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Call for Entries
Closing date Monday 7 February 2011
Enter online
One World Media promotes and supports the media’s contribution
to international development, human rights and education
                                                                                                                 4 year old Fideli by Robin Hammond

                                  ‘The One World Media Awards are revered
                                   amongst foreign correspondents because
                                   the jury panels, the journalists and
                                   NGO leaders who judge our work have
                                   themselves often set the gold standard
                                   for highlighting important human rights
                                   issues to a broad audience.’
                                   Dan McDougall
                                   Journalist of the Year 2010
Above: Dan McDougall, Journalist of the Year 2010, wrote a series of striking reports about the extractive
industries which showed clearly how the actions of the world’s rich impact upon the lives of the world’s poor.
>> Introduction

‘Inspirational’ is the word most often    One World Media’s mission is to
used to describe One World Media’s        influence the people who control and
annual awards. Each year the winning      work in the media around the world
entries tell powerful stories of people   to promote global dialogue, tolerance
around the world living remarkable        and understanding, give marginalised
lives. It’s work often made against all   people a voice, and contribute to
the odds and, sometimes, at great         international development.
personal risk. Writers, journalists,
film-makers, broadcasters and             One World Media Awards 2011
campaigners go to extraordinary           The 2011 Awards ceremony, hosted
lengths of ingenuity and creativity to    by Jon Snow of Channel 4 News, will
bridge the divide between cultures        be held on the evening of Tuesday 10
and bring the realities of the wider      May 2011 at Kings Place, 90 York Way
world home to the UK and beyond.          London N1 9AG.

Our Awards event is the only place        Full booking details will be available:
where the full range of the UK  
media’s output on development and
international affairs is showcased,
where excellence is acknowledged
and the highest possible standards
set. It’s far from easy to communicate
complex or unfamiliar issues to the
general public but each year our
entrants show there’s always cause to
celebrate what can be achieved.

We hope you’ll submit your best work
from the past year and join us at the
2011 Awards gala evening on 10 May
to be inspired once again.

            Marion Bowman
            Director, One World Media
>> How to enter

Go to our website where you will
find the online submission form –

                                                                                            Photo credit: Marco Bechis/KARTA FILM
All entries should be made online
and you can submit multiple entries
together. You may enter the same
item in several categories but a
separate entry fee will be required
for each category.

The deadline is 7 February 2011.

>> What to submit                        made out to One World Media –
Once you’ve filled in the form online,   or request an invoice by emailing
please send the following to our
address below along with a cheque        or faxing 020 7922 7706.
or purchase order if not paying
electronically:                          We regret we are unable to return
                                         entry materials unless specifically
1. Five copies of each entry             requested and postage is covered.
labelled with title, category and
reference number (generated by           We welcome entries from freelance
the online submission form) in           journalists and producers as well
the following formats:                   as from production companies
television/film: DVD PAL                 and platform providers such as
radio: CD                                broadcasters, newspaper and
print: Originals or copies of articles   magazine publishers, and websites.
in folders
new media: Printed copies, CDs,
screen grabs and web stats as            One World Media
appropriate in folders                   CAN Mezzanine
                                         32–36 Loman Street
2. Five copies of a synopsis of up       London SE1 0EH
to 300 words describing how the          T +44 (0)20 7922 7941
entry meets the criteria                 F +44 (0)20 7922 7706
>> How to pay                            W
You can pay online using a credit
                                         Above: Birdwatchers, winner of the Drama award
or debit card. You can also send a       2010, a Classic Film Production in collaboration
cheque to our address below –            with RaiCinema and with Karta Film – Gullane.
>>Award categories

                     “At a time of increased instability and divided communities
                      around the world, improving understanding and raising
                      awareness of universal human rights and development
                      has never been more important.”
                     jon snow, presenter, one world media awards

