ALTA 1999 COPPER HYDROMETALLURGY FORUM

                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Organic analysis as an Operating Tool for Copper Solvent Extraction
By A Moroney, K Dudley, Girilambone Copper Company, Australia, P Crane, G Wolfe, Henkel,
Solvent Extraction of Copper from Concentrated Feed Solutions
By T Moore, B Townson, C Maes, O Tinkler, Avecia Ltd (formerly Zeneca Specialties) Aust/USA/UK
Crud Formation
By M Virnig, S M Olafson, G A Kordosky, Henkel Corporation, USA
Polymer Concrete Cell Applications in Copper Electrofining and Electrowinning
By G J Karcas, CTI Ancor, Europe
                                           Heap Leaching
Copper Heap Leach Testing, Interpretation and Scale-Up
By G Miller, T Newton, Egis Consulting, Australia
The Bingham Canyon Heap Leach/SX-EW Project: A 1999 Update
By L Esdaile, Rio Tinto Technology, Aust, B P Ream, Kennecott Utah, USA, W J Schlitt, Kvaerner
Metals, USA
Low Material Handling Costs are Needed for Low Grade Copper Heap Leaching
By M H Col, Rahco International, USA
Loaded Organic Entrainment Reduction Using a PacesetterTM Separator
By F Schoenbrunn, Baker Hughes, USA
Design & Operation of a Pinned Bed Clarifier in Solvent Extraction
By K G Baxter, Bateman, Australia, G D Richmond, Western Metals Resources, Australia,
M White, Bateman Process Equipment, Australia
Copper and Cyanide Recovery Using Ion Exchange Resin
By R D Souza Costa, CVRD, Brazil, V A Leao, V S T Ciminelli, Federal University of
Minas Gera, Brazil
Engineered Membrane Separation (EMSTM) Systems for Acid Hydrometallurgical Solution
Concentration, Separation and Treatment
By J J Mueller, D H Green, R Bernard, HW Process Technologies, USA, V Liebezeit,
I Lawrance, HW Process Technologies, Australia
Control of Chloride with Molecular Recognition Technology at the Codelco Chuquicamata Plant
By J Matta, A Reghezza, J Vergara, Codelco, Chile, J B Dale, N E Izatt, R L Bruening,
IBC Advanced Technologies, USA
Preliminary Results of an Investigation on the Mechanism of Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite
By G S Hansford, T A Furamera, M A Jaffer, B E Searby, University of Cape Town, Sth Africa
Pilot Results of the Recovery of Copper from Copper Sulfate Solutions Via Reduction in a Plug
Flow Reactor
By R D van der Weijden, M A Reuter, V G Aurich, J A P Bottemat, Delft University of Technology,
The Netherlands
The Application of Proven Oil and Chemical Industry SX Technology to Hydrometallurgy
By C J Bambar, R W Cusack, Koch Process Technologies, USA

                        ALTA 1999 COPPER SULPHIDES SYMPOSIUM

                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Copper Sulphides – Are we on the Brink?
By A Taylor, M L Jansen, International Project Development Services, Australia
Design of the Mt Gordon Chalcocite Project
By K Baxter, C Kaiser, Bateman, Australia, G D Richmond, Western Metals Resources, Australia
The Commissioning and Operation of a Copper Sulphide Pressure Oxidation Leach Process at
Mt Gordon
By G D Richmond, M A Christie, Western Metals Resources, Australia
Bateman Pulsed Column Technology for CU-SX in the New Activox® Process
By G D Johnson, H A Evans, Western Minerals Technology, Australia, E M Buchalter,
R Kleinberger, R L Movsowitz, Bateman Projects, Israel, J Riordan, BMI
CESL Demo Plant for Gold/Silver Recovery from Copper Leach Residue
By D Jones, CESL, Canada
Chloride-Sulphate Leaching from Chalcopyrite Ores from Sabah
By R T O’Brien, Leadstar SDN BHD, Malaysia, C A MacDonald, Ausenco, Australia
N E Meadows, Straits Resources, Australia
Bioleaching of Copper Sulphide Concentrates with Mesophiles and Thermophiles
By D W Dew, R Muhlbauer, C van Buuren, Billiton Process Research, South Africa
Pacific Ore Technology’s Bacterial Leaching of Chalcopyrite
By T Williams, C Hunter, Pacific Ore Technology, Australia, B Arnall, Ammtec, Australia

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