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					     2                                                                                     ACCESSORIES
TV BRACKETS FOR LCD TV'S                         FOLDAWAY FIT ANTENNA                                             "SENSAR"
                                                                                                    ANTENNA AMPLIFIED
Pivot Wall Mount Swing Arm. 10kg capacity.
Adjust up, down, right and left/


Short                                 002228                                                        Compact antenna with built in amplifier.
                                                                                                    Mounted on rugged aluminium lift which
                                                                                                    raises, lowers (to within 100mm of roof) and
                                                                                                    rotates from inside vehicle. Includes solid
                                                                                                    state antenna, lift assembly, 12V DC power
                                                                                                    supply/wall outlet, 6m cable and TV set cord
                                                                                                    with band separator.                   002313

Long                                  002230                                                        Motorised version of the Sensar with on /
                                                                                                    off push button control panel inside your RV.
                                                                                                    Raise, lower and rotate the antenna from the
                                                                                                    same control panel.                    033526

                                                                                                    WINEGARD ANTENNA AMPLIFIED
                                                                                                    ROUND - RS2000

                                                 Compatible with digital TV's. 360 deg
                                                 of tuning either vertically or horizontally        Continuously picks up VHF/UHF/FM
                                                 - can even be placed in an inverted "V"            signals from all directions without need for
Automatic lock in closed position. 356mm         configuration for easier fine tuning. Fully          adjustment. Contained in a slim, stylish, high-
lockable pivot. Monitor can be rotated 220o      portable, 600mm x 90mm, weighs only 1.5kg.         impact weatherproof housing for protection
and tilted up and down. Weight 3.9kg.            Comes in its own carry cylinder.          002278   from ultra-violet. Special low-noise, solid state
                                                                                                    amplifier is designed to boost weak signals.
A - 362mm B - 732mm C - 88mm                     Foldaway Extension to suit Pop-top      002280     12V DCpower supply.                     002327

Left hand - slide                     002237
Right hand - slide                    002238
                                                 PHASELINK RV30 CARAVAN                             WINEGARD HIDEAWAY ANTENNA

                                                                                                    UHF/VHF/FM travel antenna designed to
                                                                                                    pick up stations in all directions without rotor.
                                                                                                    Opens and closes like an umbrella. When
Simple to erect and stow. Tunes to horizontal    Built in signal booster is engineered              travelling it is stored inside weatherproof tube
and vertical polarised signals and can pick up   specifically for caravanners. Provides deep         .Includes housing with rain cap, shielded
UHF/VHF TV, FM radio and digital signals.        fringe performances on all VHF and UHF             antenna, cable with connectors, Comes with
                                      002287     channels.                             002311       mounting hardware.                       002328
    ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                             3
                                                                                                     EXPLORER WALL PLATES

                                                   BOOSTED ANTENNA SYSTEM
                                                   Complete with a VHF/UHF antenna, booster,
                                                   power supply, quality cables - all terminated
                                                   ready for use, original through the wall
                                                   connection system and TV transmitter guide
                                                   book. 3 year warranty and a toll free technical
                                                   support line. Excellent performance on UHF
                                                   with the C2 having superior performance on        Wall thickness:
                                                   VHF making it ideal for the around Australia
                                                   traveller.                                        22mm - 32mm                           002374

                                                                                                     Passive thru connect                  002378

                                                                                                     EXPLORER POWER SUPPLY

The Australian / NZ digital free to air channels
are transmitted on a higher frequency than
digital channels in North America.
Winegard manufacture a Sensar Antenna
and now the Winegard Wingman specifically
for this region of the world for optimum digital
Ensure the Wingman you purchase is suitable        C3 Deluxe Kit        002302
for our region and has
the letters NZ-WING above the bar code on
                                                   EXPLORER MOUNTING KITS
the bottom of the box:
                                                   INCLUDING MASTS                                   12V DC power supply.                  002345

                                                                                                     EXPLORER COAXIAL FLY LEAD
                                                                                       on drawbar
                                                    Side Mount

