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Need Area: Personnel Management

Resource    Name/Title       Contact /Retrieval Information                 Brief Description                                   Source
Expert      Margo Bailey,    Partner                                        See electronic form                                 Expert Directory
            Ph.D.            Elizabeth Scott Consulting (ESC)
Expert      Robert Caplan,   Director of Evidence Practice and Evaluation   See electronic form                                 Expert Directory
            Director of      Human Potential Consultants
            Practice and
Expert      John M.          Independent Consultant                         See electronic form                                 Expert Directory
Expert      Thomas P.        Associate Director/Faculty                     See electronic form                                 Expert Directory
            Golden           Cornell University’s Employment and
                             Disability Institute
Expert      Cary Griffin     Senior Partner                                 See electronic form                                 Expert Directory
                             Griffin-Hammis Associates
Expert      Thomas G.        Rehabilitation Consultant                      See electronic form                                 Expert Directory
            Jennings         Mandalay Associates
                                        Former director of the New Jersey Department for    TACE 3
                                                                            Rehabilitation Services with extensive experience

Resource   Name/Title        Contact /Retrieval Information              Brief Description                                 Source
                                                                         in the areas of quality assurance; case
                                                                         management at the administrative and
                                                                         counselor level; personnel management (e.g., staff
                                                                         retention strategies); fiscal management; data
                                                                         management; development of VR State plans; and
                                                                         strategic planning
Expert     Joe Marrone       Senior Program Mgr, Public Policy           See electronic form                                Expert Directory
                             Institute for Community Inclusion / UMass
Expert     Bob Niemiec       Senior Consultant                           See electronic form                               Expert Directory
                             Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC
Expert     Erin Riehle       Senior Director                             See electronic form                               Expert Directory
                             Project SEARCH at Cincinnati Children’s
Expert     Hannah Rudstam    Senior Extension Associate                  See electronic form                               Expert Directory
                             Cornell University’s Employment and
                             Disability Institute
Expert     Elizabeth Scott   President                                   See electronic form                               Expert Directory
                             Elizabeth Scott Consulting, LLC
                                                                         Community rehabilitation programs; program
                                                                                       TACE 3
                                                                         evaluation; Organizational efficiency Effective
                                                                         management, Balanced Scorecard evaluation
                                                                         and quality assurance
Expert     Suganya           Founding Partner/ CFO                       See electronic form                               Expert Directory
           Sockalingam       Change Matrix, LLC

Resource   Name/Title        Contact /Retrieval Information                 Brief Description                                      Source
Expert     Patricia A.       Rehabilitation Consultant                      See electronic form                                    Expert Directory
                                                                            Coordinated administrative office staff                TACE 2
                                                                            reorganization; developed formal model for
                                                                            program assessment and strategic planning.
Expert     Dale Verstegen    Mandalay Associates                                                                                   Expert Directory
Expert     Doug Wilson       Consultant                                     See electronic form                                    Expert Directory
Expert     Judy Young        Assistant Director, Training and Development   See electronic form                                    Expert Directory
                             Cornell University, ILR School – Employment
                             and Disability Institute
Webcast    Organizational   Organizational Transformation to Expand Integrated     VCU
           Transformation    etails.cfm/54                                  Employment: Lessons Learned. This Webcast
           to Expand                                                        highlights lessons learned from the 15 organizations
           Integrated                                                       participating in the T-TAP project about
           Employment:                                                      implementing an organizational transformation.
           Lessons Learned                                                  Topics addressed include developing leadership
                                                                            support, communicating goals and expectations,
                                                                            transforming staff roles and responsibilities,
                                                                            allocating resources, and the importance of
                                                                            implementing change one person at a time.
Webcast    Adding Value to       Adding Value to the Business. This Webcast             VCU
           the Business      astDetails.cfm/54                              provides an overview of how a program has added
                                                                            value by increasing diversity in the workforce,
                                                                            changed public perception, and overcome business
                                                                            issues such as turnover, absenteeism, and tenure.
                                                                            Learn how to provide quality services to businesses
                                                                            which add value to their organization. You will hear

