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									E-News November 20, 2008
Autism Ontario – Niagara Chapter

                               On the Move Update!
The end of January move date to the Goodwill, Stokes Site has been revised. We are now looking at
April 1st date at the latest.
We continue to seek funding and fundraising resources as well as ways to reduce the costs through
in-kind donations and services. Builders and contractors can work on the project for Goodwill Niagara
and donate part of their services to Autism Ontario- Niagara. We are also looking for donations of
building materials. If you have any ideas to assist the chapter in raising funds or have connections to
those that might provide in-kind services, please contact Sharon at the office, 905-682-2776.
Attend the General Meeting on Dec. 2nd to hear an update.

Ontario Parent Survey PPM-140/ PPM 140 Sondage Aux Parents
The Ministry of Education established legislation in 2007 surrounding the use of Applied Behaviour
Analysis (ABA) methods and transition planning for students with ASD. They would like to know
your opinion on how that is going in your child’s school.
Click here to add your voice to this survey. This important survey closes Nov 30th.

General MeetingTuesday December 2, 2008 6 p.m. at NPCC
To be held at Niagara Peninsula Children’s Centre, 567 Glenridge Avenue St. Catharines.
at 6:00 p.m. Richard Hales has been invited to address “Forgotten”. Autism Ontario released its
public policy paper "Forgotten Ontario Adults with Autism & Adults with Aspergers “ this
November. Autism Ontario Adult Working Group includes Howard Weinroth, Dr. Jeanette Holden,
Richard Hales and Tony Hill. Also hear an update on the chapter activities, future move, and have the
opportunity to ask questions.
Click here if you are planning to attend. It will help us prepare the space and refreshments.
Last minute attendees are welcome.

We still have chocolate bars!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!
Circumstances have us looking for new location(s) this year. Are you able to help us out by providing
or connecting us to a location (i.e. Bank, hair salon, etc.) to sell up to 200 donated Nestles chocolate
bars for the chapter? Please call Theresa at 905-682-2776 for further information.

Support the Niagara Chapter and Autism Ontario.
Click here to read why, and hear more about the chapter’s activities. November is our membership
month. Most of our 182 members’ renewals come due in November. There are benefits to
membership; however, membership is not a requirement to access our agency programs and services.
     Becoming a member
     Giving a membership gift or a supporter gift for Christmas
     Making a donation to support Chapter activities.
Letters have been sent to many of our members especially those with fall renewal dates. Thank you
to those who have already sent in your membership renewal. Please contact the office to sign up or
renew your membership for November 2008 to November 2009 or consider a lifetime membership.
SEAC Alternate is required. A SEAC Alternate for the NCDSB is needed – please
contact the office, 905-682-2776 if you are interested in this position - thank you.

Got to Love your Jewelry….
Come check out the new line of Autism Awareness Jewelry, Your choice of Sterling Silver Ribbon
puzzle piece on Sterling silver wire, sterling covered wire, or rhodium plated chains, $20 each.
Donations from the sales will be directed to the “Growth and Development Fund”
A big Thank you to Ancient Beads (Rebecca Csuzdi) for the donation and the making of these items.
P.S These items are selling fast. Limited quantities– do not be disappointed.

RCP Events and Workshops
Saturday, November 22 - 10:00 start, doors open at 9:30 a.m.
Movie Morning - Madagascar 2 or High School Musical 3
Join us for FREE if you are a current member or pay only $5 per admission.
Also, popcorn combos are available for only $5. Families can divide to see both movies, although
parent supervision is required for all children. Click here to register your family!

Monday, December 8th Autism Information Series Final Session – Ask the
With NPCC and Bethesda, RCP is excited to offer a series of four education and discussion nights for
families supporting children with ASD and is of particular interest to families who have recently
received a new diagnosis. All four session will run again in the spring. Join us with Dr. B. Mahoney
from McMaster Children’s Hospital on Monday, December 8th for our final night of this series!
This event is at NPCC, 567 Glenridge Ave. St. Catharines and is FREE!
Registration can be completed with Deb Reimer at NPCC – 905-688-1890, ext 122.

Saturday, December 6th 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Photos with Santa and Holiday shopping
Visit an ASD-friendly Santa, take your time getting settled and get your photo taken for FREE!
At Westminster Church, 180 Queenston St., St. Catharines (by St. Catharines General Hospital)
For just a monetary donation, let your child come and shop for his/her immediate family in a
supportive location without the hassles of the mall and hectic Christmas crowds.
Registration will take place online, click here to register for Shopping and/or Photos.

   o candles, vases, purses, mugs, sports items for moms, dads and grandparents
   o toys, books, and games for children, preschoolers to teens
   o blankets, rattles, toys, and clothing for infants
   o pet toys and treats for all sizes
   o candy canes, tissue paper, and gift bags for wrapping
    o  gift cards/certificates of any denomination to help us purchase gifts that we do not receive as
To arrange donation drop off/pick up, please contact the office 905-682-2776.

Sunday, December 7th 2:00 – 4:00 pm
WORKSHOP - What is ASD? For Extended Family Members
This session is intended for aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, cousins, etc. who are looking to
learn more about ASD and how to support their family members. If you have a family member with
an ASD and would like to learn more, join us! Remember the holidays are fast approaching…what
could be a better gift then showing that you want to help!
Location: Autism Ontario - Niagara Chapter office, 60 James St., Suite 404 (corner of King and James)
This event is free for those who pre-register.
If there is interest in a children's session, children and adults will have a 45 minute session together,
followed by an adult session while children are supported in another room by volunteers.
Children’s session information is recorded on the registration form. Click here to register!

