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									Program Outline
                  Diploma of Management
                  Diploma of Management
                  The Diploma of Management provides a practical and relevant qualification that is of particular value to managers with staff and/or operational responsibilities.
                  The extensive choice of programs available for the Diploma allows managers to cover the breadth of topics relevant to their responsibilities in today’s workplace –
                  finance, marketing, people management and leadership.

                  How to achieve the qualification
                  • Complete all units and related assessment tasks
                  • You may also acquire the qualification, or credit for some of the units, through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Mutual Recognition (RCC)

                  Course outcomes
                  On completion of this qualification and related assessment tasks, participants should be able to address outcomes across a range of areas:
                  • Assess and evaluate their self management and leadership capabilities
                  • Create a customer-focused culture through enhanced leadership skills and effective service strategies
                  • Develop motivational management techniques and leadership skills
                  • Establish and maintain effective customer relationships
                  • Implement management processes to determine, monitor and evaluate employee performance
                  • Manage budgets and financial plans to monitor operational performance
                  • Plan and conduct effective recruitment, selection and induction of new employees
                  Select and monitor appropriate marketing strategies to meet organisational objectives

                  Qualification structure
                  Students are required to address eight (8) units of competence – five (5) core + three (3) electives. When selecting their modules, students should ensure their
                  choices cover a spread of disciplines i.e. management or leadership, finance, marketing and human resources/performance management. For guidance on the
                  selection of modules and some suggestions for electives please contact our Business Development Executive on
                  1300 651 811.

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How does it work?
• Make your program selection from the choices listed for your qualification
• Match your selections to AIM’s Course Calendar to plan your training dates*
Contact AIM’s Business Development Executives to register for your programs

RPL (recognition of prior learning)
Recognition of skills and knowledge gained through previous studies, work and life experiences may lead to advanced standing in this course. Please contact the
Institute’s Curriculum Manager: <> for more information on the RPL process.

The order and timing of individual modules is flexible and can be arranged to suit each participant’s schedule and learning needs. Refer to the individual program
information sheets or the Institute’s website for available dates.

Shaded units are core, of which five must be chosen
                                                         Unit of
 AIM Program Name                            Training                       Description
   Improvement                                   1       BSBMGT516A         Facilitate continuous improvement

 Customer Service                                1       BSBCUS501A         Manage quality customer service
                                                                            Develop a workplace learning
  Workplace Learning                             1       BSBLED501A
  Effectiveness                                  1       BSBWOR502A         Ensure team effectiveness

  People Performance                             1       BSBMGT502B         Manage people performance

  Projects                                       1       BSBPMG510A         Manage projects
                                                                            Manage budgets and financial
   Team Budgets & Financials                     1       BSBFIM501A
   Plans                                         1       BSBMGT515A         Manage operational plans
                                                                            Manage personal work priorities
  Work Priorities                                1       BSBWOR501A
                                                                            and professional development
   Safety                                        1       BSBOHS509A         Ensure a safe workplace

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  Management                                     1        BSBRSK501A         Manage risk
 Electives – 3 electives are required. These can be selected from the core units above that have not already
 been selected, the specialised electives below, or from any other Training Package. If not specifically listed
 as a core or specialised elective, at least two units must be from a Diploma. The final unit may be from a
 Certificate IV or Advance Diploma level.
              a. Specialised electives
  and Selection                              2            BSBHRM402A         Recruit, select and induct staff
                                                                             Develop workplace policies and
   in the Workplace                          2            BSBSUS501A
                                                                             procedures for sustainability
 Other options for electives:
                                                                             Manage performance
                                                                             management systems
  and Managing Performance                       2
                                                          BSBMGT502B         Manage people performance

  Management                                     2        BSBPMG509A         Manage contract procurement
                                                                             Identify and evaluate marketing
  and Implement Marketing Strategies             3
                                                                             Implement and monitor marketing
                                                                             Manage budgets and financial
  for Non Finance Managers                       2
                                                          BSBFIM601A         Manage finances
                                                                             Build and sustain an innovative
  and Change                                     1        BSBINN502A
                                                                             work environment
   Ideas – Generation and
                                                 2        BSBCRT501A         Originate and develop concepts
                                                          BSBMKG401A         Profile the market
  Essentials                                     3
                                                                             Interpret market trends and
  and Manage Human Resource
                                                 2        BSBHRM504A         Manage workforce planning

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                                                    Manage human resource strategic

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