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                                       The Centre is internationally            studies. Importantly, some younger
                                       renowned for its work and maintains      members of the department have
                                       a strong profile at the forefront of     instigated individual investigations
                                       Cognition and Anaesthesia research       on specific areas of clinical interest.
                                       with follow-up investigations            These range from simple clinical
                                       reaching five years.                     audits to the investigation of complex
                                                                                issues such as continuous noninvasive
                                       The Regional Anaesthesia Research
                                                                                cardiac output monitoring. In
                                       Group has a primary focus on
                                                                                addition, St. Vincent’s Department
St. Vincent’s Department of            ultrasound and its use with regional
                                                                                of Anaesthesia is participating in
Anaesthesia houses the Centre          anaesthesia and safety auditing
                                                                                two multi-national prospective
for Anaesthesia and Cognitive          of regional techniques. Led by Dr
                                                                                clinical trials.
Function and the Regional              Michael Barrington, they hold an
Anaesthesia Research Group,            enviable reputation worldwide for
                                                                                Research applications in the
both at the global forefront of        their work in this area.
                                                                                clinical setting
anaesthesia research.
                                       Projects in progress or completed        Regional anaesthesia has undergone
About us                                                                        a revolution as anaesthetists can
                                       There are currently more than 25
                                                                                now reliably block peripheral
The Department of Anaesthesia          clinical research projects being
                                                                                nerves which can be visualised with
conducts a diverse range of            undertaken in the Department of
investigator-driven projects,          Anaesthesia. This high output is
encouraged and supported by the        indicative of the enthusiasm of the
                                                                                Research outcomes in relation to
Director, Assoc Prof Michael Davies.   staff and the powerful research
                                                                                patient care
                                       culture of the department.
The cognitive research team                                                     Reliable peripheral nerve blockade
currently comprises a team of          The studies are being undertaken
                                                                                means avoidance of general
four full-time scientists plus two     by members of the department
                                                                                anaesthesia in many cases and
Advanced Medical Science (AMS)         ranging from more senior members
                                                                                improved postoperative pain relief.
students from the University of        to junior registrars, with the support
Melbourne. Another scientist is        of professional research staff. The
                                                                                The team
engaged full time with the regional    scope of the projects is reflective
research team and in addition we       of the main interests within the         Assoc Prof Michael Davies, Director;
have a full-time departmental          department. The echocardiography         Dr Kara Allen, Anaesthetic Registrar;
research nurse.                        group is currently undertaking four      Dr Michael Barrington, Senior Staff
                                       large projects investigating cardiac     Anaesthetist; Dr John Cormack,
The Centre for Anaesthesia and         performance. The ultrasound-             Visiting Senior Staff Anaesthetist;
Cognitive Function, led by Assoc       guided regional anaesthesia group        Dr Tim Costello, Visiting Senior Staff
Prof Brendan Silbert and Assoc Prof    has embarked on a diverse research       Anaesthetist; Dr Brian Cowie, Staff
David Scott holds four major NHMRC     program incorporating more               Anaesthetist; Dr Roberta Deam,
project grants, an ANZCA project,      than 10 individual studies using         Visiting Anaesthetist; Lisbeth Evered,
academic enhancement grants and        sonography to improve the delivery       Research – Scientist/Clinical; Sam
NHF grants, together with a number     of regional anaesthesia. The Centre      Gledhill, Research Assistant; Dr J
of smaller investigator grants.        for Anaesthesia and Cognitive            Golshevsky, Anaesthetic Registrar; Dr
                                       Function has registered six clinical     Gaylene Heard, Visiting Anaesthetist;
20                                                                                                               ANAEStHESIA

     Dr Simon Jones, Visiting                 and mitral valve dimensions.           Selected international
     Anaesthetist; Dr Mario Kalpokas,         Australia and New Zealand College of   presentations
     Visiting Anaesthetist; Dr Roman          Anaesthetists, (2008-2009), $21,000
                                                                                     Barrington M
     Kluger, Senior Staff Anaesthetist;
                                              Lee T, Barrington M, Gledhill S        – Speaker, ‘Safety of regional
     Dr Sally Lacey, Anaesthetic
                                              Prospective trial of selective           anaesthesia in the ultrasound
     Registrar; Dr Brad LaFerlita, Visiting
                                              ultrasound-guided obturator nerve        ERA’, Australian Society of
     Anaesthetist; Dr Bridget Langley,
                                              blockade for lower limb surgery,         Anaesthetists/New Zealand
     Staff Anaesthetist; Dr Mon Lee,
                                              Pfizer Neurosciences Research Grant,     Society of Anaesthetists Combined
     Anaesthetic Registrar; Dr Tim Lee,
                                              (2008-2009), $19,000                     Scientific Congress, Wellington,
     Anaesthetic Registrar; Dr Lisa Lin,
                                                                                       New Zealand, October 2008
     Anaesthetic Registrar; Dr Matthew        Scott D, Silbert B
     Matusik, Staff Anaesthetist; Wendy                                              Langley B
                                              Cardiac Interventions, Surgery and
     McDonald, Acute Pain Nurse; Dr Des                                              – Speaker, ‘Anaesthetic complications
                                              Cognitive Outcomes (CISCO) Study.
