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									   November 10-11, 2010 • New York, NY

             The Event for
   Customer Engagement Strategies,
Solutions and ROI through Digital Media
   Complimentary Full Conference Passes for
     Qualified End-Users* (a $1,495 value)!
       *See details and qualification information inside

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                                  Why Customer Engagement Technology World?
   From self-service kiosks to digital signs to mobile applications and social media, CETW is focused on the expanding role of customer
   engagement in business success and improved ROI.
   Invest just 2 days at CETW and the educational and networking opportunities you will experience are guaranteed to deliver an ex-
   traordinary ROI!
                “Today, digital media is less about the technology and more about the connections it makes - the connections with
                consumers and other key stakeholders. The goal of digital media needs to be tied to business outcomes and mea-
                sured against business objectives; the technology is a necessary vehicle, but at the end of the day, it is how the tech-
                nology enables consumer engagement to drive demand that has the strongest impact.”
                Danna Vetter, Associate Vice President, ARAMARK Marketing Services.
   Customer Engagement Technology World fuses the best resources and education tools KioskCom and The Digital Signage Show have
   to offer with new, innovative applications, strategies and content solutions that create successful customer engagement.
                “Having been involved with the show for eight years, I am amazed at how this event continues to evolve and
                deliver high level education and solutions for attendees. I know my program at BMW wouldn’t be the same without
                everything I’ve learned here. The new name clearly states exactly what this event has
                become - the premier show for buyers to attend and understand the problems experienced,
                and the solutions and technology needed for a world class customer engagement program.”                  REGISTER
                Robert Plante, Consulting Producer, BMW

       Don’t Miss These Special Keynote Presentations
                        “Bull’s-eye! Keeping Your Eye on the Target –
                        Successful Strategies of Customer Engagement Technologies”
                        Chris Borek, Senior Manager, Interactive Multichannel Experience, Target
                        How do we engage our customers? In retail and other industries the answer is often to create experiences through
                        digital media technologies including digital signage, kiosks and mobile.
                        But what does engagement really mean to our customers? How do these technologies help us connect with our cus-
                        tomers and enhance their experience? What is the difference between experience and engagement?
Mr. Borek will share his experience with creating unique and engaging experiences for Target customers across the country. He will discuss
his views on customer engagement technology and together with the audience explore what customer engagement means.

                        Understand How Agencies Think About Their Brands’ Customer
                        Engagement Technology Strategies
                        David Sommer, Managing Partner, MEC Retail
                       As customers start to think about making a purchase, they enter what is known as shopper mode – which in the past
                       occurred mostly inside the four walls of a venue (retailer, hotel, airport, etc). However, today’s customers are entering
                       shopper mode in a multitude of ways – at home, online, through their mobile/smart phones, and most importantly,
                       when they are on the move enjoying their lifestyle in various environments. Join David Sommer, Managing Partner of
                       MEC Retail in an enlightening and energetic presentation that will discuss where consumers are spending more of their
time and how shopper marketing is no longer confined to inside the brick & mortar venue. Attend this session and:
• Understand how to reach shoppers while they are enjoying their lifestyle throughout various environments
• Hear what media planning and buying agencies are looking for when it comes to shopper media opportunities
• How DOOH, mobile, proximity and in-store technologies demonstrate customer engagement is the key ingredient
         Relevant Programming Tracks and Dynamic Session Topics Include:                                                   REGISTER
Kiosks & Self-Service:                                            Multi-Channel Engagement
• Analysis & Usability Studies of the Kiosk/Self-Service Market   Strategies
• What You Can Learn from Self-Service in Food Service            • Retail Environment Considerations and Your Customer Engagement
• How Kiosks & Self-Service Improve Operational Efficiencies        Strategy
                                                                  • Retail Automation
Digital Signage                                                   • Pay It Forward
• SPEED Training Program                                          • Creating the Intelligent Customer Experience
• Integrating Digital Signage into your Customer                  • Using Loyalty Programs to Engage Customers and Increase Sales Lift
  Communications                                                  Mobile Engagement:
• DIGI Award Winners Speak Out                                    • Advertising on the 4th Screen: Adding Mobile to Your Marketing Mix
                                                                  • Mobile Marketing
Business Strategies                                               • Integrating Mobile Into Your Customer Engagement Technology
•   Customer Engagement Technologies 101
•   Government Focused Business Strategies                        Digital Out-of-Home and Place-Based Media
•   Prepare for Success: Pre-Launch Strategic Planning            Advertising:
•   Maximizing the ROI of your Digital Screen Project             • Demystifying DOOH – What Advertisers Need to Know for Success
•   Leveraging Installed Technologies                             • Lessons Learned –Creating a Network
                                                                  • Place-Based Media 101: How to reach your customers
                                                                  • Realizing ROI with your Place Based Media Network
    Look for the complete conference schedule at                  • Content Rules for Advertising on DOOH
                                                                  • Integrate, Not Isolate: Increasing Brand Awareness through Multi-
        www.cetworld.com/conference.asp                             Channel Strategy
                                                                  • Connecting the Dots to Achieve Greater Growth