Resource    Name/Title        Contact /Retrieval Information             Brief Description                                 Source
                                                                         how you are perceived by business and why you
                                                                         should provide quality services.
Report      VA Vocational     VA Vocational Rehabilitation and                  TA Network Librar
            Rehabilitation                                               Employment: Better Incentives, Workforce
            and                                                          Planning, and Performance Reporting Could
            Employment:                                                  Improve Program is a Report to Congress on
            Better                                                       the status of the VA Vocational Rehabilitation
            Incentives,                                                  and Employment programs.
            Planning, and
            Could Improve

Summit      Organizational The New Workplace: Flexibility describes            TA Network Librar
materials   Culture:          exibility                                innovative and flexible employment strategies,
            Driving Results                                            including customized employment and
                                                                       telecommuting, and addresses the needs of a
                                                                       varied and dynamic workforce. Speakers
                                                                       described how workplace flexibility contributes
                                                                       to work/life balance, and benefits employee
                                                                       productivity and employer profitability.
                                                                       Materials are available in PowerPoint, PDF and

Report      Recruitment   33rd Institute on Rehabilitation Issues Report:   TA Network Librar
            and Retention                                                Recruitment and Retention of Vocational
            of Vocational                                                Rehabilitation Counselors.

Resource   Name/Title       Contact /Retrieval Information               Brief Description                                  Source

Webcast    Succession       American Management Association              Do you look at your senior managers and            NTAC
           Planning:   wonder how many will still be with you in the
           Building the     ccession-planning-061108.aspx                next five years? If so, it's time to get answers
           Leadership                                                    and make plans.
                                                                         Many organizations lack a proper succession
                                                                         plan. One reason is that they do not have an
                                                                         effective succession planning process.

                                                                         Without a plan it is nearly impossible to
                                                                         develop an effective strategy to ensure
                                                                         leadership continuity in the coming years.

Webcast    Management       American Management Association              For any organization, strong results and           NTAC
           Development    sustained growth are driven by its ability to
           the AMA Way!     anagement-Development-081408.aspx            equip managers with the unique competencies
                                                                         and skills they need to help their staffs
                                                                         accomplish important work on a daily basis.

                                                                         For 85 years, AMA has researched, developed,
                                                                         field tested and refined management
                                                                         development programs that are used throughout
                                                                         the world.

                                                                         Join this Webcast as we discuss the newly

Resource       Name/Title           Contact /Retrieval Information                         Brief Description                                         Source
                                                                                           refined AMA Management Competency Model
                                                                                           and what it takes for organizations to
                                                                                           successfully develop their
                                                                                           leadership/management pipelines.
Curriculum     SETI training-       TACE 2                                                 Various programs in support of job coaching,              Dr. David Burganow
                                                                                           development for supported employment

Publication    IRI #33                                                                     Recruitment and Retention of Vocational Rehabilitation    TACE Region 8
               Dew, D. W., Alan,    To download                                            Counselors                                                gbranden@denveroptio
               G.M., &    
               Tomlinson, P.        3/
               (2008).Recruitment   To purchase hard copy e-mail Ms. Bonnie Reid at
               and retention of
               (Institute on
               Issues Monograph
               No. 33).
               National             For more information                                   The Executive Leadership Seminar - A series of four       TACE Region 8
seminars       Rehabilitation   one-week courses offered over an 18-month period, for     gbranden@denveroptio
               Leadership           3/                                                     directors, senior administrators, and emerging leaders.
               Institute            Or call Sharon Davis at The San Diego State
                                    University at 619-694-4220
Professional   Society of Human                                           National membership association, many local chapters      TACE Region 8

Resource       Name/Title             Contact /Retrieval Information                              Brief Description                                      Source
Association    Resource                also; HR Magazine;                                     gbranden@denveroptio
and            Management             ult.aspx
publications   Book:
               Staffing to            Order from the SHRMStore or call (800) 444-5006
               Support Business
               Strategy, By Jean
               M. Phillips and
               Stanley M. Gully

