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					                                          CALL FOR PAPERS
            Special Issue of Water International on African Water Issues
The International Water Resources Association (IWRA), the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW), UN-
Water/Africa, and the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) are soliciting articles for a Special Issue of Water International
on Fulfilling the African Water Vision 2025: Progress, Obstacles and Opportunities scheduled to be published in October

This Special Issue will assemble articles that highlight the ways in which Africa Water Vision 2025 challenges (see
below) are being addressed at the local, national, and transboundary levels throughout Africa. In particular, we are
seeking articles that critically address the challenges above within the context of the AWV’s four key action areas:
strengthening governance of water resources; improving water wisdom; meeting urgent water needs; and strengthening
the financial base for the desired water future.

For full consideration, articles must be submitted no later than 15 March 2011 to the guest editors: Dr. Stephen Max
Donkor, UN Water/Africa ( or Jessica Troell, Environmental Law Institute (
Articles must be between 4,500-7,500 words in length and use the format for references provided in the publisher’s
Guidelines for Authors (see ). Articles will be selected for
publication based on their subject matter, innovation, and relevance to African water challenges, writing quality, and
coherence. All papers will be peer reviewed. Figures, photographs and tables may be included in articles, but will
reduce available space for text. Authors who intend to submit an article are requested, at their earliest
convenience, to send Dr. Donkor or Ms. Troell a notice in advance containing their intention and a summary
of the proposed article.

The African Water Vision 2025 (AWV - is “an Africa where there is an equitable and
sustainable use and management of water resources for poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, regional
cooperation, and the environment.” An important part of the Global Water Vision, the AWV is the result of a
regional, multi-stakeholder process to develop a tailored vision that focuses on addressing the 10 key challenges for the
water sector in Africa:
  Ensuring that all have sustainable access to safe and adequate water supply and sanitation services to meet basic needs;
  Ensuring that water does not become the limiting factor in food and energy security;
  Ensuring that water for sustaining the environment and life-supporting ecosystems is adequate in quantity and quality;
  Reforming water-resources institutions to establish good governance and an enabling environment for sustainable
  management of national and trans-boundary water basins and for securing regional cooperation on water-quantity and
  water quality issues;
  Securing and retaining skilled and motivated water professionals;
  Developing effective systems and capacity for research and development in water and for the collection, assessment,
  and dissemination of data and information on water resources;
  Developing effective and reliable strategies for coping with climate variability and change, growing water scarcity, and
  the disappearance of water bodies;
  Reversing growing man-made water-quantity and quality problems, such as overexploitation of renewable and non-
  renewable water resources, and the pollution and degradation of watersheds and ecosystems;
  Achieving sustainable financing for investments in water supply, sanitation, irrigation, hydropower and other uses, and
  for the development, protection and restoration of national and trans-boundary water resources; and
  Mobilizing political will, creating awareness and securing commitment among all with regard to water issues, including
  appropriate gender and youth involvement.