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									                                        PLEASE POST
                                    Matrix Human Services
                                   EMPLOYMENT POSTING
Division:     Barat House

Position:     Contingent Direct Care Worker

The Direct Care Worker is responsible for and has the authority to perform, but is not limited to the
duties listed below. S/he will perform all duties in a manner that ensures excellent client services and
integration of the total agency programs in accordance with Matrix’s policies and procedures.

S/he will provide and nurture an atmosphere conducive to the treatment program and the residents’
growth and development in accordance to human development philosophies.

•   Associates Degree preferred in approved Human Services fields with 1 year of experience
    working with the identified population; or;
•   A High School Diploma or GED equivalent with 2 years experience working with the identified
•   Family Independence Agency (FIA) Clearance required

NOTE: Equivalent combinations of education and experience that could provide the required knowledge, skills
and abilities, will be evaluated on an individual basis.


All personnel of Matrix must adhere to the NASW Code of Ethics and incorporate Continuous Quality
Improvement efforts into their everyday performance.


Effective and efficient writing skills
Ability to work effectively with an interdisciplinary team in a diverse setting


•   Support consistent therapeutic treatment of residents
•   Cultivate the harmonious therapeutic treatment of residents to actively participate in the day-to-
    day house routine and decision making
•   Assist in facilitating therapeutic group work as indicated by counseling staff
•   Participate in Case Conference to discuss services plans and amends plan as directed
•   Assist in planning and implementing productive programming and recreation
•   Assist in planning and documenting resident house meetings as requested
•   Ensure good housekeeping

Act as an advocate for the residents identifying, verbalizing, and addressing residents’ needs and
• Participate in weekly residents’ house meetings
•   Collaborate with co-workers to coordinate residents’ employment, educational and/or vocational
•   Coordinate home visits and recreational activities as directed
•   Maintain an open door policy, which encourages resident participation and feedback and
    document information as required.

Ensure resident records are maintained in compliance with the contract(s), Council on Accreditation,
licensing and CQI standards.
• Review, schedule and/or maintain residents’ medical and dental records making appropriate
    appointments as needed
• Provide transportation needs of residents
• Attend, participate, and contribute to meetings pertinent to residents, treatment, and educational
    or vocational plans as appropriate.
• Ensure allowances and wages are provided and ensure chores are done, and family contacts are
    completed in compliance with program policies and practices.
• Monitor and record daily activities and behaviors of residents.

Instruct and assist residents in successfully completing the residential program
• Review the rules with all residents
• Communicate status, level, and all relevant information as it applies to residents
• Cultivate a harmonious therapeutic milieu allowing residents the opportunity to actively participate
    in the day-to-day program routine and decision making process

Coordinate and ensure that the basic needs of residents are met
• Distribute linen
• Ensure residents have sufficient clothing and personal items as required
• Distribute personal hygiene items
• Monitor and assist residents during meal preparation and service

Assist in securing the facility and property and protecting the residents
• Perform facility safety checks each shift and complete the safety checklist
• Perform regular monthly fire, tornado or emergency evacuation drills
• Complete vehicle maintenance forms noting necessary repairs
• Observe the facility needs and document via Maintenance Request forms
• Assist in the year-end inventory process

Obtain and maintain competence and professionalism
• Keep informed of current developments and activities within the profession
• Utilize educational opportunities and resources offered by the agency and the profession for
   continuous development of professional competence and personal growth
• Strive for professional maturity through self-examination, self-awareness, and self-discipline
• Take the initiative to recommend and implement needed changes when appropriate.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

                                   Equal Opportunity Employer
           Please send resume to: Matrix Human Services, Human Resources Department
                                           120 Parsons
                                      Detroit, Michigan 48201
                               (313) 831-1000 (313) 831-9139 (FAX)

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