         Industry leaders set to share their insights include:
                                                                                                                 Jared Miller,
Sean Anderson, Director of Interactive Services, Six Flags                                                       Senior Director of Self-
Chris Borek, Sr Manager, Interactive Multichannel Experience, Target                                             Service,
Ron Bowers, SVP, Business Development, Frank Mayer & Associates                                                  Continental Airlines
Lyle Bunn, Strategy Architect, BUNN Co.
Mike Cearley, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy, Fleishman-Hillard
Brent Christensen, VP Sales, EMN8
Josh Kampel, SVP, Global Retail Strategy, OfferIQ
David Keene, Executive Editor, Digital Signage Magazine                                                          Jennifer Nye,
Paul Lindstrom, Senior Vice President, The Nielsen Company                                                       Associate Channel
Jared Miller, Senior Director – Customer Self Service, Continental Airlines                                      Manager – Retail,
Margot Myers, Director of Education & Training, Platt Retail Institute
                                                                                                                 Kohler Co
Chaki Ng, Harvard University
Jennifer Nye, Associate Channel Manager – Retail, Kohler Co.
Doug Peter, President and CEO, St. Clair Interactive Communications
Patrick Quinn, President & CEO, PQ Media                                                                         Chaki Ng,
Chris Rezendes, Executive Vice President, VDC Research Group                                                     Harvard
Pierre Richer, President & COO, NEC Display Solutions of America                                                 University
David Sommer, Managing Partner, MEC Retail
Bradley Walker, President and CEO, Nanonation
Janet Webster, President, Creative Solutions Consulting, LLC
David Wilkins, President & CEO, X2O Media

       Look for an updated list of all the confirmed conference speakers at www.cetworld.com/conference.asp
       Special Programs and Events
 Educational Sessions in Tech Talk Theaters
 All attendees are encouraged to attend the popular Tech Talks at Customer Engagement Technology World. Tech Talks will be featured each
 day in the Tech Talks Theater on the Show Floor. These interactive discussions will be led by industry experts and will address a multitude of
 important self-service kiosk, digital signage and mobile applications. Seating is limited, but is open to all registered attendees.
 Presentations will be given by:

                                                                                                                                ... and more!

  SPEED In-Depth Training Program                                                                                            FREE
  “SPEED” Training Program (Structures for Planning, Explanation, Excitement and                                            TO CETW
  Deployment) in Digital Signage Project Definition, Design, Launch & Management                                          CONFERENCE
  Focused on improving the planning, launch, deployment and use of Digital Signage, the SPEED Training Program            ATTENDEES!
  is a practical, accelerated “how to” program with take-away guides, structures and templates. It will get project
  champions, organizations, venues and suppliers “up to speed” quickly to accelerate digital signage project lifecycles
  and provide the solid planning foundation needed for digital signage project success. The author and primary
  presenter of the “SPEED” program is Digital Signage Specialist Lyle Bunn.
  Find complete details on this workshop and the modules offered at www.cetworld.com/SPEED.asp