•    Optimises Sensar for DTV channels                                                               3m long                               002350
•    Increases UHF performance up to 100%
•    FREE digital programming
                                                                                                     MOUNTING BRACKET KIT
                                                   Draw bar mount with 3 piece aluminium
•    Attaches to existing SENSAR head              telescopic mast which collapses to 1.8m and
•    Installs in minutes, no tools required        extends to 4.3m. Standard drawbar 100mm
•    Lightweight, sleek add-on attaches to
     existing SENSAR head with 4 simple            Side mount complete with 2.8m
     snap-on screws                                2 piece aluminium mast which
                                                   collapses to 1.5m                      002370
•    Increases UHF db gain up to 100% on
     DTV channels giving you more range            Side mount brackets                    002372
                                                   3 piece aluminium mast                            Hi-Q 3 piece PVC kit                  002365
•    Compatible with all Winegard Sensar
                                                   4.3m long                              002373
•    Powder coated for long lasting durability     EXPLORER 'A' FRAME                                MATCHMASTER UNIVERSAL "A"
     in harsh environmental conditions             MOUNTING BRACKETS                                 FRAME CLAMP
•    Dimensions: 41.91cm W x 35.56cm D x
     3.56cm H
•    Weight: 453.59 grams

                                                   Suits up to 40mm mast and 100mm
                                                   draw bar                               002361     Clamps to 'A' frame to hold TV mast   002366
     4                                                                                  ACCESSORIES

Telescopic 2 section aluminium mast.
32mm dia. 1.83m to 3.65m               002356
                                                                                                                                 Pack of 2
25mm dia. 1.83m to 3.65m               002357
32mm dia. 1.66m to 4.5m                035133     Connects antenna directly to the TV to avoid
32mm dia. 2.44m to 4.8m                002363     breaks in the connection.             034974

CO-AX ADAPTOR SUIT USA                            CO-AXIAL PLUGS

                                                  Co-axial plug male TV RZ20MU        002384     Clamp on eyelet suitable for all fabrics.
Video adaptor                                                                                    Harder the pull the greater the grip. 035233
"F" socket to PAL plug                 002387
                                                  CO-AXIAL CABLE                                 EYELET KIT WITH TOOL

                                                  75ohm low loss cable.

                                                  Per metre                           002336

75ohm surface mount                    002389     BREWSTER TURNBUTTONS


                                                                                                 Pack of 10.

                                                  Single Turnbutton.                  035137     SP4                                  035138
                                                                                                 SP6                                  035140

                                                   BREWSTER EYELET AND
                                                                                                 HORIZONTAL FASTENER

75ohm plate mount white.               002392
Use in conjunction with
Switch Plate White                     005199     Suits Brewster Turnbuttons.          001654

                                                  EYELETS AND WASHERS
                                                                                                 Single                               001667
                                                                                                 Double                              001669

                                                                                                 VERTICAL FASTENER

Works on existing antenna and is ready for        SP4         Pack of 20               035139
digital and satellite. Quick and easy do-it-      TG4         Pack of 50               001674
yourself kit. Adjustable to suit various wall
                                                  SP6         Pack of 20               035141    Single                               001668
thicknesses. Rubber weather protection cap
to keep out moisture                     002382   SP7         Pack of 50               001675    Double                               001670
      ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                    5

Single                                 001671
Double                                 001672
                                                  SQUARE CORNERS
                                                                                             14cm whistling stainless steel kettle.
PRESS STUD FASTENER                               Standard          1880 x 1220mm   035150   2.5 litre                              001188
                                                  Deluxe            1880 x 1220mm   035151
                                                                                             PLASTIC EGG CONTAINERS
                                                  Back Support      1880 x 1220mm   007718

                                                                                             Keeps eggs safe while travelling.
Stud                                  001681
Socket                                 001682                                                6 egg                                  000113

Cap                                    001683                                                12 egg                                000114

                                                  2 CUT CORNERS                              WHITE TOPPED ALUMINIUM
TOOL                                              Standard       1880 x 1220mm      035154
                                                  Standard       1880 x 1370mm      035155
                                                  Back Support 1880 x 1220mm        007719
                                                  Back Support 1830 x 1372mm        007720
                                                  Back Support 1958 x 1372mm        007722

Tool and pack of 10 studs.             034082                                                White topped table, aluminium frame and
Pack of 5 studs (Refill)                035143                                                folding legs.
                                                  BUDGET MATTRESS                            810mm (l) 610mm (w)                  035171

                                                                                             MELAMINE DINNERWARE

                                                  Lightweight with good support.
                                                  1880 x 1220mm                     007717

Spring operated hinge designed to retain seat                                                We stock a large range of break resistant
tops (up to 12kg) in the raised position at an    DIRECTORS CHAIR                            quality melamine dinnerware in both plain
angle of 95o. Available only in pairs (left and                                              and attractive patterns. Contact us for more
right) - gold.                           008043                                              information.


