring.
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