     McGlade, Senior Staff Anaesthetist;                                               1992-2006 at St. Vincent’s Hospital
                                              Commonwealth Government –
     Dr Tim McIvor, Anaesthetic                                                        Melbourne’, Australian Society
                                              NHMRC, (2007-2009), $323,375
     Registrar; Dr Rowan Molnar, Senior                                                of Anaesthetists/New Zealand
     Staff Anaesthetist; Dr David Olive,      Dementia In Response to                  Society of Anaesthetists Combined
     Visiting Anaesthetist; Simone Said,      Endovascular & Cardiac Surgical          Scientific Congress, Wellington,
     Research Nurse; Dr Christopher           Therapies (DIRECT). Commonwealth         New Zealand, October 2008
     Scarff, Visiting Anaesthetist; Assoc     Government – NHMRC, (2007-2009),       Lee T
     Prof David A Scott, Deputy Director;     $390,000                               – Speaker, ‘Evaluation of posterior
     Assoc Prof Brendan Silbert, Senior                                                and subcostal ultrasound guided
                                              Scott D, Silbert B, Evered L
     Staff Anaesthetist; Dr Gabe Snyder,                                               TAP block’, Australian Society
     Anaesthetic Registrar; Dr Michael        Coronary Angiography, Transcranial
                                                                                       of Anaesthetists/New Zealand
     Solly, Visiting Anaesthetist; Dr         Doppler and Cognitive Health
                                                                                       Society of Anaesthetists Combined
     Jaclyn Soo, Anaesthetic Registrar;       (CATCH) Study. National Research
                                                                                       Scientific Congress, Wellington,
     Dr Andrew Stewart, Senior Staff          Foundations – National Heart
                                                                                       New Zealand, October 2008
     Anaesthetist; Dr Rowan Thomas,           Foundation, (2007-2008), $53,070
                                                                                     Molnar R
     Senior Staff Anaesthetist; Tuyen         Silbert B, Scott D, Evered L           – Invited speaker, ‘Anaesthesia for
     Tran, Advanced Medical Science
                                              ANZCA Academic Enhancement               hemipelectomy’, Annual Scientific
     (AMS) Student; Dr Daniel Wong,
                                              Grant (transcranial doppler in           Congress of the Royal Australian
     Staff Anaesthetist
                                              surgery and cognitive outcome            College of Surgeons and the
                                              five years post cardiac surgery).        College of Surgeons of Hong Kong,
     Grants                                   Australia and New Zealand College of     Hong Kong, April 2008
     Barrington M                             Anaesthetists, (2008) $90,000          – Speaker, ‘Passive observation on
     Regional Anaesthesia Database                                                     high fidelity simulation does not
                                              Anaesthesia, Cognition, Evaluation
     Project. Astra-Zeneca, (2008-2009),                                               improve performance of medical
                                              (ACE) Study. Commonwealth
     $20,000                                                                           students in a cardiac arrest scenario’,
                                              Government – NHMRC, (2007-2008),
                                                                                       8th International Meeting on
     Kluger R, Kalpokas M                     $418,675
                                                                                       Simulation in Healthcare, San
     Comparison of 2D with real-time                                                   Diego, USA, March 2008
     3D transoesophageal echo for
     assessment of ventricular volumes
                                                                                                                         ANAEStHESIA      21

Scarff C                                  Collaborations                                   Rozen WM, Tran TM, Ashton MW,
                                                                                           Barrington MJ, Ivanusic JJ, Taylor GI 2008,
– Invited speaker, ‘Regional              National                                         ‘Refining the course of the thoracolumbar
  anaesthesia for breast surgery’,                                                         nerves: a new understanding of the
                                          – Alfred Hospital
  Annual Scientific Congress of                                                            innervation of the anterior abdominal wall’,
                                          – Monash Medical Centre                          Clin Anat, 21, 4, 325-33
  the Royal Australian College of
  Surgeons and the College of             – Monash University                              Scott D, McDonald W 2008 ‘Assessment
  Surgeons of Hong Kong, Hong             – Royal Melbourne Hospital                       measurement and history’, Acute Pain.
