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					                                                                                              Supply Chain Management
                                                                                                                             Program No: 10-182-1
                                                                                                                 Associate Degree in Applied Science
                                                                                                                 Degree Completion Time: Four Terms
                                                                                   In general, an academic year consists of two terms; however, degree completion time
                                                                                                     may vary based on student scheduling needs and class availability
Catalog No.        Class Title         Credit(s)         About the Career                                          Approximate Costs
                                                         It is exciting to be part of the materials/supply            • $107 per credit (resident)
                      Term 1                             management field. New technology, use of the                 • $158 per credit (out-of-state resident)
                                                         internet, and the business-to-business e-commerce
10105124      Portfolio Introduction         1.00                                                                     • Other fees vary by program (books,
                                                         explosion have made great advances in the
10182102      Service Operations Management 3.00                                                                        supplies, materials, tools, uniforms, health-
              OR10501101 Medical                         materials/supply management field. If you like
              Terminology                                working with people, computers, and data and are               related exams, etc.)
10182108      Purchasing                     3.00        interested in working in an ever-changing
10182160      International Business Supply  3.00        logistics, manufacturing, service, or health care         Special Note
              Chain Management                           field, a career in materials/supply chain                 This program is also offered in an evening
10801195      Written Communication          3.00        management is for you.                                    delivery format.
10809196      Introduction to Sociology OR   3.00
              10809172 Race, Ethnic, &
              Diversity Studies                          Careers                                                   Entrance Assessment Scores
              Total                         16.00          •   Vendor-Managed Inventory Specialist

                                                           •   Buyer

                      Term 2
                                                           •   Material Controller/Coordinator
10103175      Excel 2007-Level 2               1.00

                                                           •   Buyer Planner/Scheduler

10182110      Negotiations                     3.00
10182131      Supply Chain Management          3.00        •   Project Management
10801196      Oral/Interpersonal               3.00        •   Global Sourcing Supply Specialist                         Math          18      79
              Communication OR 10801198
              Speech                                       •   Logistician                                               Read          18      74
10804113      College Technical Mathematics    3.00                                                                      Write         18      86
              1A                                         Admissions Steps
10809198      Intro to Psychology              3.00        •   Application
              Total                           16.00
                                                           •   Application Fee                                     Functional Abilities
                      Term 3                                                                                       Functional abilities are the basic duties that a
                                                           •   Entrance Assessment Scores
                                                                                                                   student must be able to perform with or without
10101155      Accounting for Professionals     3.00        •   Transcripts                                         reasonable accommodations. At the postsecondary
10105126      Career Assessment OR             3.00        •   Program Advising Session                            level, students must meet these requirements, and
              10105128 Career Exploration                                                                          they cannot be modified.
              (2 cr.)                                      • Microsoft Skills Check Form (Word,
10182106      Strategic Resource Management 3.00             PowerPoint, Excel)
10182114      Enterprise Resource Planning     3.00
              and Control OR 10182126                    Program Goals
              Health Care - Supply Chain                 You'll learn to:
                                                           • Provide an uninterrupted flow of materials,
10182122      Logistics                        3.00
10806112      Principles of Sustainability OR  3.00            supplies, and services required to operate
              10809122 Introduction to                         the organization.
              American Government                          • Manage inventory levels.
              Total                           18.00
                                                           • Manage customer inventory levels.
                      Term 4
                                                           • Maintain quality control.
10182107      Portfolio Assessment-Supply     1.00         • Develop productive working relationships
              Chain                                          with external constituents (such as vendors
10623118      Lean Manufacturing and          3.00           and retailers) and internal departments (such
              Execution Control
                                                             as the Marketing, Accounting, Engineering,
10623119      Six Sigma Tools - Supply Chain 3.00
              Managers                                       and MIS departments).
10623193      ISO 9001:2008                   3.00         • Analyze and negotiate contracts with
10809195      Economics                       3.00           suppliers, manufacturers, and/or distributors.
10182128      Supply Chain Administration     3.00
              Leadership OR 10182125                       • Develop solutions regarding capacity and
              Internship--Supply Chain                       production planning, resource allocation,
              Management                                     and facility location.
              Total                          16.00
              Program Total                  66.00         • Integrate technology into the supply chain to
                                                             improve profitability; for example, utilize e-
Note:      Catalog numbers assigned to                       business.
           “elective” classes are for                      • Schedule the transportation and logistics of
           administrative use only. Consult with             product/service to its final destination.
           program counselor regarding your
           elective selection.
           Program start dates vary; check with
           your counselor for details.
           Curriculum and program acceptance
           requirements are subject to change.                                        Lakeshore Technical College                                                 1.888.GO TO LTC                                1290 North Avenue • Cleveland WI 53015                              (1.888.468.6582) • TTY: 920.693.8956
Transfer agreements are available with the following institutions:
Capella University                                                                                      Marian College
Cardinal Stritch University                                                                             MSOE Rader School of Business
Concordia University                                                                                    Silver Lake College
Franklin University                                                                                     University of Phoenix
Lakeland College                                                                                        UW-Stout

