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           CONSOLE VIEW is the most innovative
           and sophisticated console system for
           technical control areas, merging the
           most ultra modern style both in shapes,
           colours and finishes. The CONSOLE
           VIEW provides the characteristics and
           technical specifications to organise the
           computer equipment, electronic and
           communication elements as well as the


           Gesab has designed and developed the
           first specific system for Call Centers,
           the CONSOLE CALL.

           It is the only system that provides the
           sector with a professional and technical
           solution to its needs, both in organising
           the computer equipment, electronic and
           wiring elements and in ergonomics,
           design, security and saving of space and

2     3
The whole system has been designed for assembling all the elements in a
q u i c k a n d e a s y w a y. T h e m e c h a n i s a t i o n o f a l l t h e p i e c e s a l l o w s f o r a n y
enlargement, modification or change without interrupting the normal
functioning of the technical areas.

                                                                                                                                     Console Call is based on a totally
                                                                                                                                     lockable double side structure,
                                                                                                                                     where all the computer equipment,
                                                                                                                                     data point, power supplies, wiring
                                                                                                                                     and electrics are located. The
                                                                                                                                     worksurfaces are installed in both
                                                                                                                                     sides and among them the

                                                                                                                     consolesystem   separators define the operator

The Console View is made up of a wide range
of totally lockable chassis, where all the
equipment and wiring are located, and from
which the work surfaces and specific
accessories for the control and peripheral
elements are installed.

                      4                                                                                                       5
              Thanks to the use of new materials in the finishing
              pieces that allow for producing moulded shapes
              are harmonised with the colours and tones,
              ascertaining modern, classical, ultra modern or
              personalised designs.

              All the system has been developed according to
              the ergonomic standards, both in the possibility
              of adapting any component, and in the visual
              distances, work radius, being able to adapt the
              system to the most ergonomic demands.

6   7
9   10

12       13

    The chassis have a cable ducting system
    in   each   of   their   frames   allowing   for
    differentiating the voice data and power
    by    separate      channels.      Universal
    suppor ts where the connection boxes
    are installed are also available.

    The ducting allows for the passing of a
    large number of cables in a secure and
    hidden orderly way.

                             14                        15
                      The CONSOLE system is made, using             the
                      most advanced technology and high quality
                      materials and under the most demanding
                      quality controls (TÜV CERT ISO 9001).
                      Thus guaranteeing the quality of design,
                      development, production, installation and
                      after-sales service.

                      The innovative steel manufacturing technology
                      as well as the high quality of the materials used,
                      gives the product its extreme durability.

                      The quality of our products allows us to offer an
                      exceptional certified 10 years guarantee.

  16             17

  line           concave     convex


 simple       double side   double chassis

The modular architecture of CONSOLE VIEW,
allows for enormous number of
configurations, combining line, concave
and convex systems with simple, double
side and double chassis structures.

Due to the characteristics of Call
Centers, CONSOLE CALL has been
developed according to the ergonomic
standards, both in the possibility of
adjusting and regulating and in the
audio and visual requirements, being
able to adapt the system to the most
demanding needs, as the “hot chair”
     guarantee for the future
guarantee for the future

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