The Summary of the Work Plan of SKP Jayapura

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					                                        The Summary of the Work Plan of SKP Jayapura 2007
Date   Advocacy             Investigation/     Lobby                   Publication &          Interfaith dialogue   Ecology          Capacity           Internal
                            fieldwork/                                 documentation          & peacebuilding                        building for
                            training                                                                                                 staff
Jan       Follow-up with    Mulia case                                  Finalising the        Preparing a                                              21-28:
           the prisoners         (Budi)                                    leftover work of       position paper                                            financial
           of the abepura                                                  Series of Papua        on a centre for                                           audit
           case of 16                                                      Aktual of 2006         the youth in                                             Finalising the
           march 2006                                                     Chronology of          Waena,                                                    2006 annual
                                                                           January                Jayapura (Rosa                                            report to
                                                                                                  & Timo)                                                   funding
                                                                                                                                                            and the
                                                                                                                                                            Board of
Feb       Formulation of      20-28:            Speaking tour          Editing video of      22-23                Preparator      4-6: initial      7-11: 5th
           the program          Training for       in Eropa                Papuan                 Animation on          y meeting        training on        annual
           for the Papuan       midwives in        (Rudolf)                women: 3               JPIC for OFM          with the         strategic          meeting of
           women (Dona          Kwiyawage         Finalising the          versions (Rosa)        Cap in Medan          environme        planning           SKP of
           & Rika)              (Rika &            report on torture      Chronology of          (Budi)                ntal NGOs                           Papua
          Finalising the       interns)           (Budi,                  February                                     in                                 Recruitment
           investigative                           Imparsial,                                                           Jayapura                            of
           report on the                           Progressio)                                                                                              volunteers,
           Papua women                                                                                                                                      interns, and
           (Dona)                                                                                                                                           staff

Mar                                               Lobby the           Chronology of       25: 40                12-19:
                                                   Mayor of             March                anniversary of         training on
                                                   Jayapura            Publishing           the encyclic of        investigati
                                                   regarding the        Memoria              Populorum              on method
                                                   traditional          Passionis of         Progressio             of CAVR
                                                   market for the       2005 (Budi &         (Rika & interns)       in Dili
                                                   Papuan women         interns)                                    (Budi,
                                                   (Rika)                                                           Rosa,
                                                  Human rights                                                     Yunus)
                                                   Council in                                                      15:
                                                   Geneva                                                           training on
                                                   (Rudolf)                                                         the UN
                                                                                                                    ms in
Apr      FGD: Papuan        Invitation of                            Series of           20-24:                                  Staff retreat:
          women in the        SKP Timika                                Papua Aktual         Animation on                             Social
          Otsus era           to provide                                No. 9 (Rika)         JPIC for                                 catholic
          (Rika & Rosa)       training for                             Chronology of        postulants in                            teaching
                              the locals in                             April                Pikhe (Rudolf &                          (Timo)
                              Paniai                                   Update website       Timo)                                   In-house
                                                                                                                                      training for
                                                                                                                                      finance staff
Mei                          Internship for                           Co-producing a                             In-house         Retreat of
                              midwives                                  documentary                                 training          OFM
                              from                                      film on Papua                               with
                              Kwiyawage                                Chronology of                               INSIST

Jun       Internship for      Lobby the US          Chronology of                                  5: Ecology       End of
           local                Congress and           June                                            day               Timo’s
           teachers             the US Bishops’                                                        (Rudolf)          internship
           (SKPs’               conference
           cadres) in           (Budi, Bishop of
           Jogyakarta           Timika, FI)
          Field visit of
           women to
           (PNG): Rika
Jul       Training on                                Series of               Social analysis                                          In-house
           human rights                                Papua Aktual             and trauma                                                training for
           in                                          No. 10 (Budi)            healing in                                                finance staff
           Kwiyawage                                  Chronology of            Wamena for                                                (Agnees)
           (Rosa &                                     July                     Chiefs (Rudolf
           Yunus)                                     Update website           & Enius)
Augt                                                  Training on                                    Preparatio                        Staff retreat
                                                       writing skills for                              n of 4                             (Rudolf)
                                                       Papuan                                          oktober: St
                                                       students in                                     Francis’
                                                       Jayapura                                        day,
                                                      Chronology of                                   patron of
                                                       August                                          ecology
Sept      Forum of                                   Chronology of           21: workshop
           SKPs’                                       September                on conflict vis-
           cadres in                                                            a-vis Papua
           Sorong                                                               Land of Peace
           (Rika)                                                               (budi & Rudolf)

Oct                                            Series of            3-4: St        In-house
                                                Papua Aktual          Francis’        training
                                                No. 11 (Rudolf)       day,            with
                                               Chronology of         patron of       INSIST
                                                October               ecology
                                               Publishing of         (Rudolf)
                                                Passionis of
Nov      25: campaign                         Chronology of                                       Staff retreat
          on anti-                              November                                             (Rudolf)
Dec      10:                Christmas        Series of                                           13-19:
          international       celebration       Papua Aktual                                         annual
          human rights        with Papuan       No. 12 (Rosa)                                        internal
          day: book           women            Chronology of                                        meeting
          launching                             December                                             (Budi)
          Kimaam (SKP