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10101155 Accounting for Professionals                                 10182114 Enterprise Resource Planning and                              10801195 Written Communication the study of the information that can be interpreted from       Control                                                                ...teaches the writing process, which includes prewriting,
financial statements. Students analyze financial statements           ...prepares the participant to interpret material requirements         drafting, revising, and editing. Through a variety of writing
and apply managerial accounting concepts in an accelerated            planning reports, build a master production schedule,                  assignments, the student will analyze audience and purpose,
format.                                                               construct capacity plans, and understand sales and operations          research and organize ideas, and format and design
                                                                      planning. The curriculum is developed from the American                documents based on subject matter and content.
10103175 Excel 2007 - Level 2                                         Production and Inventory Controls exam certification's                 Keyboarding skills are required for this course. It also
...prepares the learner to create special effects in a worksheet;     domain of knowledge.                                                   develops critical reading and thinking skills through the
work with custom formats, AutoFormats, styles and                     COREQUISITE: Microsoft Excel or equivalent                             analysis of a variety of written documents.
templates; document and protect worksheets and workbooks;                                                                                    PREREQUISITE: 10831103 Intro to College Writing or
integrate applications; use functions to create data; guide cell      10182122 Logistics                                                     CONDITION: Accuplacer Writing minimum score of 86
entry with data validations; create PivotTable and PivotChart         ...introduces the student to business logistics, including the         or Equivalent
reports; and create hyperlinks and use collaborative tools.           efficient and effective flow of goods, services, and related
This course is offered in a self-paced format.                        information from the point of origin to the point of                   10801196 Oral/Interpersonal Comm
PREREQUISITE: 10103174 Excel 2007 - Level 1 or                        consumption and provides a summary of the role and                     ...provides students with the skills to develop speaking,
10103141 Excel 2002 - Level 1 or 10103158 MS Intro                    importance of transportation and an overview of carriers,              verbal and nonverbal communication, and listening skills
to Microsoft Software                                                 carrier management, and technology and strategies in                   through individual speeches, group activities, and other
                                                                      logistics.                                                             projects.
10105124 Portfolio Introduction                                       COREQUISITE: Microsoft PowerPoint or equivalent
...prepares the student to develop a personal and professional                                                                               10801198 Speech
portfolio, to identify self-awareness through various self-           10182126 Health Care - Supply Chain Management                         ...explores the fundamentals of effective oral presentation to
assessments and apply these results to the workplace and              ...introduces the learner to General Purchasing Organizatons           small and large groups. Topic selection, audience analysis,
other environments, to write goal statements and understand           (GPO's), contract manaement, central supply procedures,                methods of organization, research, structuring evidence and
their value, to develop an individual history of events and           sterilization, inventory management and distribution, linen            support, delivery techniques, and other essential elements of
achievements, and to identify significant learning                    and laundry supply, and analyzing the financial culture. It            speaking successfully, including the listening process, form
experiences throughout the student's life.                            also covers investigative value analysis, and managing                 the basis of the course.
                                                                      supply management in a healthcare setting as well as MIS
10105126 Career Assessment                                            tools to run an effective information management system.               10804113 College Technical Mathematics 1A
...prepares the student to develop a career plan, write a                                                                                    ...prepares the student to solve linear, quadratic, and
resume, create a cover letter, prepare for an interview, search       10182128 Supply Chain Administration and                               relational equations; graph; formula rearrangement; solve
for work on the Internet, adapt a resume for an electronic            Leadership                                                             systems of equations; percent; proportions; and operations on
scan, and post a resume and cover letter on the Internet.             ...introduces the student to a collection of readings, self-           polynomials. Emphasis will be on the application of skills to
PREREQUISITE: 10105124 Portfolio Introduction                         assessments, case studies and experiential exercises on                technical problems. Successful completion of College
                                                                      leadership and administration. The student will have a better          Technical Mathematics 1A and College Technical
10182102 Service Operations Management                                understanding of the complexities associated with leadership           Mathematics 1B is the equivalent of College Technical
...introduces the student to the basic coverage of the concepts       as well as an understanding of thepieces that serve to define          Mathematics 1.
and current issues in service operation management. Topics            leadership.                                                            PREREQUISITE: Accuplacer Math minimum score of
include the value equation in operations management;                                                                                         79 or Equivalent or 10804100 Math Proficiency
understanding services; building the service system;                  10182131 Supply Chain Management
operating the service system; enterprise resource                     ...has been developed to provide a basic understanding of the          10806112 Principles of Sustainability
management (ERP) and supply chain management concepts                 planning and control of materials into, through, and out of            …prepares students to develop sustainable literacy, analyze
