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                    Educational Technology Online Newsletters

Issue: March 2010          Murray County School District   Technology Department
      Table of Contents:
  Click on the topic of your choice                   Techno News

*Monthly Themed Resources*                     OAS/CRCT Administrators
                                           Each school has a designated person to
                                              handle “administrator” issues in
                                            OAS/CRCT such as adding, deleting,
  March Themes        St. Patrick’s Day                 transferring.
Pete’s Power Points   Famous People             OAS User-Guides and School Codes
 Spotlight Website    Virtual Field Trip
                                           Win an ACTIVboard or ACTIVotes
     *Core Subject Areas *                   1. Create a 2-5 minute video in one
                                             2. Submit your videos by March 15, 2010.
                                             3. Vote for your favorite video March 22-31,
  Language Arts           Reading
                                                  Winners announced April 2, 2010.
                                             First 10 Entries Receive an ActiView Visual
      Math                Science
  Social Studies
                                                     To learn more, click HERE

  *Non-Core Subject Areas*

                                            It Doesn’t Take the Luck o’ the Irish
                                                 to Find Great Resources!
Foreign Language            ELL

      Votech             Computer
      Music                 Art            Here’s Your Technology Pot o’ Gold!

    P.E./Health             Excel              St. Patrick’s Day – Concentration Game

       ESS               Life Skills           St. Patrick’s Day Links – Arts and crafts,
                                               informational sites, and other links to teach
                                               about the customs and history of St.
                                               Patrick’s Day.
                                                         Pete’s PowerPoint Station
     Learn About St. Patrick’s Day – This website
     has links to a variety of printables, puzzles,
     games, songs and other activities.                            March                 St. Patrick’s
                                                                  Themes                     Day
     How Chicago Dyes Its River Green – Photo
     Tour - Every year Chicago dyes the Chicago                                              Ireland
     River green in celebration of St. Patrick's
     Day. See how they do it in this step-by-step
     photo tour.                                                   Spring               Ladybugs

     Talking Book about Ireland – Created by a
     6th Grade Class
                                                                  National                   MIOSM
                                                                  Youth Art             Music Through
     Interactive Game about Irish Symbols                                                 the Ages
                                                                  Art History
                                                                  Art Media
              March Themes
St. Patrick’s Day                                                  History                   Nutrition
  National Youth Art Month                                         Month                       Food
Crayola – Activities for YAM                                      Women’s                     Pyramid
SMARTS – Bring Back the Arts                                      Suffrage
  MIOSM - Music In Our Schools Month
MIOSM Activity Ideas                                                                    Butterflies
KidSites – Links to Music Activities                                Kites                Insects

Dr. Seuss – Read Across America
Women’s History
Nutrition                                                                         Iditerod
Food Pyramid
Ladybug Leaf – Program a ladybug to hide behind          Famous People Born in March
a leaf.
Ladybug Mazes – Program a ladybug to move             Mar. 2 - Dr. Seuss , Theodore Geisel (1904)
through a maze.                                         Mar. 3 - Alexander Graham Bell (1847)
Caterpillar/Butterfly                                           Mar. 5 - Mem Fox (1946)
                                                      Mar. 6 - Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806)
Iditerod                                                       Mar. 10 - Jack Kent (1920)
Iditerod Resources – Scroll down to Special Class          Mar. 11 - Ezra Jack Keats (1916)
Projects and find several great links pertaining to        Mar. 12 - Virginia Hamilton (1936)
the race.                                                   Mar. 14 - Albert Einstein (1879)
More Iditerod Lesson ideas, other activities and              Mar. 20 - Lois Lowry (1937)
links                                                  Mar. 21 - Johann Sebastian Bach (1685)
                                                            Mar. 24 - Harry Houdini (1874)
Check out Vickie Blackwell’s March Days page for          Mar. 30 - Vincent van Gogh (1853)
more great ideas.
Debbie’s Unit Factory - March
                                                                Subject Area Sites
           Spotlight Website of the Month

Simply Box – Listed in the Top 25 Websites for        Language Arts
Teaching and Learning by the American
Association of School Librarians, this tool enables   Writing Fix – This website offers interactive
teachers and students to collaborate and research     writing prompts, lessons and other resources for
in a quick and very organized way. Click on the       the writing classroom.
Simply Box Overview/ Introduction video link for a
quick demonstration.                                  Proofreading Makes Perfect – Older students
                                                      can learn how to proofread by correcting
                                                      sentences in this game. Click on "Check
                                                      Answer" to get an immediate response on
                                                      whether or not you are correct.

                                                      Noun Dunk – This fun basketball game for kids
                Virtual Field Trips                   has them choose whether the word on the
                                                      basketball is a common noun, proper noun, or
St. Patrick’s Day                                     not a noun at all. Sink the basket with the correct
                                                      choice to gain points.
Marching into Spring
                                                      Extreme Sentence Surgeon – Students can earn
European Virtual Field Trip – First stop...Ireland    a PhD in extreme sentence surgery by saving
                                                      the lives of injured paragraphs.
Iditarod Scavenger Hunt by Byrel Adams (MS
Iditarod                                              Reading
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss                              Literature Learning Ladders – “Encouraging
Who's Theodor Seuss Geisel?                           active reading through book-technology
Dr Suess                                              connections”

                                                      Learning about Authors and Illustrators – This
Science                                               excellent resource contains links to information
                                                      about hundreds of authors and illustrators.
Science NetLinks – This website provides
numerous resources for K-12 science educators,        Dr. Seuss Online Games
all of which have been reviewed by scientists and

Ology – The American Museum of Natural History
provides this site to teach elementary students
about various “ologies” in science. Topics include
marine biology, archaeology, paleontology,
biodiversity, and astronomy.