RCP Events Still to come:
   School Holiday Christmas Break - Cheeky Monkey’s Indoor Playground, Ice Skating and more!
   Monday, January 12, 2009 – 7:00 pm – Educational Advocate, Lindsay Moir

Boardmaker Program is available to use!
Do you require additional visual supports for your child? The Boardmaker program is available for
those wishing to make picture schedules, routine boards, and other visual supports. Autism Ontario
Niagara Chapter, through the Realized Community Potential Program, has this Free service available
to all families in the Niagara region.
You are welcome to call and book time on the Mac system donated by RCP for family use.

Would you like to learn more about any of your Chapter’s committees?
You are invited to attend any committee meeting, but please RSVP before coming out to see what a
committee is all about. Click here for committee information and more details.

Note these upcoming Committee Meeting Dates:
Program Committee Nov. 24th, 6:30 p.m. at the chapter office
Awareness Committee TBA
Fundraising Committee TBA
Resource Committee – February TBA

Family Funding Bursary
Some of the funds raised by Autism Ontario – Niagara Chapter are specifically for the purpose of
funding social programs and recreational activities for children who have been diagnosed with
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Call the office 905-682-2776 for more information and application

Bird Kingdom - Coupon rebate Program.
Get out of the cold. Plan a family outing.
A Tropical Adventure at the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls, the World’s largest indoor aviary sounds
like a lot of fun! The Chapter receives a rebate when you use the discount coupon.
This $2 off coupon is available at the office .To date the chapter has received $278 in donations.

Save Your Boston Pizza Receipts for the chapter! (Cash Back Program)
Thank you….. to those who have dropped off their receipts to the office. We recently handed in
over $1,000 in receipts. Keep collecting Boston Pizza receipts from family, friends, etc. Bring or send
them to the office. We will continue to submit these receipts and receive a 10% rebate on all
purchases before tax (dine in or take out) from participating locations: Morrison Ave., Niagara Falls
and Ontario St. & Glendale Ave., St. Catharines.

Thank You!
   To the Wee Care Day Care for donating the proceeds from your walk-a-thon this year.
    $2,251.60 was raised and donated to Autism Ontario – Niagara Chapter – THANK YOU!
   To the volunteers, that helped at the Seventh Annual Canal Bank Shuffle in Thorold.
   To those who choose to honour their loved one through a Memorial Donation.
   To the many volunteers who are the back-bone of Autism Ontario - Niagara Chapter 

Centre for Addiction & Mental Health Survey
In partnership with Autism Ontario, a research team from the Centre for Addiction and Mental
Health is interested in looking at the experiences of people with ASD and their families, when the
family member with ASD has a crisis. A crisis can be any time when problems get very bad, or when
you have to put a lot of effort into keeping things from getting out of control. Autism Ontario will
share the results of the survey with the team to assist their research and to help justify the importance
of funding this project. There are only 7 questions.
PLEASE NOTE: This is anonymous. There is no way that Autism Ontario can find out who is
responding. To participate, please use this link:

Would you care to participate?
Does your child with autism frequently engage in repetitive behaviours (such as hand washing,
ordering, checking, counting, repeating words etc.), and/or display recurrent thoughts, impulses or
images that cause your child marked anxiety or distress?
If the above description resembles your child, he/she may be a good candidate for our treatment
We are currently recruiting children with an official diagnosis of High Functioning Autism or
Aspergers, who are also displaying frequent Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviour, to partake in a
study designed specifically to target children with autism who display obsessive and compulsive
If you are interested in having your child participate, or would like additional information about the
study, please contact Dr. Tricia Vause at 905-688-5550 ext. 3559, or email Tricia Vause at

The following items are for your information only and are not necessarily
directly related to, or supported by Autism Ontario.
Disclaimer: It is important to do your own research and make your own informed decisions. Please note,
Autism Ontario – Niagara Chapter does not endorse any specific therapy, product, treatment, strategy,
opinions, service, or individual. We do, however, endorse your right to information.

~THE IDEAL ART CONTEST open until December 31, 2008
ONTARIO IDEAL-WAY.ca was founded by Robert Pio Hajjar, born with Down Syndrome.
IDEAL-WAY is inviting all Autism Associations to help us find artists among these exceptional
individuals. We believe that persons with Down syndrome, Autism, etc., can create art just like
anybody else. Would you like to create some art such as a painting, drawing, photography or
sculpture? Send us your best art in any style, on any subject. Any art created in 2008 is eligible for
entry. The 2008 Contest is open to all ages. Two entries per person. This is a fun, FREE contest with
many exciting prizes for lots of winners. There will be random draws of prizes for persons simply
giving it a try and entering. Help IDEAL-WAY to showcase Ontario’s hidden talent, and help us to
spread the word about the IDEAL ART Contest. Official Entry Form must accompany all entries.
Visit www.ideal-way.ca for Official Entry Form, Rules, etc. or email Addie J. Daabous, Executive
Director at info@ideal-way.ca tel: (416) -620-4500.

~Bethesda’s ASD Respite Services wants to remind families interested in applying for Flex Funds next
quarter (January 1, 2009-March 31, 2009) that applications are due on or before December 1, 2008. The
Flex Fund service is available for families who have difficulty accessing other respite services offered
in the community.
For more information and/or to complete an application, please contact Brianne Litke at Bethesda
Services, 905-684-6918 x. 305.

~Autism Kidz Store – Families may wish to check out this site. click here

~Autism Speaks
 This is a website that may help newly diagnosed families.

~Gluten Free Products are now available at Port Country Pantry, 50 Charlotte Street, Port Colborne.
Phone: 298-836-9522

If you have any questions about the newsletter, have recently obtained an email address and would like to be
added to the e-news list or would like to be removed from the mailing list, please contact the office at 905-682-

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