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Designed exclusively for users and providers of debt and equity
capital, investors and lenders active in the shopping center industry,
the Retail Real Estate Capital MarketPlace Conference offers an
exciting opportunity to learn, network and engage in Deal Making.

Capital Providers will benefit by interfacing with interested and
qualified owners, investors and developers of open-air centers and malls
as well as retail operators, all looking for competitive financing.

Borrowers will benefit as well by being afforded the opportunity to meet
with the leaders in retail real estate financing and direct equity investors.
Discussions will encompass options and terms associated with mezzanine
lenders, bridge, conventional, CMBS debt and preferred equity loans.

Opening with a series of sessions that look at trends and what’s
happening in today’s market, the program moves to lunch with a keynote
speaker and then into the afternoon, when Deal Making takes center
stage. At Deal Making, some of the industry’s most aggressive and
competitive providers of debt and equity will be on hand to showcase
their products and negotiate deals. This all-new MarketPlace concept
where lenders and borrowers come together, will include a cocktail
reception which will then conclude the Conference.

Set in the magnificent Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the Time Warner
Complex, conveniently located at Columbus Circle and Central Park in
New York City, this Conference is certain to deliver what it promises—
information, networking and business opportunities.
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2005                    White House Council of Economic             11:00 – 11:45    AM
                                              Advisors on May 11, 2001. He also           FILL 'ER UP WITH
8:30   AM   – 1:00   PM                       served as Chairman of the OECD              100% FINANCING
Registration                                  Economic Policy Committee and as a             Mezzanine money, preferred equity
                                              member of the President’s Council on           and high-octane capital are all now
                                              Science and Technology. Mr. Hubbard is         available, thereby providing the
8:00 – 8:30    AM
                                                                                             developer with the opportunity to
Continental Breakfast Served                  a prolific authority on how taxes affect
                                                                                             keep the upside as value is built. Talk
                                              corporate behavior. He is the Russell L.
                                                                                             to the players in this part of the capital
                                              Carson Professor of Economics and
8:30 – 9:00    AM                                                                            structure and understand the costs, the
                                              Finance and Co-Director of
Opening Remarks                                                                              risks and the guarantees that may or
                                              The Entrepreneurship Program at
                                                                                             may not be required. Empower your
                                              Columbia University, where he has              team with the right type of capital to
Kieran Quinn
                                              recently been appointed Dean of the            fill up even the toughest capital
                 Program Co-Chairman
                                              Graduate School of Business. He is             requirements and get deals done.
                 ICSC Trustee
                                              also Director of the Tax Policy Program
                 President and CEO
                                              at the American Enterprise Institute.       CO-MODERATORS:
                 Column Financial Inc.
                                              Professor Hubbard has worked with           Stephen Bittel
                 Atlanta, GA
                                              corporations, law firms, and                                 Chairman

