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									        Summary of the Visit from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU)

Participants (in alphabetical order):
William Chung, YV Hui, Stephen Leung, HP Lo
Gail McClure, Steve Stanley,
Gary Anderson, David Belcher, Mo Bakr, Yupo Chan, Mary Good, John Hendon, Sesh
Mohan, Abe Nisanci, Joe Swaty, John Talburt, Rolf Wigand, Vincent Yao
University of Munich: Florian Mann


During the week of May 8th 2006, we were visited by four professors from the
Management Science Department at the City University of Hong Kong--four world
experts in Cyber Transportation Logistics and Radio Frequency Identification. The
purpose of the visit is to foster international cooperation between the City University of
Hong Kong, UALR and ASTA, with the immediate goal of setting up an ASTA Center of
Excellence in Cyber Transportation Logistics. The updated agenda for the four-day visit
is appended at the end of this document.

As can be seen from the agenda, the group visited FedEx, Wal-Mart, and Acxiom to
observe and to listen. Instead of a blow-by-blow account of every event, here are the
cogent highlights for further discussion:

       While the suppliers can be U.S. based (and even Arkansas based), an
       overwhelming majority of the shelf items in Wal-Mart stores come from China.
       According to the general manager of a Bentonville Wal-Mart distribution center,
       up to 90 percent of the products are made in China.
       Being the main export port for Chinese products, Hong Kong has keen interest in
       any research related to Wal-Mart (and related companies such as Acxiom and
       FedEx). The Hong Kong government has offered to match 50 percent of research
       funding for any company-funded research. Best of all, the intellectual right stays
       with the company. Such companies can be U.S. based, as long as there is a Hong
       Kong connection.
       The joint Cyber Logistics Center between CityU and the Chinese U of Hong Kong
       would welcome UALR faculty participation in their Center, and the reverse would
       be true for the proposed ASTA Center. Interested faculty can be cross listed under
       the reciprocal Center’s website and literature.
       CityU has a tradition of fostering international student exchanges. The idea is that
       a student attends classes at an overseas institution and receives transfer credits.
       There is zero budget transfer between institutions in that a student continues to
       enroll in his/her home institution while attending classes overseas. The only extra
      cost to the participants is travel, room and board. CityU has funds to support their
      qualified students to come to UALR. I am sure that UALR has similar setups
      under the International Studies Program. The estimated cost to send a student to
      CityU is US$4,000 per semester. A preliminary set of courses has been identified
      for an exchange program between the UALR Systems Engineering Department
      and the CityU Management Science Department.

Action Items:

      A meeting between ASTA and UALR should be set up to follow up on the
      initiative, including such issues as funding, either through NSF EPSCOR or other
      Through the arrangement of President Ed Clark of FedEx Trade Networks, a
      meeting will be set up between John Gunkle (?) of the FedEx Operations
      Research group, ASTA personnel and interested UALR faculty. This will help
      identify applied research topics of interest to FedEx.
      While the meeting at Wal-Mart was set up through Dave Reiff, VP of Operations
      and Logistics, Mr. Reiff could not meet with us due to travel. Perhaps another
      appointment with Dave Reiff may be worthwhile. Meanwhile, John Talburt
      suggested talking to Rawlins Ford (?), the IT guru at Wal-Mart.
      Yupo Chan and any interested faculty (such as Sesh Mohan) will visit with the
      UALR International Studies Program to explore a possible exchange program
      between the CityU Management Science Dept. and UALR Systems Engineering
      Interested faculty and ASTA personnel are invited to submit a laundry list of
      research topics for the proposed ASTA center.
      A senior delegation of UALR faculty is reciprocating a visit to the City University
      of Hong Kong at the end of June.

Date                 Time       Activity      Participants (aside from the Hong
                                              Kong visitors)
Monday (05/08/06)     1200 –     FedEx        Gail McClure, Steve Stanley, Yupo
                      2000       Headquarters Chan, Rolf Wigand, Gary Anderson,
                      (05/08/06) + Dinner     John Talburt, Florian Mann
Monday/Tuesday        2300       FedEx Hub    Steve Stanley, Yupo Chan
(05/08/06 - 05/09/06) (05/08/06) tour
                      – 0200
Tuesday morning       0300 –     Holiday Inn Steve Stanley, Yupo Chan
(05/09/06)            1200       Select
                      (05/09/06) Airport -
Tuesday afternoon     1500 –     UALR         1400 Joe Swaty, 1500 Vincent Yao
(05/09/06)            1730                    (RBUS 416), 1600 Mo Bakr, 1630
Tuesday evening       1800 -     PF Chang     Mary Good, Yupo Chan
(05/09/06)            2000       Restaurant
Wednesday(05/10/06) 0630 –       Wal-Mart     Steve Stanley, Yupo Chan, Rolf
                      1700                    Wigand, Gary Anderson, Florian
Thursday morning      0830 –     Acxiom       Steve Stanley, Yupo Chan, Rolf
(05/11/06)            1400                    Wigand, John Talburt, Florian
Thursday afternoon    1400 –     UALR         1415 David Belcher, 1430 Abe
(05/11/06)            1700                    Nisanci, 1500 John Hendon (RBUS
                                              360), 1600 Sesh Mohan, 1630 Yupo

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