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									                                                              Government Sales Rep
                                                                     JOB PROFILE

                 GOVERNMENT SALES REP
                     JOB PROFILE
The Company:

   Williams Sound has been providing hearing assistance technology to customers worldwide
   for over 30 years. "Helping People Hear" is not just our motto; it is the core of our business

   In what began as a simple AM listening system for the church, Williams Sound
   has since grown to offer a diverse line of consumer and commercial listening products.
   Whether your needs are specific to listening in church, in the classroom, at work, on the
   or other public venue, we have a remarkable group of products designed to assist you.

   At Williams Sound, we understand the impact and importance of hearing in people's
   everyday lives - that's why we set our sights to be a legendary supplier and to provide
   knowledgeable, dedicated service.

   Our mission is helping people hear. We aim to develop market solutions that
   provide the best listening experience for all.

   Strategically, we have an established position in the Commercial Sound Sector and hold a
   significant market share. We have a 17 strong Manufacturers Rep network with an
   excess of 1500 Dealers throughout the United States which is much envied by our
   competitors. Within our Commercial Sound business we provide sound solutions for
   Churches, Courtrooms, Conferences, Tour companies and Schools. We hold Prime
   Vendor status with Government agencies along with a GSA Schedule Contract which
   also puts us ahead of our competition.

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                                                             Government Sales Rep
                                                                    JOB PROFILE

       Company Culture

   Williams Sound has a positive family culture. We are courteous and professional. We
   co-operate and support each other. We have a positive attitude and respect individuality.

  The Government Sales Rep position will report to the Director of Sales and be responsible
  for driving revenue growth by seeing out and acquiring new business related to
  Government Business, encompassing both Direct and Indirect business per our GSA
  Schedule. As a direct employee of the company, this position encompasses a distinct
  growth strategy for the company.

  The successful person must have:

          The ability to communicate oral and written information clearly and effectively.

           Must have experience with work related to GSA Schedules.           Emphasis on
       Judicial, Military, and Embassy sales.

          Ability to Travel and/or attend Trade Shows where required.

  The Government Sales Rep is also responsible for contribution to the assignation of the
  goals, ongoing support, planning, coordination, and sales growth within the area of
  Government Sales.

  The Government Sales Rep is responsible for preparing bi weekly and monthly updated
  reports for the Director of Sales.

  Travel requirement could be up to 30% of each month.


  Duties and Responsibilities
  The Government Sales Rep position will be primarily charged with driving each of the
  following areas of responsibility:
        Creates and implements GSA sales goals, both direct and indirect along with a
       marketing plan that aligns with the company business strategies

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                                                               Government Sales Rep
                                                                      JOB PROFILE

        Acts as first point of contact concerning prospect concerns or questions related to
       Government business
        Works closely with the GSA Administrator to ensure MOD’s are kept up to date
       and admin is managed effectively
        Responsible for furthering the development of the RALD (Retiree Assistive Listening
       Device) Program aimed at offering assistive listening devices to Military Retirees and
       their families.
        Further the Development of a strong and strategic relationships with our GSA Area
          Aid in strategic development as required to ensure that goals are achieved.
          Proactive Implementation and use of Sales Process to effect Improvement Sales
          GSA sales growth, RALD sales growth and performance
          Take on Responsibilities as required by the Director of Sales

  For each of these, the specifc duties, activities and measurements have been defined on the
  following pages.

  Key Relationships

  The Government Sales Rep position reports to the Director of Sales.

  Although the Sales Rep is directly responsible for guiding the WSC GSA and Government
  Sales, they will also work closely and collaboratively with the following colleagues. The
  following list shows those key positions:

        Sales Director: The Sales Rep must work closely with the Sales Director to assure
       this alignment of both sales and marketing opportunities. The Sales Director will provide
       support with the implementation and adoption of key initiatives. The Government Sales
       Rep will be required to coordinate priorities and responsibilities to effectively achieve the
       set goals
           General Sales Manager: This position is closest to customer/Dealer issues and
       concerns and the overall experience provided by Williams Sound. Continuing to
       maintain a focus on the customer/Dealer is critical to the overall success of the
       organization. The Government Sales Rep will gain valuable knowledge by working
       closely with and taking direction where necessary from the General Sales Manager.

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                                                                          Government Sales Rep
                                                                                 JOB PROFILE

       Sales Process Implementation and Effectiveness Improvement

Williams Sound has spent considerable time and energy understanding Sales behavior and the
critical steps that move them to sales success. This process has been documented along with the
activities required for success. It has been introduced but is still relatively new as we evolve as a
more powerful sales force.


     Area                                                     Actions
                  Uses sales processes consistently and effectively:
                           - Establishing an initial baseline for pipeline, major opportunities, risks and key
                           needs and challenges
                           - Update (ACT) with quality information on a regular and consistent basis

                  Organizing activities for efficiency.

    Selling       Uses metrics from the system along with their own observations to provide timely and
   through        accurate performance management.
                  Measures results in terms of sales, activities and the behaviors that lead to success

                  Has a planned approach for Government sales activities.

                  Leads by example – following processes without deviation.

                  Seeks to enhance current processes and methods where appropriate.

Sales Results Achievement

As in all sales positions, a key expectation is results. The ultimate goal is to generate revenue
that meets and exceeds budgeted expectations. Williams Sound feels confident our goals are
rational, well thought out, and can be achieved by the right Sales Rep

The Government Sales Rep is responsible for achieving significant growth of Governement Sales
in the area of Commercial Sound equipment across a variety of markets This person will also be
responsible for furthering the development of the RALD (Retiree Assistive Listening Device)
Program aimed at offering assistive listening devices to Military Retirees and their families.