Physics Central – Students are invited to learn
how the world works. Topics include: Space,
Light, Sound, Matter, and more.

Insect Generator – Mix and match insect body

Social Studies                                          Speed Math – Answer as many math facts as
                                                        possible in three minutes. Custom Speed Math -
The Valley of the Shadow – This website is an           The same as Speed Math, but students can
archive of thousands of primary sources for the         select the table(s) to be included in the game.
time before, during, and after the Civil War for
Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County,          Half Court Rounding – Shoot three-pointers,
Pennsylvania. Students can explore history              two-pointers, and one-pointers by rounding
through newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs,      numbers in this fast-paced basketball game.
maps, church and military records, as well as
census information.                            – The World of Math Online. Topics
                                                        range from Basic Math to Calculus. Students
Conquer the Continents – Students identify as           from different skill levels can find something of
many nations as possible in one minute by               interest. Features include Homework Help,
clicking on them when their names appear.               Practice, Calculators and Tools, and Games.
Conquer the States – Same as above except
students identify states.                               Visual Fractions – This website features a
                                                        tutorial that models fractions with number lines
Timeline – Students rearrange the events in             or circles.
history to their correct places on the timeline by
dragging and dropping. Players can choose
between U.S. and World History.

Foreign Language                                        Animal Doc – Students can learn what it’s like to
                                                        be a vet at this website developed by the
Spanish for Kids                                        College of Veterinary Medicine at the University
                                                        of Georgia.
Verbix – Spanish Verb Conjugator
                                                        Career Aisle (K-5) – Career Aisle (6-8) – This
Spanish Placement Exam                                  website has links to interactive sites,
                                                        simulations, image collections, virtual field trips
                                                        and streaming video for exploring several career
ELL                                                     options.

Agenda Web – Hundreds of free English                   Next Steps – High school students can view
exercises to learn grammar and vocabulary.              videos about different professions. The website
Features include songs and videos, translators          has other features as well, such as this
and a dictionary. Worksheets and handouts are           alphabetical links listing careers.
also available.
                                                        Technology/Computer Applications
Materials for Teaching and Learning English
Online – This website offers several areas of           Computer Skills Jeopardy
interest for learning English: business, currency,
religion, law, sports, military, politics, math, etc.   TextED – Students can learn about using
Quizzes, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and         technology respectfully and what to do when
spelling are just a few of the features.                someone crosses the line. Teachers can access
                                                        lessons plans and a teacher guide to teach safe
                                                        texting practices, as well as information about a
                                                        class project contest.
Music                                                  Physical Education/Health

                                              – Free resources on a number of
Music Tech Teacher – Mrs. K. Garrett has               sports topics. Features include interactive
provided over 130 quizzes, puzzles and games           quizzes, exercises, sports psychology, training,
about music. Students can learn the names of           fitness, and anatomy and physiology.
music notes, rhythms, and terms in addition to
famous musicians and composers.                        Top Ten Websites for P.E. and Health Education
                                                       – This list of resources was compiled for
Free Online Practice Record – This is a free           enhancing the teaching of P.E. and Health.
website that encourages students to practice by
keeping track of their daily practice time, the        Leichtathletik Animationen: This German
music they practice, and questions or comments         website provides online animations to help teach
for the student and/or teacher.                        athletic techniques. Subjects covered include
                                                       sprint, long jump, high jump, triple jump,
                                                       steeplechase, pole vault, relay, hurdles,
                                                       hammer, discus, shotput and javelin. It is not in
                                                       English but this does not matter as it uses
                                                       pictures rather than words to communicate its
Gifted Resource Council – Several links are            message.
provided on this web page for creative students.

KidStuff – This web page offers a list of links for
numerous challenging activities on many topics.        Art
MENSA Resources for Parents of Gifted Children         Doodle 4 Google – Enter your most creative
                                                       students’ artwork in this contest for the Google
Exceptional Student Services                           Doodle. Deadline for registration is in March.

100 Useful Tools for Special Needs Students and        Walker Art Center’s Educational Activities –
Educators - This list of 100 useful tools can help     Over 70 activities and units are available on this
anyone with a learning disability like ADHD,           website, organized by grade and by subject.
dyslexia or test anxiety, as well as students with     Click grade level to view list of activities.
visual or hearing impairments, use the Internet
and other technology systems to help them with         The – Students can learn the names
reading, math, organization, social skills, and        of 192 colors while using this online coloring
more.                                                  book.

                                                       General Art Teaching Ideas – Suggestions for 2-
Life Skills                                            D and 3-D art activities are listed on this web
                                                       page. For more ideas, click on the links at the
Hands on Banking – Instructional resources about       top.
finances are available for these levels: Kids,
Teens, Young Adults, and Adults.

Practical Money Skills – Activities for teaching
financial skills.                                            eduTONS Archived

Social Skills Interactive Sites – (K-5)                      Click here to find Previous eduTONS
Several topics are included, such as bullying, self-                      Newsletters
esteem, stress, communication, etc.

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