1.6m wide x 10.5m roll.
Prevents damp mattresses by allowing air to
circulate.                        007736          Aluminium tube.                   001769   4 place dinner set.                    000011
     6                                                                                 ACCESSORIES
GLASSWARE                                       TRAVEL BOOKS                                    PEE WEE CLOTHES LINE
Clear polycarbonate dishwasher and
microwave safe break resistant glassware.

                                                We carry a range of travel books covering
                                                everything from 4WD outback touring to
                                                planning a holiday with the dog! Please
                                                contact us for more details.
Small Tumbler                          000063
Medium Tumbler                         000065   AUSTRALIAN FLAG
                                                                                                Ideal for the campsite, house or unit. Easy
Large Tumbler                          000067                                                   to store and transport when folded. Bag
Small Wine Goblet                      000070                                                   included. Sturdy lightweight aluminium.
                                                                                                Weighs less than 2kg                    000187
Large Wine Goblet                      000073

                                                Polyester satin manufacture.
                                                900mm x 1500mm                        016909
                                                610mm x 920mm                         035419    SMOKE ALARM

                                                FOLDAWAY CLOTHES AIRER 72

Standard Wine Glass                    000097
Champagne Flute                        000098
Highball Glass                         000099
Old Fashioned Glass                    000100

                                                                                                Ionisation sensor detects fast flaming fires.
WALL CLOCKS                                     Folding clothes line made from ABS plastic      Very loud alarm. Low battery warning. 9v
                                                and stainless steel. A towel rail when closed   battery included.                     000340
                                                but can hold up to 8kg of washing on five
                                                plastic coated steel rods when opened and
                                                extended. Screws included.
                                                                                                FIRE EXTINGUISHERS
                                                720mm long                             038166

                                                CLOTHES DRYER DELUXE

Battery operated wall clocks. (Batteries not

100mm dia. face
                                                                                                1kg dry chemical BE fire extinguisher. Robust
White with silver surround            000356
                                                                                                brass head and steel construction with heavy
White with gold surround              000357                                                    duty plastic vehicle bracket. Suitable for
                                                Plastic coated wire clothes airer/dryer which   Class B, E and F (cooking oils and fat)
                                                fits over door or window. Folds flat when not     fires.                                   000348
HAND TOOLS                                      in use. Strong, sturdy construction. 000184     Metal Holder                           000350
                                                                                                Plastic Holder (beige)                 000351
                                                MAGIC WASH CLOTHES WASHER
                                                                                                FIRE BLANKET

3 way folding shovel.                  035160

                                                Portable and compact with water release
                                                valve. Needs no electricity and uses little     1m x 1m fireproof fibreglass blanket suitable
                                                water and soap, saves time and effort. Easy     for Class F (cooking oils and fat) fires.
                                                to use and store. Can wash a 2.2kg load in 2    Stows neatly in quick release sheath which
Folding shovel pick.                   035161   minutes.                               000189   measures 175mm x 295mm                   000354
       ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                       7
NON SLIP PLACE MATS                             FLY CATCHER STRIPS                              POLY TARP COVERS - H/DUTY

440mm (l) 295mm (w)                             Pack of 4 handy sticky fly strips. Hang in       14 x 14 Denier, reinforced eyelets. Silver/
                                                doorways or food areas.               035165    Green.
Sky Blue                               000169                                                   2340mm x 2970mm                        035176
Cobalt Blue                            000170                                                   2970mm x 3500mm                        035177

Hunter Green                           000171   CAMEC ANNEXE FLOOR MATS                         2340mm x 4770mm                      035178
Teal                                   000172                                                   3500mm x 4880mm                      035179
Rose                                   000173                                                   3500mm x 5360mm                      035180
Black                                  000174                                                   3500mm x 5990mm                      035181
Linen                                  000175
                                                                                                5380mm x 7060mm                      035182
White                                  000177
                                                                                                7060mm x 9120mm                      035183

NON SLIP ANNEXE MATTING                                                                         GLASS HOLDERS
                                                                                                Manufactured from plastic coated wire.