                                                                                           Clinical Pain Management, Hodder Arnold
  Kong, April 2008
Scott D                                   Publications                                     Silbert BS, Evered LA, Scott DA, Cowie TF
                                                                                           2008, ‘The apolipoprotein E epsilon4 allele
– Invited speaker, ‘Antifrinolytics and   Barrington MJ, Scott DA 2008, ‘Do we need        is not associated with cognitive dysfunction
  procoagulants in cardiac surgery        to justify epidural analgesia beyond pain        in cardiac surgery’, Ann Thorac Surg, 86, 3,
                                          relief?’ Lancet, 372, 9638, 514-6
  – separating myths from reality’                                                         841-7
  and ‘TOE and outcome in cardiac         Barrington MJ, Lai SL, Briggs CA, Ivanusic JJ,   Silbert B, Evered L, Scott DA, McCutcheon
  surgery – is it now the standard of     Gledhill SR 2008, ‘Ultrasound-guided mid         C, Jamrozik K 2008, ‘Homocysteine and
                                          thigh sciatic nerve block – a clinical and
  care?’, Annual Scientific Congress                                                       C-reactive protein are not markers of
                                          anatomical study’, Reg Anesth Pain Med, 33,      cognitive impairment in patients with
  of the Royal Australian College         4, 369-76                                        major cardiovascular disease’, Dement
  of Surgeons and the College of                                                           Geriatr Cogn Disord, 25, 4, 309-16
                                          Barrington MJ, Olive DJ, McCutcheon
  Surgeons of Hong Kong, Hong
                                          CA, Scarff C, Said S, Kluger R, Gillett N,       Wong D 2008, Post Anaesthesia Care Unit
  Kong, April 2008                        Choong P 2008, ‘Stimulating catheters for        Essentials of Neuroanesthesia and Neuro
Silbert B                                 continuous femoral nerve blockade after          Intensive Care
                                          total knee arthroplasty: a randomised,
– Speaker, ‘Prospective assessment of     controlled, double-blinded trial’, Anesth
  cognitive function during elective      Analg, 106, 4, 1316-21,
  diagnostic coronary angiography’,
                                          Chia AC, Irwin MG, Lee PW, Lee TH, Man SE
  Israeli Society of Anaesthetists, Tel   2008, ‘Comparison of stress in anaesthetic
  Aviv, Israel, September 2008            trainees between Hong Kong and Victoria,
                                          Australia’, Anaesth Intensive Care, 36, 6,
Wong D
– Speaker, ‘Sonographic location of
                                          Myles PS, Smith J, Knight J, Cooper DJ,
  the radial nerve by confirmed nerve
                                          Silbert B, McNeil J, Esmore DS, Buxton B,
  stimulation during brachial plexus      Krum H, Forbes A, Tonkin A 2008, ‘Aspirin
  blockade’, European Society of          and tranexamic acid for coronary artery
  Regional Anaesthesia Conference,        surgery (ATACAS) trial: rationale and
                                          design’, Am Heart J, 155, 2, 224-30
  Genoa, Italy, September 2008
– Speaker, ‘Ultrasound-guided             Phan TD, Ismail H, Heriot AG, Ho KM 2008,
                                          ‘Improving perioperative outcomes: fluid
  axillary supraclavicular, femoral       optimisation with the esophageal Doppler
  and sciatic nerve blocks’, Teikyo       monitor, a meta-analysis and review’, J Am
  University Hospital, Japan,             Coll Surg, 207, 6, 935-41
  December 2008