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                                                                       Government Sales Rep
                                                                              JOB PROFILE


     Area                                                   Actions
                 Focuses time on a planned approach to activities and tasks critical to success of the Reps
                 including all steps of the sales process:
                          - Lead Generation
                          - Needs Assessment
   Priority               - Sales Execution
   Setting                - Client satisfaction, feedback, referrals an/or repeat business

                 Focuses their own time on critical tasks
                          - Eliminating roadblocks where possible

                 Manages customer/Government issues

  Financials     Approves travel with the Sales Director which will be set as per budget limitations

                 Works closely with the Sales Director to provide input to the forecast

                 Reviews Sales Results consistently and frequently. Make them public and available to all
                 necessary staff including the sales team and management.

                 Plans in place to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals.

                 Pursues everything with high energy, drive, effort and effectiveness
  Drive for
   Results       Display a high level of immediacy and urgency while remaining confident.

                 Supports the Sales effort including working late when necessary, making phone calls, going
                 on sales appointments, etc.

                 Has open and clear lines of communication (maintains and encourages productive
                 relationships in all other areas.)

Williams Sound is seeking a mature salesperson that takes ownership of responsibility. The
person will identify challenges and create solutions to enhance Governement Sales. The
successful candidate will be action oriented with sound decision making skills in line with
company objectives.

The Government Sales Rep is expected to establish priorities for self and work to spend time on
the highest priorities. They will be responsible for communicating information to the Sales
Director and participate in meetings as requested.

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                                                                     Government Sales Rep
                                                                            JOB PROFILE


      Area                                                 Actions

                   Knows strengths and weaknesses and works on them daily.

                   Open to critical feedback.
Self Knowledge     Builds successful working relationships by building own understanding of their business
                   and needs.

                   Seeks to understand development points from boss, team and colleagues.

                   Provides timely and accurate communications (direct reports), including results, company
                   information (processes, announcements, etc.)
                   Communicates consistent expectations.

As a member of the Sales team, the Government Sales Rep will work on opportunities related to
Govt Sales across the organization, such as finding and pursuing new market opportunities,
determining what materials are necessary and continuing to understand the user experience.

Williams Sound is seeking a candidate that will build relationships and “fit” with this dynamic

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                                                                           Government Sales Rep
                                                                                  JOB PROFILE

Measurements and Indicators

Williams Sound has placed significant importance on outlining the expectations for the
Government Sales Rep. In addition to the information outlined in the job profile, the following
measurements will be utilized as the primary performance indicators. The Sales Director will
determine the specific goals and relevant importance in each category.

                                    Measurements                                       Indicators
    OVERALL           Annual sales appraisal                           Observed behavior by Sales Director
                      Annual Customer Satisfaction survey

                                     Measurements                                          Indicators
                            Conversion rate                              Sales feedback
                            Number of appointments                       Assesses and reports on progress
                            Average sale Direct and Indirect GSA         success stories
  DEVELOPMENT                Other markets as outlined within Gov’t      Creates education opportunities
                              Sales                                       Clear developmental path
                             RALD

                                        Measurements                                       Indicators
                        Activities vs. plan                            Process language being used
                        Overall pipeline improvement                   Observation in decision making and
                        Improvement in target districts                 prioritization of resources
 SALES PROCESS          Annual business plans                          Identifying and diagnosing problem areas for
IMPLEMENTATION                                                           GSA in the sales process
      AND                                                               Sales plans in place, monitored regularly,
 EFFECTIVENESS                                                           and adjusted as necessary
                                                                           articulate plans
                                                                           Plans focus time on the highest priority

                                    Measurements                                       Indicators
                      achieving goals                                  Observed behavior by Sales Director
  SALES RESULTS       Target Results:
  ACHIEVEMENT           Sales on plan
                        overall $ growth of Gov’t Sales

                                     Measurements                                       Indicators
                      as per sales process and plan                    Follows and conforms to the WSC core
                                                                        Manages customer concerns effectively
                                                                        Appropriately communicates information
                                                                        Conforms to the WSC sales management

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                                                               Government Sales Rep
                                                                      JOB PROFILE

          Market competitive
          Combination of base and annual bonus (based on goal achievement)
          Benefits

Attributes Required for this position
          Good Listener
          Sees sales as an enjoyable challenge
          Personable – extroverted, pleasant and engaging
          Goal oriented – sets and is driven to accomplish goals
          Self motivated

Required Qualifications
          Minimum of 5 years in sales
          Experience with Government business, GSA Schedule, selling to Federal and
           State Government Departments
          Technical knowledge of electronics and audio visual equipment
          Proven track record of consistently exceeding objectives and quotas.
          Skilled at interacting with customers in a positive, professional manner
          Disciplined to follow processes with a strong work ethic.

Preferred Qualifications
          Military Veteran
          Experience with Minority Business
          Experience with managing sales or procurement via GSA Contract related to
           equipment sales into the following markets:
              Conference/ Interpretation
          ilingual in Spanish & English an advantage.

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                                                                   Government Sales Rep
                                                                          JOB PROFILE

Physical Requirements
  The physical demands and environment described here are representative of those that must be
  met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable
  accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential
          This position may require a high level of travel (more than 30%).
          Frequent lifting and carrying up to 25 lbs.
          Ability to operate and demonstrate company equipment.
          General office environment.
          High levels of stress often occur.
          Due to required travel, this position is exposed to temperature extremes.

   For more information please contact:
   Eric Adams
   Vice President of Human Resources
   Williams Sound Corp.
   Eden Prairie, MN

   Direct: 952-224-7706

For more information visit our website at:

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