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					                                                                            XA User Conference
                                                         Presented by CISTECH, April 23rd-24th, Ballantyne Resort, Charlotte, NC
                                                                                   Updated 3-26-08
                                                                                                            WEDNESDAY, April 23rd
                                                                                                        Registration 11:00am - 12:00pm
                                                                                       As Infor’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jim Schaper is responsible for setting corporate strategy, building the team and the
Lunch and Keynote                                                                      capabilities to execute on that strategy, and ensuring Infor’s investments continue to drive growth, superior performance and customer
     Speaker                                                                           satisfaction.
                         Jim Schaper, Infor Chairman and CEO
12:00pm - 1:30pm
                                                                                       In his address, Mr. Schaper will talk about his vision for Infor customers which includes lowering the cost of ownership. He will also explain
       York                                                                            how Infor will execute his "3E" strategy to enrich, extend and evolve the Infor XA software solution.

     Track                           2:00pm-3:00pm                                                   3:15pm-4:15pm                                                      4:30pm-5:30pm                                    6:00pm-8:00pm
                    CISTECH RF Pick/Pack/Ship Solution - Quick                     Revolutionize Material and Production
                                                                                                                                                     Lean Solutions that Enhance XA!
                    ROI for you / value for your customer!                         Planning with Advanced Planner

                    Jim Simunek, Senior Consultant, CISTECH                        Deborah Vermillion, VP Consulting Services, CISTECH               Jay Melville, Senior Consultant, ISE                                     R
                    Now at Version 2 - CISTECH's Radio Frequency (RF) Pick Pack    Advanced Planner (AVP) provides real time material and            Lean Execution and Planning (LEAP) combines lean capabilities
OPERATIONS          Ship solution for XA is a hit! Learn how customers have
                    achieved significant improvements by implementing the
                                                                                   capacity planning, including what-if capability, to help you
                                                                                   develop better plans and respond effectively to changes in
                                                                                                                                                     like electronic kanban and daily production boards with your
                                                                                                                                                     XA manufacturing orders and REP schedules. Using these
 Suite 215          solution!                                                      customer requirements. AVP replaces MPSP, MRP, and CRP            tools, you choose the production planning and execution
                       *Improve picking productivity                               with a single integrated application. AVP runs in memory on       strategy that makes sense for each part of your plant, while
                       *Monitor and control warehouse performance                  a PC, allowing you to execute planning runs in seconds,           maintaining a single consolidated view of your shop floor
                       *Improve shipping accuracy & on time delivery
                       *Interface with UPS/DHL/FedEx
                                                                                   identify constraints, and resolve shortages.                      activity.                                                                E
                       *New enhancements include: substitutions,
                       serialization, shipment subsetting, and BOL
                       printing from the RF gun!
                    World Class Financial Reporting with FRx                       Tracking Manufacturing Order Variances with                       Using GL Interfaces to Streamline and                                    T
                    Reportwriter                                                   XA                                                                Expedite Financial Reporting

                    Elisa Vick - Senior Consultant, CISTECH                        Jim Simunek, Senior Consultant, CISTECH                           Jim Simunek, Senior Consultant, CISTECH
                    FRx Financial Reporting allows users to design flexible,
                                                                                   Jim will help you understand how to use PCC/MO variance           Users who have implemented automated General Ledger                      O
   FINANCE                                                                         codes to monitor production performance. He will review the       interfaces with the XA operational modules (COM, IM,

                    complex reports without help from your IT department. The
                    system links directly to the XA general ledger and imports
                                                                                   capabilities of each code and discuss how to set up the rules
                                                                                   for each one (there are 9 different variance transaction codes)
                                                                                                                                                     PCC/REP) have increased the accuracy of their reporting,
                                                                                                                                                     improved visibility of critical data, and reduced the time and
                    from spreadsheet applications as well, so you can quickly                                                                        effort to get that information. In this session we will review
                    format and deliver reports that are instantly ready for                                                                          the steps needed to effectively implement General Ledger
                    boardroom presentations. Using FRx Financial Reporting,                                                                          Interfaces.
                    multi-site or multicountry organizations can combine
                    information from multiple organizations, environments and
                    iSeries servers into a single report.