Websites and                          Numerous resources on succession planning
publications                          ing/Succession_Planning.htm

               Diversifying Your    A Four-Step Reference Guide to Recruiting, Hiring, &
Online         Workforce, U.S.                                                                    Retaining Employees with Disabilities
resource       Department of Labor
               Office of Disability
               Employment Policy
DVD videos     Counseling Skills      Contact Region 7 TACE                                       In 2003, RCEP7 produced a set of short videos          Scott Standifer, Region
                                      Scott Standifer ( or Dave Roberts
               Scenarios                                                                          to help teach basic rehabilitation counseling
                                      573 882-3807                                                skills. These videos illustrate more than just
                                                                                                  good counseling skills, they also show bad
                                                                                                  counseling skills in a humorous and memorable
                                                                                                  way. The bad examples act as an anchor to start
                                                                                                  discussions with students about different
                                                                                                  aspects of the counselor's role and practice.
                                                                                                  Situation One is the Initial VR Interview and
                                                                                                  Situation Two is the Career Goals Interview. In
                                                                                                  all versions, the client, Dom, is seeking VR

Resource        Name/Title         Contact /Retrieval Information   Brief Description                                  Source
                                                                    help finding a job after wrestling with
                                                                    alcoholism and after realizing that he has a
                                                                    learning disorder. The videos are available at
                                                                    cost from Missouri DPS. Produced 2003.
Online course   Employment         C. David Roberts, TACE 7         Course modules address current promising          C. David Roberts, TAC
                Services online                                     practices in; employment services values, career
                                   573 882-3807
                                                                    planning & support planning, marketing
                                                                    services to your customers, on-the-job supports,
                                                                    and customer feedback. The content is based on
                                                                    the 13 competencies essential for providing
                                                                    employment services. The participant must
                                                                    complete all assigned activities, within the time
                                                                    frames, during the six-week period (requiring
                                                                    approximately 4-5 hours per week). The course,
                                                                    which is guided by an instructor, is designed so
                                                                    that students get feedback on specific
                                                                    assignments. Hours will apply toward the
                                                                    ACRE certificate. Produced 2008.
Consultant      Rick McAllister-                 Management Analytics- Management                  TACE7
(management)                                                        Training/Consulting
Consultant      Derrick Dufresne   -CRA Associates-                 Management/Employment Services Training           TACE7
(employment                                                         and Consulting
Consultant      Tom Sechrist       Sechrist & Associates            Financial Management/Marketing/Employment          TACE7
(employment                                                         Services
People          Maureen McGuire-                  Experience providing direct services with both     TACE 3
                Kuletz/ Director                                    general as well as blind State VR agencies in
                Region 3 TACE
                                                                    addition to community-based programs and
                                                                    supported employment. Dr. McGuire-Kuletz’s

Resource   Name/Title           Contact /Retrieval Information   Brief Description                                  Source
                                                                 areas of expertise include caseload
                                                                 management, ethics, assistive technology,
                                                                 facilitation, job development and placement,
                                                                 supported employment, and human resource
People     Robert J.                       State VR counselor training needs, leadership,
           Froehlich/                                            organizational design, ethics, and online course
           Assistant Director                                                                                       TACE 3
           Region 3 TACE
                                                                 design, particularly as these topics pertain to
           Center                                                State VR professionals

TACE       TACE New             TACE 1                           The TACE Center has experienced trainers &         TACE 1
           England- Region 1                                     consultants with expertise in a wide range of
                                                                 VR and employment related topics, including:

                                                                 * Best Practices in Job Development,
                                                                 Placement & Employment Supports
                                                                 * Supervisory Skills: Clinical Supervision,
                                                                 Coaching Skills, Facilitation Skills and Ethical
                                                                 Practices in Rehabilitation supervision

Web site   http://dev.vocre      Current State Vocational Rehabilitation
                                            Counselor open positions across USA and e-
                                                                 mail distribution network of qualified
                                                                 rehabilitation counselors and graduate students
                                                                 in their final semester.


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