                                                Will not kill grass - open mesh preferred by
                                                caravan parks and camping grounds. Light-
                                                weight with bound edges and eyelets for
                                                pegging. 2500mm wide.

                                                                                                4 glass holder                        000101
                                                3m length
                                                Green                                  001591
2500mm wide - sold per metre. The open          Grey                                   001592
weave makes it ideal for annexe floors as it
does not damage grass when laid for short
periods.                                        4.3m length
                                                Green                                  001595
                                                Grey                                   001596   6 glass holder                        000102
Dark Green                             001583
Grey                                   001584
                                                5m length
Blue                                   001586
                                                Green                                  001599
Light Green                            001587
                                                Grey                                   001600

                                                                                                CUP AND PLATE RACKS
                                                6m length
                                                                                                Manufactured from plastic coated wire.
                                                Green                                  001603
                                                Grey                                   001604

NALLY ALL PURPOSE MATS                          7m length
                                                Green                                  001607
                                                Grey                                   001608   4 cups and plates rack                000104

Green interlocking plastic mat suitable for
use in showers, annexes, car boots, as
van matting, etc. Manufactured from hard,
industrial strength plastic.
508mm x 508mm                         000164                                                    6 cups and plates rack               000105
     8                                                                                         ACCESSORIES
    POP TOP, MOTORHOME & CAMPER TRAILER COVERS                                                        SPICE RACKS
•    Waterproof roof section made from premium breathable material. Breathable weather
     resistant sides
•    Re-inforced roof corners for maximum durability
•    Plastic fastenings for quick and easy fitting with elastic stitched hem for universal fitting.
•    3 zippers offer easy access to doors, velcro tie straps to secure side panel when open
•    Eyelet tabs mean side panel can also double as a sun awning. Tabs are sewn in and
     eyelets are metal.

CARAVAN COVERS                                      MOTORHOME COVERS                                  White vinyl coated rack. Can be attached to
                                                                                                      most surfaces using screws provided. 290mm
                                                                                                      (l) 65mm (w) 65mm (d)                 000109
                                                                                                      330mm (l) 65mm (w) 65mm (d)         000110
                                                                                                      292mm (l) 100mm (w) 100mm (d)       000111

                                                                                                      DISPENSER WRAP RACK

                                                    Class C:
4.3 - 4.8m                               000540
                                                    6.6m                                     034069
4.8 - 5.5m                               000543
                                                    7.0m                                     034070
5.6 - 6.1m                               000545
                                                    7.8m                                     034071
6.2 - 6.7m                               000547
                                                    8.7m                                     034072
6.8 - 7.3m                               000549

                                                                                                      Vinyl coated steel frame. Can be mounted on
                                                                                                      doors, walls or under shelves
                                                                                                      292mm (h) 240mm (w) 95mm (d)         000112


                                                                                                      PLASTIC CUTLERY TRAY

                                                    CAMPER TRAILER COVERS

                                                                                                      With 5 divisions.
3.6 - 4.3m                               034064
                                                    2.4m                                     034003   320mm (l) 260mm (w)                  000115
4.3 - 4.8m                               034065
                                                    3.0m                                     034004
4.8 - 5.5m                               034066
                                                    3.6m                                     034005
5.6 - 6.1m                               034067
                                                    4.2m                                     034006
6.2 - 6.7m                               034068
                                                    4.8m                                     034007

230mm x 3m                               000541

                                                                                                                       STOWAGE POCKET
                                                                        OMNISTOP PLATE

                                                    Ideal for keeping plates and other items
                                                    secure as you travel. Easy to fix and release.     White plastic.
                                                    20cm sturdy plastic support handle. 000107        260mm (w) 165mm (h) 80mm (d)016879
    ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                           9
FOLDING PLATE RACK                                TURBO SHOWER 12V                                SMART SHADE POP UP PRIVACY

2 tier space saver made of durable plastic.
Folds flat for easy storage.
340mm (w) 175mm (h) 295mm (d)         000118      Plugs into car accessory socket. Complete
                                                  with pump, 2.13m plastic tubing and carry
                                                  bag. Suction cap and S-hook included for
MINI DISH DRAINER AND TRAY                        hanging up the shower. Water pressure           Unfolds in a few seconds and is easily stored
                                                  adjustable with shower rose.         005808     in convenient carry bag. Zip closure and
                                                                                                  detachable roof allows ventilation and use as
                                                                                                  a shower. Pegs and guy ropes included.
                                                  COLEMAN PORTABLE HOT
                                                                                                  113mm (w) 113mm (d) 1900mm (h) 001183
                                                  WATER HEATER