  Cooking up Content: From Concept to Screen
  November 10-11, 2010
  Content creative and strategy collide during “Cooking Up Content: From Concept to Screen”. Outlining the                Sponsored by
  best practices for a complete content strategy, composition & presentation process for a Digital Out-Of-Home
  (DOOH) campaign, Cooking Up Content returns to New York!
  Hosted by digital signage specialist and noted digital out-of-home guru Lyle Bunn, this two-day FEATURE EVENT will provide attendees
  with a two-day bird’s eye view into the strategy, creative process and deployment of content for DOOH and place-based networks. For
  more information, visit www.cetworld.com/cookingupcontent.asp

                      Do you Have the Next Big Idea for a Kiosk?
                      Coinstar Inc. is giving away $10,000 at Customer Engagement Technology World for the best new concept in
                      retail-based kiosks. We’re looking to reward entrepreneurs who have a great idea (whether it’s already built or not) for
                      a self-service solution, and to identify high-potential companies for future investments. For contest entry forms and
                      rules, please visit www.coinstar.com/ideas .
                      The winner will be announced during the opening keynote on November 10 at Customer Engagement
                      Technology World!

The VUKUNET Party,                                                   Closing Reception on
presented by NEC Display Solutions                                   the Exhibit Floor
Wednesday, November 10, 4:00 p.m.                                    Thursday, November 11,
Join us on the Exhibition Floor and enjoy drinks with all            3:00 p.m.                                                      REGISTER
attendees. Unwind from the day of conference sessions and            The perfect end to an event full of
networking to catch up with your col-                                insightful sessions and networking!
leagues and make dinner plans!
       Meet Top Solutions Providers in the Expo Hall                                                                         REGISTER
Visit hundreds of exhibits in the CETW exhibit hall and see all the customer engagement technology
solutions you need on display!

                 Look for the complete updated list of exhibitors, including exhibitor descriptions at

ACI Technology, Inc.                          Harris Corporation                             Real Digital Media
AMCOR Service Solutions                       HECON/Hengstler                                Reality Interactive
AOpen America                                 IEE                                            RedDotNet
Apollo Display Technologies, Corp.            Innovative Control Systems                     SAMSUNG
APS America                                   Innovative Office Products                     Season Group USA, LLC
ArcaTech Systems                              Kaba Mas                                       Seiko Instruments Inc.
Asahi Seiko USA, Inc.                         KenCast, Inc.                                  Sierra Wireless
BBS Denmark A/S                               KioskMarketplace.com                           Signagelive/ Advantech
Bi-Search Int’l, Inc.                         KyungBong Co., Ltd.                            Simbioz
Chetu, Inc.                                   Ludicast                                       Slabb
ChyTV/ Digit Signage Technologies             Medeco Security Locks                          SocialSphere
Citizen Systems America Corporation           Money Controls                                 Southern Specialties
Comark Corporation                            Motorola Inc.                                  SPRINT NEXTEL
Corporate Safe Specialists                    Nanonation                                     St. Clair Interactive Communications Inc.
DC Media                                      NCR Netkey                                     Tele-Measurements, Inc.
DFI Technologies, LLC                         NEC Display Solutions of America               Telpar
Dynasign Corp                                 NIPPON PRIMEX INC.                             Tightrope Media Systems
E-Seek Incorporated                           Olea                                           ULTIMedia USA
Eastman Kodak Company                         Omnivex Corporation                            Ultrafab Inc
EMN8                                          Pay-Ease                                       Vira Manufacturing, Inc
Epson America, Inc.                           Peripheral Dynamics Inc.                       Vislogix
Esprida™ Corporation                          Pitney Bowes                                   Vollmer
Field Techs                                   Posiflex                                       Walsh Wireless
Four Winds Interactive                        Power Pay                                      X20 Media
Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc.                Powerhouse Retail Services                     You Crate an R&L Carriers Co.
Gefen, Inc.                                   Rapid Displays

