Internal summary This is intended for delivery to the by Sfusaro


									** Internal summary **

This is intended for delivery to the customer.

** Patch instructions **

The enclosed patch can be applied to version 8.3r1 of the G2 suite.

Instructions on applying this patch follow:

1. Ensure that G2 server, ActiveXLink or other G2 applications are not currently

2. Locate the main g2 suite folder. If you have installed the G2 suite to
   c:\progra~1\gensym\g2-8.3r1, the location is C:\progra~1\gensym\g2-8.3r1

3. Make a backup copy of the following files

         I.   G2\G2.exe
        II.   G2\Twng.exe
       III.   G2\Tw.exe
      IV.     G2\kbs\utils\gms.kb
        V.    G2\kbs\utils\sys-mod.kb
      VI.     gsi-intc\gsi.dll
      VII.    gsi-msvc\gsi.dll
     VIII.    activexlink\bin\g2com.dll
      IX.     activexlink\bin\gsi.dll
        X.    gda\kbs\gdabasic.kb
      XI.     gda\kbs\gdsbsdlg.kb
      XII.    gda\kbs\gqm.kb
     XIII.    gda\kbs\gqmv.kb
     XIV.     gda\examples\gdatank.kb
     XV.      g2i\kbs\cdg.kb
     XVI.     g2i\kbs\gedp.kb
    XVII.     g2i\kbs\gerr.kb
    XVIII.    g2i\kbs\gevm.kb
     XIX.     g2i\kbs\grtl.kb
     XX.      hla\bin\g2-hla.exe
     XXI.     integrity\kbs\integrity-core.kb
    XXII.     nol\kbs\gnne.kb
    XXIII.    nol\kbs\nol.kb
   XXIV.      opcclient\g2opc.exe
    XXV.      protools\kbs\protools.kb
   XXVI.      rethink\kbs\bpr.kb
   XXVII.     rethink\kbs\methods.kb
4. Run the self-extractor and choose the location as the G2-Suite Directory. If asked
about replacing files, select "Yes to all".

5. Finally, from the <G2 suite folder>\activexlink\bin folder, execute RUNME.bat to
register the patched module on your PC

Issues Fixed: Below are the Issues Ids / Feature Requests that are fixed for this patch.

     Issue no                                         Issue title

Hq-5608585          Blocks evaluation problem nol

Hq-5505895          Tabular view: option to request sorting content using user sort specs

Hq-5632610          New entry in queues always going to the bottom

Hq-5682094          Events show as suspect even though all its causes are true

Hq-5499854          Queue message popup menu does not update for user mode change

Hq-5682092          Events change from specified true to inferred true

Hq-5615265          Gsi memory leak when using .net environment only.

Hq-5621386          Ghost tree node children when parent tree node are deleted

Hq-5621389          Twng 8.3 r1: icon color does not change on tree view objects

Hq-5622064          Comparison of character strings inside sequences or structures

Hq-5621004          Unreadable postscript file

Hq-5632008          G2 memory growth

Hq-5686220          Twng: exceeded maximum of 131000 native icons
                    Anytime twng is showing a g2 workspace, the number of gdi
Hq-5699700          processes grows.

Hq-5570524          Performance degrading in twng tree control

Hq-5647736          G2-window for tw/twng remains after unexpected shutdown

Hq-5647541          Twng crashed with many warning messages

Hq-5656948          Twng memory leak when showing and hiding workspaces

Hq-5577406          Twng: tree view leaks tool tips

Hq-5656952          [nms] combo-box returns invalid structure to the callback procedure

Hq-5698037          [Twng] combo-box leaks choices.
Hq-5698060   [twng] re-increase the maximum number of native icons above 131000
             Twng wrong native icons are used when native icons exceeds around
Hq-5702427   70000

Hq-5629528   When using g2-ui-print-workspace to emit a jpeg image

Hq-5637522   "here 3" sent to message board every 5 seconds

Hq-5685963   Here 3' posted to message board

Hq-5683231   Memory leak? 280 bytes per 10 toolbar creation

Hq-5595405   Access to instantiate

Hq-5679116   Item-configuration behavior in classic ui
             Abort deleting top-level module and workspaces when workspace is
Hq-5259563   showing

Hq-5641329   Alt keys fail with caps lock

Hq-5483955   Call tree local variable name in procedure comment bug

Hq-5077052   Rethink: editing filters doesn't update report until you delete report

Hq-3177181   Object file and truth-value attribute support

Hq-5593312   Error when trying to access disabled class definition

Hq-5519377   Hla bridge shows no version

Hq-5392920   Protools: launch procedure utility does not validate argument types

Hq-5570526   Gnne version incorrect in g2 83r1 bundle
             The environment variable g2_server is not mentioned in the grpe
Hq-5627280   manual

Hq-5609289   Terminating the g2-opc client msdos generates an "end now" button

Hq-5604040   Hla bridge connection broken

Hq-3033037   Tw abort running out of pixmaps when rerouting many times

Hq-5362738   Another ancient, questionably relevant abort

Hq-5345421   Trend-chart aborts g2 when lower-bound > upper-bound

Hq-4655290   Weird abort involving selection ui and inspect

Hq-4548609   G2/tw may abort when windows graphics memory is exhausted

Hq-3477026   Abort with bad value for identifying attributes of interface

Hq-3322650   Another abort grudgingly pried from g2

Hq-2880891   Rule compilation aborts g2

Hq-5332405   Rethink: system attribute named class does not display in block input
Hq-5517326   Accelerator labels are not displayed in native menu

Hq-1050868   Maximum activities is ignored when objects arrive simultaneously

Hq-5601884   Gedp-quotient-block not connected to an upstream block at input 2

Hq-5282778   G2 abort when using trend-chart

Hq-5566882   Bug: protools call-tree doesn't recognize // as comment
             Integrity: no indication of failure creating domain object from ping mgr
Hq-5567729   dialog

Hq-5566571   Inconsistencies when loading nol.kb

Hq-5620431   Incomplete items when loading gda-tank demo.

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