                                                                                                  ANNEXE POLE CONTAINERS

Perfect for small sinks
360mm (w) 120mm (h) 310mm (d)          000120

                                                  Hot water in less than 5 seconds. Pump,
                                                  hose and 19 ltr collapsible water container
MINI DISH DRAINER & TRAY                          included. Fully portable and self contained.    Ideal for storing poles, TV masts, fishing rods,
                                                  Weighs 10.2kg                                   etc.. Complete with 2 bracket assemblies and
                                                  480mm (h) 480mm (l) 300mm (w).         003627   hinged lockable lid. 150mm dia.

                                                                                                  1980mm                                 000504
                                                  SPRAY ADAPTOR
                                                                                                  2185mm                                 000505
                                                                                                  Tent pole container hinged lid kit     000508
                                                                                                  Tent pole container fixed cap           000509
                                                                                                  Lid suit flush pole container. Cream    008263
                                                                                                  Lid suit flush pole container. White    008264
                                                  1.22m hose and handheld spray head. Simple
                                                  quick-connect attachment secures the hose to
Includes utensil holder and tray which can be     the spout on the main unit.         003628
used as a lid for handy storage.
290mm (w) 120mm (h) 235mm (d)          000119
                                                                                                   ANNEXE POLE CONTAINER
                                                  GAS HOSE ADAPTOR                                 BRACKETS


                                                  1.52m hose with POL fitting to
                                                  3/8” LH adaptor                       003631

                                                  GAS CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT
                                                                                                  Each. Complete bracket assembly.
                                                                                                  150mm dia.                             000506

Portable hanging shower. Water is sun
heated in black plastic bag which is filled from
bottom. On/off tap.                               465g of LPG gas. Safe and self sealing.
20 ltr capacity                         000594    Non-refillable.                        003632
   10                                                                                  ACCESSORIES
MULTI POLE HANGER                              ALUMINIUM CURVED ROOF RAIL                      ANNEXE POLE CLAMP

Clamps to both steel or wooden poles.          25mm square tube.                               For use with spreader bar.
Pack of 3.                            035217   Extends to 2430mm                      035227   4 piece                               001713

ANNEXE PEGS                                    ROOF RAIL BRACKET                               ANNEXE POLE SPIGOT COVER

                                               Steel bracket engages the hook end
                                               of the roof rail. Sold separately. 001703
                                               Pack of 4                              035228   Rubber rain cowl suits all spigots.   001719
225mm x 8mm Steel                     001721
300mm x 8mm Steel                     001722
                                               TELESCOPIC ANNEXE POLES                         ANNEXE POLE CRAB CLAW
375mm x 9mm Steel                     001723
450mm x 12mm Steel                    001724
175mm x 6mm Steel                     001725
300mm Polypropylene                   001729
                                               2300mm                                 001691
                                               2750mm                                 001694   22mm                                  001658
ANNEXE 2 PIECE WALL POLE                                                                       25mm                                  001659

                                                                                               ANNEXE POLE PLATE

1830mm 2 piece non adjustable.        001692

                                               Aluminium with plastic collar fitting
                                               2300mm                                 001714
                                               2750mm                                 001715   Prevents pole movement and gives solid base
                                                                                               for poles.                         001718

                                                                                               CRAB CLAW PLATE

 2 piece with plastic collar fitting

1220mm                                001695
1830mm                                001696   Aluminium with camlock - twist lock                                                   001660
2440mm                                001697   adjustment.
2750mm                                001698   2300mm                                 001716   NYLON FEET
                                               2750mm                                 001717

                                               ADJUSTABLE COLLAR

                                                                                               COX PLATE

                                               To suit:
                                               19mm - 22mm poles                      001704
19mm steel adjustable roof rail with T-nut
fitting. 3 piece. Extends to 3650mm 001699      22mm - 25mm poles                      001705
    ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                        11
COX PRONG                                      VINYL REPAIR KIT                                  MOULD RID


