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					Summary of the Roadmap for a CRM implementation (Northumberland County Council, 2004)

      Stage          Tasks/Milestones
      1. Inception   1. Identify and appoint Project Manager
                     2. Identify Project Executive (Sponsor)
                     3. Identify project objectives and high level scope
                     4. Benefit Planning - identify a Benefit Management Facilitator
                     5. Review High-level Rollout plan with Project Executive
                     6. Identify Senior Management Participants
                     7. Prepare and distribute material for Workshop
                     8. Obtain participant availability
                     9. Schedule the Workshop
                     10. Benefit Management Workshop
                     11. Document the Initial Benefit Plan
                     12. Publish document and obtain feedback
                     13. Update documentation based on feedback
                     14. Update the CC rollout plan
                     15. Sign Off the Benefit Plan
                     16. Set up the Project Board
                     17. Define the Project Mandate and Project Brief
      2. Set-Up      Develop an initial business case (costs v benefits)
                     1. Perform Initial Time Scales Analysis
                     2. Create an Initial Budget Management Spreadsheet
                     3. Update Budget Management Spreadsheet with expenditure to date
                     4. Perform an Initial Cost Analysis
                     5. Create Project Initiation Document(PID)
                     6. Identify project roles required
                     7. Identify Project Team Members and agree % participation
                     8. Write the PID
                     9. Publish, obtain feedback and modify PID
                     10. Approval – Sign Off
                     11. Create Project Directory and Logs
                     12. Set up the project team.
                     13. Draw and publish Project Organisation Chart
                     14. Communicate to Project Team Members
                     15. Perform Project Kick-Off Meeting
                     16. Budget Management
                     17. Identify Project Team Training Requirements
                     18. Project Team Facilities Assessment
                     19. Create detailed Design Stage Plan
                     20. Finalise Plan and publish
      3. Design      1. Review and revise the overall Project Plan
                     2. Develop the Initial Communication Plan
                     3. Business Process Design – Identify Business Process Workshop Requirements
                     4. Equip (educate) Workshop Participants
                     5. Business Process Workshops
                     6. Define Business Process Acceptance Criteria
                     7. Identify role changes required
                  8.    Make Cost and Control decisions
                  9.    Create the System Development Log
                  10.   Identify the Log Process Development Requirements
                  11.   Log “Other” Development Requirements
                  12.   Develop Technical Specifications
                  13.   Prioritise System Development Log
                  14.   Make or Buy?
                  15.   System Development Training
                  16.   Define Technical Environment Requirement
                  17.   Telephony Assessments Requirement
                  18.   Telephony Supplier Elements
                  19.   Internal Telephony Elements
                  20.   Network Requirements Assessment
                  21.   Network Supplier Elements
                  22.   Technical Training Assessment
                  23.   Hardware Design (Desktop and Peripherals)
                  24.   Facilities Requirements Assessment
                  25.   Facilities Supplier Elements
                  26.   Update the Benefit Delivery Plan
                  27.   Change Readiness Assessment
                  28.   Stakeholder Analysis
                  29.   End User Training Strategy
                  30.   Risk Assessment Review
                  31.   Develop detailed Business Case
                  32.   Perform detailed Costs Assessment
                  33.   Deliver the detailed Business Case
                  34.   Scope Management – Define Project Deliverables
                  35.   Create the Scope Control Log
                  36.   Communicate Scope Control Process
                  37.   End of Stage Checkpoint Review
                  38.   Create Stage 4 Plan
                  39.   Finalise Plan and publish
4. Build          1.    Revise and review Project Plan
                  2.    System Development Training
                  3.    Technical Training
                  4.    Telephony/Network Build
                  5.    Hardware (Servers) Build
                  6.    Facilities Build
                  7.    Build Prototype System
                  8.    Prototype Review
                  9.    Build Scenario Walkthrough System
                  10.   Business Scenario Walkthrough
                  11.   Organisation changes - detail role changes and update job descriptions
                  12.   Recruit staff if required.
                  13.   Place orders for technology and facilities upgrades.
                  14.   Communication
                  15.   Create Stage 5 Plan
5. Test & Train   1.    Review and revise Overall Plan
               2. Communication Plan Review
               3. Stakeholder Analysis Review
               4. Set up Test Environment
               5. Process Testing including Data Protection Review
               6. Post test changes
               7. Telephony Testing
               8. Network Testing
               9. Plan Roles Implementation
               10. Design Acceptance Review
               11. Create Training Environment
               12. User training
               13. Finalise User Accounts
               14. Install PCs and Peripherals
               15. Update Operational Procedures
               16. Benefit Review
               17. Create Contingency Plan
               18. Implement Facilities Upgrade
               19. Go live readiness check
               20. End of Stage Checkpoint Review
               21. Project Documentation Review
               22. Create Stage 6 Plan
6.             1. Review and revise Overall Plan
Implementati   2. Go Live Planning
on             3. Prepare the Production System
               4. Implement new/updated procedures
               5. Telephony and Network Cut-over
               6. Post Go Live support
               7. Create Stage 7 Plan
7. Closedown   1. Technical Support Handover
& Review       2. Post Implementation Review
               3. Final Communication Plan Review
               4. Produce End of Project Report
               5. Perform a Change Management Review
               6. Project Closedown
               7. De-commission Superseded Process Documentation
               8. Produce Stage 8 (Benefit Delivery) Plan
8. Benefit     1. Measure and review the benefits stated in the Business Case. This activity can
Delivery       go on for some time after the systems Go Live.