            Exhibit Hall Hours
    Wednesday, November 10, 2010
        10:00 AM- 5:00 PM Exhibit Hall Open                      Visit the SocialSphere/Blogger Zone
         4:00 - 5:00 PM The VUKUNET Party,                       ... in the Expo Hall                      Sponsored by:
         presented by NEC Display Solutions                      Chat with a media relations specialist about maximizing social media tools
                                                                 for your business… get tips and tricks for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You-
                                                                 Tube and more … see what people are posting live from CETW and tweet,
      Thursday, November 11, 2010                                share links, update your status, blog, post photos and/or video to share your
                                                                 event experience in real time! Next door in the Blogger Zone, leading elec-
        10:00 AM- 4:00 PM Exhibit Hall Open                      tronic journalists/bloggers will have a home base to update their followers
          3:00 - 4:00 PM Closing Reception                       on all of the content and announcements at the show. Observe this virtual
                                                                 newsroom in action!
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                                Use Source Code CETW28D when registering to apply for a complimentary exhibit hall pass.
                                                          See qualification criteria below.

                                                                                                         Through         10/9/2010-        After
                                                                                                         10/8/2010       11/8/2010         11/8/2010
                 Full Conference Pass (includes admission to all conference
                 sessions, keynotes, receptions, Tech Talks, SPEED Training Program,
                 Cooking Up Content Demonstration and exhibit hall)                                      $595            $795              $1495
                 Exhibit Hall Only (Pass includes admission to keynotes,
                 receptions, Cooking Up Content Demonstration and Tech Talks)                            $495            $695              $1495
                 Qualified Exhibit Hall Only*: See below for qualification details
                 (Pass includes admission to keynotes, receptions,
                 Cooking Up Content Demonstration and Tech Talks)                                        $0              $0                $50

                 Please contact us with any questions at 203-371-6322, or info@jdevents.com

Customer Engagement Technology World Qualification Policy
COMPLIMENTARY FULL CONFERENCE PASS*: Qualified professionals are employed by a brand in an industry such as retail, financial services, food service, travel,
hospitality, government, healthcare, CPG, etc. or an advertising agency.
COMPLIMENTARY EXPO HALL PASS*: Qualified professionals meet the criteria listed above for free full conference admission OR you demonstrate to show
management that:
•   You represent a DOOH Network (Network Owner/Operator).
•   You are responsible for purchasing digital advertising for your company or clients.
•   Your company has place-based media deployments in your organization.
•   You are a systems/AV integrator or reseller.
•   You are attending specifically to purchase necessary components for your kiosk/digital signage deployment networks.
You are not qualified for complimentary Expo Hall admission if: Your company is a supplier of self-service and/or digital signage and/or mobile technology
and/or services (this includes the manufacture and sale of any components used in a deployment); You are an industry consultant or analyst; You are a
systems integrator that does not purchase equipment (self-service and/or digital signage technology and/or services).
You MUST provide a company web site on your application to qualify for either complimentary pass. Visit www.cetworld.com/register.asp for complete
qualification details. Email us at info@jdevents.com with any questions.
* Complimentary pass offers do not apply if you have already registered for the event. All complimentary pass requests will be reviewed and qualified individually, and you
will be notified within 10 days if your registration has been approved. Customer Engagement Technology World reserves the right to decline complimentary conference or
expo passes at its own discretion.

Hotel/Travel Information:
For special hotel/travel rates and information, please visit www.cetworld.com/travel.asp

          If you are a member of a partner organization, please call 203-371-6322 to inquire about registration discounts.

Please note: Solicitation on the show floor by attendees representing non-exhibiting companies is strictly prohibited and may result
in immediate expulsion from the event. Customer Engagement Technology World is open only to qualified industry professionals.
Show management reserves the right to deny access to anyone not deemed a qualified industry professional. Such qualification
is solely at show management's discretion.                                                                                                                 REGISTER		
Sponsors                   REGISTER

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