                                                                                   R7 Development Tools: Netlink, Enterprise
                                                                                                                                                     ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION - Integrator
                    Prepare for a Successful R7 Migration!                         Integrator, System Link can transform your
                                                                                                                                                     Development Lab
                                                                                   XA System!!
                    Belinda Daub, Senior Technical Consultant, CISTECH

                    XA R7 is ready for prime time, what are you waiting for?? We
                                                                                   Denise Luther, Senior Technical Consultant, CISTECH

                                                                                   With the development tool suite available at R7, XA can do
                                                                                                                                                     Denise Luther, Senior Technical Consultant, CISTECH

                                                                                                                                                     Are you willing to share your Integrator development success
  Suite 226
                    will review a proven methodology for upgrading to XA R7,
                    share a project planning template, and discuss lessons
                                                                                   almost anything: Integrate multiple systems, leverage
                                                                                   Microsoft desktop tools, extend your system to customers
                                                                                                                                                     stories? In this session, Denise will briefly review Integrator /
                                                                                                                                                     Enterprise Integrator R7 enhancements and review CISTECH                 a
                    learned along the way that will help you ensure a smooth       and vendors, etc. We will provide an overview of the              Integrator projects.
                    migration.                                                     capabilities of these new applications and provide examples
                                                                                   of how XA users are leveraging them.                              Attendees are encouraged to bring their best Integrator
                                                                                                                                                     ideas/projects for the group to discuss. Tell us what you've
                                                                                                                                                     done with Integrator!                                                    r
                    ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION - XA Best                                ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION with XA's                                   ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION - Using R7
                    Practices                                                      Product Manager - Phil Joseph                                     Technology for Productivity Gains
                    Deborah Vermillion, VP Consulting Services, CISTECH            Phil Joseph, Senior XA Product Manager, Infor                     Deborah Vermillion, VP Consulting Services, CISTECH
ROUNDTABLE          So you think you're an XA Star? Then tell the XA community     Meet with Phil in a "small group" environment. Share your         Join this free form discussion of R7 user tools and their                y
                    about it. Deborah Vermillion moderates this roundtable         XA experiences and thoughts with Phil - tell him what your        possible impact on productivity in your organization. Deborah
 DISCUSSION         discussion where XA users highlight their 'best practices'     company needs and wants in future releases. Learn more            Vermillion will demonstrate the use of multi-view cards,
    York            processes.                                                     about the future development of XA.                               workbenches, graphing, etc. Come brainstorm with us on how
                                                                                                                                                     to effectively implement and use these powerful new tools in
                    Attendees are encouraged to present a 5 minute overview of
                    a 'best practice' use of XA to achieve improvements in your
                                                                                   This session is by pre-registration only and is limited to 5
                                                                                                                                                     your day to day operations.                                              B
                                                                         XA User Conference
                                                       Presented by CISTECH, April 23rd-24th, Ballantyne Resort, Charlotte, NC
                                                                                 Updated 3-26-08
                                                                                                            THURSDAY, April 24th

  Breakfast &                                                                        Phil is well known in the XA community for his passion for the XA product and his unique perspective on how manufacturers use technology
Guest Speaker     Phil Joseph, Senior XA Product Manager,                            to compete more effectively. We are pleased to have Phil join us to present XA's latest release R7.8. XA Release 7.8 offers significant user
                                    Infor                                            enhancements across all graphical applications, as well as major new features for the COM/CSM, IFM, and IM areas. Phil will review these
8:00am-9:30am                                                                        enhancements and provide a glimpse of the development roadmap for planned enhancements.
 Ballantyne A
    Track                       9:45am-10:45am                                                  11:00am - 12:00pm                                  12:00 - 1:30
                Integrated Quality Management - Help for                         Make it easy for customers to do business
                your LEAN journey                                                with you with COM_Net2!