                                              governments on corporate financing                           Terranova Corporation
Adam Ifshin                                                                                               Miami, FL
                                              strategies, valuation, tax planning
                 Program Co-Chairman
                                              and international financial strategy.
                 DLC Management                                                           Warren E. Fink
                                            10:15 – 11:00   AM
                     Corporation                                                                          Chief Financial Officer
                 Tarrytown, NY
                                            EQUITY OPTIONS IN A LOW                                       The Clarett Group
                                            CAP ENVIRONMENT                                               New York, NY
                                              In today’s low cap rate environment for
Michael P. Kercheval
                                              retail assets, choosing the right partner
                 President and CEO
                                              is key. Find out where and how today’s      PANELISTS:
                 International Council of
                                              most active acquirers source equity for     Eric J. Hamermesh
                     Shopping Centers
                                              their businesses. What’s changed?              Principal
                 New York, NY
                                                                                             Canyon Capital Realty Advisors LLC
                                              What’s new? Who has the low cost
                                                                                             Beverly Hills, CA
                                              equity for 2006 and beyond?
9:00 – 10:00    AM
“ECONOMIC OUTLOOK:                                                                        Peter Locke
CHALLENGES AND                                                                               Managing Director
                                            Adam Ifshin
OPPORTUNITIES”                                                                               Blackacre Capital Management
                                                          President                          New York, NY
                                                          D L C Management
                                                             Corporation                  Leslie Lundin
Dr. R. Glenn Hubbard
                                                          Tarrytown, NY                                   Senior Vice President
                 Former Chairman of the
                                                                                                          Inland Mortgage
                 White House
                                            PANELISTS:                                                      Capital Corporation
                     Council of Economic
                                            John Montaquila                                               Walnut Creek, CA
                 Dean of Columbia
                                                          Macquarie Capital Partners
                     Business School                                                      11:45   AM   – 12:30   PM
                                                          Chicago, IL
                 Columbia University                                                      PERMANENT FINANCING
                 New York, NY                                                             OUTLOOK
                                                                                             Fixed-rate loans come from a variety of
                                            Glenn Rufrano                                    lenders with a variety of structures—
   R. Glenn Hubbard, one of the chief
                                                          ICSC Trustee                       first mortgages, mezzanine and pre-
   architects of President George W.
                                                          CEO                                ferred equity. What can you expect in
   Bush’s economic plan and the driving
                                                          New Plan Excel Realty              2006? Will these lenders continue to
   force behind the proposal to end
                                                          Trust, Inc.                        be aggressive? What new products will
   double taxation of dividends, was
                                                          New York, NY                       we see?
   appointed to be Chairman of the
MODERATOR:                               Charles Rosenzweig                     2:00 – 4:00   PM
Simon Ziff                                              Managing Director       Deal Making & Networking
              President                                 RBS Greenwich Capital   Reception
              The Ackman-Ziff Real                      Greenwich, CT
                Estate Group LLC                                                COORDINATOR:
              New York, NY                                                      John M. Crossman
                                         12:45 – 1:15   PM                                      Principal, Capital
PANELISTS:                               Luncheon Served                                          Markets Group
Alice M. Connell                                                                                Trammell Crow Company
              Managing Director          1:15 – 2:00   PM                                       Orlando, FL
              Teachers Insurance &       Remarks and Keynote
                Annuity Association      Presentation                              The Deal Making MarketPlace will fea-
              New York, NY                                                         ture different lender types in roundtable
                                         Charles Grossman                          format. There will be approximately 24
Richard Katzenstein                                     ICSC Chairman              tables around the perimeter of the
              Senior Managing Director                  Managing Director          room, each staffed with representatives
              MMA Realty Capital, Inc.                  ING Clarion Partners       from a particular lending institution … all
              New York, NY                              New York, NY               ready, willing and able to do business.

                                         GUEST SPEAKER:                            Desserts and refreshments to be served
Michael J. Mazzei                        Jay Cross                                 following lunch at the Deal Making
   Managing Director                                    President                  MarketPlace.
   Barclays Capital                                     New York Jets
   New York, NY                                         New York, NY            4:00   PM
                                                                                Meeting Adjourns