GUY ROPE WITH SPRING &                         Repairs vinyl rips stronger than new. Clear to    Mould and mildew remover
RUNNERS                                        match all colours, bonds to vinyl without heat.
                                                                                                 1 litre                               035238
                                               Use on vinyl seats, dishwasher racks, boat
                                               tops, tarps and air mattresses.        001638
                                                                                                 WAX STICK TENT SEAM SEALER
                                               CANVAS REPAIR TAPE

Suitable for annexes                  001731

                                                                                                 Just rub on dry fabric on inside of seam
                                                                                                 to waterproof. For use on tents, caravan
                                               A quick and efficient method of repairing holes    annexes, tarps, boat covers, boots, etc.
                                               and tears in canvas. 40mm x 4m roll.              Can also be used on zipper teeth to ensure
                                                                                                 smooth running.                        001637
                                               Blue                                   001628
                                               Beige                                  001629
                                               Black                                  001630     SEAM SEAL TENT SEAM SEALER
Splice clipped 6mm x 3.5m guy rope set with
wire rope grip                      035230     Green                                  001632
                                               White                                  001634

                                               AQUAPROOF WATERPROOFING

                                                                                                 Suitable for fine tip application. Colourless
To suit 6mm dia rope                  035232                                                     and washable. Suitable for use on tents,
                                                                                                 tarps, canopies, rainwear, backpacks, boots,
                                                                                                 etc. 50ml tube.                         001635

                                               Spray on waterproofing and mould preventer         WATER CONTAINERS - CUBE
                                               Aqua Proof will not cause significant
                                               discolouration, stiffness or whitening of
Standard                              001736   canvas.Suitable for restoring water proofing
Heavy duty                            035235   on used canvas. 325g Aerosol.           001621

CANVAS                                         WATERPROOFING

                                                                                                 20 ltr Rectangle Drum with Bung       035245
                                                                                                 25 ltr Rectangle Drum with Bung       035246
Elasticised tensioner to keep pop-top sleeve
taut whilst elevated and tucked inside the
body when lowered.                                                                               Spares
320mm                                 008429   2 litre                                001622     Drum Tap                              006214
260mm                                 008430   5 litre                                001623     Drum Bung                             035247
390mm                                 008433                                                     Drum Cap                              035248
    12                                                                                     ACCESSORIES
JERRY CANS PLASTIC                                FLEXI FUNNEL PVC 2 PIECE                                          LEVEL UP

20 ltr White with bung                 000604                                                      Level Up
                                                                                                   Extremely strong levelling system with double
                                                                                                   central support that provides maximum
                                                                                                   capacity of 2000kg. Good stability with each
                                                                                         035460    level weighing only 1.5kg. Just drive the van
                                                                                                   straight on. 2 piece                    000365

                                                  OSCILLATING FANS 12V
PVC jerry can tap fine thread           000602

                                                                                                   Can be used with Level Up to secure the
                                                                                                   wheel during long stopovers. Each chock
                                                                                                   weighs 250g. 2 piece.                000366

                                                                                                                   FRONT REAR
                                                                                                                   LEG PLATE PRO
20 litre                               035251

                                                  Plugs into accessory socket. 150mm round.

METAL JERRY CAN POURER                            RV                                     000789

                                                  Marine                                 000791

                                                                                                   Ideal for soft ground. Helps support the
                                                                                                   vehicle’s weight. Permanently secured even
Flexible metal                         035253                                                      when travelling. 190mm x 145mm.
                                                  LEVELLING BLOCKS                                 Set of 4.                               006455
Seals - Pack of 2                      035254

JERRY CAN HOLDER                                                                                                      BIG FOOT LEG
METAL PLATED                                                                                                          PLATES

Welded steel bracket to suit 20 ltr steel jerry                                                    Provides a flat load bearing surface for corner
can                                     000593                                                     steadies, ideal for soft ground.
                                                                                                   Set of 4.                             006486
                                                                                                                    GROUND SUPPORT

                                                  A simple way to level caravans. Ridged non-
                                                  skid surface, lightweight and easy to store. 2
                                                  piece set available in three sizes.