1>>Journalist of the Year Award             with, the developing world.
sponsored by Concern Worldwide              Entries could include websites,
For the television, radio, print or         podcasts, blogs, vlogs, social
online journalist who has made the          networks, webcasts, citizen
most outstanding contribution in            journalism and other forms of
this field in the UK during the year.       new media.
A maximum of four pieces of work
must be submitted. These can be             6>> Drama Award
a mix of media.                             For an outstanding drama or
                                            docudrama, including feature films
2>> Radio Award                             and television or radio dramas (single
For an outstanding report, series           or part of a series). Entries must be
of reports or single programme              a minimum of half an hour duration.
transmitted in the UK.                      The entries must have been broadcast
                                            or screened theatrically in the UK.
3>> Television Award
For an outstanding report, series           7>> Popular Features Award
of reports or individual programme          For broadcast and print media in
of up to 30 minutes transmitted in          the UK that offers new audiences
the UK.                                     fresh perspectives on developing
4>> Press Award
For an outstanding article in the           8>> Children’s Rights Award
UK print media including specialist         sponsored by UNICEF UK
features such as sport, music,              For the best broadcast, print or new
women’s interest, food and health.          media coverage made about, for,
                                            or by children, that advances the
5>> New Media Award                         rights of children, and includes the
sponsored by CBA                            perspectives of young people.
For outstanding new media output
that extends knowledge and
understanding of, and engagement
9>> Environment Award                   13>> Special Award
For outstanding broadcast, print or     For an outstanding project in the
new media coverage in the UK which      developing world where media
addresses the progress or challenges    activity has made a real impact on
in tackling environmental issues.       people’s lives. The purpose of the
                                        award is to demonstrate the value of
10>> Millennium Development             media in progressing development
Goals Award                             and human rights.
sponsored by the EuropeAid
Co-operation Office of the              There is no entry fee for this category.
European Union.
For outstanding broadcast, print        Last year’s winner was Equal
or new media work produced in           Access Nepal (EAN) for their radio
the UK or the rest of the world         programme Samajhdari.
which addresses the progress or
challenges in meeting the 2015          Samajhdari (meaning “Mutual Understanding”)
                                        is a 30-minute weekly programme that reaches
Millennium Development Goals
                                        up to one million listeners in Nepal. It covers the
(           link between violence against women and HIV/
                                        AIDS from the listener’s point of view, providing
 11>> Documentary Award                 discussion and advice on situations that affect
For the highest standard of             real people – particularly women.
documentary of 30 minutes or over
                                        One pioneering element is the twelve
that has been broadcast in the UK or    community reporters who collect much of
screened at festivals or theatrically   the content that is broadcast. These women
anywhere in the world.                  are all survivors of violence, and this gives
                                        them an unrivalled insight into the dilemmas
12>> Student Award                      being discussed.
For an outstanding piece of work
made by a student as part of a media,
journalism or documentary film-
making course at a UK university
or film school.                         Above: Jaya Luintel, Programme Coordinator Equal
                                        Access Nepal, recording interviews for Samajhdari.
There are specific conditions for some categories. For full details please check
our website

>> Eligibility                                  The Children’s Rights Award is
One World Media is the UK media                 judged by a Youth Jury consisting
industry’s international charity.               of four young people aged 16–19
Our annual Awards encourage and                 selected by competition as part of
celebrate the best content about the            One World Media’s work in schools
developing world in the UK media.               and universities. In preparation for
Some categories recognise work that             their judging session the Youth Jury
has a wider reach. All entries should           spends a day in London visiting media
be concerned with some aspect of                organisations and meeting leading
social, political or cultural life in Africa,   media practitioners.
Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America,
the Middle East or the Post-Soviet              The Special Award is judged by the
states (excluding EU members).                  Trustees of One World Media as part
                                                of our international work promoting
Entries must have been broadcast                the role of media in development and
or published in a professional media            human rights.
setting for the first time in the
UK between 13 March 2010 and                    Juries select a shortlist of up to three
7 February 2011 and must not                    finalists for each category, including
have been entered for a previous                the winner. Juries write the citations
One World Media Award.                          for each winner and an assessment of
                                                the overall quality in each category.
>> Entry Fees (inclusive of VAT)
Journalist of the Year (all media) £100         Should the quality of entries in
Television and film entries £100                any given category fall below the
Radio, print and new media entries £75          standard required, we reserve the
Freelancers £50                                 right not to award a winner.
Students £25                                    The jury’s decision is final and no
nb entry fees cannot be refunded                correspondence will be entered
                                                into concerning the judging or
>> Judging procedure                            organisation of the Awards. No jury
Each award has its own jury panel               member can vote on their own work
which consists of four individuals, all of      or that of their company/organisation.
whom are distinguished members of
their professions. The jurors are drawn         Winners receive a trophy and a copy
from all sectors of the media industry          of the winning citation.
and the not-for-profit sector and are
guided by the criteria set out by One
World Media in assessing entries.
>> With gratitude to all our sponsors     One World Media Awards 2010 winners

                                           Journalist of the Year
                                           Dan McDougall
                                           Live Magazine, Mail on Sunday
                                           Radio Award
                                           Crossing Continents: Uganda
                                           BBC Radio 4
                                           Television Award
                                           Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines
                                           Clover Films for Channel 4 Dispatches
                                           Press Award
                                           Congo: The Horror

                                                                                        ISO accredited printer.
                                           Ed Caesar for GQ magazine
                                           New Media Award
                     IDS_Master Logo
                                           Makutano Junction
                                           Drama Award

                                                                                        Printed on paper made from 100% post-consumer waste FSC accredited paper
                                           Local Media Award
                                           Inside Out, BBC London
                                           Popular Features Award
                                           Blood, Sweat and Takeaways
                                           Ricochet for BBC Three
                                           Children’s Rights Award
                                           Orphans of Burma’s Cyclone
                                           Quicksilver Media for Channel 4 Dispatches
                                           Environment Award
                                           The End of the Line
                                           The Fish Film Company for More 4
                                           Millennium Development Goals Award
                                           Africa Rising
                                           Clover Films for TG4
                                           Feature Documentary Award
                                           (joint winners)
                                           Last Train Home
                                           Presumed Guilty
                                           Lawyers with Cameras
                                           Special Award
                                           Equal Access Nepal

    One World Media Week 9–13 May 2011
   awards // pitching event // panel discussions // screenings // workshops

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