                Jay Melville, Senior Consultant, ISE                             Jennifer Royle, Lexel

                Quality Management streamlines quality processes and data        Provide your customers with an integrated web storefront

OPERATIONS      collection, decreases the cost of compliance, and improves       and a customer self-service center that can be live in days!           B
                overall product quality. QM provides a central repository for    With COM_Net2, your order entry and customer service
 Suite 215      all quality related information and offers easy access to that   department is open 24 hours a day. COM_Net2 puts your                  o
                information for analysis by decision makers and management.      product catalog on the internet where your customers can
                With QM quality is not just measured, but improved through       browse your products, place orders, and track order and
                early discovery. QM is appropriate for all customers, but
                most beneficial to those on a lean journey or focused quality
                                                                                 shipping status. With COM_NET2 you globalize your business,
                                                                                 increasing your sales and improve customer service, and
                improvement plan.                                                lower costs by reducing inbound calls and strain on customer           d

                Why Should I Switch From Green Screen? -                         A Real Customer Success Story - Enhanced
                An Interactive Session                                           Shop Floor control at Schrader Bridgeport                              u
                Jim Simunek, Senior Consultant, CISTECH
                                                                                 Scott Kadak - CIO, Schrader Bridgeport
                Deborah Vermillion, VP Consulting Services
                Are you a Green Screen user? Wondering what all the              Schrader Bridgeport is a manufacturer of tire accessories in
OPERATIONS      Browser hype is about and how it can help you? This              Altavista, VA. Scott Kadak, CIO of Schrader Bridgeport, shares         h
 Suite 226      interactive session is focused on introducing you to today's     his story of how MDCC (Paperless Mfg) was successfully
                XA product.                                                      implemented in a plant that had no shop floor controls. Since          e
                                                                                 implementing, Schrader has realized gains in tracking labor
                See all of the productivity enhancements and discuss ways to     and material through the plant. Learn how Schrader                     s
                better streamline your organization using the Java               continues to reap value from their use of integrated shop
                infrastructure.                                                  floor execution tools.

                Enterprise Asset Management - What are your                      CISTECH's RF Physical Inventory Solution -
                assets costing you?                                              Reduce your count time by 50% or more!

                Dwayne Maxwell, Business Solutions Consultant, Infor             Jim Simunek, Senior Consultant, CISTECH

                Proactively managing performance is more important than          What do physical inventory counts cost your company? In
 FINANCE &      ever. With all the pressures that enterprises are facing to      larger plants, these counts and audits can take as many as 3-4         a
OPERATIONS      deliver results and make every resource count, optimal           days! Imagine the cost incurred in labor and lost productivity.
                performance and management of assets is critical.                CISTECH’s new Radio Frequency enabled Physical Inventory               l
  Suite 225                                                                      solution for XA delivers a product (and a process) that can
                Infor EAM Business Edition provides users a powerful             shrink your physical count time by days. Print count tickets           l
                enterprise asset management solution with all of the features    on blank stock - use RF guns to report counts - use XA
                needed to manage critical functions such as asset                Browser to monitor count progress - even put RF hardware in            a
                management, work requests, purchasing, inventory and             the hands of your audit team!
                preventive maintenance.
                                                                                 ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION with XA's                                        y
                ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION - R7 Upgrade
                                                                                 Product Manager - Phil Joseph                                          n
                Ruth Pharr, Senior Technical Consultant, CISTECH                 Phil Joseph, Senior XA Product Manager, Infor                          e
ROUNDTABLE      Confused and concerned about all it takes to do a R7             Meet with Phil in a "small group" environment. Share your
                upgrade? Join Ruth for this session and learn more about the     XA experiences and thoughts with Phil - tell him what your
 DISCUSSION     five steps associated with a R7 upgrade.                         company needs and wants in future releases. Learn more                 A
 Ballantyne A                                                                    about the future development of XA.
                This discussion is designed to make you more comfortable
                with prerequisites and the migration process so bring your       This session is by pre-registration only and is limited to 5
                questions and concerns!                                          customers.

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