10 ltr                                 000600     80mm x 440mm x 145mm                   036710
20 ltr                                 000601     Magnum Large                                     Reinforced support plate holds 650kg.
                                                  90mm x 500mm x 200mm                   000362    200mm diameter. Set of 4.             006454
    ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                           13
YELLOW WHEEL CHOCK                                                                                  EZ-FOLD STEP/STOOL
                                                                  ALUMINIUM STEP

                                                  Anodised aluminium free-standing step. Great
                                                  stability and strength with non-skid surface.
                                                  260mm high, 570 x 480mm at base and 420 x
                                                  270mm at top.                                     Handy 230mm high stool supports up to
Plastic construction.
                                                  Weighs only 2.7kg                        035502   130kg yet folds down to 51mm thick for space
210mm long x 100mm high                000360
                                                                                                    saving storage. Unfolds for use as a step stool
                                                                                                    or as a seat. Features a skid-resistant top and
                                                                                                    feet for stability. High impact polypropylene
CARAVAN LEG BEDS                                                                                    with built-in carry handle.
                                                                                                    Folds to 337mm (l) 318mm (w) 38mm (d)
                                                  PORTABLE PLASTIC
                                                                                                    Black                                  000736
                                                                                                    Green                                  000739

                                                                                                    EZ-FOLD 2 STEP

Caravan and camper stabilser leg support
bases in a set of 5 (one for the jockey wheel).
200 x 200mm weighting 350gm each. Set of

Green                                   000759
Grey                                    000760
                                                                                                    The same sturdy, no-rust construction as the
                                                                                                    Ez-Fold Step Stool with 130kg capacity. Folds
                                                                                                    to 610mm x 610mm x 127mm
CARAVAN LEG TREADS                                                                                  Black                                  035504

                                                  Sturdy, lightweight and compact. 150kg rating.
                                                  Platinum                              000743
                                                                                                    SPARE WHEEL COVERS

Easily and permanently attached. Moat
prevents ants from climbing stabiliser leg.
Tread on base provides traction for stabiliser
leg. No holes to drill. Set of 4.                                                                   Manufactured from high quality UV stabilised
                                                                                                    vinyl with a fleecy backing to give a smooth,
                                                                                                    wrinkle free finish. 355mm dia.
Green                                  000763
                                                                                                    330mm Diameter
Grey                                   000764
                                                                                                    White                                 036426
                                                                                                    Black                                 036428

                                                                                                    355mm Diameter
                                                                                                    Black        355mm dia                000534
                                                  Magnum                                            White        355mm dia                000535
                                                  Larger, re-inforced version of the Fiamma
                                                  portable plastic step. 200kg rating.              756mm Diameter
                                                  Platinum                               000745     Black                                 038384
   14                                                                                     ACCESSORIES
PLASTIC SIDE RELEASE TIE                        HAWK WIND INDICATOR                                LOOS TENSION GAUGES

25mm wide, 2.5m long. General
purposestraps for any small articles. Ideal
for surfboards, etc. 50kg lashing capacity.
Supplied as a pair.                    016912                         Tracking Arms

                                                Lightweight wind indicator for sailing dinghies.   Designed for accurate tuning of a sailboat’s
SNAP DAVITS                                     Overall height: 300mm                   033071     rigging. Made of rugged anodised aluminium,
                                                                                                   the gauge is corrosion-resistant and will
                                                                                                   provide years of service. Each model includes
                                                                                                   a Loos & Co diameter gauge.
                                                LITTLE HAWK MK 11 WIND
                                                                                                   Cable diameter 2.5,3 and 4mm         033086

White PVC. Practical and safe coupling
system for small inflatable boats.

Sold per pair.                        008477

                                                Lightweight indicator suitable for small dighies
                                                and sailboards. Easily fastens to mast or
                                                gooseneck. Suits 50 - 63mm masts Bearing
                                                to mast: 275mm                          033077

                                                LOOS TENSION GAUGE -

Inhibits electrolysis corrosion between
dissimilar materials. 115ml            033257


                                                Designed to provide accurate measurement
                                                of the tension rigging wire and cable used in
                                                recreational and industrial applications. Used
Used to mark the anchor chain. Made from        for accurate and repeatable tuning of rigging.
plastic to fit in the chain links. No tools      Each model covers a tension range from
needed.                                         approx. 5% to 25% of the breaking strength
                                                of the wire. Designed and tested to provide
8mm       Blue                        033250
                                                an accuracy of +/- 3% at mid range.
8mm       Red                         033251
                                                Cable diameter 5mm - 7mm                033083
8mm       White                       033252
                                                Cable diameter 2.5mm - 4mm              033082
10mm      Blue                        033253
10mm      Red                         033254
10mm      White                       033255