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              A young                                                             ANZAC Meanings
    April 2009person’s                           ANZAC Day is a day of remembrance, the day we remember how the men from Australia
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              Guide to                           and New Zealand gave their lives for their nations. On April 25th the Australian and New
                                                   Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landed on shore at Gallipoli, unknowingly sealing their
          ANZAC Day                                  fate. The Turkish army had set up a vicious defence upon the beaches and cliffs of
   It is important to remember these               Gallipoli, causing thousands of deaths among the ANZACS and creating a stalemate
 men and the sacrifice they made so            between the two armies. Both sides suffered great losses that to this day are remembered
far from home and for our children to                                         for the terrible tragedies that they were.
learn. War is not about glory, but the                   Although it's not just because of the incredible bravery displayed by the ANZACS
    ultimate sacrifice for our country.         that each 25 of April we all gather together as a nation and mourn those that gave their
    Men march with pride down the                         lives. No, the real motivation behind ANZAC Day is the “ANZAC Spirit”, the
  street on the 25th of April, some to                 characteristics and mannerisms of our ANZAC boys. Such characteristics were
 represent their relatives that went to              endurance beyond that of a normal person, unbelievable courage, ingenuity, good
    war or for their mates that never          humour, and mateship. These qualities have become something of an ANZAC legend and
 came back. So we should show our                  are supposedly common among Australians. But if you quietly observe the ones that
   support and be proud of our men                claim that all Australians are ANZACS at heart, it's quite possible that you'll notice that
  that fought for our country. Lest we         said qualities and characteristics are not so common as some misguided members of the
                  forget.                                           public have been leading themselves and others to believe.
        Laura. Castlemaine JSC                    Take mateship for example. The ANZACS treated each other with such companionship
                                                and kindness that it has been remembered for so many years. To be an ANZAC you were
To me ANZAC Day is to pay respect                   in the ANZAC family, they were all brothers in all but blood. Now with the feeling of
   to the soldiers for fighting these                 intense mateship between the ANZACS fresh in our minds, let's take a look at the
  wars and also the ones that died             supposed mateship in the modern community and it is clear much has changed. Walking
  saving our country and also their                 down an everyday street if you pay attention you'll notice people will rarely smile or
 families either if they lost someone             acknowledge each other, on the streets the poor and homeless are ignored, the street
in the war or if they were somehow                  vendors over-charging their Australian brothers and sisters and children bullying a
effected by it. Nicole Castlemaine JSC           smaller child for the thrill. Is this the mateship that has been marveled as an Australian
                                               quality? No. Can it be considered a stretched interpretation of mateship? No. There is no
For me, ANZAC Day is something I                   excuse for the complete lack of respect between youth to elder or between person to
   definitely respect, but it is not             person, and it's appalling that not only have we, as Australians, allowed for attitudes to
important to me. I understand what             get this bad, but so many still insist upon ignoring this behaviour and continue to hark on
     the day represents and the                                         about how much everyone cares about each other.
importance of it but I can’t relate to          Ingenuity, another classic quality of the ANZACS, and yet again something that has been
 the feelings that others can when               warped and twisted until it has been mutilated so badly that it is unrecognisable as the
  they reflect on the soldiers that            remarkable trait it once was. Every day people make worse and worse decisions, despite
   risked their lives for Australia.             the consequences that would have once taught them to learn about their bad decisions
      Theabella. Castlemaine JSC                                                        and make better ones.
                                                        Don't even get me started on endurance. It is a proven fact that more and more
  ANZAC Day is a day to remember                Australians are being reported as being obese or nearing that status. The blame for this
    those who fought for Australia’s              obviously lies not only at the feet of the fast-food market, who are constantly pumping
 freedom. We acknowledge ANZAC                        tonnes of fat into the surrounding community, but it also lies with the community
       Day each year to thank and              themselves for allowing it to go so far. The ANZAC spirit is all about being healthy, caring
remember those lives that were lost.               and brave, yet for some reason that spirit has become flawed and brutally reduced to
     I know that some soldiers who                  nothing more than a fanciful ideal. Something that everyone wants to be yet doesn't
  fought are to this day unidentified.                                               actually bother to become.
   Some war veterans are still alive              Anzac Day is a day of remembrance. It is a day of honoring the ANZAC spirit. It is not a
  today and receive awards for their            day that should be marred with behavior any less than the ANZAC spirit itself. Honor the
    great contribution to Australia’s          men that gave their lives for their country by making an effort to display the qualities that
                freedom.                           once made our nation great. Think about what you're doing before you do something
           Natalie. Kyneton SC
                                                     stupid. Make the ANZAC spirit more than a legend, make it real. Make it Australian.
    I am in year 9 and I don’t really                                                                                         By Ciaran from Castlemaine JSC
 know that much. But I do know that
  in 1914-1918 Australian and New
 Zealand soldiers fought in a war in                                                            My Story
 Turkey. Many of the brave soldiers
died and the doctors/nurses worked
                                                  On ANZAC Day I will be doing the ANZAC Day service in Kyneton with my squadron. I
 around the clock to cure and even
                                                belong to the Australian Air Force Cadets. I really like doing stuff with the cadets, such as
revive the injured. Then in 1918, the
                                                        going to the recent Avalon Air Show and taking part in the ANZAC service.
   guns fell silent and the war was
                                                     In August last year I was promoted to leading cadet which was exciting for me.
 over. We will always remember the
                                                 In my squadron we currently have about 30 cadets but we could still need more people.
men and women who helped in that
                                                       The Australian Air Force cadets age range is between 13 to 18 years of age.
          war. Lest we forget.
                                                                  So think about joining. Cadet Robert from Castlemaine SC
           Miles. Kyneton S C
                                                  ANZAC Day to me is remembering the bravery my dad and others who fought in the
 My Grandad on my dad’s side put                wars. I reflect on the soldiers who died in action and those who went and witnessed the
his age up when he was very young                horrifying tragedy. So on the 25th of April every year we take time out to acknowledge
  for the First World War. He didn’t                                              the bravery of the soldiers.
  fight then. He went to fight in the           The legend that is ANZAC is reflected in the story of Simpson and his donkey. Simpson
Second World War. He survived this              would walk beside his donkey to the wounded and take them back to the base. He would
    conflict but passed away from                             risk his life to save or give families the chance to say goodbye.
           Jenna. Kyneton S C                                                       Georgia. Kyneton Secondary College

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