               The following lenders will be among those hosting Deal Making tables:
REGISTRATION FORM                                     Deadlines                                       Airfare Savings
                                                      To be listed in the Meeting Attendees List,     The ICSC Travel Desk has secured special
                                                      you must register by September 9, 2005.         airline and car discounts for attendees.
                                                                                                      For current prices and availability, please
How to Register                                       To qualify for the advance registration fee,
                                                      your registration must be received by           contact us at (888) ICSC-TVL (427-2885) ext.
  Fax: (732) 694-1800
                                                      12:00 noon EST on September 9, 2005.            417 or (585) 442-8856 from 8:00 am to
        (Credit card registrations only)
                                                                                                      5:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday. Not
Online:                                                                                  staying over on a Saturday? No problem,
        (Credit card registrations only)              Cancellations                                   give us a call.
 Mail: ICSC                                           All cancellations will be subject to a
        P.O. Box 26958                                $25 cancellation fee. No refunds will              Attendees will receive a complimentary
        New York, NY 10087-6958                       be given for cancellations received                copy of the book, Leisure and
                                                      after September 13, 2004. All requests             Lifestyle Retailing.
Registration Fee                                      for refunds must be received by ICSC
                 ADVANCE       ON-SITE
                                                      in writing.                                     Continuing Education Credits
Member*             $560       $630                                                                   SCSM/SCMD: 1.5 credits; CLS: 1.5 credits
Non-Member          $660       $730
                                                      Hotel Reservations
                                                      A block of rooms has been reserved at:          Special Needs
NAIOP Member $560              $730**
                                                      Mandarin Oriental Hotel                         Any disabled individual desiring an
*To qualify for the member fee, each                                                                  auxiliary aid for this meeting should notify
                                                      80 Columbus Circle
 registrant must be an ICSC member. A                                                                 Jennifer Donovan at (646) 728-3637 or
                                                      New York, NY 10023
 company membership does not entitle                                                                  at no later than
                                                      For reservations, please call (866) 801-8880.
 every employee of that company to                                                                    August 29, 2005.
                                                      Rate: $535 Single/Double Occupancy
 membership. An affiliate membership
                                                      Cut-off Date: August 29, 2005
 is required.                                         Be sure to tell the hotel that you are with     I authorize ICSC to send me announcements,
**Special Fee for NAIOP Members                       the ICSC meeting. Requests received after       via fax, e-mail, phone or otherwise about
Non-Members: Become a Member today                    the cut-off date are subject to space and       ICSC programs and services that may be of
and save on the registration fee.                     rate availability.                              interest to me or my colleagues.




City                                              State/Province               Zip/Postal Code

Telephone                                                Fax

E-mail Address                                           Your Membership I.D.#

    Please check here if any of the above information has recently changed.

    Check or money order made payable to ICSC enclosed for $

    MasterCard             Visa            AMEX          Discover         $

Name (as it appears on credit card)                                Signature

Credit Card Number (include all digits)                            Expiration Date (month/year)
 ICSC Trustee
 President and CEO
 Column Financial Inc.
 Atlanta, GA

 D L C Management Corporation
 Tarrytown, NY

 Terranova Corporation
 Miami, FL

 Principal, Capital Markets Group
 Trammell Crow Company
 Orlando, FL

 Senior Vice President, Commercial Real Estate
 La Salle Bank, N.A.
 Chicago, IL

 Chief Financial Officer
 The Clarett Group
 New York, NY

 ICSC Trustee
 Executive Vice President & COO
 Ivanhoe Cambridge
 Toronto, ON

 ICSC Trustee
 New Plan Excel Realty Trust, Inc.
 New York, NY

 Vice President – Capital Markets
 AEW Capital Management, L.P.
 Boston, MA
DEAL MAKING TABLE                           GUIDELINES                                     NOTIFICATION
REQUEST FORM                                • Exhibits must not hang over the edge of      You will receive a written Table Confirmation
                                              the table                                    from ICSC if a table has been reserved for
WHEN                                        • Exhibits must not rise more than 3' above    you. If you do not receive a letter regarding
September 16, 2005                            the table                                    the status of your request, please contact
2:00 – 4:00 pm                              • No floor easels
                                                                                           Jennifer Donovan at (646) 728-3637.

WHO QUALIFIES                               COST
• Lenders                                   $2500 — includes two Conference                CANCELLATION
                                            Registrations.                                 Please notify ICSC in writing immediately if
INCLUDES                                                                                   you must cancel. There will be no refunds
• 6' x 30" Draped table                     DEADLINE                                       issued at any time.
• 2 Chairs                                  In order to be listed in the Deal Making
• Company sign                              Exhibitors Directory, ICSC must receive your
• Electric                                  table request by August 19, 2005.

                     ICSC, attn: Jennifer Donovan
                     Capital MarketPlace Conference
                     P.O. Box 26958
                     New York, NY 10087-6958
                     Tel: 646-728-3637 ■ Fax: 732-694-1800

Company Name                                           Name as it should appear on sign

Contact                                                E-mail address


City                                                   State                               Zip

Phone                                                  Fax
(The cost of the table includes two (2) Conference registrations)

1.                                                2.

     Check or money order made payable to ICSC enclosed for $ _________________________

     MasterCard           Visa       AMEX          Discover            $ _________________________

Name (as it appears on credit card)                            Signature

Credit Card Number (include all digits)                 Expiration Date (month/year)

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