in the service sector.                                                organizations. In addition, those who want to become                   interconnections among physical and biological sciences and
                                                                      certified by APICS need a fundamentals course to learn                 environmental systems, summarize effects of sustainability
10182106 Strategic Resource Management                                about the material planning and control system. This course            on health and well-being, analyze connections among social,
...introduces the learner to explore the relationship of              will provide a basis for further study leading to certification.       economic, and environmental systems, employ energy
existing and emerging processes and technologies to                   COREQUISITE: Microsoft Word, Excel or equivalent                       conservation strategies to reduce use of fossil fuels,
manufacturing strategy and supply chain-related functions.                                                                                   investigate alternative energy options, evaluate options to
This course addresses three main topics: aligning resources           10182160 International Business Supply Chain                           current waste disposal/recycling in the U.S., and analyze
with the strategic plan, configuring and integrating operating        Management                                                             approaches used by your community.
processes to support the strategic plan, and implementing             ...introduces the student to supply chain financial
change.                                                               transactions which include foreign exchange market,                    10809195 Economics
                                                                      fluctuations of the market, role of the global capital market,         ...provides the participant with an overview of how a market-
10182107 Portfolio Assessment-Supply Chain                            major determinants in country risk, methods of foreign                 oriented economic system operates, and it surveys the factors
...prepares the student to identify what they have learned            market entry, international contracts and commercial                   which influence national economic policy. Basic concepts
through the supply chain program, write career goals, re-             documents, export packaging, customs clearance, and global             and analyses are illustrated by reference to a variety of
examine their resume, research and collect project samples            supply chain logistics infrastructure.                                 contemporary problems and public policy issues. Concepts
of their achievements, and analyze their achievements within                                                                                 include scarcity, resources, alternative economic systems.
the college core abilities.                                           10623118 Lean Manufacturing and Execution                              growth, supply and demand, monetary and fiscal policy,
PREREQUISITES: 10105124 Portfolio Assessment                          Control                                                                inflation, unemployment and global economic issues.
and 10105126 Career Assessment                                        ...expands the learner's ability to develop skills to prioritize
                                                                      and sequence work, execute work plans, implement controls,             10809196 Introduction to Sociology
10182108 Purchasing                                                   and create and analyze performance evaluations. It allows              ...introduces students to the basic concepts of sociology:
...introduces the participant to basic purchasing, quality            the student to explore the execution of quality initiatives and        culture, socialization, social stratification, multi-culturalism,
specifications, inventory control, supplier selection, price          continuous improvement plans in addition to the control and            and the five institutions, including family, government,
aspects, research and measurement, and global purchasing.             handling of inventories.                                               economics, religion, and education. Other topics include
This course is exciting for anyone interested in working in a                                                                                demography, deviance, technology, environment, social
challenging and rewarding purchasing and supply chain                 10623119 Six Sigma Tools - Supply Chain Managers                       issues, social change, social organization, and workplace
management career.                                                    ...provides the student with the skills and tools to collect and       issues.
COREQUISITE: Microsoft PowerPoint or equivalent                       analyze data to solve problems, improve and control
                                                                      processes, and implement solutions within an organization.             10809198 Intro to Psychology
10182110 Negotiations                                                 An emphasis will be placed on the use of statistical                   ...introduces students to a survey of the multiple aspects of an exciting introduction into negotiations where the            techniques to create and implement a data collection plan              human behavior. It involves a survey of the theoretical
following topics will be discussed: nature of negotiations,           and select solutions.                                                  foundations of human functioning in such areas as learning,
framing, strategy, integrated negotiations, distributed                                                                                      motivation, emotions, personality, deviance and pathology,
negotiations, communication, perception, bias, leverage,              10623193 ISO 9001:2008                                                 physiological factors, and social influences. It directs the
ethics, global negotiations, and managing difficult          designed to introduce participants to the QS/ISO 9001:           student to an insightful understanding of the complexities of
negotiations. It is a must course for students desiring to            2008 standards. The course is structured to teach the                  human relationships in personal, social, and vocational
exceed in business.                                                   QS/ISO 9001: 2008 standards, how to document procedures,               settings.
                                                                      and how to perform audits. All of the QS automotive
                                                                      standards will be introduced.

     Lakeshore Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in employment, admissions or its programs or activities. The
     following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the College’snondiscrimination policies: Human Resources Director, Lakeshore Technical College, 1290 North
     Avenue, Cleveland, WI 53015-1414.

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